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Recording Districts were created in Indian Territory primarily for Indians to record the land which they received under allotment. It was a place where whites could also record documents and some marriages MAY be there. Indian Territory Recording Districts were abolished at Statehood, November 16, 1907, when the county division system was adopted. However, some pre-statehood records still exist in Oklahoma county court houses of those locations.
The follwing list of 30 Recording Districts, and towns where records were kept, may provide a clue for research:

Recording District Present Day County About
1. Miami Ottawa Co CHEROKEE NATION  
2. Vinita Craig Co. CHEROKEE NATION
3. Nowata Nowata Co., CHEROKEE NATION
formerly Metz- name changed to Nowata Nov.8, 1889
name is from Delawara word no-we-ata, meaning "welcome"
4. Claremore Rogers Co. CHEROKEE NATION
June 25, 1874 - named for Clermont, Osage chief
5. Pryor Creek Mayes Co. CHEROKEE NATION
named changed to Pryor Jan 26, 1909
named for Nathaniel Pryor early-day Osage Indian agent
6. Tahlequah Cherokee Co., CHEROKEE NATION (Capital)
name is Cherokee word Talilwa or Tellico, an old Cherokee town
"The Cherokee Advocate, printed here.
7. Wagoner Wagoner Co. CREEK/CHEROKEE NATION
8. Sapulpa Creek Co. CREEK NATION
July 1 1889-named for James Sapulpa, a Creek-
Creek word meaning "sweet potato"
9. Okmulgee Okmulgee Co. CREEK NATION
April 29, 1869 - a Creek work meaning "boiling waters"
10. Muskogee Muskogee Co., CREEK/CHEROKEE NATION
Jan 18, 1872 - named from Creek Indians and language which they spoke
11. Sallisaw Sequoyah Co. CHEROKEE NATION
Sep. 29, 1873-named changed to Mays on June 7, 1888-on Dec. 8, 1888
name of PO at Childer's Station was chandge to Sallisaw
12. Eufaula McIntosh Co. CREEK/CHEROKEE NATION
Feb. 6, 1874-named from old Creek town on Chattahoochee River
in Alabama, which was called "Yufala", meaning
"they split up here and went to other places"
13. Wewoka Seminole Co., SEMINOLE NATION (Capital) May 13 1867
Creek word meaning "roaring Water"
14. Poteau LeFlore Co. CHOCTAW NATION
15. McAlester Pittsburg Co CHOCTAW NATION
record town for Indian Territory District #15
named for John J. McAlester, merchant and coal producer
16. Ada Ponototoc Co. CHICKASAW NATION
17. Pauls Valley Garvin Co. CHICKASAW NATION
Aug. 21, 1871 - named for Smith Paul, prominent early settler
18. Purcell McClain Co. CHICKASAW NATION
19. Chickasha Grady Co. CHICKASAW NATION
20. Ryan Jefferson Co. CHICKASAW NATION
June 19, 1890 - formerly Baldwin- name changed to Ryan Oct. 3, 1893
21. Ardmore Carter Co. CHICKASAW NATION
22. Tishomingo Johnson Co. CHICKASAW NATION (Capital)
June 29 1857- capital
-Chickasaw Academy for boys opened in 1851
23. Atoka Atoka Co. CHOCTAW NATION
24. Antlers Pushmataha Co. CHOCTAW NATION
25. Durant Bryan Co. CHOCTAW NATION
March 8, 1882- formerly Durant Station
-named for well-known Choctaw family
26. Marietta Love Co. CHICKASAW NATION
27. Bartlesville Washington Co. CHEROKEE NATION
28. Tulsa Tulsa Co. CREEK NATION
March 25, 1879-name comes from Tulsey Town,
an old Creek town in Alabama
29. Duncan Stephens Co. CHICKASAW NATION
April 7, 1884-named for William Duncan,
intermarried Chickasaw, townsite allottee
30. Wilburton Latimer Co. CHOCTAW NATION





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