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     My Zimmerle family are Germans from Russia.  The first Zimmerle that we have knowledge of is Adolph.  He was born about 1797 in Germany.  As a young child he traveled from Germany to Russia in 1809 with his foster parents, Heinrich and Margareta Hoffman. The Hoffman family were from Rohrbach, in the district of Bergzabern, in the Palatinate, Germany.

The Beresan district

    The above book is very interesting and gives good insight to how our Zimmerle family and related families lived in Russia.  It can be interlibrary loaned if your library doesn't happen to have the book.  I'm very fortunate that our library owns this book and is available for loan to all libraries in the United States.  There is also another book, "The Emigration from Germany to Russia in the Years 1763 to 1862" by Karl Stumpp which also has our family in it.  This book also is available for interlibrary loan.


    The family story is that Adolph was the father of Johann Zimmerle, who came over to the United States in 1879.  We have since found that Johann's parents were actually Georg Peter and Eva Katharine (Zimbelmann) Zimmerle.  Adolph, we believe. was the father of Georg Peter.  However, the records have not been filmed for the time period that Georg Peter was born.  They do show that Georg Peter and Eva Katharina had a son Johann born 27 September 1853 in the village of Rohrback. 

    Adolph married Eva Zimbelmann before 1830 in Rohrback, Russia.  They had five children that we know of.

  Georg Peter Zimmerle

  Eva Marie Zimmerle 

  Heinrich Zimmerle

Philipp Zimmerle

  Margaretha Zimmerle

    They lived in the village of Rohrbach, in the Beresan District, in south Russia.  They belonged to the Lutheran Evangelical Church.  The archives in the St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical have some of the Zimmerle birth, marriage, and death records.  They have been filmed by the LDS and can be ordered from their Family History Centers.  These records have been put on the internet at:  It is always best to order the films and view them yourselves.  

    Eva died 24 July 1843 in Rohrbach.  Adolph died 18 June 1846 in Rohrbach.  



    There will be more pages added to the Zimmerle family at a later time.  It will include many families.  Come back for updates.  

    I have by no means found all the information you will find in the following pages myself.  I have had a lot of help from the following people. 

  Judy Farris

  Beverly Burtz

    I especially want to thank Beverly giving me my start on the Zimmerle, Osborne, and Hooker families.  She doesn't have a computer but I would be happy to give you her address if you contact me and ask for her address.

    Judy has a lot of the information on the Zimmerle and Peter family.  


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