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    This Osborne family begins with Elijah and Sarah  (Haines/Hanes/haynes) Osborne.  I am using the spelling as Osborne as that is what was on my Grandpa William's gravestone.

     My direct Great Great Grandfather was William Osborne.  Some family papers show him as William O. Osborne, however, I have never found him listed that way in any documents, so I will only show him as William Osborne until I can prove otherwise. 

    This Osborne family was first found in Benton County, Iowa.  Included in this family were, Jerusha, Augustus and William in the household of James & Sarah Chambers with their son John F. Chambers.  I thought at this time that Sarah was the mother of the three Osborne children but couldn't prove it. 

     In all the information I have on William, there was no mention of his parent's names.  I then began researching Augustus, brother of William, hoping to find the names of their parents.  William had only married once in 1864 before the marriage license's gave parents names.  I found Augustus had married two times.  On 16 December 1873 he married Rhoda A. Dennison in Polk Twp., Benton Co., IA and on 2 April 1883 he married a widow, Mary Vaughn Brant.  On the 1883, marriage license  it gave Augustus's father as Elijah and mother as Sarah Hanes.

    Elijah and Sarah are the parents of Jerusha, Augustus and William Osborne.  You  will  find that I spell their name as Osborne unless their name was spelled differently on records and then only when I show the records.  Their name has been spelled differently so many times, that to be consistent I am spelling it as Osborne as it was spelled on  William's gravestone.

    The following pages will give the information I have gathered so far on this family.  I want to thank all the friends and family that have contributed to this Osborne family history.  I will continue to update these pages when new information comes in.

    Where I have sources, they are sited.  Some of the information is family folklore but most of it is documented.  If a link doesn't work, please notify me or it is possible I don't have the site up and running yet but I'm always working on it.


Elijah and Sarah Osborne

Jerusha Osborne

Sarah and James Chambers

Augustus Osborne

William Osborne


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Osborn Origins

Genealogy Report

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