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Tree Leaves By Cole


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DC02 Image Gallery

DC01 Image Gallery (images/5DApr14/0005DApr14)

Loaded by David Cole (B.1944) on 2009 I Sep 11

This is my first gallery of captioned images on the web.

scan0001 Thurman House 1995

scan0002 Thurman House (Farmborough) 1995

scan0003 Range road looking west from The Cash on left, Blueberry Hill far to the right 1995

scan0004 Range road bridge over Carriere Creek 1995

scan0005 Viewing Goatcher farmhouse site from the culvert on Range road 1995

scan0006 rear view of Thurman house in 1995

scan0007 Thurman house living room 1995

scan0008 HO the robot built by David KC Cole c1980

scan0009 David Cole and Yvetter Richard 1965

scan0010 David Cole and Yvette nee Richard 2001

scan0011 The culvert across Range road at the Philip Goatcher homestead near Farmborough 1995

scan0012 Tom Redmond (1921 - 1959)

scan0013 Theresa Cole, Barbara Cole, Yvette nee Richard & David Cole c1993

scan0014 Chris Jarvis and Shirley nee Sidenham

scan0015 Richard family (L-R) Therese, Guy, Guy, Chantal, X,Dan, Helene, Nicolas, Gabbie, Jacques, Yannick, X, Blandine, Lydie Arseneault, Dave, Yvette, Marcellin, Angela, Rolande (photo by Leopold Gaudet)

scan0016 Vic Cole & Marion nee Goatcher visiting England c1994

scan0017 Marcellin Noel a son chalet c2004

scan0018 Gandalf, chien a Marcellin Noel c2004

scan0019 Helene et Gabrielle Richard a Arvida c1950

scan0020 ? devant la maison Coupal a Arvida, QC, Canada c 1947

scan0021 Famille Richard (Row 1-front: Yvette), (Row 2: Gabrielle, Rolande, Helene) (Row 3: Therese, Gisele Turbide?, Blandine)

scan0022 Gabrielle Richard, Yvette Richard, Claude Arsenault, Helene Richard, Evanna Arsenault A Arvida c1947

scan0023 (Row 1-Front Yvette Richard, Angela Richard) (Row 2-back Yvon Richard, Gabrielle Richard, Jean-Claude Richard),

scan0024 Graduees de 1965 du Brevet A a l'ecole normale du Bon Pasteur

scan0025 Sarah Ann nee Banks Cole (b.1855), Madge nee Cole Clark (b.1886), Jeanette nee Dowson Cole (b.1881), Jessie Cole (daughter of Jeanette and William Cole (b.1881)

scan0026 Madge nee Cole Clark (b.1886), Unknown, Nelly;Nell Cordelia nee Booth Cole (b. 1890)

scan0027 Nelly;Nell Cordelia nee Booth Cole (b.1855), Unknown, Unknown, Madge nee Cole Clarke (b.1886), Unknown

scan0028 Madge nee Cole Clark(b. 1886), Sarah Ann nee Banks Cole (b. , Jeanette nee Dowson Cole (b.1881) by Dick Clark's car,

scan0029 4 Generations: Les Cole (b.1903), Sarah Ann nee Banks Cole (b.1855), William Cole(b.1881), Ann Cole (b.1940)

scan0030 Theresa Cole being pushed by Barbara Cole c1975

scan0031 Our [Daisy and Philip Goatcher's] house. Double windows in Kitchen & upstairs window [is] divided. Note ladder on roof. [Daisy nee Sullivan Goatcher] sitting by the front door. Note the flower box in the master bedroom window]

scan0032 Daisy nee Sullivan Goatcher sitting by the front door of the Goatch homestead at Farmborough.

scan0033 Our (Daisy & Philip Goatcher's) house view from [Range] road [with] built on storm porch in front [on the left] and woodshed at back. Windows LR [] Living Room] and girls' room.

scan0034 By the tree (Back row: Doris Mae Burns ?????, Hazel Goatcher, Eilien Burns), (Front Row: Ken Burns Hazel

scan0035 (Back Row: Unknown, Daisy nee Sullivan Goatcher, Unknown) (Front Row: Unknown) in front of the barn built in the side of the hill at Philip Goatcher's homestead.

scan0036 Bunkhouse at The Cash [south of Farmborough]

scan0037 Bunkhouse at The Cash [on Range road 3 mi south of Farmborough]

scan0038 View of pigpen [at Farmborough]

scan0039 View of pigpen looking toward the [Philip Goatcher] house [at Farmborough]

scan0040 Dr. Chantal nee Hickey and Dr. Guy Leblanc m.1999

scan0041 Unknown


scan0043 Nicolas Vavougios (b.2004) age 1 year




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