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D001 Image Gallery

The images and the order in which they appear in the galleries on this page are described on this page.

Folder and Image Names:
The names of the folders and the image names can be exactly as they are found on the camera user's computer. The images folder on the web page contains a 2 folder sequence for each gallery. Only the lowest folder contains any images. Three versions of each image are stored in the lowest folder. The three image versions correspond to three different resolutions of each image, which are:
. (prefix).(suffix) resolution. .widthxheigth . . description . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . size
. (h_) . . . ( ) . . . high . . . . 1200x750 . . Resolution of camera image .....e.g.8,000,000 bytes
. ( ). . . . . ( ) . . . medium . . 400x250 . . Medium resolution (web page) e.g.....200,000 bytes
. ( ). . . . . (_t) . . low. . . . . . 160x100 . . Low resolution (thumb nail) ....e.g.......10,000 bytes
The names of high-resolution images can be exactly as they appear on the user's camera but prefixed with a "h_". All images must be jpg format. The best hi-res image names are 10 characters long (8 characters prefixed by "h_". Users may need to wait for large hi-res images to be downloaded. But long wait-times are only necessary when a high resolution image is going to be printed. An image with no suffix and no prefix indicates that the image is of good size to be both viewed and moved within the web. A suffix of "_t" indicates that the image is a small thumbnail size that permits many thumbnails to be rapidly viewed on each page.

The Names of the hi-res images in each lowest folder must be unique. But the same image name can be used in any different (lowest) folder(s).Problems exist in Windows if two file names are identical when case is ignored.

Image Captions:
The Captions for the photos are originally stored in a file named "descript.ion". The "descript.ion" file must be in the same (lowest) folder as the hi-res images. The "descript.ion" file contains the Caption text for each image in the (lowest) folder. Each row in the "descript.ion" file must contain the image name followed by a space followed by the Caption text. The image names can be in any order, but each image name should only appear once. Some (or all) of the images can be missing in the "descript.ion" file. The name of each "descript.ion" file is prefixed by the gallery number when it is stored on the web (e.g. "_d009_descript.ion"). The inexpensive "ACDSee" program can be conveniently used to create a "descript.ion" file. The inexpensive "CuteFTP" program lists the caption for each image if the "descript.ion" file accompanies the images in the lowest folder on the web server. An example follows:
---scan0001.jpg . . 908.90 KB JPG File 18/04/2005 -rw-r--r-- Thurman House 1995
---scan0001m.jpg 128.40 KB JPG File 18/04/2005 -rw-r--r--
---scan0001t.jpg . . 18.30 KB JPG File 18/04/2005 -rw-r--r--
The caption appears in the "Descript.ion" file as follows:
---"scan0001.jpg Thurman House 1995"

The more recent galleries contain a Caption List. This is a vertical list of all the images in a gallery. The caption for the image appears to the right of each image name. The image is shown if you click on the image name. The phrase "Caption List" appears under the gallery name in the thumb-nail index. The user can click on this "Caption List" phrase to view all of the captions.

Caption Gallery DataBase
The Caption Gallery DataBase named "userdata" contains the captions associated with the images in the galleries listed in "TreeLeavesByCole" web site.

ePhotoCaption web site:
The ePhotoCaption web site contains a number of tools that can be used to update the DataBase that contains the captions for the images.

Lower Resolution Images:
The lower resolution (medium and thumb-nail) Images can be created using the free program created by Mihov. The resizer program can be downloaded free from the Mihov site at The program is described as follows:
---Mihov Image Resizer - Just one program of Miha's utilities - Mihov ...Mihov Image Resizer is a handy tool for batch resizing, rotating and converting images or your favorite pictures in bmp, jpg, and gif formats.

"genealogy_html" folder:
A small number of different folders exist under the "genealogy_html" folder. At time of writing, three main folders exist: documents, images and NWEB1. All other folders should only contain hi-resolution images. The names of the hi-res folders should be (or begin with the prefix) "images_hires". The "images" folder contains all of the images that are viewable using the "TreeLeavesByCole" site. The "NWEB1" folder contains a genealogy tree generated by the GRAMPS software. (The GRAMPS information is imperfect; some of the links are missing.) The GRAMPS software runs under the LINUX operating systems. A good free LINUX Operating System named UBUNTU can be downloaded from the Internet. The "documents" folder contains non-image genealogy data. The hi-resolution folders house high-resolution images that are merely backup copies of some of the author's other images.
The "genealogy_html" folder also contains files. Most of the files are html pages that comprise the "TreeLeavesByCole" site. The "index.html" file in the "genealogy_html" folder is the first file (web-page) that is run when the "TreeLeavesByCole" web page is initially loaded.

Web Page Structure:
The TreeLeavesByCole home page contains three types of sub-pages:
---Image Galleries
---Family Trees
---Related Pages

Image Galleries:
One image gallery is listed on each row. If a thumb-nail index exists, it can be viewed by clicking on the word "Thumb" to the left of the gallery name. Most galleries can be viewed by surfing through the "Thumb" gallery, one page at a time by clicking on the arrow that points to the right (">") in the header. To see a larger view of each image, simply click on the image. Clicking on a thumbnail opens a new window containing a web-page-sized view of the image. Clicking on the web-page-sized view of the image opens a new window containing the highest resolution version of the image that is available. For most galleries, one can easily surf through the gallery, viewing a web-page-sized view of each image, one per page. Any of the images can be downloaded at any resolution. But images can only be downloaded one by one, not in groups.
The name of each thumb-nail index of a gallery is prefixed by the gallery number eg "_d001_gall". The name of the image pages that form a linked chain are optionally of the format "d001p03". For example, image page "d001p03" will point to the next image page "d001p04" if it exists.

Family Trees:
Family Trees are presented on the web in various layouts. Those of the author's family trees that are listed contain approximately the same genealogical data, but the amounts of information and the manners of presentation vary greatly.

Related Pages:
The related pages are all self-explanatory. Each page provides in-depth details about a topic or event identified somewhere in one of the author's data bases.

Down-Loadable Data:
Future versions of this web page will permit users to download various genealogical documents. The first documents to be made downloadable will be GEDCOM versions of various genealogy databases.

Living Persons:
Most genealogy data on the web protect the identity of living persons. If living persons are listed, the birthdates and addresses of the people are not listed. Some pictures and/or details of living persons are available on web-sites, but they are usually password-protected. If any confidental or erroneous data about you, appears on this site, contact the WebMaster at ( to discuss the matter.

Known Bugs:
The link to Chillers on index.html is broken
Some thumbnail and medium-resolution images have not yet been downsized.
Clicking on an image rarely takes you to a higher resolution copy of the image. One gallery that functions correctly is gallery 9, that contains 3 images.

Reference:, RootsWeb, WorldConnect, IrfanView, ACDC, IPTC, JPG, FileZilla, TreeLeavesByCole, ePhotoCaption, GRAMPS, LINUX, Ubuntu.

Ancestry RootsWeb has provided the storage space for and accessability to this information at no charge. Ancestry also houses the author's database named "davidcole3" on WorldConnect at no charge. The author is grateful to Ancestry for this support.

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