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Ancestral Photographs of Upstate New York

by Roxy Triebel

Avery / Every DNA Project

I received the following email from another Avery / Every researcher who needs help with a DNA project.  UPDATE:  I have been informed that Dick Allen's email link no longer works, so I have removed it.  Please use the email links on the Avery/Every Public Web Site below Dick's message.


I'm Dick Allen, a descendant of Uriah Every and Miriam Hill.  I am looking for a living male Avery/Every who is descended from Old Uriah.  I am the co-administrator of the Avery/Every family Group Project at Family Tree DNA.  We have several Avery's and one Every in our family group project.  We do not yet have a descendant of Uriah Every in the project.  If we could get one or more, we could determine if Uriah was an Every or an Every.

We have several Avery's in the project who have paper back to Christopher Every who came from England in the 1600's.  The one Every we have does not match their DNA.  This Every may be of the same line as Old Uriah, DNA will tell.

Thanks for your help.

Dick Allen, 4th Gr. Grandson of Uriah Every.


For additional information on this project, see the following websites:

  1. Family Tree DNA (FTDNA)

  2. The Avery/Every FTDNA Public Web Site - this page has an email link to contact the current administrators of this Avery/Every project.

Tangled Roots and Twisted Branches


Page 2

Members of this family intermarried with several of my other lines (Barringer, Kerr, Van Kleeck, etc.).  Most of this information came from my grandmother's book "Tangled Roots and Twisted Branches".  If you would like to make corrections or additions, please feel free to contact me.

  1. Veteran's Flag  Uriah Every (died before 1855) served in the 2nd Regiment of the Dutchess County Militia during the Revolutionary War.  He married Miriam Hill (1771 - 1855), the daughter of Major Andrew Hill and Catherine Horton.  They moved to the Shokan area of Ulster County after the Revolutionary War.  They lived at some point in Delaware County - at least one of their children was born there.  Uriah and Miriam had nine children.  Grandma's book says the following:

    Uriah and his wife came to the Shokan area of Ulster County after the Revolutionary War with the HILL family.  They were early settlers of the Shokan and West Shokan area.  Uriah lived at some time in Delaware County, at least one of their children was born there.  They had ten children (I only find nine - RT).  Many of his descendants used the spelling EVERY.

    1. Veteran's Flag  Andrew Perry Every stone  Andrew Perry Every stone in 2002  Andrew Perry Every, Sr. (1794 - 1883) served in the New York Militia in the War of 1812.  He married Judah Bell (died in 1850), the daughter of Peter and Maria Bell.  Andrew and Judah lived in West Shokan.  After Judah died, Andrew married Mary Countryman.  Andrew is buried in Bushkill Cemetery in in West Shokan, Olive Township, Ulster County, New York.  His stone reads:

      131 N.Y. Malitia (sic.)
      War of 1812
      Born March 26, 1794
      Died August 11, 18(83?)

      Other sources have 1883 as Andrew's death date, but I haven't found yet found him after the 1870 census.

       Andrew's thirteen children are as follows:

      1. David "Herman" Every (1817 - 1897) married Catherine Bell.

      2. Uriah U. Every (born between 1818 and 1823).

      3. Peter Every (1820 - 1902) married Elizabeth Bell.

      4. Veteran's Flag  Andrew Perry Every, Jr. and his wife Jane Barringer  Andrew Perry Every, Jr.  Andrew P. Every and his wife Jane  Andrew P. and Jane Every - wider shot  Andrew Perry Every, Jr. (1823 - 1918) married Jane Edith Barringer in 1846.  The portrait photo on the right of Andrew by himself is a scan of the original photo that was generously submitted by a correspondent.  The location of the corresponding photo of his wife is not known at this time.  The photo on the left of both of them is scanned from a photocopy in "Tangled Roots and Twisted Branches" and is the only currently available version of the portrait of Jane.  If you know of the whereabouts of the original of Jane's photograph, I would love to have a copy to put up here with her husband's portrait.  The caption on the photocopy reads as follows:

        Jane Edith BARRINGER, Dau of Peter and Cath. HAUVER BARRINGER and her husband Andrew Perry AVERY.  He in Civil War listed 'gray eyes - hair mixed - 5' 10" son of Andrew P AVERY and Judah BELL
        Andrew enlisted during the Civil War and served in Company E, 15th Engineers Regiment, New York.  There is a Distinguished Service notation on the records I found at - no details on this yet.

        Andrew and Jane are buried in Bushkill Cemetery.  Their children are listed as follows:

        1. David Herman Every (born 1847) married Jane Ann Kerr (1854 - 1893).  They had nine children.
          1. David Every married a Bonesteel
          2. Frank Every died sometime after 1968
          3. Melvin "Mallie" Every (1872 - 1958) married Nettie Bonesteel.  They had two children
          4. Libbie Every married a Mr. Marsh
          5. Minnie Every married a Mr. Jones
          6. Cassie Every married Otis Bogart.  They had two children.
          7. Addie Every married Mr. Hendrickson.
          8. Anna Every married Mr. Carter.  They had a daughter.
          9. Lucinda "Cindy" Every married Hewitt Van Kleeck.  They had a son who lived to adulthood and two daughters who died in infancy.  My grandmother remembered a family story about Cindy.

        2. Juda Catharine Every (born 1849)
        3. Frederick William Every (born 1852)  "Tangled Roots and Twisted Branches says he "died young", but he lived at least until the 1880 U.S. census.  Frederick William Every is buried in Bushkill Cemetery in Ulster County.
        4. Sarah Ann Every (born 1853)
        5. Mary Elizabeth Every (born 1854)
        6. Andrew P. Every, his wife and three children  Andrew Perry Every III (1858 - 1928) married Sarah Barnes.  They and three of their children are buried in Bushkill Cemetery.
        7. Jane E. Every (born 1859/60)
        8. Josephine Every (born ca. 1861)
        9. Grant Every (born ca. 1869)
        10. Abel Every (born ca. 1870)

      5. Robert "Uncle Bub" Every - no further information.

      6. Mary Anne "Polly" Every - no further information.

      7. Judah / Judith Every / Every tintype  Frederick William Barringer tintype  tintype of Frederick and Judah together  Judith/Judah (Avery/Every) Barringer  Judah or Judith "Lib" Every (1831 - 1897) married Frederick William Barringer (1829 - 1908).  These are my great great great grandparents.  For more information on their descendants, see my Barringer page.

      8. Katherine Every - no further information.

      9. Veteran's Flag  Henry Every  closeup of inscription  Henry "Jack" Every (1830 - 1897) was in the Civil War.  He was in Company E., 15th Engineers Regiment, New York - the same unit as his brother Andrew (see above) and there is also a Distinguished Service notation on Henry's record (again - no details yet).  Henry married Mary Catherine Winchell (born ca. 1832) and a descendant writes that they had nine children (I currently have information for only three).  He is buried in Bushkill Cemetery and his stone reads as follows:

        Co. E. 15 Regt.
        N.Y. Eng. Vols.
        Died Sept. 15, 1899
        Aged 60 Years
        (might also say "69" years - hard to see second digit)

        1. Sylvester Every (born ca. 1854)
        2. Esther Every (born ca. 1859)
        3. James H. Every (born ca. 1857) married Millie Eckert (born ca 1867)
          1. Lewis Every (born 1880)
          2. Lulu Every (born 1891), married a man named Perkins
          3. Olive Every (born 1893)
          4. Minnie Every (1895 - 1981), married Frederick Norman Adsit (1874 - 1974)
          5. Dorothy Every (born 1899), married an Osterhoudt
          6. Catherine Every (died 1964), married Louis F. Hyatt (died 1955)

      10. Julia Every (born 1833) married George Bell.

      11. Mariam (or Miriam) Every (1836 - 1922) married in 1854 to Charles Eckert (1833 - 1907).  According to a descendant they had seven children, including Grenville Eckert (born 1856).  Mariam and Charles are buried in Bushkill Cemetery in Ulster County, New York.

      12. Isaac "Ike" Every (born 1837) - no further information.

      13. John Every.  Grandma's book says he was born in 1831.  A correspondent says he was born in 1840. - no further information.

    2. Judah Every (1797 - 1847) - no further information.

    3. Mary Every (1801 - 1871) married Lemuel Brown.

    4. Isaac U. Every (1804 - 1885) married a woman named Rosetta (maiden name unknown).

    5. Jacob U. Every (1806 - 1891) married Sarah/Sally Davis (ca. 1812 - 1900).  They had seven children.

      1. Adelia Every (ca. 1832 - 1855)
      2. Isaac Every (1835 - 1903) married Emma Bell (1854 - 1928).
      3. John Every (born ca. 1838)
      4. Urilla Every (ca 1844 - 1934) married Norman B. Crispell (1834 - 1903).
        1. Merritt Crispell (1865 - 1936) married ca. 1884 to Cora Winans Merrihew (1866 - 1921).
          1. Viola Crispell (1886 - 1951) married ca. 1907 to Earl East (1882 - died before 1920).  After Earl's death, Viola married Louis D. Sahler (ca 1875 - 1964)
            1. Marion Beatrice East (1909 - 1993) married in 1932 to Howard C. Anderson (1910 - 1996).  Both are buried in Dalhart, Texas.
            2. Robert Donald East (1911 - 1995) married Edna M. Buchanan (1910 - 1992).
      5. Ogden Every (born ca. 1849)
      6. Reuben Every born 1850 (one month old in 1850 census).  Other researchers indicate that Reuben died in childhood.  He was dead before the 1860 census.
      7. Orville Every (ca. 1850 - 1877) married in 1876 to Helen Leake (1858 - 1921)
        1. Orville L. Every (1877 - 1957) married ca. 1902 to Louise E. Devall (1884 - 1945).
          1. Mabel C. Every (1903 - 1996) married in 1946 to Harold H. Risely (1908 - 1998).

    6. Samuel U. Every (1806 - 1832) married Sally Batey.  They had three children.

    7. Catherine Every. - no further information.

    8. Sally Every and Jeremiah Van Kleeck tintype  Sally Every (1809 - 1872) married Jeremiah Van Kleeck (1805 - 1885).  These are my great great great grandparents.  For more information on their descendants, see my Van Kleeck page.

    9. chimney of Uriah and Arminda (Barringer) Avery's house Uriah U. Every (1815 - 1899) married Arminda Barringer (1817 - 1899), an older sister of Frederick William Barringer who married Uriah's niece Judah/Judith Every (gets confusing doesn't it?).

      They were living in the Moon Haw area in Olive Twp. (I think), Ulster County, NY when, in her 80s, Arminda dropped a lighted lantern.  She died from the resulting burns and Uriah died two weeks later.  This photo, contributed by a relative, is of the chimney from that house.  The chimney is still there.  I took a photo of it when I was in the area in May 2002, but have not scanned it yet.  It may not come out well as the nearby creek was quite high and I didn't want to try to cross it to get closer with my heavy camera bag.

      The chimney in the photo is from the house that burned in the fire mentioned above.  I centered a Google map on the approximate area.  I haven't been up that way in awhile and memory's not as clear as it was, but I think that the chimney was located just east of Moon Haw Road across from the creek.

      Grandma's book mentions the following about this family:

      Uriah and Arminda had thirteen children, moved about 1850 to Michigan.  Their descendants are widely scattered in Wyoming, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Idaho, and New York State.

      Uriah and Arminda had fourteen children.

      1. Miriam Avery/Every (1838 - 1882) married Charles Bell (born between 1831 and 1835).  My grandmother found four children for them.  A correspondent searched Google books and found a more complete listing in "History of the Counties of McKean, Elk and Forest, Pennsylvania, with Biographical Selections", chapter XXV, page 486.  Birthdates per 1880 U.S. census for Eldred, McKean County, Pennsylvania.

        "Charles Bell, farmer, post office Eldred, is a native of Ulster county, N.Y., and a son of Peter and Maria (Kimball) Bell.  He was reared in his native county, and came to McKean county, Penn., in 1867, settling in Eldred township, where he is the owner of a farm of 110 acres, seventy-five of which he has cleared and improved from the wilderness in which he located.  He has been twice married.  His first wife was Mariam, daughter of Uriah N. and Arminda (Barringer) Avery, of Ulster county, N.Y., by whom he had six children:  Orvell B., Alvina (Mrs. Eugene Prosser), Arminda (Mrs. Leslie Humphrey), Annis B., Frank and Charles.  Mrs. Mariam Bell died January 7, 1882, and May 10, 1884, Mr. Bell married Mrs. Annie (Kewley) Bradshaw.  Mr. Bell is a prominent farmer of Eldred township.  He is a member of the Knights of the Maccabees; in politics he is a Democrat."

        Charles Bell had one daughter, Geneva (born ca. 1895) with his second wife Anna Kewley (born 1858 in Iowa).

        1. Orville Bell (1860 - 1935, born in New York state) married in 1885 at Bolivar, New York to Lillian Payne (1870- 1948, born in Eldred Township, Pennsylvania)
          1. Maie "Kittie" Bell (1886 -1986, born in Pennsylvania) married ca. 1907 to Warren LuVern Loop (1886-1963).  Warren's listing is about halfway down the page in that link.  Warren was an oil driller and contractor.
            1. Florence Loop (born ca. 1914)
        2. Alvina "Vina" Bell (1864 - 1955, born in New York state) married Afred Eugene Prosser (1854 - 1932, first name spelled "Alfus" in some records although most simply call him "Eugene"), son of Civil War veteran Lewis Birch Prosser (born 1827).  In the 1920 U.S. census, they are living in Centralia, Washington State with their grandson Ralph Taylor.  By 1930, Alfred was living in the Masonic Homes Hospital in West Donegal, Pennsylvania, where he died in 1932 on Halloween night at 11:15 p.m.  The informant on the death certificate was the superintendent of the nursing home, so the information isn't quite as complete as I would have liked, but I'm still glad to have found it.  Alfred is buried in the Masonic Homes Cemetery in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania.  Alvina is buried in Greenwood Memorial Park in Centralia, Washington.

          Several of this family were involved in logging in Washington state.

          1. unknown Prosser - died before 1910
          2. unknown Prosser - died before 1910
          3. unknown Prosser
          4. Carrie Prosser (ca. 1886 - 1950) married first in 1906 in West Virginia to Joseph N. Taylor (born ca. 1873).  They had at least three children, all of whom were born in West Virginia.
            1. Ralph Nicholas Taylor (1907 - 1951).  Ralph was living with his maternal grandparents Alfred Eugene Prosser and Alvina Bell in the 1920 U.S. census.  He died in Los Angeles County, California.
            2.  Raymond Eugene Taylor (1909 - 1967), served in U.S. Navy during World War II, married Jennie Lida Lewis (1914 - 1992).  Both are buried in Los Angeles National Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.
            3. Hazel Taylor (born ca. 1912)

            Carrie married second to Joseph D. McAfee (born ca. 1884 in Georgia), with whom she and her two youngest children are living in Grays Harbor County, Washington in the 1920 U.S. census.

            Carrie married third in Tacoma, Washington in 1924 to Melvin Haydeen (1898 - 1970).

          5. Nina Bell Prosser (1888 - 1982, born Galeton, Pennsylvania) married first in 1915 in Montesano, Washington to Gregor B. Campbell (1889 - 1946, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota).  They had three children and must have divorced some time before 1929 when Nina married second in Centralia, Washington state to Clyde Elmo Drake (1896 - 1971, born Olympia, Washington).  Clyde was a veteran of World War I.  She had at least one son with Clyde and then they got divorced some time before 1940.
            1. Evan Eugene Campbell (1916 - 1972) married in 1940 to Ida Berg (1919 - 2011)
        3. Arminda "Minnie" Bell (1866 - 1929) married ca. 1888 to Leslie B. Humphrey (1862 - 1943), son of Civil War veteran Gordon B. Humphrey.  They had at least three children.
          1. ??rtie Humphrey (died ca. 1890? - grave marker is blurred and difficult to read)
          2. Florence "Flossie" A. Humphrey (born ca. 1891) married in 1911 to Charles A. Robbins (born ca. 1885), her father's business partner.
            1. Margaret Jeannette Robbins (born ca. 1913)
          3. Vida B. Humphrey (born ca. 1898) married John Joseph Demann (1896 - 1988), a veteran of World War I.
        4. Annis or Anice Bell (born ca. 1871 in Pennsylvania)
        5. Frank Bell (born ca. 1873 in Pennsylvania)
        6. Charles Bell (born ca. 1875 in Pennsylvania)

      2. Mary Jane Avery (born ca. 1840, died before 1920) married Alanson A. "Lance" Matthews (born ca. 1842).
        1. ? Matthews - (died before 1900)
        2. ? Matthews
        3. Bertha Anna Matthews (1863 - 1956, listed in most records as "Anna") married Oscar Satterlee (1860 - 1917).  All of this family are buried in Hudler Cemetery in Mount Tremper, New York.  It appears that their children never married.
          1. Inez Satterlee (1893 - 1977)
          2. Florence Satterlee (1894 - 1895)
          3. William Leo Satterlee (1899 - 1964)
        4. Augustus Matthews (born ca. 1865)
        5. Minnie Matthews (born ca. 1867)
        6. Sarah Matthews (born ca. 1868)
        7. Frank A. Matthews (born 1873) married ca. 1908 to Vesta Bridge (1887 - 1990).  Frank gives her name as "Helen Vesta" on his World War I draft registration card.  They resided in McKean County, Pennsylvania where Frank was a pumper on an oil lease in the 1930 census.
          1. Lyle Freeman Matthews (1910 - 1910)
          2. Guy Vincent Matthews (1914 - 1988) married Bethel R. (1919 - 1995)
          3. Wayne Frank Matthews (1922 - 1945), Army Corps of Engineers, died in World War II.
        8. Almeron Evert Matthews (1879 - 1962), a Methodist minister, married in 1907 to Nora Perkins (1886 - 1968).
          1. Joseph L. Matthews (born ca. 1909).  Joseph is not listed with the rest of the family in the 1920 U.S. census when he would have been about 11 years old.  Died young?
          2. son Matthews, dates unknown.  Genevieve's obituary mentions that she had five brothers, two of whom died before reaching adulthood.
          3. Howard L. Matthews (1909 - 1984) married in 1931 to Claudine Barber (1912 - 2002).
          4. Genevieve Ruth Matthews (1912 - 2006) married James McCabe (ca. 1903 - 1947).  There is an online obituary for Genevieve.
          5. Robert Elsmere Matthews (1920 - 2010) married Dorothy Martin (1921 - 2007).  There is an online obituary for Robert.
            1. Robert Matthews (predeceased his father)
          6.  David E. Matthews (1926 - 2015).  There is an online obituary for David at the Cedar Rapids Gazette's website.  David served in the U.S. Navy from 1944 - 1946.

      3.  Gilbert Avery (1842 - 1915) enlisted in the Civil War (town clerk's register lists unit as "unknown"), but apparently disappeared to Canada not long afterward as a note in the enlistment register reads: "Present residence unknown. Last heard from was in Canada. Probably deserted.".  From some of the things I've seen on Civil War documentaries, I can't honestly say that I blame him.  Gilbert married first to Jane Vaughn (1845 - 1871) and they had two children:

        1. Anna Augusta
        2. Nellie.

        Gilbert married second to Sarah Jeanette "Nettie" Wilson (1849 - 1945) and they had ten children:

        1. Orrin
        2. Frank
        3. Floyd
        4. Alice
        5. Emma
        6. Jennie
        7. Gilbert "Bert"
        8. Julia
        9. Maud Inez
        10. Georgia Elise

      4. Rosetta Avery (b. 1844) married Abel North.  UPDATE:  A correspondent says that Rosetta's husband was named Abram North.  Abel was married to a Judah Catherine Avery according to the Census Rolls (daughter of Andrew Perry Avery/Every, Jr. and Jane Eliza Barringer).
      5.  Isaac Avery (b. June, 1846 per town clerk register) enlisted in the Civil War, 5th New York Heavy Artillery  Muster roll abstract says Company "unassigned".  Other record transcripts says Co. U, but that probably just stands for "Unknown" or "Unassigned".  Isaac and his brother Jacob may have been twins, but the handwriting in both records is very clear - one says "Jan." and one says "June" (obviously impossible) - need to find another record somewhere to determine for sure when each was born.
      6.  Jacob Avery (b. Jan, 1846 per 1900 census - died 1914) enlisted in the Civil War, Co. L or M, 2nd Cavalry.  Note in town clerk's register difficult to make out:  "Substitute for Charles R. Gregory of Libert, Sullivan Co.  Captured on Picket duty - at Morganzia [sic - Morganza], La. about Aug 20, 1864.  Sent to Tyler, Texas and was released in surrender of Kirby Smith and sent home.  Post office Shokan, N.Y."  I found a Wikipedia article on Camp Ford and an official website for Camp Ford Historic Park in Tyler, Texas.  Jacob is buried in Laurel Cemetery.

         Jacob Avery married first to a woman surnamed Welch.  They had two sons:

        1. Edward B. Avery (ca. 1878 - 1955).  Edward married Anna Burgher (died 1943).  Both are buried in Laurel Cemetery.
        2. Stuart Avery

        Jacob then married Caroline Bakon.  Jacob and Caroline had seven children.

        1. Merrill Avery (1891 - 1974) married ca. 1914 to Bethel Brown (born ca. 1893) - 8 children.
        2. Belle Avery (born ca. 1896) married to Charles Wood and James Burgher (born ca. 1885).
        3. Edith Avery (born ca. 1898, died before 1900)
        4. Edna Avery (born ca. 1898, died before 1910)  Edith and Edna were twins.
        5. Bessie Avery (born ca. 1899, died at ca. 1905).
        6. Mitchell Avery (born ca. 1902) married Leona Beesmer - 9 children.
        7. Cecile Avery (born ca. 1906, died ca. 1930) married John Wightman.  They had two children.

      7. Frederick William Every (b. 1847).
      8. Jeremiah Every (b. 1850)
      9. Angelina Every (b. 1851) married Ed Keator or Keaton.
      10. Sarah or Ella Every (b. 1855) married Romer or Homer Hinkley.  They had five children:  Simon, Rosetta, Alice, Minnie, and Jennie.  A correspondent gives her name as "Sarah Ellanor".
      11. Charles Every (b. 1857).
      12. Juda or Julia Every (b. 1860).
      13. Freeman Every (1862 - 1934) married ca. 1886 to Cornelia Silkworth (1862 - 1932).  I have had more information on Cornelia's Silkworth family sent to me by Janice Miller, a Silkworth researcher (name and email posted by permission) and have added it to my Worldconnect database.


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