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Tongore Cemetery

Tongore Cemetery is located in the Township of Olive, Ulster County, New York.  I have a lot of relatives in this cemetery.  The following photos are a very small selection.  Unless indicated otherwise, most of these photos were taken in May of 2002.

Click here for Google map.  The "new" section of Tongore is clearly marked and easy to see.  "Old Tongore" is not labeled on the map.  On the spur of what appears to be the cemetery/farm road sticking out to the east, there is a roughly rectangular open area bordered by trees.  This is Old Tongore cemetery.  If you visit in person, there is a fenced walkway between the two sections across the farm field.

Clicking a small photo will open a large photo.  Clicking a name will open a web page on that individual's family branch.

Tongore Cemetery

The terms "old section" and "new section" are relative.  The "new" section has quite a few older grave markers too.

Tongore Cemetery
Grave Stones

This is NOT a complete listing of all the stones in the cemetery, just the ones that I happen to have photographs of.  Unless indicated otherwise, most of these photos were taken in May of 2002.

Old Section

The BISHOP markers are enlargements from the photo above that looks toward the back of the old part of the cemetery.  This is why the image quality is not as good as it could be.  The VANDEMARK stone is located all the way down in the back under the large evergreen tree in the center of the photo above that looks toward the back of this section.

  1. Bishop baby  BISHOP, baby boy (first name not legible in this photo if present), son of Charles & Bertha M. BISHOP, 1900 - 1901, verse (not legible in photo).

  2. Bishop family monument  Bishop monument detail  BISHOP, large monument.

    1. BISHOP, Eph(raim?), Jan. 22, 1832, Apr. (23, 1914?)

    2. BISHOP, Eliza(beth?), his wife, Sept. 2?, ????, Sept. 2?, ????

  3. Van Demark monument  VANDEMARK monument.

    1. VANDEMARK, Fred, 1872 - 1947

    2. DAVIS, Rosina, his wife, 1874 - 1905

"New" Section

  1. John Barringer  BARRENGER, John E., son of A & R, died Oct 27, 1874, agd 1 mo 8 d.  The small stone behind this is probably his footstone as it has his initials "J E B" carved onto it in the same hand.

    Barringer plot - wide shot  BARRINGER, Freeman and Elnora plot.  Freeman and Elnora (Kerr) Barringer were my great great grandparents.  They are buried near the back of the newer section of Tongore Cemetery.

  2. Freeman Barringer  BARRINGER, Freeman, "father", 1854 - 1927.

  3. Elnora stone snapshot  Elnora Barringer  BARRINGER, Elnora, "mother", 1856 - 1929.  The older snapshot on the left was probably taken in the 1970s.  The photo on the right was taken in May of 2002.

     Two BARRINGER stones:

  4. Melissa Barringer  BARRINGER, Melissa, wife of John J. Rappleyea, died Sept. 8, 1882, aged 24 yrs, 13 d's.  Melissa or Sarah Melissa was the daughter of Peter and Sarah next to her.

  5. Peter P. Barringer and family  BARRINGER monument

    1. BARRINGER, Peter P., 1818 - 1890.  Peter was one of the children of Peter BARRINGER and Catherine HAUVER, my great great great great grandparents.  Peter and Catherine are buried in Laurel Cemetery.

    2. CONSTABLE, Sarah M., his wife, 1817 - 1891

    3. BARRINGER, Rebecca, 1844 - 1895 (no relationship stated on stone - this may be the wife of their son Abram)

  6. Beesmer marker  BEESMER stone.  One of Lorenzo and Sarah's grandchildren married into my VAN KLEECK line.

    1. BEESMER, Lorenzo D., 1850 - 1926

    2. AVERY, Sarah A., his wife, 1853 - 1932

    3. children Carrie, Lonnie, Hiram, and Frederick (no dates)

    Dudrey family plot  DUDREY family plot.  These are enlarged from the background of the photo of Egbert VAN KLEECK's stone and some are a bit hard to read here.  I have little information on the DUDREY family.  The lighting looks a little strange in some of these photos because I have messed with the contrast to try to make the inscriptions easier to read.

  7. John Dudrey and Sophia Boice  DUDREY, John.  John and Sophia (Boice) Dudrey were the parents of Egbert VAN KLEECK's wife Louisa.  John was in the same Artillery unit as Egbert's father, although a different company.

    1. DUDREY, John, Co. H. 5 N.Y. ART., 1843 - 1937

    2. BOICE, Sophia, his wife, 1846 - 1924

      Mr. Dudrey was the last surviving Civil War veteran in the Town of Olive and got quite a write-up in the Kingston Daily Freeman when he died.

      Kingston Daily Freeman
      Friday Evening
      January 22, 1937, page 16

      Impressive Rites For John J. Dudrey, Last G.A.R. Veteran

      Perhaps one of the most impressive military funerals held in Ulster county in many years was that of John J. Dudrey, the last surviving Civil War veteran of the town of Olive who died last Saturday in his 94th year. Mr. Dudrey, known to his fellow-townspeople as "Uncle John", had been 93 on June 24, last, and up until a few days before his death he had been about in his usual jolly, jovial manner always ready to meet his friends and re-tell the stirring events of his military service. He had been a member of Company C, 5th New York Heavy Artillery, during the Civil War and while much of his service had been around Washington, D. C., as guard duty has had taken a part in the Petersburg campaign and had been once taken prisoner. He enlisted on January 4, 1864, at the age of 20 years, six months, and served until July 19, 1865. At his discharge he was in Camp Hooker at Harper's Ferry and was discharged from that point.

      By Vocation a Farmer

      By vocation he was a farmer. One incident of his life which happened at the time of his enlistment in the army indicated his love for his family and his home. When he enlisted he received the usual bounty which was being paid for enlistments at that time and this bounty he used to procure a farm and see that his mother and father were properly settled before he left for service. This one act was of the greatest comfort to him throughout his service and on his return to Olive after his discharge.

      "Home Loving" Man

      Mr. Dudrey had always been a "home loving" man and prior to his enlistment he had rarely been out of Ulster county and on his return home after the war so far as is known he never left Ulster County. His military training followed him throughout his entire life and even to the end he was a great walker and carried himself erect and with a military bearing. He was of a very social disposition and was always jolly and jovial and a great friend of the children and younger folk of his locality. His wife, Sophia Boice Dudrey, a sister of Granville Boice of Krumville, died in 1922. Granville Boice had also been a member of the same military outfit. At the death of his wife in 1922 he retired and sold his farm to the H. C. Ford estate and went to live with his daughter, Mrs. Louisa Van Kleeck, at Brodhead. Mrs. Van Kleeck is the widow of Egbert Van Kleeck and another strange coincidence is the fact that Francis Van Kleeck, father of the late Egbert Van Kleeck, was also a member of the 5th Heavy Artillery during the war.

      Taken Prisoner

      It was at Piedmont, Va. that Mr. Dudrey was taken prisoner. Out on patrol the men were captured by a band of rebels who were dressed in Union clothing and whom the patrol believed were friends, until the capture. In that affray Francis Van Kleeck was wounded and taken prisoner and never was heard from again. Mr. Dudrey was able to escape and re-join his company when the rebel cavalry detachment was attacked by Union forces. Mr. Dudrey was always interested in the younger generation and took a very active interest in the work of Phoenicia Post, American Legion. When that post took up the task of decorating Civil War Veterans' graves, he accompanied the members on their tours and indicated where the graves were located. This practice he kept up until a couple of years ago when failing eyesight made it difficult for him to get about.

      Belonged to Odd Fellows

      He was one of the old time members of Shokan Lodge, No. 491, I. O. O. F., having become a member on June 24, 1886. Entitled to a 50 year Odd Fellow medal that jewel was presented to his daughter and was pinned upon his breast as he was borne to his last resting place. During his membership in Shokan Lodge he was always active and through his efforts some of the most substantial members of the lodge were brought in and among some of those are listed 50-year honor men.

      Ill Two Days

      His last illness was of but two days duration. Surviving are his daughter, Mrs. Louisa Van Kleeck with whom he made his home, a daughter, Mrs. Arker Kelder of Napanoch, one son, Benjamin Dudrey of Acorn HIll, near Olive Bridge, ten grand children and several great grandchildren and nephews and nieces. There was a brief prayer service at the home in charge of the Rev. Mr. Hewitt of Olive Bridge M. E. Church. This was followed by very impressive services at the Olive Bridge M. E. Church Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock. There were some fifty members of Shokan Lodge present in a body and a detail of 17 members of Phoenicia Post, American Legion. Standard bearer was Oscar Eisie and the color guard was County Clerk James A. Simpson and James Ford. As guard at the door was Daniel Ennist and Maynard Haynes. In charge of the military escort was Elmer Miner and the detail was under the direction of Commander Charles H. Weidner of West Shokan and Adjutant Harlowe McLean.

      Firing Squad

      The removal of the flag and its presentation to next of kin was by Commander Weidner (or Weldner - copy too fuzzy to tell) of Phoenicia Post assisted by Sharles Duloff. At the grave the firing squad was in command of Elmer Miner. During the services there were two vocal numbers, "Jesus Lover of My Soul" and "Abide With Me", sung by Mrs. Reginald E. Davis and Mrs. Alonzo Davis with Mrs. Hewitt presiding at the organ. The text of the Rev. Mr. Hewitt was "Our Friend Lazarus Sleepeth" in which he spoke of the friendships of life and of the life of the soldier and of the passing beyond to the "great encampment". The Odd Fellows service was very impressively read and was in charge of Noble Grand Bradford Kelder and Past District Deputy Arthur E. Trowbridge of Shokan Lodge. At the conclusion of the service the members all passed before the casket and dropped upon the breast of their departed member a sprig emblematic of the lodge. There were a number of exceptionally beautiful floral tributes including an I. O. O. F. tribute with the 50 year legend and tied with a gold ribbon. Phoenicia Post also presented the veteran with a beautiful tribute.

      Active Bearers

      Active bearers were Arthur E. Trowbridge, William Jordan, LeRoy Davis and Elwyn Davis. Taps were sounded at the grave by Bugler Edward Ford. Mr. Dudrey's death brings to a close the last chapter in the lives of 211 men from Olive who enlisted in the army during the Civil War between 1861 and 1863? (last digit too fuzzy to read clearly). In his ergiment (sic.) there were 15 members from Ulster county recruited in 1864.

    Many thanks to Old Fulton NY Post Cards for providing the newspaper archives in which I found this article.

  8. Mary, wife of Lemuel Dudrey  Mary, wife of Lemuel W. DUDREY, died April 18, 1879, aged 51? years, 5 mo's, & 19? d's

  9. Louisa C. Dudrey  Louisa C?, daughter of Lemuel W. and Mary DUDREY, died Oct? ??, 185?, aged 11? yrs, 5 ??

  10. Lemuel W. Dudrey  DUDREY, Lemuel W., died Oct. 15, 1881, aged 70 or 79 years.

    Kerr stones May 2001  Kerr stones May 2002  KERR plot.  The photo on the left was taken in May, 2001.  The photo on the right was taken in May, 2002.  For more about Eugene KERR and his family, see my KERR page.

  11. Eugene Kerr and Rachel DeWitt  Eugene KERR stone

    1. KERR, Eugene, 1852 - 1929

    2. DEWITT, Rachel, his wife, 1857 - 1938

       on back of same stone:

    3. KERR, Theodore, 1875 - 1948.  Theodore was the son of Eugene and Rachel.

    4. VAN BUMBLE, Lestia, his wife, 1871 - 1949.

  12. Jennie Kerr  KERR, Jennie, 1891 - 1984.  Jennie was the daughter of Eugene and Rachel (DeWitt) KERR above.

  13. Llewellyn J. Lewis  LEWIS, Llewellyn J., March 17, 1865 - June 15, 1931.  There is a Masonic emblem on this stone.  This is an enlargement from the back of the Nichols family plot photo.  I have no further information on this person.

  14. Rebecca Merrihew and Stephen Winchell  MERRIHEW, Rebecca, wife of Stephen WINCHELL.  This is an enlargement from the background of the Egbert VAN KLEECK photo below and any dates on Rebecca's stone are illegible here.  I can just barely make out the name of her husband, "Stephen WINCHELL", on the marble tablet next to her stone.  There are a few Merrihews and Winchells that married into various branches in my family tree, but I have no further information on this particular couple.

    Nichols plot  NICHOLS plot.  I don't have much information on the NICHOLS family, but for more on their BARRINGER connection, see my BARRINGER page.

  15. Milton Nichols  NICHOLS, Milton, 1880 - 1938.

  16. Mabel (Barringer) Nichols  BARRINGER, Mabel, his wife, 1891 - 1960

  17. Ira Nichols  NICHOLS, Ira, 1909 - 1935.  Due to the lack of contrast between the inscription and the rest of the stone, this is not easy to read even in person.  Ira was one of the children of Milton and Mabel (Barringer) Nichols.  Milton and Mabel also had a son named Alfred who Grandma says "died in his teens" - will have to look around this area next time we're up and see if we missed him.

  18. back of stone with bench  front of stone  PERSONEUS monument with bench.  The odd reflection on the right side of the monument is me taking the photo.  I don't have much on the PERSONEUS family, but for more on their BARRINGER connection, see my BARRINGER page.

    The bench reads:


    The back of the monument says:

    (list of all eleven children by name)

    1. Lester, "Father", 1893 - 1983

    2. Hattie, "Mother", 1895 - 1971

    3. living daughter

    4. Gloria, "Daughter", 1928 - 1972

    5. living daughter

  19. Roosa marker  ROOSA stone.  This monument is immediately behind the stone for Abram and Bertha VAN KLEECK below.  I have no information on this ROOSA family.

    1. ROOSA, Albert, 1869 - 1955

    2. WINCHELL, Delia, his wife, 1869 - 1948

  20. Sampson stone  SAMPSON stone.  This is an enlargement from the back of the Nichols family plot photo.  I have no further information on these people.

    1. SAMPSON, Gilbert, 1907 - 1988

    2. WRIGHT, Gladys, his wife, 1907 - (no death date)

  21. Van Kleeck monument  Van Kleeck monument, May 2002  VAN KLEECK monument (Abram and Bertha).  The photo on the left was probably taken in May, 2001.  The photo on the right was taken in May, 2002.  The odd reflection on the left side of the stone is me taking the photograph.  Abram and Bertha are my great grandparents.  For more information see the BARRINGER page, the VAN KLEECK page, and the specific page I made for Abram and Bertha.

    1. VAN KLEECK, Abram, 1871 - 1954

    2. BARRINGER, Bertha, his wife, 1874 - 1953

  22. VAN KLEECK monument (Alexander and Joanna).  Alexander was the brother of Egbert VAN KLEECK below.  I don't have a photo of the monument, but there is one at Find-A-Grave.

    1. VAN KLEECK, Alexander E., 1861 - 1908
    2. EMBREE, Joanna, his wife, 1867 - 1955
    3. EMBREE, Mary Jane, no relationship stated, 1853 - 1934

  23. Egbert Van Kleeck stone with Dudrey family stones  Egbert Van Kleeck stone  VAN KLEECK monument (Egbert and Louisa).  Egbert was one of the sons of Francis Van Kleeck, who was in the Civil War and died in Andersonville in 1864.  The DUDREY stones across the background are the family of Egbert's wife Louisa (see DUDREY entries further up this page).

    1. VAN KLEECK, Egbert, 1860 - 1935

    2. DUDREY, Louisa C., his wife, 1870 - 1958

  24. Family of Virgil Van Kleeck, May 2002  VAN KLEECK family monument.  I have no information on this particular Van Kleeck family yet.

    1. VAN KLEECK, Virgil,"Father", "interred in Bushkill Cem." (I have a page on Bushkill Cemetery, but no photo yet of Virgil's grave there)

    2. HESLEY, Orpha, "Mother", 1872 - 1966

    3. USA Veteran's Flag  VAN KLEECK, Edward L., "Son", 1908 - 1967.  Marked with an American Legion flag.

  25. Wright stone  WRIGHT stone.  This is an enlargement from the back of the Nichols family plot photo.  I have no further information on these people.

    1. WRIGHT, Henry, 1870 - 1949

    2. GORDON, Matilda, his wife, 1875 - 1950

  26. Young stone  YOUNG stone.  This is an enlargement from the back of the Nichols family plot photo.  I have no further information on these people.

    1. YOUNG, Mayo, 1875 - 1933

    2. GORDON, Susan, his wife, 1875 - (date obscured by another stone in this photo)

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