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Bushkill Cemetery

Bushkill Cemetery is located in West Shokan, Olive Township, Ulster County, New York.

Click here for Google map.  The cemetery is not labeled on the map, but is located not far north of the northernmost part of Bell Lane.

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This is NOT a complete listing of all the stones in the cemetery, just the ones that I happen to have photographs of.  We did not have as much time to spend going through this cemetery as I would have liked, and I hope to be able to go back some day and explore the rest of the cemetery as there seem to be a lot of relatives here from several of my family lines.  Most of the photos on this page were taken in May of 2002.

Ashokan Reservoir removals  These are graves that were moved here from other cemeteries when the Ashokan Reservoir was constructed in the early 1900s.  Each stone is marked with a letter code and a number, evidently indicating which cemetery they came from as well as what grave it is.  Somebody must have a list of who these people are because some veterans' graves were marked with flags for Memorial Day when we were there.

  1. USA Veteran's Flag  Andrew Avery / Every  Andrew Avery / Every - May 2002 - closeup  Andrew Avery / Every - May 2002 - wider shot  EVERY, Andrew.  I have also seen this name spelled "AVERY".  Andrew was in the War of 1812.  I guess they put a GAR marker on his grave because they didn't have any specifically for the War of 1812.  Andrew's daughter married into my BARRINGER line and his sister married into my VAN KLEECK line.   The photo on the left was probably taken in the 1980s.   The two photos on the right are from our visit in May, 2002.   The stone reads as follows:

    131 N.Y. Malitia (sic.)
    War of 1812
    Born March 26, 1794
    Died Aug. 11, 18(83?)

    I can't quite make out the death year, but other sources have 1883.  On the other hand, I haven't yet found Andrew after the 1870 census.   The grave of one of his sons, also named Andrew (see below), is visible in the background of the 2002 photos.   It is also marked with a veteran's flag.

    me photographing Andrew Every's stone  closer crop  This is me photographing great great great great grandpa Andrew's grave stone.   The cemetery entrance is in the background.

  2. Andrew P. Every and his wife Jane  Andrew P. and Jane Every - wider shot  EVERY monument

    1. USA Veteran's Flag  EVERY, Andrew P. Every, born June 2, 1823.   There is no death date on the stone, but I have January 10, 1918 from another source.   There is a veteran's flag on the grave.   This Andrew was in the Civil War in the same unit as his brother Henry below (Co. E., 15th Engineers).   He was the son of Andrew Avery/Every above who was in the War of 1812.
    2. EVERY, Jane ?, his wife, born Apr. 20, 1825, died October 2? (26 or 28), 1894.   I can't make out her middle initial in this photo, but I have her middle name as "Edith" and her maiden name as "BARRINGER", so it could be either "E" or "B".

  3. Andrew P. Every, his wife and three children  EVERY monument.

    1. EVERY, Andrew P., 1858 - 1928.   This Andrew P. EVERY is the son of Andrew Perry AVERY/EVERY and Jane Edith BARRINGER.  He was the grandson of the Andrew Perry AVERY/EVERY at the top of this page who was in the War of 1812.
    2. BARNES, Sarah A., his wife, 1864 - 1939.
    3. Albert, 1883 - 1917
    4. Josephine, 1889 - 1897
    5. Emma, 1895 - 1896

  4. USA Veteran's Flag  Henry Every  closeup of inscription  EVERY, Henry.  Henry was the brother of Andrew P. above (the one married to Jane) and the son of Andrew who was in the War of 1812.  The inscription reads:

    Co. E. 15 Regt.
    N.Y. Eng. Vols.
    Died Sept. 15, 1899
    Aged 60 Years
    (might also say "69" years - hard to see second digit)

  5. Guinac / Van Kleeck monument  GULNAC / VAN KLEECK monument.    Relationship of the Van Kleecks to the Gulnacs is not stated on the stone.  I believe Catharine Gulnac is the sister of Thomas and Nellie Van Kleeck and that all three are the children of Barnard and Hannah Van Kleeck (see below).  The hand sticking out from behind the stone belongs to me.  I appear to be fooling with my camera bag - perhaps changing film.   Just visible behind my hand is the stone of Hannah Van Kleeck (see below).

    1. GULNAC, Martin, 1834 - 1914.
    2. GULNAC, Catherine A., his wife, 1834 - 1930.
    3. VAN KLEECK, Thomas, 1838 - 1857
    4. VAN KLEECK, Nellie, 1845 - 185? (I can't quite make out the last digit from this photo).

  6. Bernard Van Kleeck  VAN KLEECK, Bernard (note that his name is spelled "Barnard" on his wife Hannah's stone below).   No dates legible (I can just make out the word "Died" and the remnants of an inscription below it), but other sources indicate 1800 - 1870.   Grandma believed Barnard/Bernard was the brother of my great great great grandfather Jeremiah Van Kleeck.

  7. Hannah (Kimble) Van Kleeck  Hannah E., wife of Barnard VAN KLEECK.   Inscription reads:

    Wife of
    Barnard Van Kleeck
    Nov. 9, 1871
    Aged 65 yrs, 3 mos.
    & 25 d's

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