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Red Hook Methodist Burial Ground

(Click here for Google map - not named on map - north of Cherry Street near center of image)

The Red Hook Methodist Burial Ground is a small cemetery located in the village of Red Hook, Dutchess County, NY, on Cherry Street.  This is northeast of the intersection of Market Street and Broadway and can be reached by going through the grocery store parking lot just north of the old Triebel's Garage building as the cemetery is just a block or two behind (east of) it.  Beware of the poison ivy growing around the edges of the cemetery and on the fence in some places.

Alternate directions from Findagrave member Julie Lake:

"From the main intersection (Market & Broadway), just head north on Hwy. 9 (N. Broadway) for one block, and take the first right (east) onto Cherry St. (Right is the only way you can turn onto Cherry.)  Go east, and in one block cross Graves St.  Go another half block east, and this cute little cemetery will be on your left."

I noticed this cemetery on a visit in May of 2002 and was surprised that there are apparently no surveys of it online.  I photographed some of the stones and uploaded them below.  On a more recent visit in October of 2009, Mom and I tried to do a more complete survey.  I am sure that we must have missed some as there appeared to be at least one or two whole plots where there was no trace of any markers.  The cemetery appears to be kept up, but not used recently.  The latest death date that I saw on any of these markers was 1946.

There may have been a Methodist Church on or near this spot at one time, but for many years the Methodist Church in Red Hook has been located on the road leading out of the village to the west.

As far as I know, I am not related to any of the individuals below.

Red Hook Methodist Burial Ground
Grave Stones

This was not originally a complete listing of all the stones in the cemetery, just the ones that I happened to have photographs of (I noticed the cemetery and happened to have some extra film to use up at the time).  Mom and I were in the area again in October of 2009 and tried to do a more complete survey this time.  Some of the photos have been digitally manipulated to increase contrast and make them more readable.  As far as I know, I am not related to any of these people and I have no further information on any of them.

    Rokeby servants' graves  Three graves of servants that worked at the nearby Rokeby estate.

  1. Mary Ellen Dalton  DALTON, Mary Ellen.  "A native of Washington, D. C. who lived for thirty years at Rokeby, dying there in June, 1923."  Inscription at the top of the stone:  "In quietness and confidence shall be your strength."

  2. Augusta Nord  NORD, Augusta, "of Gothenberg, Sweden, who died in December, 1927, having lived 35 years at Rokeby."  There is a two or three line inscription at the top of the stone that was too eroded for me to read.  " ... for they shall ..."  A previous visitor had apparently used chalk on the stone to make it easier to read.

  3. Mary Meron  MERON?, Mary Beva??  (died) " ... at Rokeby".  Stone is very eroded and difficult to read.

  4. George Andrews  ANDREWS stone.  Very eroded, lots of lichen, very hard to read.  I tried to bring the inscription out digitally, but it didn't seem to help much.

    1. ANDREWS, George.  Couldn't read his information.
    2. KENT, Anna Maria, died May 8, 187?, aged ?

  5. Martha A. Beaumont  BEAUMONT, Martha A., born Feb. 18, 1818, died June 24, 1878?

  6. BENEDICT monument - large gray obelisk  (camera batteries died - no photo yet)

    1. A. G. BENEDICT, M.D., born Nov. 13, 1790, died Oct. 4, 1862
    2. BENEDICT, Charlotte H., born Jan. 6, 1825, died Feb. 10, 1886
    3. BENEDICT, Cornelia A., wife of Asahel B. HOWE, born Mar. 17, 1819, died Feb. 24, 1893
    4. NEWCOMB, Charlotte H., consort of A. G. BENEDICT, M.D., born July 20, 1795, died Sept. 6, 1853

  7. Bragg monument  BRAGG monument in family plot, surrounded by remains of fence that looks like pipe.  "(Sheltered?) and safe from harm"

    1. BRAGG, Charles, born Feb. 5, 1822, died Jul. 12, 1883
    2. SNYDER, Julia Anna, his wife, born Dec. 16, 1828, died Jul. 10, 1868

  8. BRAGG, Walter, son of Charles A. & Dulceanna BRAGG, born Aug. 4, 1880, died Oct. 31, 1881.

  9. Anna Maria Brown  BROWN, Anna Maria, wife of Thomas BROWN, died June 5, 1863, aged 79 yrs.  Illegible eroded inscription.

  10. Anna Maria Brown and husband Thomas Brown?  Large stone fallen face-down next to Anna Maria BROWN.  Possibly her husband Thomas BROWN?

  11. Mary and George Bullock  BULLOCK stone (stone fallen and broken)

    1. BULLOCK, Mary, died July 26, 1870 in 71st yr of age
    2. BULLOCK, George, died 1859

    Cole family plot  COLE family plot.  These are behind the GIBSON stones (see below).  Left to right, Sally RYNDERS (widow of George COLE), George COLE, wooden post, Simon and Elizabeth COLE (on same stone).  I saw several of these wooden posts in the cemetery - from their placement, I think they mark the corners of plots - possibly once part of a railing or fence.

  12. George Cole  COLE, George, died July 30, 1890, aged 85 years, four-line verse (illegible in this photograph)

  13. Sally Rynders  RYNDERS, Sally, widow of George COLE, died December 26, 1898, aged 80 years

  14. Simon and Elizabeth Cole  COLE stone

    1. COLE, Simon P., died May 16, 1887, aged 85 years
    2. Elizabeth, his wife, died January 29, 1882, aged 79 years

  15. Josephine Cook  COOK, Josephine, "daughter of Solomon D. & Jane Eliza COOK, died April 15?, 1850, aged 1 year, 2 mos. & 27 days.

  16. Mary Jane Cook  COOK, Mary Jane, "daughter of Solomon D. & Jane Eliza COOK, died May 29, 1851?, aged 8 years, 8 months & 8 days?  (Age is eroded and difficult to read).  Illegible verse at bottom of stone.

    Mrs. and Mrs. Corlett and neighbors  John and Ann Corlett and nearby stones.

  17. Ann Corlett  CORLETT, Ann, wife of John CORLETT, "died at Red Hook", January 31, 1871, aged 75 years.  "Native of the Isle of Man".  Long illegible inscription at the bottom of the stone.  A relative supplies the following information:  Ann COTTIER-CORLETT, born 1796 Kirk Christ, Lezayre, Isle of Man.

  18. CORLETT, John, died ? ?, 1873 aged 73? years 10 month.  "Native of the Isle of Man".  A relative supplies the following information:  John CORLETT was born April 5, 1800, Andreas, Lezayre, Isle of Man, died 1873.

  19. Rachel O. Croft?  CROFT, Rachel O., daughter of Abraham & Hannah CROFT?.  Stone badly eroded and barely legible.

  20. Croft daughters  CROFT children, daughters of Abraham and Hannah CROFT who died June 30, 1860.  Long inscription at the bottom hard to read, apparently a description of what happened to them

    1. CROFT, Rachel Alice - aged 12 yrs, 4 mos.
    2. CROFT, Olive Amdia? (middle name hard to make out) - aged 9 yrs, 8 mos.

    Inscription reads (as best as we could make it out):

    In loving memory of
    Rachel Alice & Olive Amdia?
    Daughters of
    Abraham & Hannah Croft
    who departed this life June 30, 1860
    Rachel A. aged 12 yrs 4 mos
    Olive A. 9 yrs 8 mos
    The little girls went? down to a
    neighboring stream? to bathe? and
    ?here (here/there/were?) drowned ... (illegible) ... in the
    The angels ... (illegible)

  21. Seth Croft  CROFT, Seth, son of Abr'm & Hannah CROFT, died March 21, 1854? aged 4 yrs, 6 mos.

  22. Jane Cross in May 2002  Jane Cross in October 2009  CROSS, Jane, "IN MEMORY OF", Died May 22, 1887, Aged 66 years, "Faithful unto Death"

  23. Curtis children  CURTIS, child (small stone fallen on its face but too heavy to lift, next to un-named CURTIS son listed below.  Probably another child of John & Jane CURTIS.)

  24. nameless son Curtis  CURTIS, no first name (stone broken off and leaning forward on its base), son of John & Jane CURTIS, born April 15, 185?, died Nov. 20, 186?

  25. Carroll Curtis  CURTIS, Carroll, child of H. J. & A. CURTIS, born Nov. 10? or 19?, 1882, died Feb. 26, 1883.  "????? are? blessed?"

  26. Grace Curtis  CURTIS, Grace, daughter of John & Jane ?. CURTIS, died Sept. 30, 1851, aged 11 mos, 17 days

  27. John and Jane Curtis  CURTIS monument.  Appears to be a replacement for an older stone.

    1. CURTIS, John, born Feb. 17, 1818, died July 7, 1879.  "AT REST"
    2. BEAUMONT, Jane C., his wife, born April 15, 1816, died July 12, 1887

  28. A. A. Dayton  DAYTON stone.  "Oh the joy when we meet in Heaven."

    1. DAYTON, A. A., died Dec. 10, 1898 aged 63 y'rs 6 mo's. & 14 d's
    2. BREWER, Harriet, his wife, died May 26, 1888, aged 46 y'rs 11 mo's & 22 d's.

  29. Charles Dayton  DAYTON, Charles H., died Aug. 9, 1883, aged 22 y'rs, 4 mo's & 15 d's.  "He giveth (him or his?) beloved sleep."

  30. Decker/Simmons stone  Decker/Simmons stone  DECKER stone

    1. DECKER, William, born December 2, 1816.  (no death date on stone)
    2. SIMMONS, Tamma, his wife, born November 4, 1836, died November 4, 1888

  31. Feller monument  FELLER monument

    1. FELLER, Sylvester, born Nov. 2, 1853, died Mar. 22, 1902.
    2. LEAVENWORTH, Grace A., his wife, born Nov. 18, 1859, died Nov. 1, 1933

  32. George and Regina W. Fraleigh  FRALEIGH stone:  George and Regina.

    1. FRALEIGH, George W., died July 15, 1866, aged 50 y'rs, 1 mo. & 9 d's.
    2. WALDORF, Regina, his wife, born Apr. 23, 1820, died Dec. 28, 1870.

  33. John and Irene C. Fraleigh    FRALEIGH stone:  John and Irene (and Warren C. MILLER? - his funeral home marker is jammed into the ground at the base of this stone, just barely visible in this photo at the base of the Fraleigh monument)

    1. FRALEIGH, John A., 1841 - 1914
    2. CURTIS, Irene, 1846 - 1913

  34. Warren Miller  MILLER, Warren C.  1879 - 1941  Small metal funeral home marker at base of John & Irene FRALEIGH stone above.  I thought this had fallen or been dropped accidentally next to the FRALEIGH stone, so I tried to pick it up, but it was jammed into the ground pretty good and I couldn't budge it.  No idea why this was located where it was.

  35. Rosaelie Fraleigh  FRALEIGH, Rosalie, born October 1, 1848, died August 25, 1911.

  36. Galvin family stone  GALVIN family stone

    1. GALVIN, Patrick, 1825 - 1919.  A relative supplies the following information:  Born County Cork, Ireland August 15, 1825.  Died November 23, 1919, age 95.
    2. CORLETT, Sarah, his wife, 1836 - 1922.  A relative supplies the following information:  Sarah Catherine CORLETT-GALVIN, daughter of John and Ann CORLETT, born February 12, 1837, married November 28, 1859, died July 24, 1922 age 86.
    3. GALVIN, Annie L., 1860 - 1935.  A relative supplies the following information:  Annie Lenora GALVIN, born December 2, 1860, died 1935 age 75.

  37. William P. Galvin  GALVIN, William P., son of Patrick & Sarah C. GALVIN, died May 27, 1890, aged 25 years & 5 mo's.  A relative supplies the following information:  William Patrick GALVIN, born December 26, 1864, died May 27, 1890 age 25.

    Gibson family plot  GIBSON family plot

  38. Charles Gibson May 2002  Charles Gibson October 2009  GIBSON, Charles, died Apr. 6, 1884, aged 83 years, 5 mos & 27 days.  Illegible 6-line verse.  Stone appears to be partially off its base and is leaning backwards.

  39. Mary Gibson  Mary Gibson detail  GIBSON, Mary, wife of Charles GIBSON.  Stone broken off, dates on top half beneath debris and stone too heavy to move to try to read them.  Bottom half of stone has 4-line verse.  There are three lines of writing at the very bottom of the stone, lowest is the word "SAMUEL".  Can't tell whether these are names of relatives or something about the Bible.

  40. Loressa Jane Gibson  GIBSON, Loressa Jane, daughter of Charles & Mary GIBSON, died July 19, 1861 aged 12 years , 1 month, 17 days.  Illegible 4-line inscription.

  41. Margaret Rebecca Gibson  GIBSON, Margaret Rebecca, daughter of Charles & Mary GIBSON, died Mar. 1, 1875, aged 18 yrs, 5 mos, 22 days.  Illegible inscription.

  42. GILSON monument - small marble obelisk  (camera batteries died - no photo yet)

    1. GILSON, Sarah, died Oct. 8, 189?, aged 95 years, ??
    2. GILSON, Elizabeth C., died Feb. 16, 1917 (the "9" in 1917 is carved backwards), aged 86 years
    3. GILSON, Alexander A., died Apr. 25, 1889, aged 65 years, 9 mos, 14 d's.

      I found some additional information on the Gilson family and put it on its own page.  Sarah (also known as "Aunt Sally") was born a slave on the estate now known as Montgomery Place.

  43. Sibbie Green  GREEN, Sibbie, "wife of William GREEN and mother of Mekenery R. GREEN", 1828 - 1880.

  44. Franklin Ham  HAM, Franklin E., son of John & Mary E. HAM, died ?? 22, 1871, aged 3 yrs, 11 mos, 22 days.  3-line inscription.

  45. Ham babies  HAM - two baby boys.  Inscription at the bottom appears to be the names of the parents - can just make out " ... Mary E.".  Probably sons of John and Mary E. HAM like the adjacent stone for Franklin E. HAM above.

    1. J. Henry, died Jan. 13, 1865, aged 2 mos., 27 days
    2. Willie A., died Sept. 9, 186?, aged 3 mos., 28 days

  46. Ham monument  HAM monument - tall white marble column with urn on top

    1. Richard Ham  HAM, Richard, died April 28, 1880 aged 75 y's 2 m's & 12 days
    2. James R. Ham  HAM, James R., died June 9, 1880 aged 44 y's 9 m's & 12 days.  Blackening from air pollution makes this face a bit difficult to make out in the photo, but it isn't too badly eroded to read in person.

  47. HANIE?, Lizzie, died September 10, 18??, aged 24 years, 6 most, 14 days  (camera batteries died - no photo yet)

  48. Hunt monument  HUNT monument.  I think Mrs. Hunt was listed on the other side, but I don't have a photo.

    1. HUNT, D. Clifford, born Nov. 28, 1841, died Aug. 13, 1881.
    2. HUNT, Cora PULVER, born Sept. 26, 1852, died Jan. 26, 1924

  49. Cordelia Jackson  JACKSON, Cordelia, died Mar. 10, 1865, aged 80 years.  "At rest"

  50. Walter Kells and his wife Maria G. Osterhoudt  Walter Kells and his wife Maria G. Osterhoudt  KELLS stone (behind OSTERHOUT family plot, see below)

    1. KELLS, Walter, died May 5, 1895, aged 80 years
    2. OSTERHOUDT, Maria G., his wife, died April 18, 1872, aged 57 years

  51. David Kilmer and wife  KILMER stone, heavily encrusted with lichen.  The stone had been cleaned off and was easier to read when we returned to the cemetery in 2009, although I don't seem to have taken a photo of it on that visit.

    1. KILMER, David, "Father", 1833 - 1915
    2. SCISM, Margaret, his wife, "Mother", 1834 - 1920

    According to a descendant, David KILMER and his wife Catherine SCISM are the parents of Laura O'BRIEN below.

  52. Serena H. Kipp  KIPP, Serena H., (stone flat on its back) wife of David W. KIPP, , died Aug. 14, 1861, aged 41? yrs, 3 mos, 5 days.  Illegible inscription.

  53. KIPP, David W.  Empty space with footstone next to Serena KIPP above may be her husband.

  54.  Everett Knickerbocker  KNICKERBOCKER, Everett, Co. F (illegible regiment) NY Volunteers, barely legible date ending in "3" may be birth date of 1843 (birth year estimated as 1842 in military records).  Civil War records show an Everett Knickerbocker of Pine Plains, New York enlisting in Company F of the 128th New York Volunteers on August 16, 1862 in North East, New York at the age of 20 years.

  55. MARTIN monument.  (camera batteries died - no photo yet)

    1. MARTIN, Jacob W., died March 10, 1871 aged 54 years, 3 mos.
    2. DELAMATER, Margaret C., died August 4, 1855?, aged 34 years

    Lyke and McCoy stones  Mccoy graves  MCCOY plot

  56. Catharine (Lyke) McCoy  LYKE, Catharine, wife of John MCCOY, born November 1, 1820, died died July 12, 1891, "Asleep in Jesus"

  57. John McCoy  MCCOY, John, husband of Catharine LYKE, born June 11, 1811, died March 25, 1901, (4-line inscription, can't make it out in this photo, legible but difficult to read in 2009 photo)

  58. Susan McKinzie  MCKINZIE, Susan, died Feb. 4, 1853, aged 22? years.  Stone very badly eroded and difficult to read.

  59. Near family stone  inscription detail  NEAR column

    1. NEAR, Lewis C., died Dec. 19, 1844, aged 35? years, ? mo.s
    2. NEAR, Rebbecca Maria, died Mar. 8, 1872, aged 60 years, ? days

  60. Newcomb monument  NEWCOMB monument:  large blackened marble square column with urn on top

    1. Daniel Newcomb  NEWCOMB, Daniel, born Dec. 13, 1806, died Sept. 12, 1895.
    2. NEWCOMB, Mary A., born May 17, 1810, died Jan. 4, 1890
    3. Mary Annette Newcomb  NEWCOMB, Mary Annette, daughter of Daniel and Mary A. NEWCOMB, and widow of A. G. BENEDICT, M.D., born May 20, 1833, died March 1, 1909
    4. A. G. Benedict, M.D.  A. G. BENEDICT, M.D., died April 13, 1873 "in the 41st year of his age"
    5. The fourth side (Daniel and his wife Mary A. are on the same panel) of this monument has a long inscription on it instead of an individual's name and dates.  I didn't get around to transcribing it.

  61. Nicks monument  R. B. NICKS monument - tall white marble column with draped urn on top.

    1. Richard Nicks  NICKS, Richard B., born Nov. 8th, 1825, died Oct. 3rd, 1875.  "(Our? Your?) father's gone! / ??? gone before just gone before, leaving ajar the heavenly door. / ???? that we may enter there, beyond the sphere of faith and prayer. / Enter to meet, to know, to love, within our father's house above."
    2. Mary Nicks  NICKS, Mary E., born May 8, 1824, died Apr. 10, 1914.  There's a verse on her side of the stone too, but I didn't have time to take it down and it doesn't show up in my photos.

  62. Laura O'Brien  O'BRIEN, Laura, 1867 - 1946.  This was the most recent death date that I noticed in this cemetery.

    According to a descendant, Laura was the daughter of David KILMER and his wife Catherine SCISM.

    Osterhout family plot  OSTERHOUT family plot - appears to be Lawrence P. and Elizabeth OSTERHOUT and several of their children.  WARNING:  this is a LARGE file!

  63. Susanna Osterhout  OSTERHOUT, Susanna, (listed as "illegible child #1" in 2002 photo above of family plot).  Leaning up against Elizabeth OSTERHOUT's stone.  Inscription illegible, probably a child of Elizabeth and Lawrence OSTERHOUT.

  64. Lizzie Osterhout  OSTERHOUT, Lizzie (listed as "illegible child # 2" in 2002 plot photo above),  I can just make out the parents' names "L. P. & Elizabeth", surname OSTERHOUT, and death date 187?.

  65. David L. Osterhout  OSTERHOUT, David L., son of L. P. and Elizabeth OSTERHOUT, died November 25, 1855, aged 2 years, (rest of inscription obscured by vegetation)

  66. Edward R. Osterhout  OSTERHOUT, Edward R., died April 8, 1885, aged 22 years, 10 or 19 months, 5 days

  67. Elizabeth Osterhout, October 2009  OSTERHOUT, Elizabeth, wife of Lawrence P. OSTERHOUT, died January 8, 1878, aged 50 years, 1 month, 13 days.

  68. Ida C. Osterhout  OSTERHOUT, Ida C., daughter of L. P. and Elizabeth OSTERHOUT.  Death date appears to read:  December 24, 1850.  I cannot make out the age from this photo.

  69. Lawrence P. Osterhout  OSTERHOUT, Lawrence P., (stone broken-off and flat on its back on the ground between Elizabeth and William A. OSTERHOUT, starting to be overgrown by turf), died June 15, 1871, aged 52 yrs?, 3 mo, 24 days

  70. William A. Osterhout  OSTERHOUT, William A., died May 17, 1876, aged 27 years & 6 days

  71. Paulmier obelisk  PAULMIER obelisk.  The label on the veteran's flag says it is for George Paulmier.

    1. Emily De Hart  DE HART, Emily H., died Dec. 12, 1903, aged 53 yrs.
    2. S. Sophia Brown Paulmier  BROWN, S. Sophia, wife of James PAULMIER, 1810 - 1888.
    3.  George Paulmier  PAULMIER, George, died Jan. 13, 1882, aged 40 yrs, 7 mos, illegible inscription.  Probably a Civil War veteran.  The only military records that I can find for a George Paulmier are for a George F. Paulmier who enlisted in the 7th New Jersey Infantry on August 27, 1861 and mustered out on July 17, 1865 in Washington, DC.
    4. James Paulmier  PAULMIER, James, died Mar. 12, 1881, aged 70 yrs.  Illegible inscription.

  72.  Stephen H. Paulmier  closeup of inscription  PAULMIER, Stephen H., son of James & Sophia PAULMIER, "died at Washington, D. C. May 21, 1865, aged 28 yrs, 5 mos, 13 days.  A member of Co. A, 91st? Regt. NYSV".  (Day of death is hard to read but appears to be two digits)  Military records show a Stephen H. Paulmier/Paulmeur enlisting in Company A, New York 91st Infantry Regiment on August 31, 1864 in Albany, New York.  He was mustered out on 02 May 1865 at Washington, DC.  Records state that he died on May 2, 1865 in Wahington, DC.

  73.  Thomas Paulmier  PAULMIER, Thomas B., died July 2, 1885, aged 54 yrs, 6 mos, 24 days.  "A member of Co. F, 150 Regt, NYSV".  Military records show a Thomas Brown Paulmier of Red Hook, New York enlisting at the age of 28 years in Company F, 150th Infantry Regiment New York on August 26, 1862 at the age of 30 years.

  74. Pulver family monument    PULVER column.

    1. PULVER, Michael T., died March 14, 1843, aged 51 years
    2. PULVER, Rebecca, his wife, died October 14, 1878, aged 86 years
    3. PULVER, Calvin, son of Michael T. and Rebecca, born October 19, 1812, died July 11, 1879
    4. PULVER, Maria, born February 22, 1817, died January 3, 1890.

  75. PULVER monument, unusual three-sided prism with top broken off.

    1. Cornelius Pulver  PULVER, Cornelius, died Nov. 7, 189?, "in his 67 year"
    2. C or O Regina Pulver  PULVER, C? or O? Regina, died Aug. 9, 1916, "in her 89 year".  A submitter on has her listed as "Catherine Regina (BARRINGER) PULVER".

  76. Henry and Christina  SCISM stone

    1. SCISM Henry, born Apr. 1, 1820, died Dec. 11, 1887.
    2. SCISM, Christina, wife of Henry, born Jul. 14, 1818, died Oct. 16, 1898.

  77.  Zachariah See  SEE, Zachariah, died Feb. 9?, 1902.  Probably Civil War veteran.

    There is a soldier of this name listed in U.S. National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, 1866-1938 as having been admitted to such a home in Bath, Steuben County, New York in 1901 at the age of 65 years.  He had been in the Civil War in Company H of the 91st New York Infantry, discharged in Albany, NY on August 12, 1865. He was in the home due to disability contracted "since the war", but the handwriting is difficult to make out as to the nature of the disability.  He had been living in Red Hook after his discharge from the military and was widowed at the time of his admission to the home.  His occupation is listed, but I can't make out what it says.  His nearest living relative was his daughter, Mrs. Annie Possinger? Barringer? Roeninger? of Red Hook, NY. The record confirms his death date as February 9, 1902 of hemiphlegia? - daughter notified by telegram.

    Sherman - Showerman - Schowerman stones  SHERMAN / SHOWERMAN / SCHOWERMAN graves.  These may be three different spellings of the same family name.

  78. Catherine Sherman  SHERMAN, Catherine E., died Mar. 4, 1914, aged 83 yrs, wife of Horatio SHERMAN.  "Mother has gone to the Homeland / Mother has entered her rest / He that believeth in me, though / ?? ???? dead, yet shall he live

  79.  Horatio Schowerman  SCHOWERMAN, Horatio, Co. F. 150 Reg. NY I, aged 95 years (no date of death visible).  Military records list a Horatio Schowerman/Showerman of Fishkill, New York enlisting in Company F, New York 150th Infantry Regiment on August 15, 1864 at the age of 24 years.

  80.  Allen Showerman  SHOWERMAN, Allen, Died Feb. 12, 1892 aged 69 years.  Co. F. 150 Reg.  N. Y. Vol's.  Military records show an Allen Showerman of Red Hook, New York enlisting in Company F, New York 150th Infantry Regiment on August 23, 1862 at the age of 38 years.  Mustered out at Albany, New York on June 13, 1865 while in hospital at Troy, New York.

  81. Andrew Shook  SHOOK, Andrew, son of Charles & Hannah SHOOK, died March 9, 1869 aged 1 y'r 9 m's.  "Suffer little children to come / unto me and forbid them / not for of such is the / kingdom of God"

  82. Shook monument  SHOOK monument

    1. SHOOK, Charles, 1828 - (no death date)
    2. OSTERHOUDT, Hannah, his wife, 1826 - 1896
    3. William (no last name), 1871 - 1908

  83. Eva Simmons  SIMMONS, Eva E., born Apr. 2, 1899, died Mar. 26, 1914.  "Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep / From which none ever wake to weep"

    SPURR family  SPURR family, left to right:  Joseph Spurr (fallen stone), Elizabeth Spurr, Joseph R. Spurr.  Husband, wife, and grandson?

  84. Elizabeth Spurr  SPURR, Elizabeth (stone tipped over, now off its base and leaning against fence), wife of Joseph SPURR, died Jan. 31, 1879, aged, 72 yr, 6 mo, 28 days.  Long illegible verse on lower part of stone.

  85. Joseph Spurr  SPURR, Joseph (tipped over on its back on the ground), born Aug. 10, 1791, died May 6, 1866, aged 74 yrs, 9 mos.  Illegible verse on lower part of stone.

  86. Joseph R. Spurr  SPURR, Joseph R. (broken off and resting against its base), died March 30, 1870, aged 27 yr, 1 mo., 3 days.  "Blessed are the dead which die in Jesus"

  87. Robert Spurr  SPURR, Robert, son of Joseph SPURR, died Sept. 15, 1847 aged 33 yrs (if months and days were there, they were were not visible under the debris.)

    Stall stones  Grave stones of the STALL family.

  88. Stall family monument  STALL family monument

    1. STALL, Alfred, 1823 - 1909
    2. MILLER, Martha, his wife, 1831 - 1911
    3. STALL, Alma, their daughter, 1851 - 1892
    4. STALL, Edgar, their son, 1856 - 1909

  89. Alma Stall  STALL, Alma (probably the same Alma listed on the large family stone above).  Inscription reads:  "DEAR ALMA, died Feb. 28, 1892.  Aged 41 years."

  90. Stickel stone  STICKEL monument

    1.  Edward Stickel  STICKEL, Edward H., died Jan. 11, 1885 aged 48? years, 20? 28? days.  According to military records, Edward was in the 91st New York Infantry during the Civil War.
    2. Regina Stickel  STICKEL, Regina E., died June 12?, 1904 aged 66 years

  91. Lizzie Stickle  STICKLE, Lizzie, daughter of Edward & Regina STICKLE.  Died Mar. 26, 1861 aged 7 mos. 4? days

  92. Tyler babies  TYLER children's monument - "Sons of Ismond & Elizabeth TYLER"

    1. TYLER, Willie, died Sept. 14, 1863, aged 3 mo's & 12 d's
    2. TYLER, Charlie, died Aug. 2, 1872, aged 2 mo's & 28 d's

  93. James R. Vanetten  VAN ETTEN, James R., died Apr. 14, 1888?, aged 57 years.  Stone very badly eroded and difficult to read.

  94. H. Manson Van Fradenburgh and Emeline Cole  VAN FRADENBURGH stone

    1. VAN FRADENBURGH, H. Manson, 1834 - 1913
    2. COLE, C. Emeline, his wife, 1843 - 1922

  95. VAN KEUREN, Elizabeth, wife of (illegible) MARTIN, died ? aged 81 years.  (camera batteries died - no photo yet)

  96. Hannah Wainright  WAINRIGHT, Hannah.  Stone very eroded and difficult to read, appears to read:  Hannah, wife of James WAINRIGHT, died Feb. 21, 1858, aged 67 yrs, 6 mos, ?? days.  Illegible inscription.

  97. Wainright graves  Broken-off stub of stone next to Hannah WAINRIGHT.  Possibly her husband James WAINRIGHT?

    Waldorf graves  Left to right:  Christopher Waldorf, Catharine Waldorf, infant son of William and Martha Waldorf

  98.  WALDORF, infant son of Wm. & Martha WALDORF, died Dec. 15, 186?.  Stone broken-off and badly chipped near bottom where age would have been.  First name present but not legible.

  99. Andrew J. Waldorf  WALDORF, Andrew J., died May 18, 1865, aged 36 yrs, 10 mos, 6 days.  Stone on its back on the ground being overgrown by turf.

  100. Catharine Waldorf  WALDORF, Catharine, (stone broken-off and leaning against its base) wife of Christopher WALDORF, died Dec. 14, 1881

  101. Christopher Waldorf  WALDORF, Christopher, (stone broken-off and on its back being overgrown by turf), died April 8?, 1865?

  102. Waldorf obelisk  WALDORF monument (large oblisk with pointing hand on top)

    1. William Waldorf  WALDORF, William, died Jan. 3, 1870, aged 75 yrs, 3 mos, "I go the way of all the earth"
    2. MARTIN, Anna M, his wife, died November 11, 1871, aged 76 yrs, 2 mo, 18 d's
    3. Narmena Waldorf  WALDORF, Harmena, died April 9, 1893 aged 70 yrs, 9 mos.

  103. Edward and Minnie Webber  WEBBER stone (this had been cleaned up and was easier to read on our second visit in 2009), inscription under the surname reads "CROSSED THE BAR".  The lower inscription reads "WE SHALL MEET BEYOND THE RIVER".  Relationship between Edward and Minnie is not stated.

    1. Edward, APR. 1932
    2. Minnie, no dates.

  104. Helen Winter  Stone for Helen and her son J - - - s (James?) WINTER

    1. WINTER, Helen wife of Michael WINTER - died July 13, 1861 aged 23 yrs.
    2. WINTER, J - - - s?, son of Helen & Michael, died 1859?, aged ? mos.

  105. Wood monument  closeup of Wood monument  WOOD monument

    1. WOOD, Stevenson, died Dec. 30, 1875 aged 47 yrs.
    2. WOOD, Cordelia, died Dec. 6, 1887 aged 62 yrs.

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