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Evergreen Cemetery or Pine Plains Cemetery

(Click here for Google map - cemetery is just north of the village of Pine Plains)

Evergreen cemetery (listed as Pine Plains Cemetery in Poucher's survey) is located just north of Pine Plains in Dutchess County, NY.  Take the road heading north out of the village and the cemetery will be on your right (east).  This is a good-sized cemetery and very easy and obvious to find.  The Dutchess County Genealogy Page has a 1914 survey of this cemetery done by J. W. Poucher.

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Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen overview 1990s  This is a snapshot taken sometime in the 1990s showing the old section of Evergreen Cemetery toward the back (east).  In the center is the metal monument of William Simmons (1828 - 1880).  Just to the left of it, next to the bush, can be seen the monument of William Luther Hermance (1839 - 1914).

my big butt with Simmons grave markers - May 2002  This is me between my great great great grandparents William P. and Catharine (Clum) Simmons (on the left) and my great great grandfather William Simmons (zinc monument partially visible on the right).  I was probably photographing the grave of William Hermance.  Obviously not the most flattering photo of me <grin>, but it does give an idea of the size of the stones and the layout of that part of the cemetery.

pink dogwood tree - May 2002  A pink dogwood tree in bloom in the cemetery.

Evergreen Cemetery
Grave Stones

This is NOT a complete listing of all the stones in the cemetery, just the ones that I happen to have photographs of.

    Barton family plot  BARTON family plot.  All photos of this family's stones generously contributed by a correspondent.

  1. BARTON, Lee A., 1887 - 1887

  2. BARTON, Lizzie Moore, 1866 - 1910

  3. BARTON, Roy, 1889 - 1909

  4. Horace Bowman stone - back  Horace Bowman stone - front  BOWMAN marker.  Photos of this stone were generously contributed by a correspondent.

    1. BOWMAN, Horace, 1861 - 1941
    2. TEN EYCK, Margaret, 1866 - 1946
    3. BOWMAN, Alice, 1859 - 1941
    4. BOWMAN, Keith, 1921

  5. BOWMAN marker.  This is a two-sided, polished granite grave stone near the east edge of the cemetery with John and Jane (MILROY) BOWMAN on the side facing toward the west and their son Otis BOWMAN and his wife Ida J. VANBENSCHOTEN on the side facing to the west.

    snapshot of Bowman stone - 1990s?  John & Jane Bowman stone in May 2002  John & Jane Bowman stone in May 2002  Side 1

    1. BOWMAN, John S., 1826 - 1906
    2. MILROY, Jane, his wife, 1842 - 1938

    Otis Bowman and Ida Van Benschoten - May 2002  Otis Bowman and Ida Van Benschoten - May 2002  Side 2

    1. BOWMAN, Otis, 1860 - 1944.  The zinc marker for William SIMMONS is visible in the left background of the photo on the right.
    2. VANBENSCHOTEN, Ida J., his wife, 1866 - 1924

  6. DIBBLE monument - this is a four-sided, polished, granite monument near the front (west) of the cemetery.  As far as I know, I am not related to these people and have no further information on them other than Isaiah Dibble's obituary.

    Edward Dibble - May 2002  North side

    1. DIBBLE, Edward C., 1831 - 1908 (this is the north side of the monument)

    Gustavus, Charlotte, and J. Thompson Dibble - May 2002  East side.  The fence along the road running past the west edge of the cemetery is visible in the background.

    1. DIBBLE, Gustavus A., March 29, 1871 - Feb. 20, 1950
    2. McGOWAN, Charlotte B., his wife, 1876 - 1951
    3. DIBBLE, J. Thompson, August 19, 1872 - June 15, 1894

    Isaiah Dibble and wives Eunice Thompson and Emily Mygatte - May 2002  West Side

    1. DIBBLE, Isaiah, 1828 - 1909.
    2. THOMPSON, Eunice W., wife of Isaiah DIBBLE, April 17, 1842 - May 11, 1882
    3. MYGATTE, Emily C., wife of Isaiah Dibble, 1837 - 1896

    J. Thompson Dibble - May 2002  South side

    1. DIBBLE, J. Thompson, 1902 - 1979 (on the south side of the monument)
    2. DIBBLE, Leona L., his wife, 1904 - 1988

  7. USA Veteran's Flag  William Hermance - 1990s snapshot  William Hermance stone May 2002  Grand Army of the Republic medallion detail - May 2002  HERMANCE, William / Co. I 128 Reg. N.Y.S.V. / 1839 - 1914.  This stone is located near the back (east) side of the cemetery near some of the members of my SIMMONS line.  The GAR medallion reads:  "POST 104 GAR".

    Richard Hermans and family graves - May 2002  HERMANS / HERMANCE family plot, located about midway between the front and the back of the cemetery on the south side.  The marker for Charles B. SIMMONS, his wife, and one of his daughters is visible immediately behind the HERMANCE / HERMANS graves.  (Charles SIMMONS was the grandson of Richard HERMANS).  The photos of the Hermans headstones below were taken by my aunt circa 2000.

  8. Adella Hermans  HERMANS, Adella (1856 - 1903).  ADELLA / DAUGHTER OF / RICHARD & EMELINE / HERMANS / DIED APR. 1, 1903 / AGED 47 Y'RS.

  9. Emaline Hermans  HERMANS, Emaline (1845 - 1846).  Died / Apr. 9, 1846 / EMALINE / daughter of / Richard & / Catharine / Hermans / 8 mo & / 17 d's.

  10. Emeline (Shear) Hermans  HERMANS, Emeline (1820 - 1857).  My information shows her maiden name was SHEAR.  EMELINE / WIFE OF / RICHARD HERMANS / DIED JAN. 29, 1857 / (?) 37 YRS, 1 MO. / & 18 D'S.

  11. Emma Eliza Hermans  HERMANS, Emma E. (1834 - 1840).  EMMA E. / daughter of / Richard & / Catharine Hermance / died / Apr. 24, 1840 / aged 5 years 8 mo. & 1? d's (14 days according to Poucher)

  12. James Hermans  HERMANS, James (1854 - 1855).  JAMES / son of / Richard & Emeline / HERMANS / Died Apr. 15, 1855 / Aged 5 mo's.

  13. Richard Hermans  HERMANS, Richard (1808 - 1898).  RICHARD HERMANS / DIED DEC. 26 1898 / AGED 90 YRS 5 MO's.

  14. Sarah Olivia Hermans  HERMANS, Sarah Olivia (1849 - 1851).  SARAH OLIVIA / Daughter of / Richard & / Emmaline / Hermans / died / Nov. 9, 1851 / aged ???? (2 yrs, 4 mos, 15 days according to Poucher)

  15.  Isaac and Anna (Lockwood) Huntting - May 2002  HUNTTING stone, Isaac and his wife Anna LOCKWOOD.  This is located near the south side of the cemetery in a large HUNTTING family plot (the rest of which I did not photograph for some reason, but many of them have photos on Find-A-Grave).  This photo also illustrates one of the potential difficulties in photographing highly polished granite grave markers - If I had have been at more of an angle, this might have shown up more clearly (see also the stone of Albert BOWMAN in Yeoman Cemetery - also polished black granite - which came out perfectly well).  There is a better photo of the stone and a portrait photo of Isaac at his Find-A-Grave memorial page.  Isaac Huntting was a Major in the 21st Michigan Infantry during the Civil War.

    I've put together a web page about Mr. Huntting and his descendants.

    As far as I know, I am not related to these people.  Isaac was a fairly well-known Dutchess County historian and genealogist.  He wrote obituaries for Charles Rudd and Isaiah Dibble and I think published at least one book on the history of Dutchess County, which is sought-after by local historians:  "History of Little Nine Partners of Northeast Precinct and Pine Plains, New York, Duchess County 1897".

    1. HUNTTING, Isaac, November 17, 1825 - October 23, 1910
    2. LOCKWOOD, Anna M., his wife, 1824 - 1902  (Anna was the widow of Isaac Huntting's first cousin Lewis Dibble Huntting)

  16. HUSTED monument.  These photos were contributed by a correspondent who took them circa 2001.  I am not sure what part of the cemetery this is in.  As far as I know, I am not related to these people and have no further information on them.

    Eben Husted  Side 1.

    1. HUSTED, Eben, March 20, 1823 - July 28, 1874.  The birth and death dates are difficult to make out in this photo.

    James G. Husted, Elizabeth Harris, James Husted and Mary Husted  Side 2.

    1. HUSTED, James G., August 22, 1788 - March 4, 1832.
    2. HARRIS, Elizabeth, wife of James G. HUSTED, July 25, 1788 - March 10, 1865.
    3. HUSTED, James C. or G., January 19, 1866 - March 21, 1868
    4. HUSTED, Mary, April 19, 1861 - March 28, 1868

      James and Mary are listed as "CHILDREN OF EBEN & MARGARET HUSTED".

  17. HUNTING / HUSTED / WILBUR monument.  These photos were contributed by a correspondent who took them circa 2001.  I am not sure what part of the cemetery this is in.  As far as I know, I am not related to these people and have no further information on them.

    John T. Hunting and Phebe Smith  Side 1.

    1. HUNTING, John T., died / Dec. 28, 1830 / aged 28 years.  In the background on the right is the grave of Eben HUSTED and his children (in the HUSTED section above).
    2. SMITH, Phebe / his wife / died / Dec. 20, 1891 / aged 84 years

    Libbie Husted  Side 2.

    1. HUSTED, Libbie, daughter of / W.W. and N.S. / Husted / died / April 3, 1870, Aged 15 years

    Walter W. Husted and Nancy S. Hunting  Side 3.

    1. HUSTED, Walter W., Died Feb. 25, 1882 aged 57 years.
    2. HUNTING, Nancy S., his wife, died May 15, 1906, aged 77 years.

    Husted-Wilbur stone  Side 4.

    1. WILBUR, Libbie HUSTED, 1884 - 1897
    2. DOANE, Mabel HUNTING WILBUR, 1886 - 1911
    3. WILBUR, Julia HUSTED, 1852 - 1885?

  18. Pitcher family plot - May 2002  PITCHER monument (these are enlargements from the backround of the photos of the RUDD family's stones - see below).  As far as I know, I am not related to these people and have no further information on them.

    1. Pitcher monument - May 2002  detail of Pitcher monument - May 2002  PITCHER, Cornelius, December 7, 1828 - June 30, 1883
    2. NIVER, Caroline E., his wife, July ??, 1842 - June ??, 1928

    front row of RUDD family plot - May 2002  back row of RUDD family plot - May 2002  RUDD family plot.  This appears to be toward the back (east) end of the cemetery.  I have an obituary for Charles RUDD of Gallatin Township, Columbia County, NY, (father of Fannie below) that has some genealogical information in it.  As far as I know, I am not related to these people and have no further information on them.

  19. Fannie Rudd - May 2002  RUDD, Fannie, daughter of / Charles & Frances E. / RUDD / born April 5, 1865 / died June 3, 1884.

  20. Isaac S. Rudd - May 2002  RUDD, Isaac S., 1870 - 1892.

  21. Reuben B. Rudd - May 2002  RUDD, Reuben B., died / December 16, 1866 / aged 86 years.

  22. Elizabeth Rudd - May 2002  RUDD, Elizabeth, wife of Reuben B. RUDD, died / April 25, 1860 / aged 77 years.

  23. Milton Smith - May 2002  SMITH, Milton, died / September 25, 1876 / aged 67 years.

  24. Mary Rudd - May 2002  RUDD, Mary, wife of Milton SMITH, 1813 - 1895.

  25. Simmons stone  Simmons stone  SIMMONS stone.  These are my great grandparents and one of their daughters.  This stone is directly behind the HERMANS / HERMANCE family plot (see above).  I believe these snapshots were taken in the late 1990s or early 2000s.

    1. SIMMONS, Charles B., 1861 - 1911
    2. BOWMAN, Elma, his wife, 1862 - 1943
    3. SIMMONS, Florence, 1886 - 1918 (not stated on the stone, but this is one of their daughters)

  26. Frank Simmons - May 2002  SIMMONS, Frank, son of Niles & Mary (see below), died / September ?, 1875 / aged / ???? 6 (days?) - (died in childhood)

  27. old photo of Martin Simmons grave  Martin Simmons grave - May 2002  SIMMONS stone, Martin and his wife Ellen FITZGARELD.  The old photo on the left was generously contributed by a correspondent.  I am not sure when it was taken.

    1. SIMMONS, Martin, May 12, 1840 - February 19, 1888.
    2. FITZGARELD, Ellen, his wife, April 7, 1850 - August 30, 1890.  I think her name may be mis-spelled as I have never seen FITZGERALD spelled the way it is on this stone.

  28. Niles Simmons - May 2002  SIMMONS stone, Niles and his wife Mary KILLMER.  This stone is located near some of my other SIMMONS relatives toward the back (east) side of the cemetery.  I believe Niles may be the brother of William Simmons below (with zinc marker), but have not yet found proof.

    1. SIMMONS, Niles, died / November 2, 1876 / aged / 41 Yrs, 9 Mos. & 14 Dys.
    2. KILLMER, Mary, his wife, July 8, 1837 - November 3, 1916

  29. zinc grave marker of William Simmons  metal grave marker of William Simmons  metal grave marker of William Simmons  metal grave marker of William Simmons  SIMMONS, William, died / August 7, 1880 / aged / 52 years, 1 month, 15 days.  The back shows a plow and reads "HE IS AT REST".  This is my great great grandfather.  His son was Charles Bruce Simmons (see above).  His grave is located near the back (east) side of the cemetery.  The grave stone of William HERMANCE (see above) is visible on the left near the bush in a couple of these photos.  I have only seen two other zinc monuments like this, although I understand that they are more common in other parts of the U.S.  One is further toward the front (west) side of this cemetery - a very similar design, but with four sides.  The other was a two-sided monument of a different design in Waterford Rural Cemetery in Cohoes, NY.

  30. William P. and Catharine Simmons - May 2002  William P. and Catharine Simmons - May 2002  SIMMONS, William P. and his wife Catharine.

    1. SIMMONS, William P., Died December 24, 1871, aged ?? years, 9 months (Poucher gives his age as 71 years, 9 months).  These are my great great great grandparents - the parents of William SIMMONS (above).  Their grave stone is not far from his zinc marker - it would be off to the right in these photos.
    2. SIMMONS, Catharine, his wife, died August 15, 1865 aged 61 years.  My information gives her maiden name as CLUM.

  31. Fernando and Bertha Wirehouse  Fernando and Bertha Wirehouse - May 2002  WIREHOUSE, Fernando J. and his wife Bertha E.  This stone is located near the back (east) side of the cemetery.

    1. WIREHOUSE, Fernando J., 1886 - 1944.
    2. WIREHOUSE, Bertha E., 1890 - 1983.  Bertha E. BOWMAN was the wife of Fernando J. WIREHOUSE.  She was my grandmother's first cousin.  Bertha was the daughter of Otis BOWMAN and Ida J. VANBENSCHOTEN (see the BOWMAN stone listed at the top of the page).

  32. Jacob Wirehouse and Kittie Lasher  WIREHOUSE, Jacob and his wife Kittie LASHER.  This stone is located behind (east) of the stone of Fernando and Bertha WIREHOUSE above.  This photo is an enlargement taken from the background of one of those.  As such the image quality is poor and the dates on the stone are illegible.  Jacob was a brother of Fernando Wirehouse listed above.

    1. WIREHOUSE, Jacob, husband, (dates illegible in this photo).
    2. LASHER, Kittie, wife, (dates illegible in this photo)

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