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Photographic Cemetery Surveys

by Roxy Triebel

Photo Submissions

Saving Graves

I'm not a member, but Saving Graves does have a lot of good information about cemetery preservation and how to read difficult inscriptions without damaging the stones.

A good site to look up cemeteries and graves is Find A Grave.  More is being added all the time.  I've set up an account there and am in the process of copying my cemetery entries.  The more places these folks are listed, the easier it will be for relatives to find them.  :-).

I had been calling this section of my web site "Cemetery Photographs", but realized that could be all too easily confused with the excellent Cemetery Photos website on Rootsweb and possibly others with similar names.

This section currently contains mostly photos of cemeteries in the areas of upstate New York that my families are from, although I am also interested in photographing local cemeteries from the area where I live (near Austin, Texas).  Some of these photos were taken by myself or members of my family.  Others have been generously contributed by correspondents.

PLEASE NOTE:  Except for Laurel Cemetery in Ulster County, New York, Red Hook Methodist Burial Ground in Dutchess County, New York, and Bratton Cemetery in Travis County, Texas, these are NOT complete listings of the cemeteries in question - the photos are mostly stones of immediate relatives / ancestors, although, as noted previously, several other stones have been generously contributed by others.

I DO NOT live in New York state, so I cannot visit these cemeteries to look for specific individuals except when I have the opportunity to take a vacation in the area.  A good place to look for volunteers who can help you that way is Rootsweb's Cemetery Photos.  The large cemetery database at Find A Grave also has volunteers who will photograph graves, but the grave must already be listed on their site for a photo request to be entered.  Membership is free, however, so if you know where your relative is buried, it's easy to log in, add the grave, and request a photo of it.

This section is still under construction as I continue to upload scans of photos of cemeteries that I find opportunities to photograph and add links to additional information that I have been able to find on some of them.

Donations of photographs ARE welcome and DO NOT have to be from one of the cemeteries on my list.  My free Hotmail mailbox is fairly small, so I prefer large image files to be sent to my AOL address:

PLEASE NOTE that some photos have been digitally edited to try to make the inscriptions easier to read.

Cemeteries are listed alphabetically by state and county:



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