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Antique Store People

Snowball Man, 14 Feb. 1895

I found the above photo of the man with the snowballs at an antique store in Georgetown, Texas.  There is no name or location mentioned on the photo anywere, but I liked the picture so much that I just had to have it.

These are photos that I found in antique stores, flea markets, etc. and posted here in hopes that relatives of the people depicted will find them.  In many cases, I also scan the writing on the back - perhaps somebody will recognize the handwriting or in some cases, someone with better vision may be able to make out a name that is difficult to read.  The photos themselves come from all over the United States.  I've even seen some from other countries.  Since I don't have unlimited funds, I usually restrict myself to photos with names on them.  Locations given for these families are from the address of the photography studio where they were taken unless written on the back or otherwise noted.  These are not for sale, but I will be happy to give them to relatives in return for the cost of postage and purchase.  I cannot take requests to look for photos of specific families - I just pick up what I can find when I see them.

Someday I will try to get around to organizing these alphabetically, but as hectic as things are around here, it unfortunately won't be anytime soon.

If you are interested in any of these photos:  PLEASE REMEMBER to set your spam filter to allow HOTMAIL.COM and/or AOL.COM so that I can respond to your email!

Unscanned Photos

I recently moved and am still getting unpacked.  Also, these photos are beginning to take up quite a bit of space.  Rather than abuse Rootsweb's generosity in providing all this nice free web space, I am currently trying to find time to look around for an inexpensive host for these folks.  In the meantime, I will post names and descriptions of additional photos here as I am able to find time.

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