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This listing is from Treasures of the Past

Passenger List


 The First Settlers of Jamestown in 1607

Those folks who remained when the ships returned to England after the settelment had been established.

Adling (or Adding), Henry - Gentleman

Alicock, Jeremy (or Jerome) - Gentleman

Archer, Gabriel - Captain, Gentleman

Asbie, John

Beast, Benjamin - Gentleman

Behethland (or Betheland), Robert - Gentleman

Brinto (or Brinton), Edward - Mason, Soldier

Brookes, Edward - Gentleman

Brookes, John - Gentleman

Browne, Edward - Gentleman

Brumfield, James - Boy

Bruster (or Brewster), William - Gentleman

Buckler, Andrew

Capper, John

Cassen (or Cawsen), George - Laborer

Cassen, Thomas - Laborer

Cassen, William - Laborer

Clovill, Ustis (or Eustace) - Gentleman

Collier, Samuel - Boy

Cooke, Roger - Gentleman

Couper (or Cowper), Thomas - Barber

Crofls, Richard - Gentleman

Waller, John - Gentleman

Dier (Dye), William

Dixon, Richard - Gentleman

Dods, John - Laborer, Soldier

Edward, Ould - Laborer

Emry, Thomas - Carpenter

Fenton, Robert - Gentleman

Flower, George - Gentleman

Ford, Robert - Gentleman

Frith, Richard - Gentleman

Galthorpe, Stephen - Gentleman

Garret, William - Bricklayer

Golding (or Goulding), George - Laborer

Gore, Thomas - Gentleman

Gosnold, Anthony - Gentleman

Gosnoll, Anthony - Gentleman

Gosnold, Bartholomew - Councilor, Captain

Gower, Thomas - Gentleman

Halthrop, Stephen - Gentleman

Harrington, Edward - Gentleman

Herd, John - Bricklayer

Houlgrave, Nicholas - Gentleman

Hunt, Robert - Master, Preacher, Gentleman

Walker, George - Gentleman

Jacob, Thomas - Sergant

Johnson, William - Laborer

Kendall, George - Captain, Councilor

Kingston (or Kinistone), Ellis - Gentleman

Laxton, William - Carpenter

Laydon, John - Laborer, Carpenter

Loue (or Love), William - Tailor, Soldier

Martin, John - Gentleman

Martin, George - Gentleman

Midwinter, Francis - Gentleman

Morish (or Moris), Edward - Gentleman, Corporal

Morton, Mathew - Sailor

Mounslic, Thomas

Mouton, Thomas

Mullon, Richard - Boy

Pecock (or Peacocke), Nathaniel - Boy, Sailor, Soldier

Penington, John - Gentleman

Percy, George - Master, Gentleman

Pickhouse (or Piggase), Bru - Gentleman

Pising, Edward - Carpenter

Powell, Nathaniell - Gentleman

Webbe, Thomas - Gentleman

Profit, Jonas - Sailor, Fisher, Soldier

Ratcliffe, John - Captain, Councilor

Read, James - Blacksmith, Soldier

Robinson, John (or Jehu) - Gentleman

Rods (or Rodes), William - Laborer

Sands, Thomas - Gentleman

Short, John - Gentleman

Simons, Richard - Gentleman

Skot (or Scot), Nicholas - Drummer

Small, Robert - Carpenter

Smethes, William - Gentleman

Smith, John - Captain, Councilor

Snarsbrough, Francis - Gentleman

Stevenson, John - Gentleman

Studley (or Stoodie), Thomas - Gentleman

Tankard, William - Gentleman

Tavin (or Tauin), Henry - Laborer

Throgmorton, Kellam - Gentleman

Todkill, Anas - Soldier

Vnger (or Unger), William - Laborer

White, William - Laborer

Wilkinson, William - Surgeon

Wingfield, Edward Maria - Master, Councilor, President

Wotton, Thomas - Gentleman, Surgeon

A Dutchman

With diverse others, to the number of 105

Mariners and Others Known to Have Been With the Expedition that Established Jamestown on May 15, 1607


Browne, Oluver

Clarke, Charles

Collson, John - Mariner

Cotson, John - Mariner

Crookdeck, John

Deale, Jeremu

Futch, Mathew - Mariner

Genoway, Richard

Godword, Thomas

Jackson, Robert

Markham, Robert

Nellson, Francus

Poole, Jonas

Skunner, Thomas

Turnbrudge (or Turbridge), Thomas

Newport, Christopher - Captain, Councilor

Tundall, Robert - Mariner,

White, Benjamin



There were 144 persons in the expedition including those (105) who remained in Virginia.