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Westmoreland County Death Certificates

Surname Given Name Residence Occupation Parents Born Place Died Place Cause of Death Age Buried Spouse Living Children Certificate Returned
Machesney/Mechisney James Unity Twp farmer John & Elizabeth Machesney/Mechisney Ireland 4 May. 1853 Unity Twp palsy 83y Unity Cemetery Jane John, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Andrew, James Robert Neilson of Pleasant Unity  
Marker Joseph Ligonier Twp farmer Henry & Mary Marker 15 Mar. 1821 Ligonier Twp 21 Oct. 1853 Ligonier Twp diabetes 32y Presbyterian Cemetery Donegal Twp     Joseph Kimmel of Ligonier Twp
Markle Barbara Unity Twp   John Henry & Barbara Henry   Berks Co 17 Dec. 1852 Unity Twp phthsis   Mt St. Vincent's Cemetery John Markle Benjamin, John, Mary, Conrad, Solomon Samuel P Brown MD of Greensburg
Marsh Findley S Huntingdon Twp farmer William & Savina Marsh 1822   Feb. 1855 S Huntingdon Twp consumption 33y Friends Burial Ground   William Henry, Susan, Dinah, Elizabeth Barbary H Brenemen of Sewickley Twp
Marsh William Sewickley Twp farmer Henry & Elizabeth Marsh 1789 Chester Co 30 Apr. 1853 Sewickley Twp palsy 64y Friends Cemetery Sewickley Twp Dinah dec'd Elizabeth, James, Cooper, Henry, Finley, Angelina, Margaret Findley B McGrew
Marshall Elizabeth Sewickley Twp housekeeper John Boon 1786 Westmoreland Co 30 Apr. 1853 Sewickley Twp typhoid fever 66y Sewickley Associate Reformed Church Cemetery John James H Campbell MD, Jane Campbell w/o N C Weede, Margaret Lyon, Elizabeth Hamilton, John and Mary Marshall F M McConaughey of West Newton
Masters William Franklin Twp farmer William & Winifred Masters 1 Mar. 1784 England 11 Feb. 1853 Franklin Twp palsied strokes 68y 11m 11d Sardis Cemetery Elizabeth Sarah, Mary, Winifred, Isaac, Catharine, Obadiah, Josiah, William, Leah, Margaret, Eliza William Milliken
Mathers William Rostraver Twp farmer Robert Mathers     30 Apr. 1853 Rostraver Twp consumption 70y Rehobeth Cemetery Mary   D W Porter MD
Mathews David Donegal Twp farmer       5 May. 1853   pleura pneumonia 51y       William McCormick
Mathews William Fairfield Twp farmer William & Martha Mathews   Ireland 5 Sep. 1853 Fairfield Twp fever & ague 75y Old Presbyterian Cemetery Fairfield Twp Elizabeth dec'd Mary, William, Samuel, Martha, James, Elizabeth, Archibald, Agnes, Joseph, Margaret John Smith of Fairfield Twp
Mathews William Sr Fairfield Twp farmer William & Martha Mathews   Ireland 5 Sep. 1853 Fairfield Twp congestive intermittent fever 75y Fairfield Presbyterian Church Cemetery Elizabeth William, Samuel, James, Martha, Mary, Elizabeth, Nancy, Margaret, Archibald, Joseph James Taylor of W Fairfield
Mathias George Hempfield Twp farmer Michael & Catharine Mathias 28 Feb. 1821 Hempfield Twp 25 May. 1855 Hempfield Twp spinal affection 34y Seanor's Church Cemetery Hanna David, John, Catharine, Cyrus Leonard Furry of Hempfield Twp
Matterson John Sr Derry Twp shoemaker   30 Aug. 1774 Adams Co 1 Sep. 1853 Derry Twp tumor in the bladder 79y 2d Catholic Cemetery Blairsville Sarah James, John S, Josiah, Amos L Frederick Kintz of Unity Twp
McBurney Cadwalter Blany Fairfield Twp farmer Thomas & Margaret McBurney 1 Jan. 1761 Co Manohan Ireland 3 Feb. 1853 Fairfield Twp pneumonia 92y 1m 2d Fairfield Church Cemetery Fairfield Twp Rosan James, Cad, Sarah Jane, John, William, Elizabeth Matthews, Robert, Ann James Taylor MD of W Fairfield
McCaddon/McCadon John Livermore shoemaker James & Rosanna McCaddon/McCadon   Lancaster Co 23 Feb. 1854 Livermore, Derry Twp paralysis 53y Hill Cemetery, Derry Twp Elizabeth James, S Jane, Vincent, William, Daniel A, Ann Eliza, Rosanna Morgan R Banks MD of Livermore
McClelland Isabella Greensburg   John & Catharine McClelland 23 Dec. 1814 Greensburg 14 Jun. 1853 Greensburg pulmonary consumption 38y 6m 21d English Burying Ground Greensburg unmarried   Alfred T King MD of Greensburg
McClelland James Derry Twp farmer William & Esther McClelland 4 Jul. 1789 Franklin Co 19 Nov. 1854 Derry Twp pulmonary affliction 65y 5m 21d New Alexandria Presbyterian Cemetery Jane Andrew, William, Samuel, John, James, Robert, Esther Dr William R Speer of New Alexandria
McClure/McCure James Fairfield  farmer John & Violet McClure/McCure 10 Jul. 1781 Adams Co 13 May. 1853 Fairfield gastrorrhoea 71y 10m 3d Methodist E P Cemetery Fairfield Ruth Violet, William, John, Susan, James D, Samuel C James Taylor MD of W Fairfield
McCurdy Hugh Hempfield Twp farmer Samuel McCurdy   Cumberland Co. 10 Feb. 1854 Hempfield Twp inflammation of bowels 70y Long Run Burying Ground N Huntingdon Twp Sarah Samuel, Thomas A, John G, Isabel, Eliza Jane, Sarah, Martha L, Lucinda Conrad Walthour of Hempfield Twp
McCurdy Rachel Mary     William & Susanna Lightcap 16 Mar. 1831 Derry Twp 9 Mar. 1853 Unity Twp typhoid fever 21y 11m 23d New Alexandria Presbyterian Cemetery Alexander McCurdy Mary Susan John Lightcap of Unity Twp
McCutcheon Samuel Franklin Twp farmer James & Margaret McCutcheon     11 Mar. 1853 Franklin Twp consumption 73y Poke Run Cemtery Catharine, dec'd Margaret, Alexander, Elizabeth Eleanor, James John Hill
McDonald Elisabeth Sewickley Twp   Sampson & Ann Wiley 1802 Sewickley Twp 9 May. 1854 Sewickley Twp caries of the spine 52y Long Run Church Cemetery N Huntingdon John Sampson, Levia Jane, Ann Elisa, John, Mary Margaret, Huldah B R Marchand MD of Jacksonville
McDonald Samuel Fairfield Twp       Ireland 27 Jun. 1853 Fairfield Twp old age & general debility 98y Hice's Cemetery, Wheatfield Twp Indiana Co Ruth, dec'd Isabella Clark Tobias Hull Jr of Fairfield Twp
McDowell Henry Ligonier Twp farmer Robert & Catharine Hice McDowell   Ft Ligonier Ligonier Twp 25 May. 1854 Ligonier Twp old age & general debility 74y Presbyterian Cemetery Ligonier Jane McWhirter, married 1806 William, Robert, Mary, Catharine, Jane, John, Christena John F Austraw of Ligonier Twp
McDowell William Ligonier Twp farmer John & Sarah McDowell   Ligonier Twp 14 Dec. 1852 Ligonier Twp liver complaint & general debility 33y Presbyterian Cemetery Ligonier Mary John, George, Mary Jane, Christena, Robert Hamilton George Albright of Ligonier Twp
McGeary William Allegheny Twp farmer       3 Apr. 1854 Allegheny Twp old age & general debility 87y Pine Run Cemetery Allegheny Twp Martha Clement, William, Joseph, James, Betsy, Rachel, Samuel William McGeary/McGerey of Allegheny Twp
McGinity John Derry Twp farmer Michael & Catharine McGinity   Armagh Co Ireland 25 Apr. 1853 Derry Twp bilious cholic 40y Catholic Cemetery Blairsville Mary Thomas, Catharine, Mary, Bernard, Ann Mary McGinity, widow of Derry Twp
McGinity Thomas Derry Twp farmer Michael & Catharine McGinity   Armagh Co Ireland 24 Dec. 1852 Derry Twp drowning in Stony Run 50y Blairsville Catholic Churchyard Indiana Co Bridget John, Mary, Michael, Bridget, Ella Theresa John McGinity of Derry Twp
McGrew Finley Sewickley Twp laborer Jacob & Jane McGrew   Sewickley Twp 1 Mar. 1853 Poor House Westmoreland Co fever 47y Poor House Cemetery unmarried   William E Caruthers of Sewickley Twp
McGrew Simon B Sewickley Twp farmer James & Elizabeth McGrew 14 Feb. 1789 Adams Co 9 Oct. 1854 Sewickley Twp chronic disease of stomach 65y Friends Burial Ground Sewickley Twp Nancy, deceased Alexander Logan, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Margaret Ann, Oliver C. Joel W Hutton, carpenter of Sewickley Twp
McIlvaine Margaret     William & Margaret M Finley 14 Oct. 1823 Rostraver Twp 9 Jan. 1852 Rostraver Twp inflammation of stomach 29y 2m Rehoboth Cemetery Rostraver Twp Robert F Clotilda Jane Robert F McIlvaine of Rostraver Twp
McLannahan Sarah Hempfield Twp   Robert & Hannah Watson 1808 N Huntingdon Twp 21 Dec. 1852 Hempfield Twp puperial disease 45y Sewickley Associate Reformed Church Cemetery in Sewickley Twp M P McClannahan William Elliott, John Carnahan, Eliza Clarissa, Susan Jane Taylor Darwin of Hempfield Twp
McLelland John Greensburg Boro merchant John & Catharine McLelland, both dec'd 25 Mar. 1818 Greensburg 22 Feb. 1855 Greensburg consumption 37y English Burial Ground in Greensburg Harriet Catharine E, Harriet Alfred L King of Greensburg
McQuilken William   farmer James & Ann McQuilken   Salem Twp 5 Apr. 1853 Washington Twp bodily infirmity 59y Poke Run Cemtery Rebecca Hannah Ann Joseph McQuilkin
Mearns J A N Huntingdon Twp Presbyterian minister Hugh & Nancy Mearns 4 Mar. 1828 Co Londonderry Ireland 3 Jun. 1854 N Huntingdon Twp consumption 26y Long Run Cemetery Elizabeth B Logan dec'd   Samuel Black of N Huntingdon Twp
Mellon Armor Unity Twp weaver Archibald & Elizabeth Mellon 28 Mar. 1786 Co Tyrone Ireland 23 Mar. 1855 Unity Twp bilious fever 69y Unity Burial Ground Sarah Sarah, Nancy, Samuel Samuel Mellon, farmer
Menoher Jane Fairfield Twp housewife Charles & Sarah Clifford 1772 New Jersey 13 Nov. 1852 Fairfield Twp dropsey 80y Fairfield Presbyterian Church Cemetery John dec'd Sarah McElroy, Elizabeth, James, Joseph, Thomas Jonathan Louther of Fairfield Twp
Miller George   carpenter Nicholas & Anne Miller 1788 Sussex Co NJ 15 Aug. 1853 Derry Twp rheumatic pains & old age 66y St Vincent's Cemetery Agness Jacob, George, John, Nicholas, Anne, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary Reuben Brinker of Derry Twp
Miller Isaac Hempfield Twp farmer Isaac & Sarah Miller 15 Aug. 1805 Hempfield Twp 24 Oct. 1854 Hempfield Twp typhoid fever 49y 2m 9d Unity Church Unity Twp Margaret Sarah Ann, Elizabeth, Priscilla, John, Harriet Alfred T King of Greensburg
Miller Jesse Washington Twp farmer       13 Oct. 1853 Washington Twp old age 87y Poke Run Cemtery Elizabeth Polly, Moses, Elizabeth, Ann, Samuel, John John Duff of Washington Twp
Miller Magdalena Unity Twp   John & Barbara Henry Mar. 1778 Lancaster Co 13 Oct. 1853 Unity Twp palsy 75y Catholic Cemetery Martin dec'd John, Joseph, Mary, George, Nancy, Magdalena, Daniel, Barbara, Catharine, Elizabeth George Miller of Donegal Twp
Mitchel Rebecca New Alexandria     1777 New Alexandria 15 Mar. 1855 New Alexandria old age 79y New Alexandria Cemetery   James, Nancy James M Shields of New Alexandria
Mitchell Andrew A Derry Twp farmer John & Mary Mitchell     9 Aug. 1853 Donegal Twp suddenly unknown cause 36y Unity Cemetery Unity Twp Esther John (by Margaret his 1st wife), Mary and Charles (by 2nd wife) A A Johnston of Unity Twp
Mitchell Hannah S Huntingdon Twp   John & Jane   Ligonier Twp 4 Jun. 1854 S Huntingdon Twp       Nathaniel dec'd Jane, Adaline Thomas Martin, farmer of S Huntingdon Twp
Moore James   farmer James & Sarah Moore 6 Jun. 1787 Salem Twp 4 Jan. 1853 Salem Twp appoplexy 65y 6m Congruity Cemetery Salem Twp Catharine   James M Shields of Salem Twp and James McClarren of Derry Twp
Moorhead Samuel Derry Twp farmer William & Elizabeth Moorhead   Cumberland Co. 1 Mar. 1853 Derry Twp old age & debility 84y Salem Churchyard Elizabeth John, Jane Hill, James, Elizabeth Ogden, Joseph, Nancy Foster Andrew McChesney
Moorhead William Sr Burrell Twp blacksmith   10 Aug. 1769 Ireland 23 Apr. 1853 Burrell Twp paralysis 84y 8m 13d Poke Run Cemtery Mary Morehead dec'd Hannah M, John, Michael, William, David, Sarah, Mary, Nancy, James S, Samuel P Samuel McLaughlin of Burrell Twp
Moreland Rosanna New Derry   Charles & Nancy Brogan 16 May. 1819 Derry Twp 4 Nov. 1849 New Derry pulmonary disease 30y 5m 18d St Vincent's Cemetery Hugh Moreland Ann Jane, George Ch????, James Ambrose Jane Sendorf of Unity Twp
Morrison William Allegheny Twp farmer John & Catharine Morrison 29 Mar. 1811 Allegheny Twp 28 Oct. 1852 Allegheny Twp fistulo in ano??? 41y 7m Puckety Church Cemetery, Allegheny Twp unmarried Jane Steele Morrison William L Logan MD & David Alter MD of Armstrong Co
Morton Jane Unity Twp   David & Mary Larrimer 25 Dec. 1828 Unity Twp 6 Mar. 1849 Unity Twp chronic peritonitus 20y 2m 11d Unity Church Cemetery Rev George Morton Angeline J William M Larimer of Unity Twp
Mosholder Jonathan   farmer John & Hannah Mosholder 1784 Brothers Valley Twp Somerset Co 9 May. 1853 Derry Twp disease of the lungs & liver 69y Kimmel's Burial Ground Juliann Jacob, Edward, Balaam, Jonathan, Julian, Marion, Matilda R Brinker 
Mossholder Jonathan   farmer Jonathan & Julian Mossholder 20 Nov. 1824 Derry Twp 30 Oct. 1853 Derry Twp remittent fever 28y Kimmel's Burial Ground unmarried   R Brinker of Latrobe
Moyer Michael Wisconsin farmer Michael & Mary Moyer   Somerset Co. 1 Apr. 1855 P Dushaine, WI fever 49y   Elizabeth Daniel, David, Benjamin, Emanuel, Michael, Jacob, William, Samuel, John, Mary Samuel Meyer/Moyer
Myers Benjamin Franklin Hempfield Twp   George & Mary/May Myers 18 Jan. 1852 Hempfield Twp 28 Jan. 1853   bronchitis & dentition 1y 10d Harrold's Burial Ground     Israel S Bigelow MD of Adamsburg
Myers George Sr Hempfield Twp farmer Adam & Catharine Myers 9 Oct. 1768 Berks Co 30 Mar. 1855 Hempfield Twp old age 87y Harrold's Burial Ground Lucinda Joseph, John, Tobias, George, Catharine, Abraham George Myers Jr of Hempfield Twp
Myers Wilson Jack Hempfield Twp clerk George & Mary Myers 23 Aug. 1833 Unity Twp 17 Jan. 1853 Hempfield Twp consumption 19y 4m 24d Harrold's Burial Ground     Israel S Bigelow MD of Adamsburg
Neely Samuel Hempfield Twp miller     Ireland 27 May. 1850 Hempfield Twp gravel 81y Troxel or Fightner's Graveyard Mary Joseph, Robert, David, Sarah, Henry David Neely of Hempfield Twp
Newell Susanna Mt Pleasant Twp   Thomas & Margaret Newell   Mt Pleasant Twp 2 Jul. 1853 Mt Pleasant Twp old age & general debility 74y Presbyterian Cemetery Mt Pleasant Twp unmarried   John J Hunter
Newlon William G   blacksmith Elijah Newlon     9 Oct. 1854 West Newton typhoid fever 45y West Newton Cemetery Matilda B Furgus Benson, Malissa Jane, Sarah Anne, Elijah Porter, Deborah Elmyra, Rachel Rebecca, Mary Amanda, Alexander Plumer, William Hampton J Hasson of West Newton
Nickerson Robert S Bairdstown, Derry Twp manufacturer       19 Apr. 1855 Bairdstown scrofula 47y Steubenville Sarah Charles Washington, Virginia John Graff of Blairsville
Nipple Thomas Hempfield Twp         1851 Hempfield Twp     German Cemetery Greensburg   William, Conrad, and others Reuben Shrum of Greensburg
Noel John Derry Twp shoemaker Blasius & Mary Noel   Frederick Co MD 15 Mar. 1855 Derry Twp old age 74y St Vincent's Cemetery Magdalena Joachim, Blasius, Aloysius, Eliza E w/o John Henry Joachim Noel of Derry Twp
Nossker John   carpenter John & Mary Nossker 1818 Franklin Co 19 May. 1853 Derry Twp fever 35y Salem Church Cemetery at Salem Mary Ruth Ann P A Beham of Derry Twp
Ogden John Ligonier Twp farmer Joseph & Susan Ogden 3 Oct. 1783 Fairfield Twp 10 Feb. 1853 Ligonier Twp apoplexy 69y 4m 7d Fairfield Church Cemetery Fairfield Twp Mary James James Taylor of W Fairfield
Owens Hugh Allegheny Twp farmer     N Wales 30 Jan. 1855 Allegheny Twp age 84y buried on his farm Martha Ellenor Evans, John, Joshua, Mary, Andrew, Joseph, Samuel, Lazarus Lazarus Owen of Allegheny Twp
Painter Christopher S Huntingdon Twp farmer Jacob & Catharine Painter 1802 Hempfield Twp 26 Jun. 1850 S Huntingdon Twp affection of kidneys & lungs 48y Markles Cemetery     Israel Painter
Painter John Hempfield Twp farmer George & Mollie Painter     7 Apr. 1853 Hempfield Twp consumption & dropsy 82y Brush Creek Cemetery Hempfield Twp Catharine Betsey, Daniel, Jacob, Dolly, Samuel, Mary Catharine Painter of Hempfield Twp
Painter John L E Huntingdon Twp conductor on PA RR Tobias & Elizabeth Painter   Hempfield Twp Feb. 1853 McVeytown killed on PA RR by collision 34y Brush Creek Cemetery     Daniel Harold/Harrold of N Huntingdon Twp
Painter Michael Hempfield Twp farmer George & Catharine Painter   Hempfield Twp 29 Sep. 1854 Manor Station cholera 61y 6m 24d Brush Creek Cemetery Esther George, Sarah, Eliza, Jacob, Adam, Reuben, Mary, Catharine, Henry, Harriet, Birum Jacob Painter, farmer of Manor Station, Hempfield Twp
Patchel George Greensburg Boro laborer John & Jane Patchel   Ireland 29 Dec. 1853 Greensburg phthisis 66y Boro Burying Ground Sarah Jane, John Samuel P Brown of Greensburg
Patrick William Derry Twp farmer John & Hannah Patrick 1776 Westmoreland Co 3 Jul. 1853 Derry Twp old age 77y Salem Church Cemetery at Salem Johannah   John Connal
Pearce Edward     John C (a merchant) & Sarah A Pearce 19 Sep. 1852 Livermore, Derry Twp 20 Sep. 1852 Livermore Derry Twp convulsions 1d Baptist Churchyard Livermore     Samuel S Landis MD of Livermore
Pearce William     John C & Sarah A Pearce 19 Sep. 1852 Livermore, Derry Twp 4 Oct. 1852 Livermore Derry Twp convulsions 14d Baptist Churchyard Livermore     Samuel S Landis MD of Livermore
Peoples Margaret Jane Fairfield Twp housekeeper Joseph & Elizabeth Peoples 31 Jan. 1823 Fairfield Twp 10 Nov.1854 Fairfield Twp phthisis pulmonatis 31y 9m 10d Fairfield Presbyterian Cemetery Fairfield Twp     James Taylor MD
Peterson Caleb   farmer       31 Jan. 1854 Franklin Twp neuralgia 47y Presbyterian Cemtery Murrysville Nancy   John of Franklin Twp
Phillippi John Cook Twp farmer Martin & Elizabeth Phillippi 20 Aug. 1800 Somerset Co. 1 Feb. 1854 Cook Twp fever 53y 5m 11d Loyalhanna Cemetery Ligonier Twp Eve George, Martin, Catharine, Lewis, Susan, John Joseph Phillippi of Cook Twp
Phillippi Martin Ligonier Twp farmer Francis & Elizabeth Phillippi 25 Dec. 1771 Germany 24 Jul. 1852 Ligonier Twp age & infirmity 80y 7m buried on his farm Elizabeth John, George, Peter, Joseph, Christian, Martin, Mary, Rosa, Elizabeth, Catharine, Susan Robert Louther JP of Laughlintown
Points John Derry Twp farmer John Points & Mary Kenaan 24 Jun. 1791 Antrim Co Ireland 6 Dec. 1853 Derry Twp disease of lvier 62y St Mary's & Mt Carmel Derry Twp Ellen Ellen Maria Points Felix Bradley of Derry Twp
Porch Jacob Unity Twp farmer John Porch 1778 Lancaster Co 18 Apr. 1853 Unity Twp plurasy 74y St Paul's Church Cemetery Unity Twp Catharine David, Frederick, Henry, Sophia Paul Hugus of Unity Twp
Porter Horatio   farmer Caleb & Pricila Porter 22 Dec. 1806 Rostraver Twp 31 Oct. 1853 Allegheny City, Allegheny Twp diarrhea 46y 10m 7d E Salem Burial Ground Rostraver Twp Elizabeth Oliver, Eliza Matilda, Herietta, Mary, Sarah Edith Elias Porter 
Porter Priscella Rostraver Twp   Robert Hudson Oct. 1768 Annarandle Co MD 7 Mar. 1854 Rostraver Twp palsy 87y Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery S Huntingdon Twp   Peter, Sarah, Elias, Ezra, Elizabeth, Nathan Elias Porter of Rostraver Twp
Pounds Sarah Loyalhanna Twp weaver Joseph & Sarah Pounds 5 Nov. 1780 New Jersey 29 Mar. 1853 Loyalhanna Twp hydrothorax 73y 5m 24d Salem Church Derry Twp     Samuel S Landis MD
Powel James Adamsburg black, shoemaker Denis & Elen Powel   Frederick Co MD 13 Sep. 1853 Adamsburg chronic inflammation of brain 50y Lutheran Cemetery  Mary   Isaac S Bigelow MD
Reamer Philip   tanner Jacob Reamer & Sarah Kemp   near Greensburg 5 Sep. 1854 Mt Pleasant apoplexy 27y Mt Pleasant Catharine McMasters Mary J U Clark MD Mt Pleasant
Reed William Derry Twp cooper John Brackenridge & Isabella Reed 29 Dec. 1809 Jenner Twp Somerset Co 11 Jan. 1853 Derry Twp complication of diseases 42y New Alexandria Presbyterian Burial Ground Mary   Samuel Patterson of Derry Twp.
Reeger Anna Deborah Washington Twp   David & Etheldreda  9 Oct. 1785 Easton Northampton Co 27 Apr. 1854 Washington Twp old age & general debility 88y 6m 18d Manor Churchyard, Franklin Twp Jacob Jacob, John, David, Samuel, Thomas, Polly w/o Nicholas Baker, Lydia w/o Jacob Sylvies, Elizabeth w/o John Stump John Reeger of Franklin Twp
Reeger John Jr Allegheny Twp carpenter John Sr & Phebe Reeger 12 Mar. 1818 Franklin Twp 28 Sep. 1852 Allegheny Twp consumption 34y 6m 16d Puckety Church Cemetery, Allegheny Twp Phebe George W, Susan, Mary Jane Jacob S Keer/Kier MD
Reid Mary Mitchell Fairfield Twp   Jesse M & Elizabeth L Reid 6 Aug. 1843 Wheatfield Twp Indiana Co 16 Mar. 1853 Fairfield  searlatina maligna 9y 7m 10d Associate Church Cemetery Fairfield Twp     James Taylor MD of W Fairfield
Stahl Philip Donegal Twp farmer John & Barbara Stahl   Donegal Twp 23 Jun. 1853 Donegal Twp kicked from a horse 26y German Cemetery in Youngstown Catharine Elizabeth, Amos, Catharine, Barbara T J Cantwell MD
Steel Elizabeth Fairfield Twp house keeper William Lemmon & Martha Lemmon Sep. 1789 Fairfield Twp 29 Oct. 1852 Fairfield Twp diseased condition of liver & colon 63y Old Fairfield Church James   James Taylor
Steel Johnston E Rostraver Twp farmer William Steel   Fayette Co Mar. 1855 Alliance OH disease of lungs 50y Rehobeth Burial Ground Martha   Bela B Smith of Rostraver Twp
Steiner Adam Hempfield Twp shoemaker Adam & Margaret Steiner June. 1792 Hempfield Twp 1 Apr. 1855 Hempfield Twp palsy 62y 9m 14d Harrold's Church Graveyard never   George A Eisaman of Hempfield Twp
Steiner Daniel Hempfield Twp farmer John & Christena Steiner 15 Oct. 1802 Hempfield Twp 4 Apr. 1852 Hempfield Twp typhoid fever 49y 5m 11d Herrald's Burial Ground Anna Maria Jacob G, Elizabeth, Michael, Leah, John, Mary, Lucinda, Daniel Israel S Bigelow of Adamsburg
Steiner Mary Magdalena Hempfield Twp   George & Catharine Rosensteel Jr 14 Sep. 1833 Sewickley Twp 23 Jun. 1853 Hempfield Twp pulmonary consumption 19y 9m 9d Harrold's Graveyard Hempfield Twp Jacob G Sarah Jane Dr. D A Arter of Greensburg
Stewart George Sr   farmer George & Marjury Steiner 9 Apr. 1801 Salem Twp 6 May. 1853 Salem Twp suicide by hanging 54y Congruity Meeting House Mary Robert, James James Dickie of Salem Twp
Stiffey Conrad Wells Co IN farmer Conrad & Mary Stiffey     26 Jan. 1854 Wells Co IN pain in the breast 55y   Mary David, John, James, Joseph, Philip, Franklin, Azariah, Margaret, Henry David Stiffey of Conemaugh Twp Indiana Co
Stockberger Abraham Unity Twp farmer Frederick & Sarah Stockberger Aug. 1819 Unity Twp 29 Apr. 1855 Unity Twp consumption 36y German Burial Ground near Pleasant Unity     Christian Trauger Jr of Unity Twp
Story Robert Hempfield Twp farmer Alexander & Margaret Story 1801 Hempfield Twp 16 Feb. 1855 Hempfield Twp conjestion of the brain 54y English Burying Ground Greensburg Nancy Alexander, Mary, William, Samuel, Robert, Jacob, Margaret, Nancy, James, Lucinda Jac Turney of Greensburg
Stotlar David Burrell Twp farmer Rudolph & Frances Stotlar 13 May. 1810 Penn Twp Allegheny Co 21 Jul. 1854 Burrell Twp Westmoreland Co inflammation of brain & stomach 44y 2m 8d Unity Cemetery Penn Twp Allegheny Co Margaret James, Samuel, Thomas, Rachel, Mary, Catharine, David G T Jacoby MD
Swartz Henry Unity Twp tanner Henry & Elizabeth Swarta   Washington Co 28 Jun. 1854 Unity Twp apoplexy 53y Bush's Burying Ground Unity Twp Margaret William G, Caroline, Elizabeth, Catharine, Mary, Lucy Ann, John, Christopher, Henry, Alexander Jacob Reamer Jr of Pleasant Unity
Tash Jacob Ligonier Twp farmer Henry & Christina Tash Dec. 1782 Ligonier Valley 28 Apr. 1855 Ligonier Twp pulmonary disease 72y Fairfield Presbyterian Burial Ground Mary John, Henry, Jacob, William, George, Morgan T, Elizabeth, Mary, Martha John Hill of Fairfield Twp
Taylor Jehu Greensburg cabinet maker John & Margaret Taylor 4 Apr. 1794 Wilmington DE 6 Mar. 1853 Greensburg pulmonary consumption 59y German Burying Ground Elizabeth Crissinger William, Sally, Ann, Florinda, Emily, Thomas G, Mary, Elizabeth, Leticia, Margaret Alfred T King MD
Taylor William Greensburg clerk William & Jane Taylor   Unity Twp 15 May. 1853 Greensburg consumption 32y Greensburg Burial Ground     T Richardson MD of Greensburg
Thomas Jacob Unity Twp farmer       17 Feb. 1855 Unity Twp bilious colic 69y 8m Bash Burial Ground Mary Samuel, Jacob, Abraham, Joseph, George, William, Elizabeth, Sarah, Catharine, Polly, Nancy Thomas H Brinker of Unity Twp
Thompson Elizabeth Rostraver Twp housewife John Fleming & Agnes H Fleming 1791 Rostraver Twp 28 Jun. 1853 Rostraver Twp supposed inflammatory rheumatism 62y Fell's Burying Ground George Alexander, Jane, John, James, Elizabeth Thomas Ryall a neighbor
Thomsan Elizabeth also known as Elizabeth Brown Fairfield Twp spinstress Archibald 7 Aug. 1786 Franklin Co 9 Sep. 1851 Fairfield Twp debility 65y Fairfield Associate Presbyterian Cemetery   none Samuel Fundenburg MD
Tillbrook/Tibbrook John Sewickley Twp farmer John & Ann Tillbrook/Tibbrook 17 Jun. 1799 Allegheny Co 14 Jan. 1855 Sewickley Twp   55y 6m 27d Marshill Cemetery Sewickley Twp Ann   Dr D Taylor
Tosh John Ligonier Twp farmer Henry & Christena Tosh 17 May. New Jersey 4 Mar. 1853 Ligonier Twp old age & general debility 77y Old Fairfield Churchyard Fairfield Twp unmarried   John Tosh of Ligonier Twp
Townsend Lewis Allegheny Twp clerk Isaac & Mary Townsend   Armstrong Co 1849 on board ship from Chagres to San Francisco CA   21y       Christian Bush of Allegheny Twp
Townsend Urias Allegheny Twp farmer Isaac & Mary Townsend   Armstrong Co Jan. 1851 Mexico fever 25y Mexico     Christian Bush of Allegheny Twp
Trimbel Thomas Fairfield Twp farmer Thomas & Elizabeth Trimbel 7 Jan. 1785 Westmoreland Co 29 Jan. 1853 Fairfield Twp pthisis 68y 22d Fairfield Church Sarah Elizabeth, Martha, Thomas, James, John, Samuel, Mary Jane, Sarah Ann James Taylor of W Fairfield
Truxal Henry Hempfield Twp farmer Jacob & Elizabeth Truxal 17 Aug. 1792 Adams Co 24 Jul. 1854 Hempfield Twp pulmonary consumption 61y 11m 7d Fightner Burial Ground Hempfield Twp Elizabeth Daniel, Israel, Henry, John, Simon, Susan, Elizabeth, Lavinia, Leah Dr D A Arter of Greensburg
Vanhoy William S   confectioner       12 May. 1855 W Newton affection of lungs 50y W Newton Burial Ground Marth John W David Shrader
Wade James E Huntingdon Twp farmer       5 May. 1855 Laharpe, Hancock, IL cholera 65y Mennonite Burial Ground Margaret Mary Ann, John, Maria, Catharine, William, Sarah Ann, Margaret, Strickler James (or Margaret Strickler and James) Lutellus Lindley of Connellsville, Fayette Co
Walker Robert Washington Twp farmer Alexander & Elizabeth Walker   Co Donegal Ireland 19 Sep. 1852 Washington Twp dropsey 77y Poke Run Cemtery Jane Margaret, Martha, Lydia, Jane, Mary, Nancy, Rebecca, John, Robert Alexander Walker of Franklin Twp
Walls Henry Unity Twp merchant & farmer James & Susan Walls   Philadelphia 7 Dec. 1852 Huckleberry Hill inflammation of lungs 40y St Vincent's Cemetery Susan Charles, Mary, Samuel, Susanna, Elizabeth, Andrew, Sarah T J Cantwell
Walter Simon Allegheny Co laborer Joseph & Barbara Walter   Unity Twp 14 Jun. 1854 Wilkinsburg by being run over by cars on the PA RR 32y 10m 15d German Graveyard Greensburg     Joseph Walter
Walter/Walters Sarah Unity Twp         21 Mar. 1854 Unity Twp   80y United Brethern Cemetery John dec'd none living John Welty of Unity Twp
Walthour Amy Hempfield Twp   Conrad Hawk & Sarah Hawk 6 Aug. 1780 Hempfield Twp 4 Apr. 1853 Hempfield Twp consumption 72y 7m Brush Creek Cemetery Hempfield Twp   Conrad, Sarah, Margaret Jacob Gosser of Hempfield Twp
Walthour Barbara N Huntingdon Twp   Conrad Knappenberger & Barbara 15 Sep. 1768 Northampton Co 12 Aug. 1854 N Huntingdon Twp paralytic stroke 85y Brush Creek Cemetery Hempfield Twp Jacob Elizabeth, George, Susan, Sarah, Nancy, Esther, John, Joseph Joseph Walthour of N Huntingdon Twp
Walthour Christian N Huntingdon Twp miller Christopher & Dorath Ann Walthour 1797 N Huntingdon Twp 28 Feb. 1855 N Huntingdon Twp consumption 59y Brush Creek Burial Ground Susan Elizabeth, David, Sarah, Michael, James, Maria Jane, Peggy, Mary Ann, Rachel David Walthour of N Huntingdon Twp
Walthour Eliza Jane N Huntingdon Twp   Joseph & Eliza Walthour 3 May. 1852 N Huntingdon Twp 23 Nov. 1852 N Huntingdon Twp scarlet fever 6m 20d Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery   "Mariette & Oliver Rush" Israel S Bigelow MD of Adamsburg
Walthour Marcius Lafayette N Huntingdon Twp   Joseph & Eliza Walthour 17 Aug. 1849 N Huntingdon Twp 27 Nov. 1853 N Huntingdon Twp scarlet fever 3y 3m 10d Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery     Israel S Bigelow MD of Adamsburg
Wannemacher John Peter Hempfield Twp farmer John Peter & Margaret Wannemacher 17 Jan. 1796 Hempfield Twp 18 Nov. 1852 Hempfield Twp typhoid fever 56y 10m 1d Manor Cemetery, Franklin Twp Elizabeth Solomon, Lewis, Jeremiah, Elias, Florinda Jeremiah Wannemacher
Weaver Jacob Hempfield Twp farmer Peter & Barbara Weaver 19 Mar. 1811 Beckstone Twp Dauphin Co 28 Oct. 1854 Hempfield Twp entero-mesenteric fever 43y 7m German Cemetery Greensburg Sarah Mary, Magdalena, Rebecca S, John D, Jacob P, William, Eliza Jane R Brown MD of Greensburg
Weaver Mary Cook Twp   Christian Ankeny & Ankeny   Somerset Co. 10 May. 1855 Cook Twp palsy 70y Hargnett's Burial Ground   Christian, Elizabeth, Mary, William, Rosa, Jac, Cash, Margaret, Martha, John, Joseph, George, Isaac, Hanna, Lewis (or Hanna Lewis) Isaac Weaver of Cook Twp
Weaver William Rock Island Co IL farmer John & Hannah Weaver   Hempfield Twp Jun. 1847 Rock Island Co IL typhoid fever 32y Rock Island Co IL Elizabeth James, Maria, Anna, William Samuel Elizabeth Weaver widow of Sewickley Twp
Welsh John Esq Greensburg sheriff Thomas & Mary Welsh 1802 Westmoreland Co 23 Jun. 1853 Greensburg brain affection 51y Associate Reformed Church Cemetery Sewickley Elizabeth Mary Ann, William, Barbara, Rebecca Jane, John, Francis Marion T Richardson MD

Westmoreland County, PA