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Cemetery Directions

Cemetery County Township Directions leaving from Blairsville, PA
Zion Jefferson Beaver Take Rte 36N out of Punxsy, turn left on Rte 536 through Frostburg, look for big school on left, go approx. 2 miles and look for big church as you start down hill (St. John's) go about 1/4 mile, turn right at sign for Old Ebenezer Church, go to Sprankle's Mills, turn left toward Worthville, turn left in center of town at sign for cemetery.
Albion Jefferson Bell close to Punxsy airport
Carey Jefferson Bell near Punxsy airport
Cloe- Oaklawn Jefferson Bell  
Jewish Jefferson Bell Cloe
Oaklawn Jefferson Bell Rt 119 N to Punxsy, take Rt 36 past Circle Hill cemetery and go into Cloe, turn R at D & J's, go approx 3/4 mi. to Cloe Lumber co on R, go 100 yds and turn R and you will see the cemetery
Pearce Jefferson Bell follow Rt 36 thru Cloe, about 2 mi. out of Cloe turn R on 336, go about 1/4 mi. turn L on first hard road and cemetery on top of hill on R.
Pleasant Hills Jefferson Bell Cloe
Ridgemont Jefferson Bell Rt 119 N past Punxsy, to Bells Mills trading post, turn L, go past airport, turn L, take first R, road goes to cemetery
Westview Jefferson Clover Goto Punxsy and take Rte 36 to Brookville, then Rte 28S to Sumerville, go through town and up hill, as you come out of a cut about 3/4 of the way up the hill, look for a road to the left.
Mt. Tabor Jefferson Eldred take Rt 36 N into Sigel, at the Pennzoil Sta (Big White Bldg on L) turn L on Rt 949 S, go about 1 block, 949 turn L, follow about 1 mi. cemetery on R at top of hill.
Mt. Pleasant Jefferson Gaskill Rt 119 N to Punxsy, cemetery about 10 mi out of Punxsy on Rt 36 S.
Fairview Jefferson Henderson go into Big Run, pass Bank on R, road swings to L, turn L by Methodist Church onto church st. Follow to end os St. cemetery there
I.O.O.F. Jefferson Henderson Desire
Luthersburg Union Jefferson Henderson Rt 119 N past Big Run, turn R on Rt 410 about 1 mi, go approx 12 to 15 mi and come to stop sign, turn L, cemetery 1/4 mi. on L
McClure Jefferson Henderson Rt 119 N to Big Run, turn L on street just before Post Office, go approx 150 yds and turn L on Union St. Cemetery about 1/2 mi.
Paradise Church of Christ Jefferson Henderson Rt 119 to Big Run, ball diamond on R, turn L onto Pennsylvania Ave, go to Y, bear L, follow road, church and cemetery on R
Paradise Lutheran Jefferson Henderson Rt 119 out of Punxsy out towards Stump Creek also called Cramer, in Sump Creek pass sign for Gruda Scrap Metal, just past sign turn L on Rt 952, go to stop sign at cross roads. It is not far to cemtery from there.
Pifer Jefferson Henderson Big Run
Center Hill Jefferson Knox Rt 36 N out of Punxsy, turn R at sign for Knoxdale and go about 10 mi to stop sign, turn R, go 2 1/2 mi to sharp bend and cemetery on R
Knoxdale Jefferson Knox Rt 119 N to Punxsy, take Rt 310 and go to Anita, at Y bear left on LR 2033 to Knoxdale, In town take R just before old gas sta. Road will take you to cemetery on R.
Mt. Pleasant Jefferson Knox Rt 310 out of Punxsy to Anita, look for Lorelli's auto Sales on R, turn L on SR2023, sign says Knoxdale 8 mi. In Knoxdale you will see sign Port Barnet, turn R, cemetery 1/2 mi. down that road.
Ramseytown Jefferson Knox Rt 119 N, just before reaching Punxsy, take Rt 436 and then Rt 36 toward Brookville, at Stanton turn R, on LR 33020 toward Knoxdale, Ramseytown approx. 3 mi. down road.
Anita Community Jefferson McCalmont off Rt 310 N of Punxsy look for sign Anita Community Assn, turn L, cemetery less than 1/4 mi down road
K of P Jefferson McCalmont Anita
Panic Jefferson McCalmont Panic
St. Adrian Jefferson McCalmont Rt 310 out of Punxsy towards Reynoldsville. Before you get to Anita there is a place that used to have twin school houses with cemetery behind. Turn L about 100 ft past this on blacktop road, go about 1/4 mi. There are two cemeteries on R. St. Adrian is the second one.
Barton Chapel Jefferson Oliver Rt 119 N to Punxsy, go N on 36 toward Brookville, go past Rt 536 and take second road to L (there is a sign for Sprankle's Mills) stay on road to Sprankle's Mills 6 mi. In town make hard R and go about 1 mi to cemetery
Burkett Hollow Jefferson Oliver Rt 36 out of Punxsy toward Oliveburg, go thru Oliveburg approx. 2 mi., at bottom of hill the road become 3 lanes, at top of hill turn R at intersection and cemetery on R
Coolspring Jefferson Oliver take Rt 36 N out of Punxsy, before you get to Coolspring, you will come to 3 lane section, go up hill and start down other side, you will sign on L for Coolspring cemetery, turn L, you will pass old cemetery on right to top of hill to new cemetery
Markton Jefferson Oliver Rt 36 out of Punxsy toward Oliveburg, go about 2 mi beyond Oliveburg, at bottom of hill road becomes 3 lane, at top of hill is intersection, turn R, first road to R, turn R, cemetery 75 yd on R
Oliveburg Jefferson Oliver Rt 36 between Punxsy & Brookville. At store on corner turn R, church and cemetery behind it.
Ebenezer Jefferson Perry Rt 119N to Rt 36S to Rt 536W, go thru Frostburg, approx past Frostburg you will come to St. John's church and cemetery, turn on first R past St John's, cemetery is there
Frostburg Jefferson Perry Rt 119 to Punxsy, take Rt 36 N and turn L on Rt 536 to Frostburg,
Hamilton Jefferson Perry Take Rt 119 to Rt 210, turn L go thru Valier and just before you get to Hamilton turn L over new bridge acorss creek and cross RR tracks, cemetery on L.
Hopewell Jefferson Perry Rt 36 N out of Punxsy for about 3 mi., when you see sign Frostburg, turn L on Rt 536, cemetery about 2 mi on R beside Church
St. John's Greek Jefferson Perry turn L at Light in Punxsy on to Rt 36 N then L onto Rt 536, cemetery about 7 mi. on left at Grange.
Valier Jefferson Perry Rte 119N almost to Punxsy you will see Elbel's Food Mart, turn left onto Rte 210 at Y bear right, go under railroad underpass, cemetery is on the right.
Timblin Jefferson Porter take 119 N to Punxsy, Rt 36 N, turn L on Rt 536, N toward Ringgold, turn L off Rt 536 to town of Dora, you will pass coal cleaning plant and come to a small store near an underpass, turn R at intersection. Should be sign that says Timblin 4 mi. Go through Timblin, you will see ballfield and cemetery on far side of town.
Ringgold Methodist Jefferson Ringgold Rt 36 N out of Punxsy to Rt 536, take 536 into Ringgold, you will see cemetery beside the church
St. James Lutheran Jefferson Ringgold at 119 in Punxsy take Rt 36 N to Rt 536, follow into Ringgold, at the UMC on R swing L toward Timblin, approx. 2 mi you will see church and cemetery, when Rd takes a 90 degree turn you go straight.
Brookville Jefferson Rose go thru Brookville and cross Main St, at far end of town go thru light up over hill, thru residential section, go under overpass, you will see high school in big field ahead of you, turn R on paved road, cemetery 1/4 mi.
Brandycamp Jefferson Snyder Rt 319 N thru Brockway, cemetery approx 9 mi. on L
St. Tobias Jefferson Snyder Rt 219 N to Brockway, at light by Sheetz turn R, go about 2 block to Sunoco Sta, you will see small sign on L for cemetery. Turn L on McKean St and go to top of hill.
Pisgah Jefferson Union go into Brookville, take Rt 322 W about 7 mi, to small town of Corsica, in the middle of town there is a general store and gas station, turn L at this intersection, go about 3 to 400 yds to top of hill, church and cemetery sit on R, the Catholic church and cemetery on L.
St. Ann's Jefferson Union in Brookville, go W on Rt 322 about 6 mi. to Corsica, in town you will see Service Station on L, turn L and you will see cemetery on top of hill. In Corsica
Riggs Jefferson Warsaw Richardsville
Temple Jefferson Warsaw Rt 119 N to DuBois, take Rt 80 W to exit 14, at the end of ramp, turn R. go 3 to 4 miles to Hazen
Beechwood Jefferson Washington Rt 310 out of Punxsy to Reynoldsville, L on Main St, turn R on Rt 950N to Falls Creek, turn L at T, go approx 6 mi to cemetery. Rt 830 from Falls Creeks, cemetery on R at top of hill
Assumption of the Blessed Mary-Assumption Catholic Jefferson Winslow go to center of Sykesville, turn L at light and keep going to Busy Bee Bldrs. Cemetery 1/2 mi from Busy Bee.
Beechwood Jefferson Winslow Reynoldsville
Greek Catholic Jefferson Winslow Sykesville
Holy Trinity Jefferson Winslow Rt 119 to Sykesville, turn L at light, cemetery 4 to 5 mi out of town
Lakelawn Memorial Jefferson Winslow Rt 310 N out of Punxsy, after you get thru Panic, look for cemetery on left.
Reynoldsville Jefferson Winslow half mile past Lakelawn
Shaffer Memorial Jefferson Winslow Sykesville
St Mary's Jefferson Winslow Rt 310 out of Punxsy thru Reynoldsville, turn L at traffic light and go to Rt 950, turn R and cemetery on R in Reynoldsville
Sykesville Jefferson Winslow Rt 119 N to Sykesville, turn R at light, road comes to dead end, bear left, cemetery on R.
West Liberty Jefferson Winslow Sykesville turn right just before Johnson Chevrolet Cadillac, cemetery on left on hill.
Adrian Anita Roman Catholic Jefferson Young Rt 310 out of Punxsy, look for sign on L for Adrian Anita Catholic Cemetery just before you get to Anita, follow sign, cemetery approx 1 mi on L
Calvary Jefferson Young Rt 119 N toward Punxsy, turn L on Rt 436, cemtery on L just before Rt 36
Circle Hill Jefferson Young Punxsutawney
Greenwood Jefferson Young Punxsutawney
Horatio Jefferson Young Rt 119 N, L on Rt 436 N, L across from Church towards Sportsburg, come to T and turn R across bridge, stay on road until you see sign for cemetery road on L, cemetery down this road a mile or two.
Zion Jefferson Young Rte 310 out of Punxsy toward Reynoldsville, go past Anita, up along hill, at the top of the hill, take dirt round to the left, you will be able to see the cemetery.
Emerickville Lutheran Jefferson   Emerickville

Jefferson County, PA