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Punxsutawney Funeral Register

CADE William   b. England, s/o Henry b. England, & Hannah Nulty Cade, Had dau. Mrs. O'Brien 10 May. 1908 77y 2m 28d Co. Home   Horatio
CALABRESE Lena   d/o Samuel & Mary b. Italy. She was b. Rossiter, d. croup+D403 28 Apr. 1908 1y 7m 22d Rossiter Lindsey Roman Cath  
CALCHATOV John     25 Dec. 1902 50y Crawfordtown Catholic Anita
CALDWELL John     5 May. 1900 65y Young Twp. Carey  
CALDWELL     c/o John 28 Oct. 1903 6m Elk Run Carey Cemetery  
CALHOUN     d/o C R 10 Jun. 1918 stillborn Frostburg Beechwoods  
CALIGURE Louis   (Carlo) 6 Aug. 1917 9m Frances Mines R C Cemetery Punxsutawney
CALIGURI     pneumonia, w/o 5 Jan. 1918 75y   R C Cemetery Punxsutawney
CALIGURIA Frank   cancer. 23 Apr. 1915 68y Walston R C Cemetery Punxsutawney
CALLABRAC Joe   s/o Joe Callabrac 7 Feb. 1906 3m 28d   Lindsey Punxsutawney
CALLABRESE Maria   married 13 Mar. 1913 80y Walston R C Cemetery Punxsutawney
CALLAN Frank J angina pectoria 16 Aug. 1917 54y 4m Punxsutawney Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CALLANGHAN Patrick   miner, asthma, arrangements by wife 10 Mar. 1915 72y 2m 12d Adrian R C Cemetery Anita
CAMERON     w/o Hugh 5 Apr. 1900 26y Punxsutawney Pierce  
CAMPBELL Martha J. widow, arranged by Cora & Margaret Campbell 29 Nov. 1912 76y 10m 28d Punxsutawney Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CAMPBELL Sarah   cancer, d/o Mr. Graffius 19 Aug. 1906 67y 3m 11d Lindsey Oliveburg Cemetery  
CAMPBELL William B            
CAMPBELL William G b. Huntingdon Co. had dau., Mrs. Hoover 9 Sep. 1909 80y 2m 3d West End, Main St.   Oliveburg
CAMPISANO Santos   d. appendicitis, b. Italy, miner, s/o Nick & Katherine Manto Campisano both b. Italy 22 Dec. 1908 22y 3m Walston W End Roman Cath Punxsutawney
CANON Dolly     13 Apr.1901 43y Punxsutawney Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CANTWELL Arthur   s/o Arthur & Lula Oliver Cantell 18 Dec. 1908 10m 10d Railroad St. W End Roman Cath Punxsutawney
CAPISANO Liberto   d. Adrian Hosp from apendicitis 13 Nov.1 912 11y 6m 25d   R C Cemetery Anita
CARETLI Anglina   married, flu & pnuemonia, d. Hosp. 28 Oct. 1918 47y Rossiter R C Cemetery Punxsutawney
CAREY Clark A paralysis & pneumonia 28 Dec. 1918 68y Donara Oakland  
CAREY William M kidney injury 22 Jul. 1916 61y 1m 8d Punxsutawney Oaklawn  
CAREY     c/o Henry 17 Aug. 1901 1d Punxsutawney Circle Hill  
CARL J Stanley   10 Aug. 1900 75y Lindsay Catholic Lindsay
CARL     c/o John 28 Apr. 1903 3m Adrian Catholic Adrian
CARLEY Nancy   w/o          
CARLSON Alfred Davis   12 Sep. 1914 4m 13d Rossiter Union Cemetery Rossiter
CARPENTER Alvin     28 Mar. 1902 45y Mountaindale Mountaindale  
CARR John   farmer, s/o Moses & Catherine Stineman Carr 2 Sep. 1908 65y 9m 8d Young Twp. Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CARRICK Mary     31 Oct. 1900 18y Adrian K of P Anita
CARRUBO Paulma   married 20 Nov. 1916   Punxsutawney R C Cemetery Punxsutawney
CASEY Nellis     20 Apr. 1900 17y Punxsutawney Catholic Lindsay
CASEY     w/o M C 1 Sep. 1900 50y Warren Catholic Ridgway
CASTIER Cora   arranged by husband 19 Jun. 1911 42y 9m 16d Clark Ave R C Cemetery Punxsutawney
CATHCART infant   d/o Clarence 29 Jul. 1913 stillborn Punxsutawney Bowers Cemetery Clearfield Co.
CATTELL Maria              
CAVELLAVA Josephina   d. Adrian Hosp., flu-pneumonia 17 Oct. 1918 10y Florence R C Cemetery Anita
CAYLOR Henry   d. miners asthma, b. Germany 24 Dec. 1909 64y 6m 21d Young Twp. W End Roman Cath Punxsutawney
CEASE James   twin 27 Mar. 1919 stillborn North Point North Point North Point
CEASE William   twin 27 Mar. 1919 stillborn North Point North Point North Point
CETIR Martha     28 Jan. 1919 10d Cloe Oaklawn  
CHAMBERS Aaron   pneumonia, arrangements by mother 30 Jun. 1913 37y 3m 29d Punxsutawney White Church Hamilton
CHAMBERS Charles   arranged by Albert L. Chambers 29 Mar. 1914 16d Punxsutawney Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CHAMBERS Charles     18 Mar. 1918   Trade City Round Top Trade City
CHAMBERS Clara Della typhoid fever, married, services at home of D. Chamber, d. Adrian Hosp. 14 Oct. 1917 43y 24d Buffalo Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CHAMBERS Edwin Earl b. Trade City, s/o James & Pearl Kohlhepp Chambers 20 Mar. 1909 8y 3m 1d Covode Marchand Marchand
CHAMBERS Elizabeth J   24 Apr. 1902 70y N Mahoning Twp Methodist Perrysville
CHAMBERS Elizabeth   d. heart trouble, d/o William Sink 23 Jan. 1909 81y 8m 1d E Union St, Punxsy Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CHAMBERS Harold Flemming pneumonia, arranged by Harry Chambers 10 Apr. 1914 10m 16d Trade City Round Top Trade City
CHAMBERS infant   s/o David 25 Jun. 1913     Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CHAMBERS James Karl   24 Feb. 1919 11d Trade City Round Top Trade City
CHAMBERS James M apoplexy, married, arranged by Will Stiver 6 Jun. 1915 70y 5m 9d Trade City White Church Hamilton
CHAMBERS Lemon E services at home of D. Chambers 20 Nov.1 916 47y Buffalo Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CHAMBERS Lewis   TB d. Buffalo NY, single 3 Jan. 1914 18y 10m   Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CHAMBERS Margaret   pneumonia, married 17 Oct. 1917 65y 8m 7d Valier Valier Valier
CHAMBERS Mary Ann w/o 6 Oct. 1901 49y N Mahoning Twp White Church Hamilton
CHAMBERS William M. widower, arrangments by sons 14 Jan. 1915 64y 5m 20d Reynoldsville White Church Hamilton
CHAMBERS     w/o Robert 27 Jun. 1902 82y East End Methodist Covode
CHAMBERS     c/o Lemon 11 Jan. 1903 2m Punxsutawney Circle Hill  
CHAMBERS     baby arranged by David Chambers 5 Jan. 1915 baby Punxsutawney Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CHANCY James   killed on RR near Williams Crossing 7 Oct. 1917 31y transient   Jersey City, NJ
CHAPMAN Mable   membrane croup, d/o James C & Mary C Chapman 31 Mar. 1906 1y 5m Sykesville   Sykesville
CHAPMAN Richard S injury in mines, d. Punxsy Hosp 3 Jun. 1917 26y 8m 9d Punxsutawney Burnside  
CHAPMAN Ronald Woodrow   14 Aug. 1916 1y Punxsutawney Burnside  
CHAPMAN Roy Dilts   2 Aug. 1918 3y Valier, Knoxdale    
CHARLES Hellen Louise d/o William & Ida Charles 10 Mar. 1908 2y 18d Rossiter West End Punxsutawney
CHARLES James     29 Nov. 1915 42y Lock Haven Perry  
CHARLES William R. apoplexy, 6 Nov. 1917 53y Lock Haven Perry  
CHARLTON Hannah   d. home of dau., arranged by sons 21 Feb. 1911 77y 7m 29d Rossiter   Peale PA
CHIVDA Augustus "Gust" d. asthma, b. Italy, miner 27 Dec. 1909 50y Walston W End Roman Cath Punxsutawney
CHOLAK     d. Adrian Hosp 4 Oct. 1917 premature Sykesville   Sykesville
CHURGRI infant   d/o Jonathan, d. Punxsy Hosp Jan. 1917   Dayton R C Cemetery  
CLARK Amos Jesse dropsy, s/o Isaac & Zillah Cooper Clark 8 Mar. 1908 33y 5m 8d Punxsutawney West End Punxsutawney
CLARK Barbra   b. Scotland, widow 18 Dec. 1905 75y Young Twp. Anita K of P Anita
CLARK     w/o James 24 Feb. 1901 40y Adrian K of P Anita
CLAUSON Maud     20 Oct. 1903 18y Clayville Clayville  
CLAWSON Archie E carpenter, s/o Joseph & Annie McQuown Clawson 22 Aug. 1910 47y 6m 17d Punxsutawney Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CLAWSON Archie Jr. miner, s/o Archie & Annie Clawson 15 Jun. 1906 3y 6m Punxsutawney Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CLAWSON Cornelius   arranged by Mrs. Graffius, lumberman 23 Jun. 1913 84y Pleasant Ave Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CLAWSON Della V d/o Robert & Ida Drummond Clawson 10 Apr. 1910 4h Horaio Sta W End Roman Cath Punxsutawney
CLAWSON Johnathan     14 Jun. 1902 67y Lindsay Old Cemetery Lindsay
CLAWSON Laura   d/o Benoni & Anna Williams 12 Jan. 1906 49y 3m Lindsey Lindsey Punxsutawney
CLAWSON Lindsey R TB 7 Nov. 1917 33y Wilkinsburg Greenwood  
CLAWSON Mary McQuown   1 Dec. 1911 74y 6m 28d Punxsutawney West End Punxsutawney
CLAWSON Mary   married, pneumonia 16 Oct. 1918 90y 27d Punxsutawney Oaklawn  
CLAWSON     c/o Lin 11 Dec. 1903 8m Clayville Clayville  
CLAYTON     Mr. 2 Jul. 1901 60y Big Run Carey Cemetery  
CLEMENTS Robert F. hotel clerk, married, arranged by Mrs. C. E. Clements, d. Punxsy Hosp. 27 Sep. 1911 52y 3m 6d   Brookville Brookville
CLEMENTSON William A. Dr. pneumonia, married, d. at Braddock 16 Feb. 1912 38y     Marchand
CLEVER infant   s/o Guy & Mary McCartney Clever 31 May. 1909 8d Punxsy Hospital Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CLOVER Anna G. Edelbhite, landlady of a hotel, d. Hotel Pantall, arranged by H. Edelfrite & R. Clover 14 Oct. 1912     Brookville Brookville
CLUBSTEIN     c/o Mary 4 Mar. 1902 2d Young Twp.    
COCHRAN Blair E. d. Punxsy hosp appendicitis   3y 11m 21d Valier White Church Hamilton
COCHRAN Clarence James arranged by James Cochran 17 Apr. 1914 6y 7m 26d Hamilton White Church Hamilton
COCHRAN Gertrude   d/o James & Effie Cochran 8 Feb. 1907 1d Rossiter Union Cemetery  
COCHRAN John M pneumonia, widower, arranged by son, Scott 10 Jun. 1913 73y 9m 29d Fairview Oaklawn Cemetery  
COCHRAN Mary Bell scarlet fever, d/o David & Lizzie Cochran 1 Aug. 1906 2y 10m Punxsutawney Chapel Cemetery Sprankles Mills
COCHRAN     w/o 13 Jun. 1900 90y Bell Twp. Carey  
COCHRAN     c/o C S 1 Feb. 1903 1d Punxsutawney Kramkrau  
COHN Ida Rachel shock from burns 7 Nov. 1913 72y 11m Punxsutawney Jewish Cemetery  
COLEGUNE Beas   pneumonia 21 Dec. 1916 10m 2d Horatio R C Cemetery  
COLEMAN Cora   d. Adrian hosp. Married 7 May. 1912 23y 11m 4d   West End Punxsutawney
COLEMAN John Arthur whooping courgh & pneumonia 30 Nov. 1911 1y 4m 21d Perry Twp Zion Cemetery  
COLKITT Catherine   & baby, pneumonia. Arranged by Charles Colkitt 25 Jan. 1915   Elk Run Circle Hill Punxsutawney
COLLEY Georgia Gwendaline b. DuBois, d/o Robert b. Scotland & Martha Wilson, b. England, Davis 9 Jul. 1909   West End, Main St. Rumberger DuBois
COLLIER Daniel Thomas RR conductor, d. of gunshot wounds, arrangements by wife 5 Jun. 1912 44y 6m 10d Punxsutawney Circle Hill Punxsutawney
COLLOMAN Mary              
COMPART Joseph   accident in mines 20 Jul. 1915 32y 8m 17d Frances Mines R C Cemetery Punxsutawney
COMPOSINI Louisa   b. Italy 21 Aug. 1907 21y 7m 11d Walston Lindsay Punxsutawney
CONDRON Ernst Alain flu & pneumonia 28 Nov. 1918 2y 5m 21d Albion Oliveburg  
CONDRON Ida   married, childbirth, buried with baby 17 Apr. 1918 26y 11m 18d Detroit, MI Oliveburg  
CONNELLY John J b. Luzerne Co., engineer, s/o Timothy Connelly b. Ireland 29 Jan. 1909 56y 11m Adrian Anita N. Cath Anita
CONRAD Catherine   paralysis, married 28 Jun. 1919 68y 9m 18d Punxsutawney Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CONSER Hellen     6 May. 1903 3y Clayville Circle Hill  
CONSER James B. arranged by J. R. Conser 4 Apr. 1912 84y 16d Punxsutawney Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CONSER Margaret J. w/o, arranged by son 8 Nov. 1911 74y 2m 24d Punxsutawney Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CONWAY Bernard J d. Adrian Hosp 20 Dec. 1915 3d Punxsutawney Circle Hill Punxsutawney
COOK Frank     13 Dec. 1900 22m Adrian Catholic Anita
COOK Mary E. widow, paralysis 19 Oct. 1914 80y 10m 21d Punxsutawney Belle Vernon Belle Vernon
COON Frank   oil man, fracture of skull, single, services at home of Mrs. Reese, d. in OK 2 Nov. 1912 40y 10m 16d   Circle Hill Punxsutawney
COON Jacob S lumberman, widower, arranged bysons, d. at home of dau. 9 Oct. 1910 74y 10m Punxsutawney White Church Hamilton
COOPER Elizabeth   d. pneumonia, d/o Henry B & Catherine McKee Brisel? 16 Nov. 1908 72y 5m 12d Front St. Punxsy Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CORBETT James J pneumonia, bartender, arranged by wife 7 May. 1911 38y 8m 29d Punxsutawney R C Cemetery Punxsutawney
CORBETT     w/o James 16 Jun. 1900 56y Punxsutawney Catholic Lindsay
COREY Margaret J. arranged by husband, service at home of son 13 May. 1911 61y 8m 6d Punxsutawney Circle Hill Punxsutawney
COREY Nelson D. Justice of the Peace, arrangements by son-in-law 10 May. 1912 64y 1m 12d   Circle Hill Punxsutawney
COREY/CAREY Elinor Ruth   14 May. 1914 2m 2d Bell Twp Oaklawn Cemetery  
CORNMAN Delilah   married, arranged by Dan Cornman 20 May. 1913 63y 10m 1d Punxsutawney Union Cemetery Troutville
COSTA Rosairo   flu & pneumonia 16 Nov. 1918 5m Clover Run R C Cemetery Punxsutawney
COSTA     c/o 20 Jan. 1902 5m Bradford Circle Hill  
COSTELLO     c/o Joe 10 Aug. 1902 2m Punxsutawney Catholic Anita
COUCH Clyde Woodrow diphtheria. 1 Jul. 1916 4y 11m 4d Bell Twp Pleasant Grove  
COULTER Sarah   heart trouble, married 13 Feb. 1917 78y 5m 18d Punxsutawney Circle Hill Punxsutawney
COULTER William P. d. Punxsy Hosp. Civil Engineer 27 May. 1914 38y 4m 26d   Circle Hill Punxsutawney
COUSINO? Sophia     15 Oct. 1906 26d Islin Anita R C Anita
COVENTRY John C   20 Oct. 1902 67y Bell Twp. Circle Hill  
COVERT Mary   widow, arranged by sons, home of Jacob Dunmire 10 Sep. 1910 82y 7m 6d   Pearce  
COXWOOD Inez L   20 May. 1902 16y Clarksburg WV Circle Hill  
COY David A            
COY Eliza   widow, arranged by H G Bowers & Mrs. C. Wright 31 May. 1913 60y 1m 1d Punxsutawney Fry Cemetery Gipsy
COY Frances Gertrude pneumonia, arranged by H D Coy 26 Sep. 1911 6y 2m 1d Covode Presbyterian Covode
COY Paul     26 Jul. 1917 1y 3m Covode Presbyterian Covode
COY Susan   arranged by husband 12 Jan. 1915 82y 5m 18d Covode Presbyterian Covode
CRAFT Benson   arranged by Ed. Craft 17 May. 1914 2m 15d Clark Ave Greenwood  
CRAFT Leo Paul pneumonia 9 Oct. 1918 5m 23d R R St. Greenwood  
CRAFT Lyle O pneumonia   24y Montgomery Co. Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CRAFT Margaret Geraldine d/o H. E. b. Punxsy & Fannie Fisher, b. England. She was b. Punxsy. 16 Apr. 1909 1y 3m 15d Elk Run Greenwood Punxsutawney
CRAFT Nellie B arranged by John H. Craft 17 Oct. 1913 1y 4m 29d Rossiter Union Cemetery Rossiter
CRAWFORD Rachel   widow, d. home of Elmer Pearce 31 Jan. 1915 72y 5m 4d   Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CREASE Tharessa   d. measles & pneumonia, d/o Dominic, b Italy, & Louisa Paker Crease 8 Oct. 1909 1y 1m 1d Walston W End Roman Cath Punxsutawney
CREMENTO Philmenia   pneumonia 11 Apr. 1911 2y 11m 20d Walston R C Cemetery Punxsutawney
CRICKS John T. restaurant owner, arranged by Mrs. Cricks 29 Aug. 1913 70y 2m 11d   Greenwood  
CRILLEY Patrick   b. Ireland s/o John, b. Ireland, & Sarah McCue 15 Feb. 1910 92y W End W End Roman Cath Punxsutawney
CRISCI Sabato   spasms 2 Jun. 1916 4y 9m 29d Adrian R C Cemetery Anita
CROASMAN James W farmer, d. home of Miles Croasmun 26 Mar. 1911 77y 4m 17d Hamilton White Church Hamilton
CROASMAN S Ralph   28 May. 1916 46y 7m 9d Valier White Church Hamilton
CROASMUN Julia   married, paralysis 26 Jul. 1916 73y 11m 21d Butler White Church Hamilton
CROASMUN Miles   gangrene of the feet 12 Sep. 1917 86y 2d Hamilton White Church Hamilton
CROASMUN Nathan   farmer & lumberman, s/o Asa & Mary McHenry Croasman 24 Aug. 1908 82y 4m 15d Valier White Church Hamilton
CROASMUN Rachel M B pneumonia, widow 10 Dec. 1913 84y 9m 1d Valier White Church Valier
CROOKS Sara Annabel flu & pneumonia 2 Jan. 1919 9m Punxsutawney Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CROTZER Frederick J miner, s/o Charles C & M Minnie Crotzer 24 Aug. 1906 7m 7d Punxsutawney Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CROTZER Harry     1 Jul. 1900 4m Punxsutawney Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CROTZER Mamie E. married, arranged by C. L. Crotzer 31 Oct. 1914 44y 7m 23d Punxsutawney Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CROW Alan William killed on RR, married 17 Jan. 1911 22y 13d   Greenwood  
CUMMINGS Annie   w/o 14 Jan. 1901 28y Walston Catholic Lindsay
CUMMINGS infant   d/o Patrick 12 Aug. 1912   Francis Mines R C Cemetery Punxsutawney
CUMMINGS John     25 Jul. 1902   Walston Catholic Lindsay
CUMMINGS Lawrence     6 Jul. 1901 1y Walston Catholic Lindsay
CUMMINGS Lorena Maude pneumonia, arranged by John C. Cummings 9 Nov. 1912 3m 7d Punxsutawney   Kent OH
CUMMINGS Margaret   w/o 14 Jul. 1902 48y Walston Catholic Lindsay
CUMMINGS Mary Glymn married, d. Adrian hosp 4 Nov. 1915 32y 6m 24d Punxsutawney R C Cemetery  
CUMMINGS Mary   b. Ireland, d/o O'Brien b. Ireland 19 Jul. 1910 68y 5m 14d Cherry St. Punxsy Catholic Kent, OH
CUMMINGS William     14 Dec. 1900 4y Walston Catholic Lindsay
CUMMINGS William   b. Scotland, s/o William & Agnes Cummings, both b. Scotland, miners asthma 6 Jan. 1907 60y 2m 29d Lindsey Lindsey Punxsutawney
CUMMINGS     c/o James 3 Apr. 1902 2m Lindsay Catholic Lindsay
CUMMINGS     c/o Will 6 Aug. 1902 3m Lindsay Catholic Lindsay
CUPTZ John     9 Jan. 1903 67y Lindsay Catholic Lindsay
CURRY B Elmer   13 Mar. 1919 1y 2m 8d Punxsutawney Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CURRY Lolie S pneumonia, arranged by husband 16 Jan. 1914 35y 11m 3d Punxsutawney Oliveburg Oliveburg
CURRY Silas Clark carpenter, married, d. Punxsy Hosp. 4 Oct. 1911 51y 7m 15d   Circle Hill Punxsutawney
CURRY Thaddeus S janitor of MCA, married 8 Jan. 1914 62y 9m 7d Punxsutawney Frostburg Frostburg
CURRY Walton T flu & pneumonia 25 Nov. 1918 19y Camp Kearny, CA Oliveburg  
CURRY     c/o Lemon 11 Jan. 1901 1d Frostburg Frostburg Frostburg

Jefferson County, PA