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Young Township, Indiana County, PA


This township was formed in 1830

Fort Elder

Fort Thomson

West Lebanon


Coal Run


Elders Ridge High School

Elders Ridge Academy

Kent Ladies Missionary Society

Elders Ridge Presbyterian Church


Covenenter Cemetery  Listing  Photos

Iselin Union Cemetery - This is according to the history that the board of directors has for this cemetery. On May 1, 1896 The Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal Iron Company to Central Trust Company of New York as Trustee - Purchased Money Mortage upon the "Helvetia" property: $1,100,000.00 Adrian Iselin and Company Mahoning Valley Railroad Company and Central Trust Company of New York, Trustee. Agreement: Adrian Iselin, Jr. etcs. With Central Trust Company of New York, Trustee agreement dated May 1, 1896. Four years after the terms of the agreement, the Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal Company in 1900 established the Iselin Cemetery.   Although the above is what is claimed to be the history of this cemetery, there were burials in this cemetery a hundred years prior to its establishment.   Listing   Photos


Kent United Presbyterian Cemetery Listing  Photos


Elders Ridge/Ridgeview Cemetery 

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West Lebanon Cemetery  Listing  Photos