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1856 Peelor Map Index

Wabbeck J Wheatfield Twp
Wachob J Young Twp
Waddell J Conemaugh Twp
Waddell S Conemaugh Twp
Wadders T South Mahoning Twp
Wagoner J Brush Valley Twp
Wagoner M Wheatfield Twp
Wainwright G Blacklick Twp
Wakefield ? Wheatfield Twp
Wakefield A Brush Valley Twp
Wakefield D Wheatfield Twp
Wakefield D W Wheatfield Twp
Wakefield J Brush Valley Twp
Wakefield J Wheatfield Twp
Wakefield Jas Brush Valley Twp
Wakefield R Brush Valley Twp
Wakefield T Wheatfield Twp
Wakefield Wm Wheatfield Twp
Walace James Wheatfield Twp
Walbeck C Wheatfield Twp
Walbeck O Wheatfield Twp
Walkenshaw J Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Walker Alex Shalocta, Armstrong Twp
Walker B Armstrong Twp
Walker D South Mahoning Twp
Walker Mrs. Montgomery Twp
Walker P North Mahoning Twp
Walker S Montgomery Twp
Walker S Shalocta, Armstrong Twp
Walker Thos Young Twp
Walker   Armstrong Twp
Wallace E Wheatfield Twp
Wallace J M Wheatfield Twp
Wallace Wm Washington Twp
Walter D Cherryhill Twp
Warden R South Mahoning Twp
Warden Wm South Mahoning Twp
Warren B South Mahoning Twp
Wassan J Montgomery Twp
Watson J Young Twp
Watson T Young Twp
Watt J M Indiana Borough, White Twp
Watterson J S Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Weak? L North Mahoning Twp
Weamer D Washington Twp
Weamer G South Mahoning Twp
Weamer J South Mahoning Twp
Weamer John Indiana Borough, White Twp
Weaver D East Mahoning Twp
Weaver D Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Weaver F East Mahoning Twp
Weaver H South Mahoning Twp
Weaver J West Mahoning Twp
Weaver John Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Weaver Wm Canoe Twp
Weaver Wm South Mahoning Twp
Webster H Montgomery Twp
Weidman C. North Mahoning Twp
Weir A Indiana Borough, White Twp
Weir Hugh W Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Weir J & A Burrell Twp
Wells C South Mahoning Twp
Wells J South Mahoning Twp
Wells L South Mahoning Twp
Wells P South Mahoning Twp
Wheeler F Rayne Twp
Wherle B Indiana Borough, White Twp
White C Canoe Twp
White J Center Twp
White P Canoe Twp
White T Indiana Borough, White Twp
White T Indiana Borough, White Twp
White T., Hon. White Twp
White Wm Montgomery Twp
White Wm? Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Whitehead T Burrell Twp
Widdle J Green Twp
Widdowson J Cherryhill Twp
Widdowson William Cherryhill Twp
Wiggins A Armstrong Twp
Wiggins A Cherryhill Twp
Wiggins H Armstrong Twp
Wiggins Jane, Mrs Center Twp
Wiggins R White Twp
Wiggins S Armstrong Twp
Wiggins S Armstrong Twp
Wiggins S White Twp
Wiggins Wm Washington Twp
Wike G Pine Twp
Wiley R Center Twp
Wilhelm Chas North Mahoning Twp
Wilkens A Brush Valley Twp
Wilkinson D Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Wilkinson G Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Wilkinson W Young Twp
Willet A Burrell Twp
Willet M Wheatfield Twp
William J Pine Twp
Williams D Green Twp
Williams H Green Twp
Williams J Canoe Twp
Williamson E South Mahoning Twp
Williamson R Green Twp
Williamson Wm West Mahoning Twp
Williard D Canoe Twp
Williard R East Mahoning Twp
Willson D Brush Valley Twp
Willson D Conemaugh Twp
Willson M Conemaugh Twp
Willson M Mechanicsburg, Brush Valley Twp
Willson Wm South Mahoning Twp
Wilson A W Indiana Borough, White Twp
Wilson G Conemaugh Twp
Wilson J Canoe Twp
Wilson J Washington Twp
Wilson M Wheatfield Twp
Wilson S Center Twp
Wilson W Brush Valley Twp
Wilson W Center Twp
Wimer J Green Twp
Wimer W R Green Twp
Wine Wm Armstrong Twp
Winebrenner? W Wheatfield Twp
Winning H North Mahoning Twp
Winshimer G Canoe Twp
Winshimer M Canoe Twp
Wire J Montgomery Twp
Wise J Green Twp
Wise S Green Twp
Wissinger D Rayne Twp
Wissinger J Cherryhill Twp
Wissinger J Rayne Twp
Wissinger?   Washington Twp
Witey Jas Burrell Twp
Wodbach Joseph Wheatfield Twp
Wolf D Canoe Twp
Wolf G Rayne Twp
Wolf U Brush Valley Twp
Wolf Wm Rayne Twp
Wood   Pine Twp
Woodend W W, Rev Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Woods H, Jr East Mahoning Twp
Woods R East Mahoning Twp
Woodward A Montgomery Twp
Woodward J Montgomery Twp
Woodward W Montgomery Twp
Work A East Mahoning Twp
Work A S East Mahoning Twp
Work E East Mahoning Twp
Work E East Mahoning Twp
Work J East Mahoning Twp
Work J North Mahoning Twp
Work L P Wheatfield Twp
Work M East Mahoning Twp
Work M East Mahoning Twp
Work S East Mahoning Twp
Work Wm East Mahoning Twp
Work   East Mahoning Twp
Work   East Mahoning Twp
Wright G W Montgomery Twp
Wuner? J Cherryhill Twp
Wyatt J Conemaugh Twp
Wyncoop Wm Washington Twp
Wynkoop D South Mahoning Twp
Wynkoop M South Mahoning Twp
Wynkoop M B Rayne Twp

Indiana County, PA