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1856 Peelor Map Index

Sample Wm Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Sandxx? Wm Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Sawers D Canoe Twp
Scott A Armstrong Twp
Scott J Center Twp
Sebring Wm Cherryhill Twp
Segerson P Wheatfield Twp
Sens? J Brush Valley Twp
Shacrer? J Conemaugh Twp
Shadle G Brush Valley Twp
Shaffer G West Mahoning Twp
Shaffer J North Mahoning Twp
Shaffer Wm Washington Twp
Shaffer   North Mahoning Twp
Shaffer? J North Mahoning Twp
Shank J Cherryhill Twp
Shankle A Montgomery Twp
Shankle C Montgomery Twp
Shankle Wm Montgomery Twp
Sharp A Armstrong Twp
Sharp Alex Shalocta, Armstrong Twp
Sharp Andrew Shalocta, Armstrong Twp
Sharp H North Mahoning Twp
Sharp J Armstrong Twp
Sharp J Brush Valley Twp
Sharp Mrs. Armstrong Twp
Sharp P Canoe Twp
Sharps J Shalocta, Armstrong Twp
Shaw S Montgomery Twp
Shaw T North Mahoning Twp
Shedrich Wm Green Twp
Sherly J Conemaugh Twp
Shids R North Mahoning Twp
Shield J Green Twp
Shields A, Esq Rayne Twp
Shields Alex M Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Shields G Canoe Twp
Shields J Blacklick Twp
Shields J Rayne Twp
Shields J South Mahoning Twp
Shields J McCreery Green Twp
Shields Jas North Mahoning Twp
Shields Marshal Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Shields R North Mahoning Twp
Shields W K Rayne Twp
Shields Wm Rayne Twp
Shields Wm White Twp
Shillitose?  G Cherryhill Twp
Shirley C Center Twp
Shoemaker   Pine Twp
Shoots J Wheatfield Twp
Short J Rayne Twp
Shoup G R Wheatfield Twp
Showman   Center Twp
Shroch J Wheatfield Twp
Shryock J H Indiana Borough, White Twp
Shryock L Indiana Borough, White Twp
Shurick A Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Side A Green Twp
Silvers J Canoe Twp
Silvers L Montgomery Twp
Simmons D Indiana Borough, White Twp
Simpson A South Mahoning Twp
Simpson D East Mahoning Twp
Simpson D C North Mahoning Twp
Simpson H Brush Valley Twp
Simpson J Blacklick Twp
Simpson J Center Twp
Simpson J Cherryhill Twp
Simpson J East Mahoning Twp
Simpson Jas Cherryhill Twp
Simpson John White Twp
Simpson N Center Twp
Simpson P Canoe Twp
Simpson R Cherryhill Twp
Simpson S Center Twp
Simpson S Cherryhill Twp
Simpson S H East Mahoning Twp
Simpson T Center Twp
Simpson T South Mahoning Twp
Simpson T South Mahoning Twp
Simpson Wm East Mahoning Twp
Sims N, Dr Smicksburg, West Mahoning Twp
Singer S H Cherryhill Twp
Singley Mary Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Sink A South Mahoning Twp
Sipes John Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Slates M Canoe Twp
Slatet? J Brush Valley Twp
Slimens   Canoe Twp
Sloan A Young Twp
Sloan J Burrell Twp
Sloan J M Indiana Borough, White Twp
Sloan T Burrell Twp
Sloniker D, Jr North Mahoning Twp
Sloniker D, Sr North Mahoning Twp
Smiley Mrs. West Mahoning Twp
Smith A Armstrong Twp
Smith A Indiana Borough, White Twp
Smith A Shalocta, Armstrong Twp
Smith B Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Smith C Canoe Twp
Smith E Green Twp
Smith G Blacklick Twp
Smith G Green Twp
Smith Geo Canoe Twp
Smith J Canoe Twp
Smith J Center Twp
Smith J South Mahoning Twp
Smith J Wheatfield Twp
Smith J Young Twp
Smith J L Canoe Twp
Smith J R Indiana Borough, White Twp
Smith Jas Young Twp
Smith M Young Twp
Smith M. Green Twp
Smith Mrs. Center Twp
Smith N? Young Twp
Smith R Burrell Twp
Smith T Canoe Twp
Smith W Young Twp
Smith W Young Twp
Smith W H Center Twp
Smith Wm Rayne Twp
Smith Wm Washington Twp
Smitton A North Mahoning Twp
Smitton J Y North Mahoning Twp
Smyers? W Montgomery Twp
Smyma?   South Mahoning Twp
Snook J Montgomery Twp
Snowberger A Green Twp
Snyder B Rayne Twp
Snyder R East Mahoning Twp
Snyder T North Mahoning Twp
Snyder Wm Burrell Twp
Sowers A Brush Valley Twp
Sowers M Mechanicsburg, Brush Valley Twp
Spalding J Cherryhill Twp
Spargo Mrs. South Mahoning Twp
Spealman Jessy? Brush Valley Twp
Spear G South Mahoning Twp
Spear J White Twp
Speedy A Rayne Twp
Speedy H Conemaugh Twp
Speedy J Washington Twp
Speedy T Rayne Twp
Speedy W Rayne Twp
Spence A Washington Twp
Spence Jas White Twp
Spence R Washington Twp
Spencer A South Mahoning Twp
Spencer D Canoe Twp
Spencer D Canoe Twp
Spencer D West Mahoning Twp
Spencer J South Mahoning Twp
Spencer J South Mahoning Twp
Spencer W Canoe Twp
Spencer Z South Mahoning Twp
Spiker H Montgomery Twp
Spiker J Montgomery Twp
Spiker J Montgomery Twp
Spiker S Montgomery Twp
Sprankle Mrs. North Mahoning Twp
St Clair J Wheatfield Twp
St Clair J White Twp
St Clair N Wheatfield Twp
St Clair S Center Twp
St Clair Thomas, Dr Indiana Borough, White Twp
Stachall J East Mahoning Twp
Staff J Green Twp
Stahl Isaac Armstrong Twp
Stahl P Green Twp
Stall S Rayne Twp
Stall Wm Rayne Twp
Stanard D Indiana Borough, White Twp
Stanard D White Twp
States A Canoe Twp
States J Canoe Twp
Stauly? J F East Mahoning Twp
Steavens A Green Twp
Steel Mrs. Indiana Borough, White Twp
Steel W East Mahoning Twp
Steele S Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Steer D Canoe Twp
Steer D West Mahoning Twp
Steer J West Mahoning Twp
Steer J West Mahoning Twp
Steer Mrs. Smicksburg, West Mahoning Twp
Steffy J Pine Twp
Steffy   Conemaugh Twp
Steller   West Mahoning Twp
Stelstor? J Green Twp
Stephens J Wheatfield Twp
Stephens Wm Pine Twp
Stephens   White Twp
Sternmetz J Indiana Borough, White Twp
Sterrit Wm J Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Stevans G Cherryhill Twp
Stevans J Cherryhill Twp
Stevens T Cherryhill Twp
Stewart A Armstrong Twp
Stewart A Cherryhill Twp
Stewart Abel Indiana Borough, White Twp
Stewart B S Cherryhill Twp
Stewart D Brush Valley Twp
Stewart Dr. Armagh, Wheatfield Twp
Stewart J Mechanicsburg, Brush Valley Twp
Stewart J Pine Twp
Stewart J Washington Twp
Stewart J West Mahoning Twp
Stewart J M Indiana Borough, White Twp
Stewart James M Dr Indiana Borough, White Twp
Stewart Jas Brush Valley Twp
Stewart Jas Brush Valley Twp
Stewart L Brush Valley Twp
Stewart M Washington Twp
Stewart Mrs. Armagh, Wheatfield Twp
Stewart R North Mahoning Twp
Stewart S F Armagh, Wheatfield Twp
Stewart W East Mahoning Twp
Stewart Wm Blacklick Twp
Stewart Wm M Indiana Borough, White Twp
Stewart   South Mahoning Twp
Stickall? J South Mahoning Twp
Stier G Smicksburg, West Mahoning Twp
Stiffler G Green Twp
Stiffler J Green Twp
Stiffler P Green Twp
Stiver J Canoe Twp
Stofel Thos Pine Twp
Stofel W Pine Twp
Stonebraker Wm Rayne Twp
Stoops E Canoe Twp
Stormer J Wheatfield Twp
Stormer M Wheatfield Twp
Stotmiller A Indiana Borough, White Twp
Strong J Cherryhill Twp
Strong S Pine Twp
Stuchal J Rayne Twp
Stuchal J South Mahoning Twp
Stuchal Jas Rayne Twp
STuchal Mrs. Washington Twp
Stuchal S Rayne Twp
Stuchal Wm White Twp
Stuchall J East Mahoning Twp
Stuchall Thos Washington Twp
Stuchel A Rayne Twp
Stuchel J Conemaugh Twp
Stump A South Mahoning Twp
Stutzman D Wheatfield Twp
Stxxx S South Mahoning Twp
Suiter R East Mahoning Twp
Suiter Wm Montgomery Twp
Summer? J Brush Valley Twp
Sutton James  Indiana Borough, White Twp
Sutton P Blacklick Twp
Sutton S Blacklick Twp
Sutton W Blacklick Twp
Swan G Rayne Twp
Swan J Washington Twp
Swan W Rayne Twp
Swank G Rayne Twp
Sweeney J Cherryhill Twp
Sweeney M Cherryhill Twp
Switzer J Indiana Borough, White Twp
Syster D Cherryhill Twp
Syster J Cherryhill Twp

Indiana County, PA