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This is from Treasures of the Past

1856 Peelor Map Index

Lafferty S Conemaugh Twp
Laher F Rayne Twp
Laird F Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Laird H P Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Laird J Blacklick Twp
Laird Z Young Twp
Lamon J Brush Valley Twp
Laney Dr Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Laney John Indiana Borough, White Twp
Lang   Armstrong Twp
Langem J Montgomery Twp
Lapsley G Cherryhill Twp
Lapsley J Cherryhill Twp
Lapsly Wm Wheatfield Twp
Laris? S Rayne Twp
Latimer Wm Blacklick Twp
Laughlin Jos Center Twp
Laughlin T White Twp
Laughlin T J Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Laughrey A Burrell Twp
Laughrey Wm Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Law J Washington Twp
Learn A Green Twp
Learn A Green Twp
Learn J Green Twp
Learn J, Jr Green Twp
Learn J, Sr Green Twp
Leasure A Y East Mahoning Twp
Leasure P Green Twp
Leech J Conemaugh Twp
Leichteberger J H Indiana Borough, White Twp
Leisure Mrs. Canoe Twp
Lemon J Pine Twp
Lenns J South Mahoning Twp
Leonard J Pine Twp
Lewis E East Mahoning Twp
Lewis E Young Twp
Lewis E L South Mahoning Twp
Lewis G Canoe Twp
Lewis J Green Twp
Lewis J Rayne Twp
Lewis J Rayne Twp
Lewis J South Mahoning Twp
Lewis J Washington Twp
Lewis J White Twp
Lewis J K Montgomery Twp
Lewis Mrs. Cherryhill Twp
Lewis W Canoe Twp
Lewis Wm Indiana Borough, White Twp
Libengood C Conemaugh Twp
Liggat J Wheatfield Twp
Lightcap G Rayne Twp
Lightcap S Rayne Twp
Lightcap   East Mahoning Twp
Like G Canoe Twp
Limerick O East Mahoning Twp
Lindsey J Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Lindsey Jas West Mahoning Twp
Lindsey Wm West Mahoning Twp
Ling Wm Wheatfield Twp
Lingafelt Jos Montgomery Twp
Linter D Burrell Twp
Linter Wm Burrell Twp
Little A Rayne Twp
Little R Rayne Twp
Lockart D Cherryhill Twp
Lockart David Cherryhill Twp
Logan T Canoe Twp
Lomer? Paul Pine Twp
Lomison J Center Twp
Long A Green Twp
Long A Green Twp
Long C Cherryhill Twp
Long C Rayne Twp
Long C Rayne Twp
Long J Center Twp
Long J Cherryhill Twp
Long J Rayne Twp
Long M West Mahoning Twp
Long Mrs. Indiana Borough, White Twp
Long P Green Twp
Long S Blacklick Twp
Long Wm Cherryhill Twp
Long Wm Conemaugh Twp
Long Wm Rayne Twp
Long Wm Washington Twp
Longnecker P Cherryhill Twp
Longstreth S White Twp
Longwell T Rayne Twp
Lose C Burrell Twp
Loughrey A White Twp
Loughrey J Burrell Twp
Loughrey J Burrell Twp
Loughrey J Cherryhill Twp
Loughrey M Cherryhill Twp
Loughrey Mrs. White Twp
Loughrey Wm White Twp
Louless H Montgomery Twp
Love J A Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Love T Wheatfield Twp
Low C West Mahoning Twp
Lower D Cherryhill Twp
Lowers G Brush Valley Twp
Lowman A Brush Valley Twp
Lowman A East Mahoning Twp
Lowman A Green Twp
Lowman G Armstrong Twp
Lowman J Center Twp
Lowman J Rayne Twp
Lowman M Armstrong Twp
Lowman S Young Twp
Lowman T Young Twp
Lowman Wm Armstrong Twp
Lowman Wm Indiana Borough, White Twp
Lowmaster J Canoe Twp
Lowmaster J Canoe Twp
Lowmaster L East Mahoning Twp
Lowry D Young Twp
Lowry J Center Twp
Lowry R Armstrong Twp
Lowry S Montgomery Twp
Lowry S, Sr White Twp
Lowry   White Twp
Lowry? J Conemaugh Twp
Lowxxx? C Wheatfield Twp
Loyd R White Twp
Lubeng? O South Mahoning Twp
Lucas A Armstrong Twp
Lucas J Armstrong Twp
Lucas J Armstrong Twp
Lucas J Center Twp
Lucas S Washington Twp
Lucas Thos Armstrong Twp
Lukehart C South Mahoning Twp
Lunger J Canoe Twp
Luther A Wheatfield Twp
Luts G Rayne Twp
Luts Mrs. Rayne Twp
Lyda Wm Pine Twp
Lydick A Cherryhill Twp
Lydick A East Mahoning Twp
Lydick A Green Twp
Lydick J Cherryhill Twp
Lydick J East Mahoning Twp
Lydick J Green Twp
Lydick J Montgomery Twp
Lydick J North Mahoning Twp
Lydick J L Green Twp
Lydick M Green Twp
Lydick P Indiana Borough, White Twp
Lydick P South Mahoning Twp
Lydick R Cherryhill Twp
Lydick S Green Twp
Lydick T Cherryhill Twp
Lydick Wm South Mahoning Twp
Lynn J Wheatfield Twp
Lyon A Conemaugh Twp
Lyon Mrs. Conemaugh Twp
Lyons Mrs. Blacklick Twp
Lyons Wm Blacklick Twp
Lytle A West Mahoning Twp
Lytle J Center Twp
Lytle J, Jr. Center Twp
Lytle R West Mahoning Twp
Lytle S South Mahoning Twp
Lytle Wm Conemaugh Twp

Indiana County, PA