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This is from Treasures of the Past

1856 Peelor Map Index

Gaghagan J West Mahoning Twp
Gaily? T Conemaugh Twp
Gaines D Conemaugh Twp
Galbraith A Rayne Twp
Galbraith A Washington Twp
Gallaher P White Twp
Galy C Montgomery Twp
Gambell G W Blacklick Twp
Gamble G Wheatfield Twp
Gamble J Wheatfield Twp
Gamble M Center Twp
Gamble S North Mahoning Twp
Gamble W Brush Valley Twp
Gardener W Montgomery Twp
Gardner J Green Twp
Gardner Wm Montgomery Twp
Garman   White Twp
Garman   White Twp
Gary J Green Twp
Gate Jas Canoe Twp
George J Armstrong Twp
George J Brush Valley Twp
George J White Twp
George J B Brush Valley Twp
George Jas White Twp
George Wm Cherryhill Twp
Getty A Conemaugh Twp
Getty A Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Getty A & C Montgomery Twp
Getty J Conemaugh Twp
Getty J Conemaugh Twp
Getty J Rayne Twp
Getty J Washington Twp
Getty R Conemaugh Twp
Gibson A Cherryhill Twp
Gibson A Washington Twp
Gibson E Cherryhill Twp
Gibson H Cherryhill Twp
Gibson J Blacklick Twp
Gibson J A Cherryhill Twp
Gibson James Indiana Borough, White Twp
Gibson Mrs. Cherryhill Twp
Gibson Mrs. Cherryhill Twp
Gibson Saml Cherryhill Twp
Gilbert G Conemaugh Twp
Gilkinson Thos. Rev. Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Gillbert J Conemaugh Twp
Gillmore W Armstrong Twp
Gilmore A Young Twp
Gilmore J Young Twp
Girffeth A Pine Twp
Glass C Pine Twp
Glass J Pine Twp
Glasser P Rayne Twp
Glassford W Cherryhill Twp
Glenn Joseph Green Twp
Goin   Montgomery Twp
Golden S Brush Valley Twp
Gompers C White Twp
Gompers F Indiana Borough, White Twp
Good D West Mahoning Twp
Good Mrs. West Mahoning Twp
Good S West Mahoning Twp
Gordon Mrs. Blacklick Twp
Gorman D., Rev. Canoe Twp
Gorman Jas Montgomery Twp
Goss G Montgomery Twp
Gourley J North Mahoning Twp
Graff A Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Graff A Washington Twp
Graff J Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Graff   Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Graham ? Young Twp
Graham A Canoe Twp
Graham D Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Graham G Wheatfield Twp
Graham G Young Twp
Graham J Canoe Twp
Graham J Pine Twp
Graham J Pine Twp
Graham Mary Cherryhill Twp
Graham S Pine Twp
Graham Wm Pine Twp
Grambling H Cherryhill Twp
Graves C Canoe Twp
Gray J Montgomery Twp
Gray R Young Twp
Gray T South Mahoning Twp
Green E Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Green J Cherryhill Twp
Green Wm Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Greenhill D Indiana Borough, White Twp
Griffeth J Montgomery Twp
Griffeth T Montgomery Twp
Griffith A East Mahoning Twp
Griffith D Canoe Twp
Griffith D East Mahoning Twp
Griffith J White Twp
Griffith Jos White Twp
Griffith T White Twp
Groff A Indiana Borough, White Twp
Groft J Cherryhill Twp
Grow J Pine Twp
Grumans A Cherryhill Twp
Grumbling C Brush Valley Twp
Grumbling J Brush Valley Twp
Grumbling Wm Cherryhill Twp
Grumling J Montgomery Twp
Guire A Cherryhill Twp
Guthrie J Conemaugh Twp
Guthrie John Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp

Indiana County, PA