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This is from Treasures of the Past

1856 Peelor Map Index

Fails D Canoe Twp
Fails David Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Fair D Blacklick Twp
Fair J Blacklick Twp
Fair J Burrell Twp
Fair M Blacklick Twp
Fair P Center Twp
Fairman F Washington Twp
Fairman J Washington Twp
Fairman Mrs Washington Twp
Faith J Rayne Twp
Faith Wm Rayne Twp
Faloon? J Wheatfield Twp
Farguson J Green Twp
Farren A Armstrong Twp
Farren A Washington Twp
Farren Wm Armstrong Twp
Fee T Brush Valley Twp
Felton Wm Wheatfield Twp
Ferguson A?O Conemaugh Twp
Ferrier J Montgomery Twp
Fetterman G Montgomery Twp
Fetterman J Canoe Twp
Fetterman M Brush Valley Twp
Fetterman M Cherryhill Twp
Fetterman S Pine Twp
Findley D Pine Twp
Findley J Brush Valley Twp
Findley J Burrell Twp
Findley? Jas White Twp
Findly A Brush Valley Twp
Fingley S Green Twp
Fink S Center Twp
Finley G Wheatfield Twp
Fisher J Rayne Twp
Fisher J Washington Twp
Fisher M Washington Twp
Flcikar J Cherryhill Twp
Fleck D West Mahoning Twp
Fleck G West Mahoning Twp
Fleming A Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Fleming B Green Twp
Fleming J Armstrong Twp
Fleming M Armstrong Twp
Fleming R Shalocta, Armstrong Twp
Fleming S Washington Twp
Fleming T North Mahoning Twp
Fleming T Washington Twp
Fleming W Green Twp
Fleming W Green Twp
Fleming Wm Washington Twp
Flemming Jas Armstrong Twp
Fletcher Mrs Conemaugh Twp
Flick D N North Mahoning Twp
Flickinger   Center Twp
Foley P Pine Twp
Foley Wm Pine Twp
Folker? J East Mahoning Twp
Ford J P Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Ford T Wheatfield Twp
Foreshoe Wm Burrell Twp
Forester J Conemaugh Twp
Fourt F Wheatfield Twp
Fowler A Cherryhill Twp
Fowler Wm Cherryhill Twp
Frasier Wm Green Twp
Freely J Montgomery Twp
Freets L E Indiana Borough, White Twp
Fritz J Blacklick Twp
Fritz J Blacklick Twp
Fritz Wm Conemaugh Twp
Froman C Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Fry D Canoe Twp
Fry J Brush Valley Twp
Fry L Cherryhill Twp
Fry P Brush Valley Twp
Fulcrumer J Wheatfield Twp
Fulton A Young Twp
Fulton D Cherryhill Twp
Fulton J Armstrong Twp
Fulton J Conemaugh Twp
Fulton J R Smicksburg, West Mahoning Twp
Fulton R Young Twp
Fulton S Young Twp
Furgason J Blacklick Twp
Furgerson J White Twp
Furgeson D White Twp
Furguson Wm Blacklick Twp
Furner Wm Center Twp
Fyhock J Green Twp
Fyhock J, Sr Green Twp
Fyhock L Cherryhill Twp

Indiana County, PA