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1856 Peelor Map Index

Backer P East Mahoning Twp
Backxxx? Jas Rayne Twp
Bagner J Washington Twp
Bailey J Rayne Twp
Baind? J Rayne Twp
Baird B Canoe Twp
Baird P Canoe Twp
Baker G Green Twp
Baker J Canoe Twp
Baker J Canoe Twp
Baker J Cherryhill Twp
Baker M Center Twp
Bakers E Pine Twp
Balentine G Washington Twp
Balentine J Washington Twp
Bankin Wm South Mahoning Twp
Banks Mr & Mrs Indiana Borough, White Twp
Banks Wm Indiana Borough, White Twp
Barber J Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Barber J Wheatfield Twp
Barber Wm Montgomery Twp
Bark Mary Pine Twp
Barkley A C White Twp
Barkley H Montgomery Twp
Barkley J Center Twp
Barkley J W Armagh, Wheatfield Twp
Barkly L Center Twp
Barnet J Montgomery Twp
Barnet W Montgomery Twp
Barns? H Burrell Twp
Barr Dr Armagh, Wheatfield Twp
Barr J G Green Twp
Barr J M Cherryhill Twp
Barr S Green Twp
Barr T Cherryhill Twp
Barr V White Twp
Barret G Rayne Twp
Barrett D West Mahoning Twp
Barrett Danl West Mahoning Twp
Barrett L West Mahoning Twp
Barrett M L West Mahoning Twp
Barrett R West Mahoning Twp
Bartlebaugh J Montgomery Twp
Bartley R Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Bash A Green Twp
Bash G Green Twp
Bash J Montgomery Twp
Bash Wm Young Twp
Beading T Rayne Twp
Beard Wm Washington Twp
Bearinger D Green Twp
Bearinger J Green Twp
Bearinger J Green Twp
Beatty J Armstrong Twp
Beatty J East Mahoning Twp
Beatty J B Armstrong Twp
Beatty Jas Armstrong Twp
Beatty Mrs Burrell Twp
Beatty R Armstrong Twp
Beatty W South Mahoning Twp
Beatty Wm Washington Twp
Beck J Smicksburg, West Mahoning Twp
Beck John Smicksburg, West Mahoning Twp
Beck S S North Mahoning Twp
Beck Wm White Twp
Bee J Montgomery Twp
Beghem   Conemaugh Twp
Beightel H Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Beirch? H Washington Twp
Bell A Conemaugh Twp
Bell J Rayne Twp
Bell J Washington Twp
Bell John Young Twp
Bell Mrs White Twp
Bell S Rayne Twp
Bell T Blacklick Twp
Bell Thos East Mahoning Twp
Bell W Green Twp
Bell Wm Washington Twp
Bellman S P, Rev Washington Twp
Bence G Rayne Twp
Bennett J White Twp
Bennett M Pine Twp
Bergman C Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Berry D Blacklick Twp
Berry J Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Beson T Conemaugh Twp
Billing Wm L Montgomery Twp
Bingham W B South Mahoning Twp
Birket J Canoe Twp
Black D Conemaugh Twp
Black D Washington Twp
Black J Conemaugh Twp
Black J Green Twp
Black J West Mahoning Twp
Black J F Cherryhill Twp
Black M Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Black S Rayne Twp
Black S S East Mahoning Twp
Blackeney S South Mahoning Twp
Blair Rev Dr Indiana Borough, White Twp
Blakley D Young Twp
Blakley H Young Twp
Blakley R Young Twp
Blank Henry Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Blin A North Mahoning Twp
Blose J Montgomery Twp
Blose W North Mahoning Twp
Blue J Rayne Twp
Boggs A Rayne Twp
Boler J Wheatfield Twp
Book Z Montgomery Twp
Boreland A Rayne Twp
Boreland J White Twp
Boreland Wm White Twp
Borelaxxx? C White Twp
Bossart John Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Bostie P Montgomery Twp
Bothel C Rayne Twp
Bothel D Armstrong Twp
Bothel D Armstrong Twp
Bothel J, Miss Washington Twp
Bothel S Rayne Twp
Bothel Wm Armstrong Twp
Bovard C East Mahoning Twp
Bovard J East Mahoning Twp
Bowers J Brush Valley Twp
Bowers P Cherryhill Twp
Bowers W Canoe Twp
Boyle W C Indiana Borough, White Twp
Bracken A Center Twp
Bracken A Center Twp
Bracken S Pine Twp
Bracken T Pine Twp
Bracken Wm Wheatfield Twp
Bracken   Armagh, Wheatfield Twp
Bradford S Canoe Twp
Brady A South Mahoning Twp
Brady H J North Mahoning Twp
Brady J Canoe Twp
Brady J North Mahoning Twp
Brady S East Mahoning Twp
Brady Wm East Mahoning Twp
Brady? ? South Mahoning Twp
Brady? J Y South Mahoning Twp
Bradys R East Mahoning Twp
Bradys Wm East Mahoning Twp
Brainard   Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Braken J Pine Twp
Braken Thos Pine Twp
Brandon R Armagh, Wheatfield Twp
Brandon S Washington Twp
Brandy J South Mahoning Twp
Brantlinger J Wheatfield Twp
Braughler T Canoe Twp
Bredxxx? J H Center Twp
Brewer D East Mahoning Twp
Brewer Mrs North Mahoning Twp
Brickel G Canoe Twp
Brickel J Canoe Twp
Brickel S Canoe Twp
Bricker J Blacklick Twp
Bricker P South Mahoning Twp
Bricker P, Jr South Mahoning Twp
Briggs J Washington Twp
Briggs S South Mahoning Twp
Brightendol J Burrell Twp
Brink J North Mahoning Twp
Brithurt J East Mahoning Twp
Brithurt L East Mahoning Twp
Broughler A Canoe Twp
Broughler D Canoe Twp
Broughler S Canoe Twp
Brown Chas North Mahoning Twp
Brown J Canoe Twp
Brown J Cherryhill Twp
Brown J Cherryhill Twp
Brown J Pine Twp
Brown J White Twp
Brown John W Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Brown S C Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Brown S C North Mahoning Twp
Brown T Young Twp
Brown Wm East Mahoning Twp
Brown? J Wheatfield Twp
Bruce J H White Twp
Bruce John Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Bruce W P Blacklick Twp
Bruner A Canoe Twp
Bruner J Canoe Twp
Bryan J White Twp
Bryan N Pine Twp
Bryan S White Twp
Buchanan G Rayne Twp
Buchanan H Rayne Twp
Buchanan Jane Rayne Twp
Buchanan Wm Rayne Twp
Buchanan? Mrs Rayne Twp
Bucher Jacob Rayne Twp
Buckermire J Rayne Twp
Burley Wm West Mahoning Twp
Burns T Young Twp
Burns Wm Center Twp
Bush J Canoe Twp
Bush Wm North Mahoning Twp
Buterbaugh D Montgomery Twp
Buterbaugh F Montgomery Twp
Buterbaugh G Montgomery Twp
Buterbaugh H Green Twp
Buterbaugh J Cherryhill Twp
Buterbaugh J Green Twp
Buterbaugh J Green Twp
Buterbaugh W Green Twp
Buterbaugh Wm, Sr Green Twp
Butler W Wheatfield Twp
Byers D West Mahoning Twp
Byers S West Mahoning Twp

Indiana County, PA