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This is from Treasures of the Past

1856 Peelor Map Index

Surname Given Name Residence
Ackman Alex Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Adair J Brush Valley Twp
Adair J White Twp
Adam T West Mahoning Twp
Adams ? Rayne Twp
Adams G White Twp
Adams J Rayne Twp
Adams J West Mahoning Twp
Adams J White Twp
Adams S Brush Valley Twp
Adams S Rayne Twp
Adams T Burrell Twp
Adams Wm Mechanicsburg, Brush Valley Twp
Adams Wm Rayne Twp
Adamson G Washington Twp
Adamson S Canoe Twp
Adamson Wm Canoe Twp
Ake J Montgomery Twp
Akison Wm White Twp
Alcorn A Wheatfield Twp
Alcorn J Wheatfield Twp
Alcorn James Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Alcorn Wm Wheatfield Twp
Alexander J Blacklick Twp
Alexander W Wheatfield Twp
Alford A Washington Twp
All G East Mahoning Twp
All G East Mahoning Twp
Allen J Cherryhill Twp
Allen J Green Twp
Allen J West Mahoning Twp
Allen T West Mahoning Twp
Allison A Washington Twp
Allison J Center Twp
Allison J Center Twp
Allison J Center Twp
Allison J Green Twp
Allison J Green Twp
Allison J B White Twp
Allison J W White Twp
Allison Mrs Armstrong Twp
Allison Mrs East Mahoning Twp
Allison R Washington Twp
Allison R F White Twp
Allison R T South Mahoning Twp
Allison R W White Twp
Allison T B North Mahoning Twp
Allison T G Green Twp
Allison Wm South Mahoning Twp
Allison? P M Center Twp
Almond F Cherryhill Twp
Alsbauch Wm Montgomery Twp
Alshouse? Wm F Washington Twp
Alters A Blairsville, Burrell Twp
Altiman H Indiana Borough, White Twp
Altimus A Mechanicsburg, Brush Valley Twp
Altimus C J Center Twp
Altimus D Brush Valley Twp
Altimus L ? Washington Twp
Altimus W Brush Valley Twp
Altmus N Brush Valley Twp
Anderson A Green Twp
Anderson J Conemaugh Twp
Anderson J Green Twp
Anderson J R Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Anderson T M Young Twp
Anderson T W Young Twp
Anderson Wm, Dr Indiana Borough, White Twp
Andre Joseph Saltsburg, Conemaugh Twp
Ansley D, Jr South Mahoning Twp
Anthony A Armstrong Twp
Anthony D Armstrong Twp
Anthony D Armstrong Twp
Anthony J Shalocta, Armstrong Twp
Anthony John Shalocta, Armstrong Twp
Archibald J Blacklick Twp
Armstrong J Armstrong Twp
Armstrong J Montgomery Twp
Armstrong J L Montgomery Twp
Armstrong Mrs Young Twp
Armstrong R B Armstrong Twp
Armstrong Wm Montgomery Twp
Arthers P Green Twp
Arthers W Green Twp
Askins J, Jr Cherryhill Twp
Askins T Cherryhill Twp
Atchison A Young Twp
Auld T Brush Valley Twp
Aurents J Burrell Twp
Ayers J East Mahoning Twp
Ayers J Montgomery Twp
Ayers Mrs East Mahoning Twp

Indiana County, PA