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This is from Treasures of the Past

East Mahoning Township

All G
All G
Allison Mrs
Ayers J
Ayers Mrs
Backer P
Beatty J
Bell Thos
Black S S
Bovard C
Bovard J
Brady S
Brady Wm
Bradys R
Bradys Wm
Brewer D
Brithurt J
Brithurt L
Brown Wm
Campbell Wm
Carother J, Rev
Chambers C
Chambers J
Chambers J N
Compton A
Compton J
Craig R
Elliott T
Folker? J
Griffith A
Griffith D
Hamilton H
Hamilton J
Hamilton J H
Hamilton R
Hastings J
Hastings R
Henderson J
Hopkins A
Hopkins A
Hopkins A
Hopkins J
Hopkins W
Huchison Mrs.
Hull G
Jones J
Justice W
Kinter H
Leasure A Y
Lewis E
Limerick O
Lowman A
Lowmaster L
Lydick A
Lydick J
Mabon Wm
McCreery R
McCreery Wm
Meaner H
Meaner J
Meaner Wm
Mills J
Neel Wm H
Ow J McCreery
Pollock A
Pound Mrs.
Richards D
Richardson W
Richie J
Rochester J C
Ross S
Row S
Simpson D
Simpson J
Simpson S H
Simpson Wm
Snyder R
Stachall J
Stauly? J F
Steel W
Stewart W
Stuchall J
Suiter R
Thompson A
Thompson J K, Dr.
Thompson S H
Ulp? D
Vanhorn H
Weaver D
Weaver F
Williard R
Woods H, Jr
Woods R
Work A
Work A S
Work E
Work E
Work J
Work M
Work M
Work S
Work Wm

Indiana County, PA