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Indiana County Orphan's Court

ADAMS Gawn September 1828 late of Center Twp. Gawn Adams & Samuel Trimble, executors settle estate
ALCORN Mary December 1825 James D Reeves, administrator settles estate
ALLEN James March 1828 father of Thomas late of Green Twp states deceased left one child, Susanna age 2, Mother also deceased. James Allen appointed guardian
ALLISON Andrew 2nd Mon, Mar 1817 Wm Allison, over 14 has John Agey appointed guardian
ALLISON Andrew 2nd Mon, Jun 1817 Robert & John Allison, administrators states he left 3 children under 14: Rebecca, Mary & James. Robert Allison (of John) & Bleany Adair appointed guardians 9 Jun. 1817
ALLISON Andrew 2nd Mon, Jun 1817 Center Twp. Robert & John, sons, state a 219.5 acre tract adjoins John Agey & Thomas Allison. Also a tract 48.5 acres from Thomas Allison, Esq. Left widow & 8 children: Robert, John, Sarah, Wm, Andrew, Robecca, mary & James. 9 Jun. 1817 "twelve good men and true" from bilwick appraised land at $1275.925, advised sale.
ALLISON Andrew 4th Mon, Jun 1821 Robert Allison & John Allison administrators settle estate
ALLISON Andrew 4th Mon, Jun 1821 son of the late Andrew over 14 has John Douglass appointed guardian 26 Jun. 1821
ALTMAN David September 1825 over 14 has Moses Thompson appointed guardian
ALTMAN George September 1825 left son Jonathan over 14, John Harrold appointed guardian. Peter & Christopher under 14 had Wm W Caldwell appointed as their guardian
ALTMAN George March 1827 Blacklick Twp. John Douglass & Archibal Coleman administrators settle estate
ALTMAN Philip 2nd Mon, Dec 1814 Blacklick Twp. Jacob & Louisa Altman, executors, report $415.73 for distribution
ANDERSON James 2nd Mon, Jun. 1816 over 14, states he is without parents and asks court to appoint Wm Thompson Jamieson, 12 Jun. 1816, appointment made
ANDERSON Jno 2nd Mon, Mar 1812 Petition of Wm Loughry and Alexander Lyons, executors of Jno Anderson, late of Blacklick Twp, stated he left son, Robert, under 14. Edward Howard, Esq. Appointed guardian.
ANDERSON Robert 2nd Mon, Sep 1818 over 14 has Joseph Loughry (of Wm) appointed guardian 26 Oct. 1818
ANDERSON Samuel 2nd Mon, Dec 1818 of Blacklick Twp, Mary Anderson, widow, states he left 5 children: Elizabeth, Andrew, Mary Ann, David and John B Anderson under 14. Gawin Sutton & James Gordon appointed guardians
ANDERSON Samuel 4th Mon, Sep 1822 Mary Anderson, administrator settle estate
ANTHONY Jacob 2nd Mon, Mar. 1814 Robison & Wm Anthony, executors for Jacob Anthony, late of Armstrong Twp, report $11.75 for distribution. Sarah Anthony, his dau over 14 has Jno Robison appointed guardian
AYERS Sylvanus 2nd Mon, Sep 1814 Petition of Gawin Sutton, administrator states he left 2 children, Jonathan & Ann under 14. Robert Nixon appoint guardian
AYERS Sylvanus 2nd Mon, Sep. 1816 Jonathan Ayers, son over 14, has Robert Nixon appointed guardian, 11 Sep. 1816
AYERS Syvanus 2nd Mon, Dec 1817 Ann, dau over 14 has Rober Nixon appointed guardian 8 Dec. 1817
BARBOR Nancy 2nd Mon, Sep 1818 states her husband David Barbor left many years ago and now believes him dead. Had 4 children: John, Eve, joseph & Josiah under 14. Josiah Boring appointed guardian
BARCLAY Alexander Dec. 1823 Conemaugh Twp. Nancy, dau over 14, has Moses Thompson appt. guardian. Mary Ann, widow states James is under 14 has Andrew McCartney appt guardian. Wm Leard appt guardian for Alexander over 14
BARCLAY Alexander Mar. 1825 Eliphalet Irwin & James Ewing, executors settle estate
BATES Andrew 2nd Mon, Dec 1819 over 14 states father is dead and ask for guardian. Wm Clarke appointed 13 Dec. 1819
BATES Samuel 2nd Mon, Jun 1819 David one of children over 14 has Andrew Bates Jr appointed guardian on 14 Jun. 1819
BEATTY John 4th Mon, Mar 1820 John Beatty and Robert Beatty, executors settle estate
BEATY William 2nd Mon, Sep 1818 & Alexander, sons of John over 14, have Joseph & William Beaty appointed guardians 27 Oct. 1818. Rebecca under 14 has John Beaty appointed guardian
BLAKELY David September 1827 Hugh & Margaret Blakely, administrators. Margaret, widow of deceased: James, Hugh, Margaret m. John Gibson, Elizabeth m. Hugh Knox, Susan m. James McLanahan
BLAKELY David Dec. 1823 Conemaugh Twp. Hugh & margaret Blakely settle estate.
BOGGS Andrew December 1827 states Wm Johnston, late of Westmoreland Co sold land to Jane J Boggs, late wife of Andrew, land in Conemaugh Twp adjoining Robert Wray, Daniel Keely, part of tract on which Saltsburg is laid out, about 80 acres. Children of Jane J Boggs: Annabelle, Elizabeth, Mary, Rebecca, John & Andrew. Andrew Boggs & Jacob Drum are bonded to perform duties of settlement of estate and money for use of children
BRADY Joseph June 1829 late of Mahoning Twp. Samuel Work administrator exhibits accounts
BRADY Robert 2nd Mon, Dec 1814 Jno White & Samuel McPherson, administrators report $42.52 for distribution
BRADY Robert March 1828 Samuel McPherrin & John White sttle estate
BRADY Samuel, Sr 2nd Mon, Dec. 1810 James McComb guardian for Samuel Brady, Sr, presented account: 2 yrs. Pension of $80, disbursements of $79.995. Approved by Court 13 Jun. 1811
BRUCE John 4th Mon, Dec. 1821 states he is a minor over 14 and father is dead. His brother Wm was appointed guardian
BURKE John March 1828 late of Cambria Co. Charles Malone administrator. Deceased owned tract in Wheatfield Twp 10 acres cleared land, blacksmith shop and walls of a stone kitchen erected thereon adjoining Samuel Meanor, David Wakefield. Sold to James Malone.
BYERS Firlum March 1828 male over 14 asks that guardian be appointed
CALDWELL James 4th Mon, Dec. 1821 Daniel Smith & Edward Howard, Esq. Executors settle estate
CAMPBELL Margaret Mar. 1824 over 14 has Wm Coleman of Conemaugh Twp appt guardian
CAMPBELL Thomas June 1826 minor over 14 has Hugh Galbraith appointed guardian
CARRIER Thomas 4th Mon, Jun 1823 late of Pine Creek Twp, Jefferson Co. Euphrastas Carrier one of administrators
CARSON John 2nd Mon, Jun 1817 Elizabeth Carson, widow, states dau Jane over 14, is without guardian. Court appointe Wm McKee 10 Jun. 1817
CARSON John 2nd Mon, Dec 1818 Wm McKee and wife Elizabeth states in lifetime John Carson had a dau. About 8 years old now dead and asked a guardian be appointed for Elizabeth. John Wilson and John Denniston appointed guardian for the minor
CHAMBERS Moses 2nd Mon, Sep 1810 10 Mar. 1810, before James McClain, Register & Recorded, was brought a paper dated 7 Nov. 1807, said to be will of Moses Chambers, witnessed by Wm. Fulton & James Jordan, Andrew Deviney, executor. Questions arose as to whether this will was legal. Relatives mentioned sons, Thomas & Samuel (may be dead), dau. Margaret married Speirs; nephew, James Gamble; bro. Solomon and James. Elisha Chambers mentioned but relationship not stated. Friends or neighbors, Andrew Speedy, Robert Hazlett, and Samuel Bell. Moses Davis, tenant on his land. Will accepted as valid.
CHAMBERS Solomon 2nd Mon, Dec. 1811 Jno. Wilson & Wm. Lowry executors, balance of $481.14
CLARKE Mary & David September 1829 widow of George states 4 children are left under age of 14: Martha Elizabeth, Sarah, Matilda & Emily. Court appointed Mary Clarke & Wm H Dickie guardians
CLAWSON Laura September 1829 widow of Ross states he died leaving 2 children: Richard & Eunice. Stewart Davis Esq. Appointed guardian
CLEMENTS Sally Ann September 1826 states she has child, Martin Clover, now about 12 years old had lived with grandparents until their death but now has no settled place to live. Court appointed Thomas Lucas, Esq as guardian for purpose of binding him to trade
COLEMAN Alexander 4th Mon, Sep 1823 Elijah Coleman administrator. Auditors: Robert Nixon, Thomas Sutton & James McCahan
COLEMAN Henry 4th Mon, Jun 1822 Catherine Coleman, widow states he left a number of children, among them a son John under 14. Court appoint Daniel Stanard guardian
COLEMAN John Dec. 1824 Over 14 states father is dead and had Daniel Stanard appt guardian
COLEMAN Nicholas 4th Mon, Sep 1822 Wm Coleman & James Hart, executors settle estate
COLWELL James September 1825 David Smith & Michael Coup executors settle estate
CONNEr Matthew 2nd Mon, Jun. 1814 Court appointed Alexander Thompson as Guardian for Matthew Conner, Rev. Soldier, for receipt and expenditure of pension beginning 15 Dec. 1813 at $40 per annum.
CONNER Matthew 2nd Mon, Sep. 1816 Alexander Thompson, guardian with respect to pension, exhibits report
COPELY Edward September 1826 son of Samuel Copely has Daniel Smith appointed guardian
COPELY Josiah 2nd Mon, Sep 1818 son of Samuel over 14 has Daniel Smith appointed guardian
COULTER James 4th Mon, Sep 1820 Andrew McCartney administrator present petition stating James Coulter left 2 children: Mary age 6 and Elizabeth age 4 James Pordon appointed guardian on 25 Sep 1820
COULTER James 4th Mon, Sep 1823 Andrew McCartney, administrator settles estate
COULTER James September 1829 Andrew McCartney administrator
COULTER William 2nd Mon, Jun 1813 Samuel & Wm Coulter, minor children of Wm, late of Indiana, have James M Kelly Appointed guardian.
COULTER William 2nd Mon, Dec 1813 John Douglass & Robert Coulter, administrators, state 6 children of which Samuel, Wm and Margaret are still minors and have asked to sell lots he owned in Indiana. In March 1814 it was reported lots were sold to Jno Lucas (tailor), Clemence McGara and Charles Kenning
COULTER William 2nd Mon, Sep. 1816 Indiana, John Douglass & Robert Coulter, administrators settle estate
COULTER William September 1827 Robert Coulter & John Douglass, administrators
COULTER William Dec. 1823 Petition of James Gardner & Mary Coulter Gardner. Deceased owned lot #36 on south side of Philadelphia St, Indiana and in lots #190 and 192 on east side of Mahoning St with dwelling house. Wm Coulter left issue: Mary, Robert, Samuel, Wm & Margaret Coulter and a widow. Henry Kinter, sheriff, ordered to tkae we men to appriase land. They were; James McCahan, Wm Bruce, John Thompson, Samuel S Jamieson, Wm Caldwell, Thomas Sharp, Robert Mitchell, Thomas Simpson, James Taylor, Woodroe Douglass, Wm Taylor, David Campfield, (Also dau Rebecca Coulter)
COWAN John 4th Mon, Dec 1820 James Gibson administrator to settle estate
CRAIG Robert 2nd Mon, Sep 1813 Petition of Jacob Craig, administrator, states Robert left child, Polly under 14. Blaney Adair was appointed guardian
CRAIG Robert 2nd Mon, Jun 1815 Armstrong Twp. Jacob Craig, administrator. 6 children, 2 of whom, James & Deliah are under 14. Jno Ross appointed Guaridan. Polly, Margaret & Theopilus, over 14 had guardians appointed respectively, Bloany Adair, James McKnight and Nicholas Loughry.
CRAIG Robert 2nd Mon, Dec 1815 Washington Twp. Jacob Craig & Jno Trimble report the settlement of the esate
CRAWFORD William 2nd Mon, Dec 1815 Crawford Twp. Petition of Jno Robison and James Smith, administrators states Wm Crawford left issue by 1st wife, 3 children: Wm under 14, Jno and Isabella over 14. Wm Clark appointed guardian. Widow, Jane, states her children: Anne, Matthew, james, Sarah & Peggy are under 14. James Henderson, Conemaugh Twp. appointed guardian
CRAWFORD William 2nd Mon, Sep. 1816 Conemaugh Twp. Wm Crawford son over 14, has Wm Clark of Conemaugh Twp appointed guardina, 10 Sep. 1816
CRAWFORD William 2nd Mon, Sep. 1816 Conemaugh Twp. Left 8 children under 21 yrs. Tract of land in Conemaugh Twp, adjoining Adam Long & John Henderson. Dontents: 111 acres. Purchased from John Barr. John Robison & James Smith, administrators receive permission to sell same. 4 Nov. 1816. Bouth by John Henderson.
CRAWFORD William 4th Mon, Dec. 1821 John Robison & James Smith executors settle estate
CRAWFORD William 4th Mon, Jun 1823 John Robison & James Smith settle estate
CROLL John 2nd Mon, Dec 1817 states he is over 14, states his father abandoned him in infancy with his mother and has not been heard of since. Has John Huey appointed guardian 9 Dec. 1817
CUMMINS William & John December 1827 children of John over 14 have Adam Johnston of Center Twp appointed guardian
CUNNINGHAM George Mar. 1824 Conemaugh Twp. John Robison acting executor settles estate
CUNNINGHAM Jean Mar. 1824 Conemaugh Twp. John lewis & John Robison, executors settle estate
DAVESE Robert 2nd Mon, Jun 1814 Wheatfield Twp, Andrew Fe, executor, reports balance for distribution
DAVIS William June 1829 John Davis & George Thompson administrators
DAVISON John Mar. 1824 Wheatfield Twp. Findley Camerson & Sarah Davison executors settle estate. Left 2 children: Mary & John under 14.
DEAN William 2nd Mon, Jun 1809 Petition of Martha Dean, widow of Wm, late of Peters Twp, Franklin Co, PA states he was killed in service of the coutry at Battle of Crooked Billet, as soldier under command of Capt. Robert McCoy, US Army, 1 May 1778 or 1779. Widow received pension from State until 22 Nov. 1806 and has certificate from orphans' Court, Franklin Co to prove same. Asks Indiana Co Court to take action for immedicate relief. James Calhoun was sworn before Robert Beatty, Armstrong Co, 1 Jun. 1809, that he saw Wm Dean Killed. On 13 Jun. 1809 Martha Dean was granted $60 for 1 yr, 6mo from 20 Nov. 1807 when last order of Franklin Co Court was made.
DEAN William 2nd Mon, Sep 1810 Martha, widow asks for back pension. Also mentioned: James Loughry, james McComb, Esq. And James McKnight.
DEAN William 2nd Mon, Sep. 1811 Martha, widow, asks for back pension. Note: Rev. Soldiers of Franklin Co Pa states Wm Dean and Martha McNutt of Hanover, Dauphin Co, Pa 16 Jun. 1763. Had 5 children, Joseph, Elizabeth, John, Jean and Mary
DEAN William 2nd Mon, Sep 1812 Widow Martha applied for back pension. James Sample JP was sworn she was still a widow, 14 Sep. 1812
DEAN William 2nd Mon, Sep 1813 Widow, Martha asks for back pension
DEAN William 2nd Mon, Sep 1815 Martha Dean, widow, applied for back pension. Rev. War.
DEAN William 2nd Mon, Sep. 1816 John Ross, administrator, settles estate
DEAN William 2nd Mon, Dec. 1816 Martha, widow of this Rev War soldier who was killed in Battle of Crooked Billet, asks for back pension. Court ordered $40 per yeaqr to be paid.
DEVENY William 2nd Mon, Jun. 1809 Petition of Aron Diviny, son of Wm, over 14 yrs of age asked that Daniel Smith be appointed guardian. Note: Wm Deveny came here from eastern part of the state and resided in Blacklick Twp. Was a Rev War soldier.
DEVINEY Andrew 2nd Mon, Dec 1818 James Ferguson executor settles estate
DEVINNEY William 2nd Mon. Dec. 1811 Pettition of Lawrence Devinny, over 14, son of Wm, late of Blacklick Twp. Had Jno Ferguson appointed guardian. Same session, Reuben Jewell, Blacklick Twp, states he married Jemima Devinny, widow of Wm and there are 3 minor childred under 14: Wm, Mary and Joh. joseph Turner & Alexander Lyons appointed guardians.
DEVLIN Gripsey 2nd Mon, Sep 1818 Richard, James 7 Matthew, under 14, children of Wm have Alexander Pattison appointed Guardian on 26 Oct. 1818
DEVLIN Hannah 2nd Mon, Sep 1818 dau of Wm of Armstrong Twp over 14 has Samuel McNutt appointed gurardian
DEVLIN James F December 1825 son of Samuel late of Wheatfield Twp over 14 has Hugh Tomb appointed guardian
DICKEY Thomas 2nd Mon, Sep. 1816 Richard Wilson, administrator reports sale of 2 lots in Armagh
DICKSON Samuel 2nd Mon, Dec 1815 Blacklick Twp. Michael Campbell & Andrew Dickson, executors, reprot on settlement of estate
DICKSON Samuel 4th Mon, Sep 1821 Andrew Dickson & Michael Campbell settle estate
DICKSON Samuel March 1829 Blacklick Twp. Andrew Dickson, one of executors
DIVINEY William 2nd Mon, Dec 1815 Blacklick Twp. Jemima Deviney, ececutor, reports settlement of estate
DIXON Samuel 2nd Mon, Jun 1814 Blacklick Twp, Jane, minor dau over 14, had James Guthrie of Armstrong Co appointed as guardian
DONAHOE Jno 2nd Mon, Sep 1810 Peter Wallace, surviving administrator states agreement dated 1798 between Jno Donahoe and James Black when Donahoe sold 28 acres land in county for 75 pounds, 10 shillings, 11 pence. Charles Campbell, Esq. Was sworn that he saw parties sign, seal and declare same. John B Alexander was attorney for Wallace.
DONAHOE Jno 2nd Mon. Dec. 1810 Petition of Peter Wallace who survived Andrew Stewart, admistrator that Jno Donahoe, Westmoreland Co, 3 Aug. 1772, made agreement with jno. Moore, Esq. & purchased land on N side of Conemaugh River opposite Magus Run (now in Indiana Co) containing 200 acres. part now being sold to James Black
DONEHEY William 2nd Mon, Sep 1810 Petition of Mary Donehey, widow of Wm, late of Blacklick Twp. During his lifetiem, on 19 Dec. 1808, made agreement with Samuel Moorhead, Derry Twp, Westmoreland Co, to sell land in Blacklick Twp, bounded by lands of jno. Hamilton, Thomas N Sloan & Jno. Mason. Same tract where Wm Donahey resided. 100 Acres at $6 per acres - Deed Book 1, page 219, Letters of Administration granted in estate of Donehey in 1809. He asks permission to execute deed.
DONNALY Jno 2nd Mon, Mar 1814 Robert Robson, surviving executor of John Donnaly, late of Armstrong Twp reports $157.68 for distribution
DONNELY John 2nd Mon, Mar 1817 James Donnely, over 14, has John Robison appointed guardian
DORNEY Benjamin September 1825 a minor over 14 has Wm W Carldwell appointed guardian
DOUGHERTY George 2nd Mon, Jun. 1816 Blacklick Twp. Mary, widow, states 3 children were left: John, Jane & George under 14. Jacob Libengood & Scott Marshall pointed guardians. 11 Jun. 1816
DOUGHERTY George 2nd Mon, Sep 1817 Blacklick Twp. John Dougherty administrator settles estate
DOUGHERTY George 4th Mon, Dec. 1821 late of Blacklick Twp, son of John, over 14 has Christoph Harrold appointed as his guardian 27 Dec. 1821
DOUGLASS Samuel June 1827 Armstrong Twp Woodroe Douglass Administrator
DOWNEY Jno 2nd Mon, Dec 1815 Blacklick Twp.. Wm Downey, administrator, settled estated
ELDER Ann December 1829 John Leard, executor
ELDER James 2nd Mon, Jun 1814 Conemaugh Twp. John Elder, minor son, over 14, has Archibald Matthews of Conemaugh Twp appointed guardian
ELDER James 2nd Mon, Mar 1815 Conemaugh Twp. Jno Robison executor states he left 8 children; four under 14: Joshua, James, Rachel & Thomas. Robert Elder appointed guardian for Joshua & Thomas. David Elder for Rachel & James. Polly over 14, had Robert Elder appointed her guardian
ELDER James 2nd Mon, Dec 1815 Conemaugh Twp. Jno Robinson, executor, reports settlement of estate
ELDER James 2nd Mon, Mar 1816 Conemaugh Twp. David Elder, guardian for Thomas & Rachel Elder, states he is about to remove from said county and asks to be released as guardian. Robert Robison, Jr. appointed to replace him
ELDER Joseph September 1826 James Elder & Thomas Elder administrators settle estate
ELDER Mary 2nd Mon. Mar. 1818 widow of Robert Elder, Conemaugh Twp, states he left 7 children among whom Emma & Robert are under 14, Archibald Marshall appointed guardian 9 Jun. 1818
ELDER Mary March 1827 Thomas & James Elder Executors settle estate
ELDER Polly 2nd Mon. Mar. 1818 Ann & John, Conemaugh Twp. Children of Robert over 14 have Robert Robison appointed guardian for Polly & Ann. John has Archibald Matthews appointed augard 8 Jun. 1818
ELDER Robert 2nd Mon. Mar. 1818 James Smith & Mary Elder adminstrators settle estate
ELDER Robert 2nd Mon. Mar. 1818 James Smith & Mary Elder adminstrators settle estate
ELDER Samuel September 1828 presented petition stating Isaac Rodgers, late of Wheatfield Twp d. leaving among others Eliza, James & Jane Anne Rodgers all minors under 14. John Rodgers was appointed guardian for Eliza; Thomas Elder for James; Samuel Elder for Jane Ann
ERICKSON Henry 2nd Mon, Sep 1817 Garwin Sutton, administrator, states 4 children survie: George, Samuel. Elizabeth & Rosanna under 14. Daniel Stannard appointed guardian 10 Sep. 1817
EWING William December 1827 Anne Elder late of Conemaugh Twp mentions in will, Joshuas Ewing, a minor son of Wm under 5 years. Father appointed guardian
FAIR Peter June 1827 over 14, has Hugh McLarren appointed guardian
FAIR Peter December 1828 Aaron Devinny & Wm Fair executors present account
FALOON Daniel 2nd Mon, Mar 1808 Petition of Elizabeth Faloon, widow of Daniel, late of Wheatfield Twp, who left 12 children, 7 of whom: David, margaret, Elizabeth, Robert, Mary, Sarah, and Ann are minors under 14. Alexander Barr appointed guardian.
FALOON Daniel 2nd Mon, Jun 1808 Petition of Jennet and John, minor children of Daniel Faloon, late of Wheatfield Twp, over age of 14. Archibald Lathers and William Faloon appointed guardians.
FALOON Daniel 2nd Mon, Dec 1808 Robert Rodgers, Administrator for estate of Daniel Faloon reported $314.48 disbursement with a balance of $207.575 to be distributed according to Act of Assembly.
FARE Peter 4th Mon, Mar 1821 son of Peter, late of Blacklick Twp over 14 has Wm Rankin appointed guardian 27 mar 1821
FARREN William 2nd Mon, Jun 1813 Absolom Woodward, administrator for Wm Farren, reports $91.69. At time of his death had undivided 1/4 part of tract in Armstrong Twp warrented in name of Jno Farren, adjoing Benjamin Lowry & others. (about 150 acres) Asked permission to sell same. Granted by court 15 June. 1813
FARREN William 2nd Mon, Mar 1815 Armstrong Twp. Petition of Absolem Woodward, administrator. Had land warraned in name of Jno Farren adjacent to Benjamin Lowry. On 14 Mar 1815, sale of same ordered. Advertised in newpaper The American.
FARREN William 2nd Mon, Jun 1816 Armstrong Twp. Absolom Woodward, administrator reports settlement of estate
FERGUSON Hance 2nd Mon, Dec 1815 Blacklick Twp. James Ferguson, administrator
FERGUSON James 2nd Mon, Dec 1815 Blacklick Twp. David Ferguson, executor, reports settlement of estate
FERGUSON Jane 2nd Mon, Dec 1815 Armstrong Twp. Left children: Wm & Jane unde5r 14. Jno Robison of Armstrong Twp appointed guardian
FERGUSON Jane 2nd Mon, Dec 1817 Armstrong Twp. Robert Robison & James Smith executors settle estate
FERGUSON William 2nd Mon. Mar. 1818 over 14 has Jonathan Agey appointed guardian 9 Jun. 1818
FERRIER William 2nd Mon, Sep 1810 Isabella Ferrier, widow of William, late of Wheatfield Twp, states that he left 1 child, David under 14. Thomas Sanderson was appointed guardian.
FINDLAY George 2nd Mon, Jun 1819 Archibal Mathews & James Findly administrators settle estate
FINDLEY Able 2nd Mon, Jun 1812 Able Findley administrator for Archibald Findley report $390.15 for distribution
FLEMING William 4th Mon, Dec. 1821 Andrew McCartney & Archibald Coleman executors state 3 children are left: Wm, James & mary under 14. Court appointed Robert Elder their guardian
FOWLER Agnes September 1826 dau of Wm Fowler over 14 has John Taylor appointed guardian
FOWLER Archibald September 1826 s/o Wm over 14 has Matthias Bartlebaugh appointed guardian
FOWLER Rachel September 1826 dau of Wm Fowler has John Taylor appointed guardian
FOWLER Rebecca September 1826 widow of Wm has Matthias Bartlebaugh appointed guardian for children: Susannah & Wm under 14
FOWLER William 4th Mon, Jun 1823 Margaret over 14 has John Taylor appointed guardian
FOX Lawrence September 1827 Elizabeth Fox administrator reports balances
FRANCIS Thomas W Dec. 1823 City of Philadelphia. Petition of Elizabeth Harrison, one of the heirs. Left widow, Dorothy W and 9 children; Elizabeth Harrison (late Francis) Welling Francis, John, Anne F w/o John Bayard, mary w/o Robert Page, Thomas W, Charles, Alfred and George H Francis. The latter died since the father. Had land in Armstrong Twp, this Co. 1 tract in name of Thomas Foxcarft 280 acres, 1 tract in name of John Con 280 acres, 1 tract in name of Thomas Livesley 301 acres, 1 tract in name of Wm Cos 280 acres, 1 tract in name of George keinehil 331 1/2 acres, 1 surveyed to Richard Wells formerly occupied by Wm Heffelfinger. Henry Kinter, high sheriff of Indiana Co ordered to take 12 men and true to view and appriase same. Men were: Wm Lucas, Abner Kelly, Thomas Simpson, Meek Kelly, Alexander Patterson, John McCullough, Thomas Sharp, Joseph Parker, Samuel C Brown, John StClair, Henry Shyrock & Wm Calhoun
FRENCH Jane 2nd Mon, Jun 1819 Michael Campbell, executor settles estate
FRENCH Jonathan, Dr 2nd Mon, Dec 1817 Indiana, Michael Campbell, executor settes estate
FULTON Euphemia Mar. 1825 Conemaugh Twp states husband Wm Fulton left 2 children: Nathan in 6th yr and Sarah in 3rd yr; also that he owned a farm on Blacklegs in Conemaugh Twp. John Reed & Joseph Harbison appt guardian until children are 14
FULTOn James 4th Mon, Mar 1821 minor over 14 has Jacob Stuchell appointed guardian 26 Mar. 1821
FULTON Sarah March 1828 David Reed Esq. Administrator settles estate
FULTON William Mar. 1825 James Harbison adm settles estate
GEER Washington 4th Mon, Dec 1820 states father is dead several years and prays guardian be appointed to take care of personal estate. Made choice of Stewart Davis
GETTY James December 1828 Prudence Getty administratrix for James Getty presents account
GETTY James September 1829 Conemaugh Twp left 3 children under age of 14: Catherine, James & Andrew. Court appointed Joseph Henderson, John McKee guardians
GIBSON Charles June 1829 James McKnight & Thomas Simpson administrators
GIBSON Henry 4th Mon, Sep 1823 Nancy Gibson, administrator settles estate
GIBSON John 2nd Mon, Sep 1818 John Gibson and Zachariah Leard, administrators settle estate
GIBSON William 2nd Mon, Sep 1818 over 14 has Joseph White, step-father appointed guardian
GRAHAM John 2nd Mon, Mar 1817 Wheatfield Twp. Allen Graham & Wm Mabon, administrators settles estate.
GRAHAM Mary 4th Mon, Dec 1822 over 14 has John Lewis appointed guardian
GRAHAM William 2nd Mon, Jun 1813 Petition of Allan Graham, administrator of Wm Graham, late of Wheatfield Twp, sets forth 2 children were left: Elisabeth Wardrope Graham and Mary Graham, under 14. Alexander Gilmore was appointed guardian for Elisabeth Wardrope Graham and Archibald Jamieson guardian for Mary Graham
GRAHAM William 2nd Mon, Mar 1814 Petition of Sarah Graham, widow of Wm, late of Wheatfield Twp states he left no children or parents, but these bros & sis: John, Joseph & Jane Graham and Ann Gilmore. Had written contract with Jacob Cribbs to sell tract, about 150 acres, with house, barn, meadow, etc. Interest of land vested in above heirs. Jno Graham & Daniel Stanard, administrators. Court awarded inquest to make partition of premises according to law.
GRAHAM William 2nd Mon, Sep. 1816 Wheatfield Twp. John Graham & Daniel Stanard, administrators settle estate.
GRAHAM William 2nd Mon, Mar 1817 Wheatfield Twp. Allen Graham administrator settles estate
GRAHAM William 2nd Mon, Mar 1817 Moses Chamber, next friend of Mary Graham, minor dau under 14 asks that Allen Graham, uncle be appointed guardian.
GROSVENOR Richard 2nd Mon, Jun 1816 Westmoreland Co. Petition of Catherine Scott, late Grosvenor (widow of Richard) states he left 2 children: Susanna & Pl----, under 14, Asks court to appoint present husband as their guardian.
HAFFERTY Edward March 1826 son of the heirs of late father, Edward Hafferty, states he left widow, Margaret and 9 children: Isabella Ramsey, John, Agnes Mattocks, Robert, James (now deceased, left child, Robert Know Hafferty), Wm, Margaret, Phips (now deceased left several children), Mary Caufiled, Edward. Deceased had 260 acres in Wheatfield Twp adjoing Wm Shipley & Robert Douglass. An inquisition was conducted by sheriff Clemance McGara and 12 men: Domer Bard Esq, Benjamin Elliott, Wm parker, Wm Johnston, Samuel Devlin, Wm Devlin, A Elliott, John Tob, Samuel Sinclair, John Killen, Jacob George & Samuel Wilson Found land could not be divided and recommended sale.
HALFERTY Edward September 1829 Wheatfield Twp Left widow and sever children. Inquisition ordered for land, 20 June. 1826. Men to view land were: Sheriff Clemence McGara, Deemer Bard, Esq., Benjamin Elliott, Wm Parker, Wm Johnston, Samuel Devlin, Wm Devlin, Alexander Elliott, Jacob George, Samuel Sinclair. Robert Knox Halferty, 3rd son, purchased tract. John Pollock & John Douglass provided security.
HALL Andrew C September 1828 over 14 has Wm Lucas appointed guardian
HALL Eliza September 1828 over 14 has Wm Lucas appointed guardian
HALL Sarah September 1828 states her dau, Esther under 14 had no guardian. Wm Lucas appointed
HARBISON Francis December 1828 Robert Harbison administrator
HARROLD William Jun. 1824 son of David over 14 has James Gordon appt guardian
HART John June 1825 Made will 10 Jul. 1823. Executors are Andrew Lowman & James Lapsley. Adam Bowers presented petition in interest of Mary Kelln, late Mary Hart
HART John Dec. 1824 Andrew Lowman & James Lapsley executors settle estate
HEAMON Patrick 4th Mon, Sep 1822 Mary, widow, James Cantwell & Edward P Emerson executors
HEAMON Patrick Dec. 1823 Blacklick Twp. James Cantwell & Edward Emerson executors settle estate
HILL Peter 2nd Mon. Mar. 1818 Peter Hill, only child, under 14 has Michael lance, grandfather appointed guardian 9 Jun. 1818
HILL Peter December 1828 s/o John Hill who d in the late war had Michael Lantz appointed guardian 23 Dec. 1828
HINDMAN Mary 2nd Mon, Dec 1818 dau of Thomas over 14 has John McKee od Conemaugh Twp, hatter, appointed guardian
HINDMAN Thomas 2nd Mon, Jun 1807 Petition of Samuel Hindman, son of Thomas, late of Conemaugh Twp, above age of 14, asks that William Crawford be appointed his guardian.
HINDMAN Thomas 2nd Mon, Jun 1808 Petition of Wm Fiscus, intermarried with Nancy Hindman, dau and co-heir of Thomas Hindman, late of Conemaugh Twp, who died leaving a widow, Catherine (who has since married William Wilson) and 10 children: Nancy, Jane, Elizabeth, David, Samuel, John, Susannah, Margaret, Rebecca and Ann, the last 9 still in minority. Had 177 acres, 91 1/2 perches of land, bounded by Robert Robison, Joseph Wray and the Kiskiminetas River in Conemaugh Twp. The sheriff, Thomas McCartney, "with twelve good men and true" from his bailiwick found the property could not be dividee without spoiling the whole and appraised same for $970.50. The twelve men with the sheriff were: Joseph Wray, Abraham Fiscus, David Shields, Robert Robison, Robert Wilson, John Henderson, John Barr, William Newele, John McKee, Samuel Marshall, William Marshall, Thomas Elder.
HINDMAN Thomas 2nd Mon, Jun 1819 Rebecca one of children over 14 has John McKee appointed guardian 15 Jun. 1819
HINDMAN Thomas 4th Mon, Mar 1820 Jacob Frick, Conemaugh Twp states Hindman owned 177 acres in Conemaugh Twp adjoining Joseph Rea & John Robison Left a widow, Catherine and 10 children: Agnes m. Wm Fisher, Jane m. Joseph Manners, Elizabeth, David, Samuel, John, Susannah, Mary, Rebecca & Ann all of full age except Mary, Rebecca and Ann
HINDMAN Thomas 4th Mon, Mar 1820 Conemaugh Twp 12 men viewed his 177 acre tract to ascertain if land could be divied among his heirs or if it should be sold. The jury were: James Elliott, Jr the sheriff, John Coleman, James Coleman, James Nowrey, Robert Wilson, Alexander Templeton, Thomas Shirley, Robert Robinson Jr, John Getty, James McDonnald, Thomas Elder, Robert Robinson. Tract purchased by Jacob Frick, year 1820
HINDMAN Thomas 4th Mon, Dec 1820 Ann, minor dau over 14 has John McKee appointed guardian
HOPKINS William September 1828 John Henderson, John Hopkins & Sarah Hopkins, executors settle estate
HOPKINS William December 1829 Mahoning Twp. Widow, Sarah, left several children: Sarah & Jane under 14 have Wm McClosky appointed guardian; Wm over 14 has John Stewart of Washington Twp appointed guardian. Daniel over 14 also has guardian appointed
HOUCK Jacob September 1826 late of Westmoreland Co died intestate, leaving tract in Wheatfield Twp adjoining Peter Mikesell, Daniel McGlaughlin et al. Contents 160 acres. Several children: George, Polly, Betsy m. Henry Sleight, Sarah m. John Byers, Mary m. Jacob Crispenan, Esther m Leonard Hartsell (but since divorced) and Jacob Houck. Sheriff Clemance McGara with Andrew Fee, Peter Mikesell, Wm Drenning, Peter Rugh, George Wolford, James Mikesell, Peter Rhoades, Daniel McGlaughlin, Amariah Hendrickson, Philips & Samuel hendrickson, judged land could not be divided and should be sold.
HOWARD Edward June 1829 Thomas Howard & Michael Campbell executors
HUNT John 2nd Mon, Mar 1808 Petition of John Hunt, son of John, late of State of New Jersey, above age of 14. William Clark Esq. Appointed guardian.
HUNTER William 2nd Mon, Mar 1817 Westmoreland Co. Polly dau. Over 14, has John Douglass appointed guardian
HUTCHINSON , Jno 2nd Mon, Dec. 1811 Petition of Elizabeth hutchinson, widow of Jno, setting forth that according to his will she was to receive maintenance to be paid annually by her Edward. (probably her son). Asked guardian be appointed to take care of same. Robery Henry & Robert Miller appointed.
HUTCHISON Elisabeth 2nd Mon, Dec 1815 Conemaugh Twp. Nathan Douthitt and David______ report settlement of estate

Indiana County, PA