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Indiana County, PA Will Book 1

Altman, Phillip - late of Blacklick Twp. Page 34 #45. Dated 12 Apr 1813. Wife Louisa. Children: Henry, Jacob, Cathrine, Susan - states 7 children but not all named - "my four eldest dau. Executors wife & son Jacob. Wtness James Moorhead, David O Altman. probated 14 Jun 1813
Alcorn, John (Sen)  - late of Blacklick Twp. Page 76#99. Dated 9 Feb 1819. Children John, Jane, James. Grchildren Wm s/o John Alcorn, Mary, John Alcorn. Executor James Jack. Witness Zachariah Leard, Wm Ferguson. Probated 9 Mar 1819
Anderson, John  - no residence given. Page 26 #32.   Dated 10 Nov. 1811.   Wife Rebecca. Children: Robert, Mary, James. Executors Wm Laughry Esq, Alexander Lyons. Witness Charles Campbell, Lottie Morhead. Probated 3 Dec 1811
Anthony, Jacob  - late of Indiana Co Page 22 #28. Dated 13 Mar 1810. "yeoman, being very sick and weak".   Wife Nancy. Children; Wm, Levi, David, Rebeciah Cherry, Mary Thompson, Elizabeth Calhoun, Nancy, Sally.   Executors Robert Robison Esq, my son Wm.   Witness Benjamin Walker, Wm Calhoun, Thomas Sharp. probated 6 Nov 1810
Beaty, John - late of Armstrong Twp. Page 73 #93. Dated 8 Aug 1818. Wife Sarah. Children Robert, Wm, Alexander, Rebeccah, James, John, Joseph, Sarah. Executors sons James, Robert. Witness John Pattison, Mathew Allison. Probated 21 Oct 1818
Brady, James  - late of Mehoning Twp Page 61#81.   Dated 16 Jun 1817. Wife Rebecca. Children Margaret, Rebecca, Ebenezer, Samuel, John, Joseph, James, Jane McCall, Hannah Wiggins. Executors Daniel Stannard,Esq, James Brady, son Ebenezer. Witness Wm Riddle, John Leasure, Alanson Bills. Probated 26 Jan 1818
Buckley, John  - late of Armstrong Twp Page 70 #89 Letters of Administrated granted 4 Jun 1818 to Thomas Buckley & James Buckley. Surety Joseph Sharp, Wm W Caldwell. Bond $1,000
Carey, Thomas - late of Conemaugh Twp. Page 76 #98. Dated 22 Dec 1818. Bequests to Joseph Marshall and Samuel Marshall. Executor Samuel Marshall. Witness John Ewing, Joseph Marshall. Probated 2 Feb 1819
Chambers, Moses - late of Armstrong Twp Page 15 #20   Dated 7 Nov 1807. Children: Samuel (oldest) " to have all my estate in case he comes to inherit it, and in case he does not, I give it to Margaret Speer, w/o Hugh Speer; Thomas (youngest) 20 shillings PA currency; grandson James Chambers to have 4 pounds every year after my decease for 10 years.   Signed by mark.   Witness: Wm Fulton, Andrew Dickson, James Jourdon.   Executors: Andrew Dickson, Andrew Simpson. Probated 20 Mar 1810
Chambers, Solomon - late Indiana Co. page 7#9.   Dated 23 Nov 1808.   "yeoman, being very sick and weak in body:.   Wife Rebecka.   Executors: John Wilson, Wm Lowery. Witness: Robert Robinson, Wm Lowry, Joseph White. Probated 7 Dec 1808
Chambers, Solomon - late of Indiana Co Page 20#24   Dated 24 Nov 1808.   "yeoman". Wife Rebeccah.   Executors: John Wilson, Wm Lowry. Witness Robert Robison, Joseph White   Probated 7 Dec 1808
Coldwell, James - late of Blacklick Twp   Page 16#21   Dated 17 Dec 1890. Wife Rebecca. Children: Elizabeth, Margaret, Ann Herron, Sarah White, John.   Son-in-law Joseph Dickson. Grandson James White. Granddau "little Nancy, who now lives with "   Executors: trusty friends Daniel Smith, Edward Howard.   Witness: Jacob Burgoon, Samuel Reed. Probated 26 Feb 1810
Coleman, Nicholass - late of Conemaugh Twp Page 74 #96. Dated 27 Feb 1817. Wife Jean. Children Wm, John, Robert, Archibald, James, Sarah, Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary, Jean, Nancy (line drawn thro Nancy) grandchildren Matilda, Nicholass McGaughy, Nicholass Matthews, Nicholass Coleman. Executors son Wm, James Hart. Will signed by mark. Witness Samuel Marshall, Alec Templeton Probated 24 Dec 1818
Crawford, William  - late of Conemaugh Twp.   Page 4 #56. Dated 10 Sep 1815.   "Beloved Wife - not by name; sis Jane, other heirs, relation not stated - John, Isabelle.   Witness James Smith, Robert Elder. Probated 2 Oct 1815
Cuningham, George - late of Indiana Co Page 73 #94. Dated 20 mar 1812. Wife Jane. Children Thomas, Archibald, John, Wm, George, Samuel, Robert, Peggy Nortan, Ruth Fulton. Executors Robert Robison, John Robison. Witness James McKissick Sr, James McKissick Jr, Robert McLysen. Probated 30 Oct. 1818
Davis, Robert - late of Wheatfield Twp. Page 31 #41. Dated 12 Jan 1813. 1/2 estate to James Luke, Sr, 1/2 to Andrew Fee. Executors Andrew Fee. Witness Thomas Martin, Francis Louther. Cod. Dated 1 Feb 1813 with same witness. Probated 10 Apr. 1813
Densey, Mary - late of Armagh. Page 46 # 62. Dated 4 May 1816.   Heirs: Catherine Tomb, Jean Tomb, Margaret Tomb, Marey Tomb, Wm Tomb, Hugh Tomb (children of her bro John Tomb, deceased) Cathrine McDonnell, Jean Wakefield, Samuel Carnahan, Elizabeth Louthers, Mary Carnahan, John Carnahan, James Carnahan, Alexander Carnahan Jr, Uthma Bernethes Carnahan (children of sister Elizabeth Carnahan of Armaugh) Executors James Elliott, Samuel Devlin.   Will signed by mark.   Witness James McMahan, Diemer Bard. Probated 22 May 1816
Deviney, Andrew - late of Blacklick Twp. Page 49 # 66. Dated 28 Mar 1816. Wife Reachel. Children Elizabeth, Margaret, Sharlota, Reachel, Rebecca, Phebe, Aron, Andrew, Elisha. Executor James Ferguson, David Jenings. Witness Wm Davis Jun., Reuben Jewel. Probated 1 Nov 1816
Deviney, William - late of Black Lick Twp Page 5#7.   Dated 14 Jul 1808.   Wife Jemima.   Children: Aron, Lawrence, William, John (all under age), Margaret, Mary.   Bro: Aron "living in Carolina".   Executors wife and son Aron.   Witness William Davis, Jun., James Ferguson, Jun.   Probated 26 Sep 1808
Devlin, William - late of Armstrong Twp   Page 68 #87. Letters of Administrated granted 19 May 1818 to Richard Devlin and James Devlin.   Surety John Thompson, Benjamin Walker.   Bond $1,000.
Dickson, Samuel - no residence given Page 32#42. Dated 7 Apr 1813. Wife Agness. Children: Andrew, James, Samuel, Jane (also called Jean in another part of will); to James Guthry & wife Peggy- formerly Peggy Dickson; to son-in-law Wm Guthery "for children who was born to him by his late wife Agness - formerly Agness Dickson; to Joseph Dickson, Polly Dickson the legacy from my brother John Dickson; also mentions tract bought from brother Joseph Dickson; to the three children of Agness Guthery. executors Andrew Discon & Michael Campbell. witness James Simpson, Charles Campbell, Samuel Dickson. probated 6 May 1813
Donaly (Donley), John - late of Indiana Co. Page 8 #10. Dated 20 Aug 1808.   "being very sick and weak in body"   Children: only son James to be raised by friend Solomon Chambers.   Executors: Robert Robison, Solomon Chambers. Probated 13 Dec. 1808
Elder, James - late of Indiana Co Page 34#44. Dated 22 Apr 1813. "being weak in body" "my family who may not be of age, or of age but unmarried and living with the family to have sole benefit of my estate". Children: Joshua, Rachel, Robert, David, Polly, Thomas, John, James; 3 sons to be "learnt" trades - John, a tanner; James, a hatter: Thomas, a blacksmith. my mother to have comfortable maintenance and decent interment. my late bro. Robert. executors James Smith Esq and John Robinson. witness Robert Elder, Jun. & Samuel Marshall, Sen. Probated 21 May 1813
Empfield, George  - late of Indiana Co   Page 22#27.   Dated 2 Jan 1810.   Wife Barbara. Children "amongst my children except dau Mary".   Executors wife.   Witness Isaac Griffith, Alex Telfer.   Probated 26 Jun 1810
Ferguson, James - late of Blacklick Twp Page 33#43. Dated 26 Apr. 1813. Wife Jane. Children: Wm, Rebeca, Elizabeth, James, Jane, Mary, Samuel, Ellot, David. Executors son David & Alexander Lyons. Witness Wm Davies, Jun. & Adam Walker. Probated 10 May 1813
Ferguson, Jennet - late of Indiana Co. Page 42 #55. Dated 17 Sep 1815.   "widow". Children: Wm, Jane (Jean); "son Wm to be bound to Col John Douglass to learn carpenters trade, dau Jean to John Patison, Esq and wife to be taught art of shewing, kniting, housekeeping"   sis Rebecha.   Executors   Robert Robison, James Smith, Signed by mark. Witness Isaac Matson, Robert Matson. Probated 25 Sep 1815
Findley, Margaret  - late of Wheatfield Twp Page 78 #102. Dated 27 Aug 1819. Bequests to Maxy Young, John & Margaret Huston, relationship not mentioned. Executor John Huston. Signed by mark. Witness Deimer Bard, Samuel Devlin, John Fenton Probated 13 Sep 1819
Fligenstauffer, John - late of Indiana Co Page 71 #90. Dated 6 Jul 1818. Wife Hannah. Children Christiana w/o Daniel Slippy, Nancy w/o John Reareaugh; "money to be provided to scholl my minor children" these not named. Executor wife Hannah. Will signed by mark. Witness John Evans, John McDowell, Frederick Restler. Probated 14 Jul 1818
French, Jane - Page 71 #91. Dated 5 Sep 1818. Bros Michael Campbell, James Campbell, Charles Campbell, Thomas Campbell, bequests to Mary Jane McLain d/o James McLain Esq. Sis Sarah Woods "and all the rest of my sisters" not by name. "to my father" not by name. Executors bro Michael Campbell. Witness Hugh McKillip, Edward P Emerson. Probated 2 Oct 1818
French, Jonathan (Doctor) -  late of Indiana Town. Page 40 #52. Dated 18 Jul. 1814. Wife Jane. Executors wife Jane & trusty friend Michael Campbell. Witness James McLain, Dan Stanard. Probated 29 Aug 1814
French, Mary - late of Armstrong Twp Page 18#22   Dated 15 July 1809. Children: Elizabeth Black, Nancy Gilmore, Sarah, Martha.   Executors: James Smith, Martha Smith. Signed by mark. Witness: James Smith, John Smith. Probated 14 Dec. 1809
Gibson, John  - late of Blacklick Twp. Page 47 #64. Dated 21 Apr 1814. Wife Jane. Children Hugh (oldest son), Nancy, Wm, Leavy, James, Easter, Joseph (youngest), John Jun. Executors son John, Zacharial Leard.   Witness Wm Ewing, John Leard. Probated 15 Jul. 1816
Gordon, James - late of Blacklick Twp Page 21 #26.   Dated 9 Aug 1810.   Wife, not by name.   Children James, Signey(dau), Mary, Jane, Margaret, Catherine.   Executors son James, Geo Rankin. Signed by mark.   Witness John Gibson, Alec Lyons. Probated 18 Jan 1811
Hanna, Ezekiel - late of Indiana Co. Page 39 #50. Dated 12 Mar. 1811. Executors Walter Bell & Lodowick Miller "to sell my plantation in Hopewell Twp, Cumberland Co and turn money over to Trustees of Jefferson College at Cannonsburg, Washington Co PA to aid young men of Westmorland Co & Indiana Co in learning with a design to be ministers of the Gospel.   Germans having the same benefit as others intending to be preachers". Witness Andrew Kincaid, Geo Kincaid, John Kincaid. Probated 25 May. 1814
Heater, Conrod  - Wheatfield Twp Page 5 #6. Dated 12 Aug 1807.   Wife Barbara.   Children: "my two children" - not by name.   Executors: friend Robert Sutton (signature written in German)   Witness: Joseph McCartney, George Bowler, Archibald Mathews.   Probated 12 Jan 1808
Hutchinson, (Hutcheson, Hutchison), Elizabeth - late of Conemaugh Twp. Page 38 #49. Dated 24 Jun 1812. Child Elizabeth. Executors David Gillaland, Nathan Douthet. Witness Robert Henry, Robert Miller. Probated 2 Feb 1814
Hutchinson, John  - late of Conemaugh Twp   Page 46#61. Dated 8 May 1813.   Heirs: bro Edward's sons, John Hutchen and Elexander Hutchen, Edward's younger son.   Executor Edward Hutchen.   Will signed by mark.   Witness David Blakly, John Fulton, John Reid. Probated 30 Mar 1816
Hutchison, George - late of Center Twp Page 13 #17   Dated 30 Jun 1809 Wife Ann. Bros Adam, Robert, William.   Mother, Esther Hutchison.   Nephew Fergus Hutchison.   Signed by mark. Executors Wm Hutchison, Joseph Moorhead. Witness Wm Hamilton, Adam Hutchison.   Probated 4 Oct. 1809
Jack, Patrick - late of Blacklick Twp Page 53 & 71 Dated 27 Sep 1816.   Children Anna Henderson, James Jack Executors son James.   Witness Wm McFarland, Zach. Leard.   Probated 11 Mar. 1817
Jamison, Archibald - late of Wheatfield Twp Page 52#70. Dated 17 Dec 1816. Children Allen, Wm, Archibald (oldest son), John, Margaret, James, Martha, Mary. Executor sons Wm & Allen. Witness John Hopkins, John Jamison. Probated 27 Dec 1816
Jones, Samuel - late of Mahoning Twp. Page 41 #53. Dated 23 May 1814.   Children: Abraham (resides city of Bristol, Great Britain), Samuel, Abel, Mary, Nancy, Hannah, wife Mary deceased.   Signed by mark. Executors John Leasure, Abraham Davis. Witness Lydia Davies, Mary Jones, John Jones, Daniel Davies.   Probated 22 Aug 1814
Kinter, Peter  - late of Washington Twp.   Page 45 #59   Dated 23 Feb. 1816. Wife Elizabeth.   Children Mary, Samuel, Henry, Peter. Executors wife Elizabeth and son Peter. Witness Samuel Bell, john Kinter. Probated 15 Mar 1816
Kirkpatrick, Samuel  - late of Conamaugh Twp. Page 50#68.   Dated 10 Sep 1816. Wife Rebeccah. Children James, mentions "all my children - no others by name.   Executor wife Rebeccah, son James.   Will signed by mark. Witness Jacob Altman, James Wilson. Probated 9 Dec 1816
Laughlin, Randal  - late of Blacklick Twp Pate 72 #92. Dated 28 Nov 1817. Wife Elizabeth. Children Martha Mitchel, James, Jane McComb, Elizabeth Rankin, John, Thomas, Joseph. Grchildren Randle s/o John, Randle son of John Mitchel. Executors sons Thomas, Joseph. Witness John M Rankin, Zachariah Leard. Probated 15 Oct. 1818
Ligit, Robert - late of Wheatfield Twp Page 75 #97. Dated 17 Nov 1814. Wife Agness. Children Margraret w/o John Mabon, Mary w/o Frances Boals, John, Wm.   No Executor names. Witness John McCartney, Joseph McCartney. Probated 25 Jan 1819
Logan, Samuel - late of Wheatfield Twp Page 25#31   Dated 29 Nov. 1811.   Wife Elizabeth. Children: Joseph (oldest son), John (second son), Samuel, Martha, Daniel, Elizabeth, William, Agness Nancy.   Executors Moses Crawford, James Steel. Witness Thomas Dickie, Cornelius Hutchinson, Frederick Person (in Dutch). probated date not given
Long, Tobias - late of Conemaugh Twp. Page 28 #36. Dated 13 Jan 1813. Wife: "beloved wife', not by name. Children: John, Jacob, Tobias, Hetty, Susana. Executors sons Jacob, Tobias. Witness James Smith, Jacob Hine. Probated 11 Feb. 1813
Loughry, William – Late of Conemaugh Twp. Page 1 #1.   Dated Oct 1806; wife Margaret, children: Robert John, James, William, Margaret, Jane,   Mary – some not of   age.   Executors: wife, Margaret and William Loughry.   Witness: Zach Leard, John Marshall.   Executors declined to act and William Loughry and Robert Ewing appointed Administrators 10 Mar 1807.
Lyons, James - late of Black Lick Twp Page 6#8.   Dated 28 May 1808.   Wife, Jane (Jean). Children: Jane (Jean), Alexander, Mary, Margaret, Samuel, James.   Executors wife Jean & Adam Walker.   Signed by Mark. Witness: Wm Deviney, James Gordon. Probated 12 Sep 1808
Lytle, Ann - late of Armstrong Twp Page 64#82.   Dated 27 Feb 1818. Nephew Robert Wiggons' sons Thomas, Robert Cliffert.   Sis Margaret Walker, Cathrine Lytle. Executors John Lytle, Wm Calhoun. Will signed by mark. Witness Robert Robison, John Robison, Probated no date given
Lytle, Robert  - late of Indiana Co Page 51 # 69. Dated 27 Aug 1810. Wife Elizabeth. Children Rebechah, w/o Andrew Wiggons, Ann, Mary Megahy, Jenny Clifort, Margaret Walker, Katherine - line drawn through this name.   Executors Robert Robison, John Robison, Witness John Pattison, John Robison, Archibald Stewart. Probated 10 Jun 1812
Marshall, James – Conemaugh Twp. Page 3 #4.   Dated 19 Jun 1807.   Wife Margaret. Children: Margaret, w/o Joseph Marshall, Betsy.   Executors: Zachariah Leard, Joseph Marshall.   Witness: Samuel Talmage, Wm Leard.   Probated 13 Jul. 1807
Mathews, John  - late of Conemaugh Twp Page 9 #12.   Dated 24 Aug 1808.   Wife Mary. Children: James, Rachel McLean, Elizabeth Lytle; dau.-in-law Margaret Mathews and her 3 children: Betsy, Jane and Margaret.   Executors: son James and son-in-law John McLean. Witness: Zachariah Leard, James Oliver.   Probated 1 Feb 1809
Mathews, Mary - late of Conemaugh twp. Page 47 #63. Dated 8 Oct 1811.   Heirs James Ewing. Executor James Ewing. Will signed by mark.   Witness John Ewing, Joseph Harbison. Probated 10 Jun 1816
Matson, Uriah - late of Indiana Co. Page 45#60. Dated 23 Feb. 1816.   Wife Isabella. Children Robert, Isaac, Rebecca, Mary Smith, John, Susana Knap, Isabella George, Margory Rea. Executors John Patison Esq, John Robison, Sen.   Witness Robert Lowney (Lowrey), Andrew Cochran.   Probated no date given
McBride, Archibald - late of Mahoning Twp Page 11 #14.   Dated 6 Apr 1809.   Wife Margaret. Children: Mary, James. Executor son James. Witness: Joshua Lewis, John Johnston, Arthur Black.   Probated 29 Apr. 1809
McCartney, Elizabeth  - late of Blacklick Twp. Page 37 #47. Dated 15 Feb 1813. Children: George, Samuel, "two daus now unmarried" (not by name) "those of my family married in my life time, I have given all they are to get".   Executor John Ewing.   Witness Samuel McCartney, Marten McCartney.   Signed by mark. Probated   1 Jun 1813
McCloskey, Robert  - late of Washington Twp Page 54#73. Dated 10 Feb 1817. Wife Mary. Children James (youngest son), Jean, Sarah, Martha, Margaret, Ann, Elizabeth (eldest dau) Executor Wm "Melosky", "my oldest son, and John Thompson. Witness Hugh Thompson, James Thompson. Probated 8 May 1817
McCombs, James  - late of Blacklick Twp.   Page 39 #51. Dated 27 Jun 1814. Wife Nancy. Children: Geo., James, Jane McKnight, David. Grandson James, s/o Geo; to my wife, Nancy's children: John, David, Andrew, Joseph, Mary, Nancy - no last names given. Executor James McKnight, John Loughry.   Witness Patrick Jack, Randel Loughlin. Probated 8 Aug 1814
McCrea (McCrey), Susana O – late of Armstrong Twp page 2 #2.   Dated 23 Feb. 1807; grandchildren: Susana Trimble, Thomas Trimble, George Trimble; bound girl Elizabeth Caryhan.   Executors: Rev John Jamison, Daniel Smith.   Witness: Wm Devinney, Alexander Moorhead.   Probated 10 Mar. 1807
McCullough, David a/k/a McCollough  - late of Armstrong Twp. Page 55 # 74. Dated 28 Feb 1816.   Wife Hannah. Children John (eldest son), David   Witness Alexander Pattison, Robert Robison, Joseph McNutt. Probated 13 Jan. 1817
McEntire, Alexander - late of Indiana Co Page 24#30   Dated 5 May 1811. Wife Isabella. Children Martha Orr, Batrick Blair, Rebecca Fleming, Elizabeth Allison. Son-in-law John Fleming, Mathew Allison.   Signed by mark. Executors Robert Robison, John Robinson. witness John Beatty, Sen., James Beatty, John Beatty Jr. Probated 14 May 1811
McGee, Patrick   - later of Blacklick Twp.   Page 67 #86. Dated 3 Sep. 1817. Wife Esther. Children James, Robert, John. Executors son James, James Gordon. Will signed by mark. Witness John Pelson, James McKnight. Probated 16 May 1818
McHenry, Isaac  - no residence given. Page 30 #39. Will not dated. Children Wm, Samuel, Robert, Susan Lewis, Pheby Lewis. Executor sons Wm & Samuel. Witness James Thompson, John Weir. Probated 24 Mar. 1815
McKnight, Alexander  - late of Washington Twp. Page 55#75.   Dated 18 Apr. 1817. Wife "my beloved wife   (not by name). Children: Alexander, Marget, Elizabeth McNutt, Alice Ross, Isabella Shields, James. Grandson Alexander McKnight. Executors son James and son-in-law John Ross. Will signed by mark. Witness Wm Thomas, David Cummins. probated 21 Apr. 1817
McKnight, James - late of Indiana Boro Page 77 #101. Dated 5 Mar 1819. Children Wm, Alexander, James, Jane. Executor Bro Alexander McKnight, John Ross, John Douglass. Witness Wm Douglass, Philip Gallaher. Probated 17 May 1819
McLain, James - late of Conemaugh Twp. Page 40 #65. Dated 15 Jun 1807.   Wife Margaret. Children John, Samuel, Alexander, Mary, Elizabeth Cochran, Margaret (Pegg) McCreary, Ann, Isabella, Martha. Executors sons John & Alexander. Witness Joseph Nesbitt. Andrew McCreery, Robert Nesbitt. Probated 1 Oct 1816
McLanahan, John - late of CenterTwp   Page 27 #35.   Dated 26 Dec 1811. Wife Agness. Children: "my children" not by name. Executors wife Agnes, son Thomas.   Witness Alexander Taylor, Wm Smith. Probated 10 Feb. 1812
McNutt, William - late of Armstrong Twp Page 59#79. Dated 15 Aug 1805. Wife Jean. Children Jean, Samuel, Joseph, Robert, Alexander, Sarah Rea, Wm. Executors sons Samuel, Alexander. Witness John Robison, James Smith. Will signed by mark. Probated 31 Oct. 1817
Miller, Robert  - late of Washington Twp. Page 30 #40. Dated 20 Aug 1811. Children: Robert, Henry, Ann, Ruth, Mary, Peggy. Wife Molly. Executors Joseph Moorhead Esq & Wm Moreland. Witness James McKnight, Robert Brady. Probated 24 Mar. 1813
Mulhollam (Mehollan), John  - late of Bedford Co, now Indiana Co. Page 37 #48. Dated 6 May 1812. "being sick of body" to my bro Wm's children - Wm Mulholam & Margaret Melhollam, to my nephew James Mehollan's son, John; bro Hugh Meholam. Executors Robert Erwin, Wm Smith both of Huntingdon Co, Frakstown Twp. Witness John Robison, Sr. Probated Dec 1813
---------No Estate Filed to #29
O'Hara, James - no residence given Page 21#25   Dated 26 May 1808. Wife Mary. Children "my children" not by name. Executors Thomas Burns, John Clyde.   Estate to be used for "upbringing of such of my children as is not fit to be put out to trades, or otherwise as they may find best for the good of the children:" Witness Wm Hamilton, Peter Palmer   Probated 13 Dec 1808
O'Hara, James - residence not given Page 9 #11. Dated 26 May 1808. Wife Mary. Children "my children", not by name.   Executors: Thomas Burns, John Clyde. Signed by mark.   Witness: Wm Hamilton, Peter Palmer.   Probated 13 Dec. 1808
Pilson, Robert  - no residence given Page 50 #67. Dated 13 Jan 1797. Wife Mary. Children Adam, John, Esther Maghee, Polly Pelson; to Prudence Moorhead, relationship not given; mentions holdings in Franklin Co. Executor friends Thomas McCrea, Charles Campbell.   Signed "Pillson"   Witness Alexander Moorhead, S Wright. Probated 14 Nov 1816
Pounds, Adonijah - late of Center Twp Page 12 #16   Dated 3 Aug 1808.   Wife Rachel. Grandson James Pounds. Executors wife and worthy neighbor John Wilson.   Signed by mark. Witness Fergus Moorhead, Mich Kelly. Probated 24 Oct. 1809
Ramsey, Hugh  - late of Armstrong Twp Page 69 #88. Letters of Administration granted 4 Jun 1818 to Joseph Sharp. Surety Wm Caldwell, Thomas Buckley. Bond $500
Rea, Mathew  - late of Centre Twp Page 53 #72. Dated 9 Feb 18176, wife Mary. Mother Nelly Rea. Children "all my children (not named) Executor wife Mary, trusty friend James Lapsley. Witness Mary Rea Probated 20 Mar 1817
Robinson, James - late of Conemaugh Twp Page 4#5. Dated 9 Jul 1807.   Brothers: John, Robert; namesake James Robinson, s/o bro John; "to my father" - not by name.   Executors: bros John & Robert.   Witness: James Hamilton, John Laughlin, James Robison.   Probated 14 Dec. 1807
Sharp, Ann - late of Armstrong Twp. Page 12 #15.   Dated 15 Sep 1808. Children: Hannah Leason, Agness Ralston, Thomas, Margaret, Joseph, Ann.   Bro John Woods (bequest from his estate) Executors: Thomas Sharp, son Joseph Sharp. Witness Benjamin Walker, John Walker. Probated 27 Jun 1809
Sloan, Thomas N  - late of town of Newport. Page 36 #46. Dated 15 Jun 1813. Wife Martha. Children: Esther, Wm, Thomas, Fanny, Polly (or Mary), John, Martha, Jane, Andrew. Executors David Reed, Gawin Sutton. Signed by mark. Witness Sam Talmage, James Moorhead. probated 16 Jun 1816
Smith, William - late of Mahoning Twp.   Page 43 #57. Dated 5 Dec 1812. Wife Margaret. Children Wm "or his children at my wife's death"   Executors Robert Craig, James Ewing. Probated 21 Nov. 1815
Stewart, James -  late of Armstrong Twp Page 60#80. Dated 28 Sep 1817.   Wife Mary. Children Jean, Michael "equally among my 7 daus" others not named. Executors John Trimble, Michael Stewart. Witness Nicholas Lowry, Sam Hall.   Will signed by mark. Probated 31 Oct. 1817
Stineman, Phillip  - late of Indiana Co Page 58#77. Dated 16 May 1817. Wife not by name. Children Jacob, Sarah, Christopher, Elizabeth. Executors Jacob Stineman.   Witness Isaac Griffith, Peter Fry. Probated 26 May 1817
Taylor, Alexander - late of Washington Twp. Page 41 #54. Dated 7 Mar 1815. Wife Jane. Children: Robert, John, Wm, Alexander, James; James McLain, Esq of Centre Twp to guardian of persons and estates of 2 sons Alex and James.   Executors wife Jane & son John. Signed by mark.   Witness Thomas Allison, Watson Stewart, James Loughry, Dan Stanard.   Probated 9 Mar 1815
Thompson, James - no residence given Page 29 #38. Dated 8 Mar 1813. Wife Lydia. Children: Rebeca, James, Mary Matson, Frances Gaskins, Lydia Davis, Jane.   Executors Abraham Davis, Wm McCreery. Witness Jane Thompson, Lydia Davies, Abraham Davis.   Probated 23 Mar 1823 (this is probably in error, and should be 1813)
Thompson, Jane - late of Conemaugh Twp. Page 26 #33.   Dated 9 Sep 1810. Children: Moses, Margaret, James, "my three daughters" - names only one. Granddau Margaret Ewing. Executors John Ewing. Signed by mark. Witness Sarah Ewing, Mary Irwin. Probated 23 Jul 1812
Thompson, Robert  - late of Washington Twp.   Page 44 #58. Dated 1 Apr 1814.   Children Robert, John, Mary, Ann Hamilton, Elizabeth Snyder. Executors Charles Campbell, James McKnight.   Witness Charles Kenning, Hugh Dougherty. Cod dated 10 Dec. 1815.   Probated 30 Dec. 1815
Thompson, William - late of Conemaugh Twp. Page 66 #84. Dated 5 Mar 1818. Wife Agnes.   Children John, William, Polly, Agness, Robert. Executors wife Agnes, John Ewing. Witness John Jamison Jun. Andrew McCartney. Probate date not given
Todd, Samuel  - late of Centre Twp. Page 27 #34 Dated 4 May 1812. Wife Ann: "to my wife, money now in hands of Charles Campbell - items at death of my wife to Susanah Cummins, d/o John Cummins. Children: Margaret Cummins, Elinor Cummins.   Executors Wm Cummins, John Cummins.   signed by mark. witness James Simpson, Wm Hamilton. Probated 25 Jul 1812.
Trimble, George - late of Washington Twp. Page 19#23   Dated 16 Feb 1810. "being weak in body and now in 64th yr of my age".   Wife Jennet. Children: Samuel, Wm, John, Mary Cummins, George, Jennet. Granson George Cummins. Executors: sons Wm, Samuel. Witness: Samuel Bell, john Kinter. Probated 8 May 1810
Wachob, John – late Armstrong Twp. Page 2 #3.   Dated 6 Sep 1806. wife, Rebeckah; Children: Isaac, Mary, Jane, Sarah, James, Rebeckah Elder.   Executors: son Isaac and Joseph McNutt.   Witness: James Smith, Alexander McNutt. Probated 7 Apr. 1807
Wallace, Ephraim - late of Wheatfield Twp. Page 56 # 76. Dated 18 Oct. 1809. Children Robert, John, Sarah, Ann, Margaret, Samuel. Grson Ephriam Skiles to have "land I own jointly with James Johnston". Sons-in-law Samuel & Joseph McKelvey. Executors sons Robert & Samuel. Witness David Brown, Abram Hendricks.   Cod dated 18 Oct 1809 "to my faithful black servant Sene ten acres to be hers fully, freely and peacebly during natural life. Cod dated 5 Oct 1816 revokes last codicil. Witness Thomas Bracken Sen. Abraham Hendricks. Probated no date given.
Weir, Hugh - certified copy from Highland Co OH Page 64#83 Clinton Co OH. Dated 1 Oct 1817. Wife Rebecca. Bro George. Children Sarah, Eliza, Catharine, John Harrison, Samuel, Jesse Garfield, William C, Dinah. Executor none. Witness Charles Harris, John Weir. Probated Clinton Co 30 Dec 1817. (wife Rebecca bro Geo appointed administrators in Indiana Co PA 27 Dec 1817
Well, Christopher - late of Indiana Co Page 29 #37. Dated 4 Dec 1812. Wife Ann. Children: Issiah (eldest son), Levy, Wm, Jessey (son), Margaret, Rachel, Edward, Peter, James, Polly, Nancy, Emey, Salley, Elizabeth.   Executors wife.   Witness Joshua Lewis, Isaac Cochran. Probated 9 Mar 1813
White, Thomas  - late of Indiana Co Page 10#13.   Dated 17 Aug 1808. Children Jane, Elizabeth, Agness, Elinder, Margaret, Hannah, Jennet, John.   Executor: son John. Witness: Peter Crotzer, Job Pearce, Joshua Lewis. Probated 14 Apr. 1809
Wiggins, Thomas  - late of Washington Twp Page 66 #85. Dated 24 Mar 1818. Wife Elizabeth. Children Samuel, Robert, john, Andrew, Margaret. Executor wife Elizabeth bro Andrew Wiggons Witness Wm Trimble Thomas Wiggins. Probate date not given
Wilkins, James - late of Centre Twp Page 14#18   Dated 29 Sep 1808.   Wife Jean. Children: Nancy Laughlin, James, John, Andrew, William, Thomas. Executors: Wm & Thomas Wilkins. Witness: Wm Hamilton, Joseph Moorhead. Probated 6 Feb 1809
Wilson, Robert - late of Conemaugh Twp Page 58#78. Dated 26 Apr 1817. Wife Jane. Children Lewis, Alexander, David, Mary Seawright, Elizabeth Crow, Robert, John, William, James.   Bro John. Executors sons Robert & Lewis.   Witness Nathanial Nesbitt, Joseph Mitchell. Probated 3 Jun 1817
Wynkoop, Mathew - late of Mahoning Twp Page 77 #100. Dated 16 Mar 1818. Wife Thomasine. No Executor names. Witness Robert Craig, John Park. Probated 10 Mar 1819

Indiana County, PA