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Flickinger Funeral Register

Last Name First Name Middle Name D.O.B. Place D.O.D. Place Cause of Death Age Interment Parents Information
Adams Sarah Jane 8 Apr. 1845 Indiana Co. 7 Apr. 1926 Homer City   81y Greenwood white, domestic d/o Silas Adams & Rebeccah McCormick both b USA Dr. Donson, Rev. R E McClure, interred 3/9/26
Airgood Henry M. 11 Jan. 1869 PA 16 Nov. 1927 Homer City heart failure 59y 10m 15d Greenwood   Dr. Palmer, Rev. Ritchie, interred 11/18/1927
Alkins Tobias   1880 Alabama 21 Nov. 1927 Indiana Hospital diabetic coma 40y   negro, coal miner, parents unknown charged to William Rodgers
Alley     2 Sep. 1924 Indiana Co. 2 Sep. 1924 Indiana Hospital     St Bernards s/o Frank Alley & Mary Vildi both b. Itay  
Amomisusind John     Italy 24 Jun. 1927 Indiana Hospital suicide 40y Greenwood white, sunnabich, parents unknown coroner, murdered Dr. Moore
Anderson Elizabeth Margret 4 Oct. 1921 Indiana Co. 4 Feb. 1922 Lucerne   4m Elders Ridge white, s/o Rudolph Anderson b. Sweden & Agnes Simpson b Scotland Dr. Raymond, interred 2/5/22
Andrvella Louie   14 Mar. 1923 Homer City 14 Oct. 1923 Homer City   7m Indiana C C s/o louie  
Ashbaugh     29 May. 1922 Palmertown 29 May. 1922 Palmertown still born   Coral white, s/o Alvin Ashbaugh & Jessie Shirley botn b. USA Dr. Widowson, interred 5/30/22
Augustino Carlo   9 Jul. 1924 Tearing Run 23 Mar. 1924 Tearing Run pneumonia 8m 14d   white, s/o Fred Augustino & Auphius Onenealdo both b. Italy Dr. W. F. Peters, interred 20/24
Barletti Carmen   1 Aug. Homer City 1 Nov. 1921 Yankeetown   infant St Bernards white, s/o Carmen & ? Rruno both b. Italy Dr. F ?, interred 11/3/21, Priest.
Barlick Joe   24 Jan. 1924 Coral 30 Jan. 1924 Coral   6d   s/o Bart Barlick  
Barnett Elizabeth   25 Jan. 1840 Madison Co IL 4 Sep. 1925 Indiana Hospital gangrene 85y 7m 11d Woodlawn, Edwardsville ILL white, d/o Thomas Judy & Nancy Hayes, married Dr Raymond, interred 9/7/25
Barrish Mike   27 Sep. 1924 Mecco 17 oct. 1924 Mecco enteris colitis 19d Indiana C C white, s/o Joe Barrish Jr b Austria & Minnie Berk b. Germany Dr. F F Moore, Rev. Orlasmonski, interred 10/8/24
Barrish Paul   4 Nov. 1921 Indiana Co. 27 Dec. 1921 Mecco convulsions 1m 22d Indiana C C white, s/o Joe Barrish Jr b Usa & Minnie Beck b. German Dr. Gets, Priest, interred 12/28/21
Barron Harry H 28 Sep. 1858 Indiana Co. 18 Jul. 1926 Aultman   67y 9m 10d Oakland white, farmer, s/o Nicolas Barron & Mary Barcley both b USA Dr Chas C Dietterick, Rev. C R Ritchie, interred 7/22/26
Baughman George   19 Aug. 1900 Homer City 18 Oct. 1927 Homer City pneumonia 27y 1m 29d   white, blacksmith, s/o J S Baughman & Dillie Duncan both b. USA Dr. Palmer
Beccio Bruno   12 Jun. 1923 PA 9 Mar. 1924 Homer City pneumonia 8m 28d Indiana s/o Armelia Beccio Dr. Moore, Rev. Roberts, interred 2/27/24
Belo Andy   1879 Hungary 22 Sep. 1924 Indiana Hospital broken back 45y Graceton white, miner, parents unknown Dr. C.P. Reid, interred 9/22/24, mine accident
Bender Annie   1880 Austria 31 Dec. 1923 Coral miscarriage 43y   white housewife, d/o Mke Strakina & Annie Stuck both b. Austria  
Bennet Mary       3 Jan. 1924 Coral gun shot wound to the left breast 25y Greenwood colore B, housewife, d/o Lisa Brown, negro coroner, interred 1/7/24, shipped to Petersburg VA
Benus Stanley   1850 Poland 8 Apr. 1926 Indiana Hospital cancer of stomach 76y St Bernard's white, coal miner, s/o Peter Benus b Poland Priest, interred 4/16/26
Berboski Frank   1879 Russia 4 Nov. 1921 Indiana Hospital influenza 42y   shite, miner, s/o John Burboski, parents b. Russia Dr. W Stewart, Priest, interred 11/7/21
Beros John   1891 Austria 18 jan. 1924 Lucerne Mines   32y Indiana Co. Commissioners white, miner, s/o Jno Beros & July Ninco both b Austria coroner, priest, interred 1/21/24, deceased was found dead in Lucerne Mines #2 no evidence of foul play in his dying, testimony that the deceased had been drinking for sometime previous to his death. No past mention hold but evidence points to facts that deceased came to his death from unknown casues but not from injury or foul play
Beusie Tony   3 Jan. 1923 Homer City 8 Jun. 1923 Homer City enteritis 5m 6d   white, s/o Nick Beusie & Mary Maruch both b Austria Priest
Bianco Anthony   6 Jul. 1922 PA 19 Apr. 1923 Indiana Hospital   6m 13d   s/o Tom Bianco & Mary Parry both b. Italy  
Bicigo Mary   27 Dec. 1926 Yankeetown 27 Dec. 1926 Yankeetown still birth   Lucerne Cemetery white, d/o Auelis Bicigo & Castaline Adwedis both b Italy Dr. Kirk, Priest, interred 12/28/26
Billingslee Bessie   May 1879 Indiana Co. 3 May. 1926 Blacklick Twp   47y Greenwood white, domestic, married, d/o james B Graham & Lizzie Gibson both b USA Dr. Bushnell, Blacklick ME Preacher, interred 5/5/26
Blythe Margret Grove 31 May. 1872 PA 5 Feb. 1923 Homer City   50y 9m 4d Greenwood white, housewife, married, d/o B B Grove & Hannah Johnston both b. USA Dr. F F Mann, Rev. Roberts, interred 2/8/23
Bodauska Aurelia   29 Aug. 1922 Tearing Run 38 Dec. 1922 Tearing Run Pneumonia 4m Greenwood white, d/o Matt Bodauska b Hungary & Mary Colletta b USA Dr. Peters, Rev. Ritchie, interred 12/30/22
Bonus Joseph   25 Jun. 1925 Lucerne Mines 13 Jan. 1926 Lucerne Mines pneumonia 6m 18d   white, s/o Frank Bonus & Mary Wonsko both b Austria Dr. Johnston, Priest, interred 1/14/26
Bowers Lenna Eva 18 May. 1915 Cherryhill Twp 11 Mar. 1922 Cherryhill Twp pneumonia 6y 9m 6d Brushvalley Lutheran white, d/o Samuel Bowers & Bessie Campbell both b. USA Dr. M M Davis, Lutheran Minister, interred 3/14/22
Boyd Anna   1901 Austria 17 May. 1922 Coral typhoid fever pupera 21y Indiana white, housewife, w/o Dr. Bushnell, Priest
Bracken Lawrence Burton 21 Mar. 1874 Indiana Co. 22 Mar. 1926 Coral acute endocarditis 52y 1d Coral white, trackman, s/o Wm Bracken & Bese Brandon both b USA Dr Bushnell, Rev. Ritchie, interred 3/24/26
Brendlinger     9 Nov. 1864 PA 24 Jun. 1922 Garfield dropsy 59y 10m 20d   white, w/o Geor. D/o Jessie Harris & Mary Thompson both b. USA Rev. Lear, interred 6/27/22
BrnslavicK     3 Feb. 1925 Lucerne Mines 3 Feb. 1925 Lucerne Mines still born   St Bernards d/o Mike Benslavick b. Austria Dr. McNellis, interred 2/3/25
Bruno Claude   13 Oct. 1922 Graceton 12 Dec. 1923 Indiana Hospital influenza of bowels 1y 2m Five Points white, s/o Paul L Bruno & Anna Henry both b USA interred 12/14/23, Rev. Chilcote
Bruno Jennie   1869 Italy 10 Aug. 1922 Center Twp Sepliccuna 53y   white, housewife,married , d/o Tony Gatlo & Jennie Gabella both b. Italy Dr. Mann, priest, interred 3/6/22
Bruno Rosie   25 Dec. 1922 Center Twp 19 Feb. 1923 Center Twp broncho pneumonia 1y 1m 24d   white, d/o Guy Bruno & Mary Umets both b. Italy Dr. McNellis
Buckley Martin Luther 27 Mar. 1926 Lucerne Mines 11 Mar. 1927 Lucerne Mines pneumonia 11m 15d   white, s/o Geo Buckley & Lucia C Hanock both b USA Dr. Dilespie, Rev. Williams, interred 3/14/27
Buckley Mary Ellen 26 Jan. 1927 Lucerne Mines 10 Jun. 1927 Lucerne Mines pneumonia 4y 16d Greenwood white, d/o Wm Buckley & Mary Dairo both b USA Dr. Gillispie
Budinsky Joseph   16 Mar. 1920 Homer City 29 Sep. 1922 Homer City scalded 1y 6m Indiana Catholic white, s/o Mike Bodinsky & Victoria Kirk both b. Austria Dr. Mann, interred 10/1/22
Bulwich Mike   25 Mar. 1924 Waterman 27 Mar. 1924 Waterman enteritis molentis 4d   white, s/o George Bulwich b. Austria  
Bunder     16 Nov. 1923 Center Twp 16 Nov. 1923 Center Twp still birth     s/o Jno Bunder  
Bunini Mario   7 Jan. 1928 Yankeetown 7 Jan. 1928 Yankeetown malformation 6h St Bernard's white, Dr. W F Peters, interred 1/8/28
Bunk Steve   17 Aug. 1886 Austria 17 Apr. 1922 Indiana Hospital broken back 46y St Bernards white, miner, s/o Mike Bunk & Mary Lixe both b. Austria Dr. Gates, Priest, interred 4/19/22
Bura George   1875 Austria 30 Jan. 1927 Ernest ac injuries by being run over by stear 52y 1d St Bernard's white, laborer, parents b. Austria Priest, interred 2/2/27
Busso Alessandro   1881 Italy 27 Nov. 1921 Yellowcreek accidental drowning 40y   white, miner, father b. Italy the body was found below dam about 4 pm 28 Nov. 1921, probably drowned Sun Eve 11/27/21 near 6 pm.
Butravagaick Charles   1901 Poland 9 Sep. 1924 Tyrone RR yds   33y 8m 10d   white, miner, parents unknown Coroner Blair Co (Cjharles Butzavcaga)
Butsco Margret   15 Feb. 1923 Tide 15 Jun. 1923 Tide enteritis 4m   d/o George Butsco b Austria & Mary Hubick Dr. Raymond
Buzzi Geni   14 Apr. 1921 Burrel Twp 27 Apr. 1922 Josephine diphtheria 11m 24d Blairsville white d/o Louie Buzzi b. Italy Dr. Williamson, interred 3/29/22
Buzzi Pansy   8 Sep. 1925 Bells Mills 21 Sep. 1925 Bells Mills enteritis molentis 14d Graceton white, d/o Louis Buzzi b Italy Dr. Bushenell, interred 9/23/25, Indiana Co. Commissioners
Byers David   27 Mar. 1897 Indiana Co 20 Nov. 1923 Indiana Hospital menengitis 26y 9m 3d Oakland white, carpenter, s/o Jno C Byers & Elizabeth Mahafay both b USA Dr. Stewart
Byers Robert   25 Mar. 1925 Westmoreland Co 23 Apr. 1926 Lucerne Mines pneumonia 1y 1m Greenwood negro, s/o John Byers & Virginia Byers both negro Dr. Johnston, interred 4/24/26
Cain Peter   9 Feb. 1857 Prussia 17 Dec. 1923 Center Twp struck by a street car accidental 66y 9m 21d Greenwood white, miner, s/o John Cain & Lydia Hilty both b USA coroner, Rev. Chilcote, interred 12/20/23
Calfa Luisa   10 May, 1922 Lucerne 13 May. 1922 Lucerne pneumonia 3d   white, d/o Tony Calfa & Rosy Longardo both b Italy  
Calfi Tony   30 Mar. 1924 Lucerne Mines 30 Mar. 1924 Lucerne Mines still born     s/o Tony Calfi b. Italy  
Calfo Tony   11 Apr. 1923 Indiana Hospital 11 Apr. 1923 Indiana Hospital still birth   Catholic s/o Tony Calfo b. Italy  
Califus paul   10 Jul. 1923 Tearing Run 11 Aug. 1923 Tearing Run malnutrition 1m   white, s/o Tony Calfus Dr. Palmer
Campbel James McClure 1 Jun. 1849 Heshbon 24 Jun. 1924 J J Campbell's uremia 75y 24d Bethel near Armagh white, retired, s/o Robert Campbel & Margret Mock both b. USA Dr. M M Palmer, Rev. Jno A Rankin, interred 6/27/24
Campbell     6 Nov. 1867 Indiana Co. 27 Jan. 1927 Homer City carcinoma of the Uterus 60y Greenwood white, housewife, w/o J J, d/o Martain Kier & Mary Moorhead both b USA Dr Palmer, Rev. McClure & Williams, interred 1/30/27
Campbell Anna   1852 Indiana Co. 14 Dec. 1927 County Home parellis of bowel 72y Mechanicsburg M E white, domestic, married, d/o Richard Donahue b. USA Dr. M M Davis, interred 12/16/1927
Campbell Doyle   `0 Jun. `900 Heshbon 26 Nov. 1925 Josephine accident killed by RR 45y 5m 17d Armaugh white, laborer, s/o C L Campbell & Carrie Alemi both b USA cororner ST Clair, interred 11/29/25
Campbell James Truby 7 Apr. 1923 Center Twp 30 Dec. 1925 W H George's pneumonia meningitis 2y 7m 17d Greenwood white, s/o Ron Campbell & Seah George Dr. W A Simpson, Rev Roberts, interred12/1/25
Campbell Roy Henry 2 Nov. 1921 Harry George Farm 20 Nov. 1921 Harry George Farm influenza 8m 18d   white, s/o Roy H Campbell & Leah George both b. USA Dr. W. L. Peters, Rev. Roberts, interred 11/23/21
Campinaso Jennie   4 Feb. 1926 Homer City 31 Mar. 1927 Homer City lobar pneumonia 1y 28d St Bernard's white, d/o Tony Campinaro & Josephine Mians both b Italy Dr. M Peters, Priest, interred 4/2/27
Campo Picolema   2 Apr. 1923 Waterman 1 Sep. 1923 Waterman acute gastroenteritis 4m 29d Indiana C C white, d/o Thomas Campo b Italy Dr. J W Colgan
Capitosti     8 May. 1923 Lucerne Mines 8 May. 1923 Lucerne Mines still birth     white, s/o Chido Capatosti b Italy  
Carbona Margetta   1 Sep. 1921 Coral 23 Jan. 1922 Coral Convulsions 4m 22d Graceton white, d/o Paul Carbona & Congetta Dominica both b. Italy Dr. E M Bushnell, interred 1/24/22
Carbonne Arthur   17 May. 1926 Coral 21 Jun. 1926 Coral   1m 4d Graceton s/o Paul Carbonne b Italy Dr. Dietterick, Priest
Carcilli Peter   9 Jul. 1864 Italy 2 Nov. 1926 Homer City asthma 57y 4m 23d Indiana C C white, coal miner, s/o Vincent Carcilli & Wista Pelegrino both b Italy Dr Peters, Priest
Carson Cora       24-Apr-23            
Carson Mary A 14 Sep. 1922 Blacklick Twp 7 Aug. 192 Homer City cancer 77y 11m 6d Greenwood white, housewife, married, d/o Rorest b Usa Dr. Kirk, Rev Burnwood, interred 8/11/22
Carson Samuel   24 Dec. 1883 Albainia 3 May. 1927 Lucerne mine accident 34y 3m 19d Saltsburg negro, coal miner, s/o Samuel Carson a negro coroner
Casper Stanley   13 Apr. 1901 Poland 12 Dec. 1923 Indiana Hospital gun shot wound peritonitis 22y 8m 11d   white, miner, s/o John Casper & Josephine Senadella both b Poland Dr. A P Reed, Priest
Casper William   30 May. 1922 Lucerne Mines 30 May. 1922 Lucerne Mines still born     white, s/o Jno Casper b. Poland  
Cecolli Elizabeth   10 Jun. 1926 PA 15 Oct. 1925 Indiana Hospital     Graceton d/o Eugene Cicolli b Italy Dr. St Clair
Chugg     19 Feb. 1922 Homer City 19 Feb. 1922 Homer City       d/o Steve Chugg  
Cisselli Joe   24 Jan. 1923 Homer City 22 Feb. 1923 Homer City broncho pneumonia 28d   white, s/o John Cisselli & Eva Swysoda both b. Salv  
Clark J Rawhl     30 Oct. 1923 White Twp arterial scerosis apoplexy 76y 3m 11d Oakland farmer Dr. C E Rink, interred 11/1/23
Clark Martha A 10 Apr. 1857 Indiana Co. 25 Feb. 1924 White Twp pneumonia 66y 1m 17d   white, housekeeper, w/o Jno Raltson Clark, d/o Jno A McCracken & Hannah Failey both b.USA Dr. C P Reed, Rev. Chilcote, interred 2/28/24
Clawson Jonathan   1847 Indiana Co. 2 May. 1925 Grafton Cardiac Insufficiency 78y 3m 2d   white, s/o Adam Clawson b USA Dr. Bushnell, interred 2/23/24
Clawson Susannah Milanda 19 Nov. 1849 PA 24 Jan. 1922 McGrumphy burns 72y 2m 4d Oakland white, d/o David Ingram & Barbra Ashbaughey both b USA, married Dr. Peters, Rev. Roberts & Chilcote interred 1/27/22
Colinchik Melvina   24 Apr. 1900 Austria 24 Oct. 1925 Indiana Hospital   25y 6m Indiana C C white, housewife, married, d/o Jno Mansick b Austria Dr. G E Simpson,
Coliski     2 Jul. 1926 Graceton 2 Jul. 1926 Graceton still birth     s/o Stanley Colewski & Katy Poliski both b Austria  
Colletto Frank   3 Oct. 1921 Graceton 22 Jan. 1922 Graceton gastroenteritis 3m 19d Graceton white, s/o John Colletto & Mary Kunkle both b Austria Dr. Kirk, Priest,
Comporto Louie   9 Jan. 1927 Indiana Co. 4 Mar. 1927 Yankeetown   2d Lucerne Cemetery s/o Frank Comporto Dr. Moore, Priest
Conners Elmer Ellsworth 20 May. 1867 Indiana Co. 9 May. 1927 Indiana Hospital pernicious Eruemia 60y Coral white, coal miner, s/o m Samuel Conners & Lyda Overdorf both b USA Dr. M M Davis, interred 5/10/27
Cooper Elsie Elone 16 May. 1923 PA 20 May. 1923 Graceton gastro entertitis 7y 14d Blairsville white, d/o John Cooper & Martha Reehins both b USA Dr. Peters, interred 6/1/23
Cooper J L 8 Apr. 1924 Graceton 8 Apr. 1924 Gracton   1d   white, s/o Jno L. Cooper & Martha Reahen both b USA  
Coup Amy   8 Dec. 1882 Cambria Co 22 Feb. 1927   lobar pneumonia 45y 2m 14d Greenwood white, housewife, married, d/o David Myers & Eunice Comer both b USA Dr M M Palmer, Dr. Harry Prugh Rev. interred 2/24/27
Cravener     3 Jul. 1933 Indiana Co. 3 Jul. 1922 J J Hustons Home premature     white, s/o Carl Cravener, Dr. Peters interred 7/4/22
Crestoff Paul   4 Jan. 1922 Coral 4 Jan. 1922 Coral still birth   Corla white, s/o Martin & Eva Krusfek, both b. Austria Dr. Kirk, interred 1/5/22
Critendon Robert   27 Nov. 1925 Coral 5 Jan. 1926 Coral lobar pneumonia 1m 8d Coral negro, s/o Henry Critendon & Dora Anooty both b USA Dr Kirk
Cruch Mary   19 Feb. 1907 PA 19 Nov. 1923 Josephine TB 16y   white, domestic d/o George Cruch b. Austria  
Crucis Peter   27 oct. 1923 Indiana Co 28 Feb. 1923 Drenning Farm   4m 1d Indiana C C white, s/o Joe Crucis & Tressie Gallo both b. Italy Dr. Palmer, interred 3/2/23
Crucus Domenic   24 Jul. 1921 Homer City 13 Feb. 1922   lobar pneumonia 5m 11d   s/o Nick Crucus b. Ireland interred 2/14/22
Csayo Jno   1906 Hungary 9 Jul. 1924 Josephine revolver shot in head, suicide 18y   white, laborer, s/o Thomas Csayo & Mary Garvie both b. Hungary Fred St Clair, coroner, paid by Co Commissioners
Cummins Andrew Jackson 22 Jun. 1844 Indiana Co. 1 Nov. 1926 Homer City uremic poisoning 81y 4m 21d Greenwood white, retired, s/o David Cummins & Mary Wilson both b USA Dr. Domenick, Rev. Headlee, interred 11/3/26
Cvilkovic Joe   14 Sep. 1925 Josephine 30 Jan. 1927 Josephine pneumonia 1y 4m 16d Blairsville s/o Mike Cvilkovic b Austria Dr. Bushnell, Priest, interred 2/1/27
Dalcina Dan   29 Jul. 1921 Coral 3 Feb. 1922 Coral   6m 12d Graceton white, s/o Mike Darcina & Johanna Carbona both b Italy Dr. Bushnell, Priest, interred 2/4/22
Damoli Lucy   14 Sep. 1925 Indiana Hospital 14 oct. 1925 Indiana Hospital tuberculosis of hip     white, d/o James Damoli & Elizabeth Dungi both b Italy Dr. Stewart
Davis James Theodore 9 Sep. 1949 Indiana Co. 23 Feb. 1924 Homer City parellisis 75y 5m 15d Greenwood white, laborer, s/o Wm Davis b USA Dr. Moore, Rev. Roberts, interred 2/27/24
Davis Orville Kinley 7 Jan. 1927 Center Twp 5 Feb. 1927 Center Twp convulsions 28d Cloe, Jefferson Co white, s/o orville McKinley Davis & Margy Calhoun both b USA Dr Dauranish, Rev. Headlee, interred 2/7/27
Dawson Anna K 8 Apr. 1888 Pittsburgh 25 Jan. 1924 Indiana Hosptial   35y 9m 20d County Cemetery Pittsburgh white, housewife, married, d/o Wm H McCarthy b USA & Katie Schenerseki b. Germany Dr. F. F. Moore, Priest, interred 1/23/24
Dayton Thomas   22 Dec. 1865 Indiana Co. 2 Feb. 1925 Smith Mines myocarditis 61y   white, miner, s/o Henry Dayton, both parents b USA  
Dellasanno Jennie       2 Nov. 1926 Lucerne Mines   4m Catholic Indiana d/o Vincent Dellasanno Dr. Gillespie, interred 11/4/26
Delson Lavina   29 Jul. 1921 Coral 5 Feb. 1922 Coral pneumonia 6m 14d   white, d/o Mike Delson & Johanna Carbone both b. Italy Priest
Devinneny John K   Burrel Twp 11 Dec. 1926 Burrell Twp complications 69y 3m 21d Greenwood single, miner, s/o John Devinneny Dr. Bushnell, interred 12/14/26
Deyarmin Thursey Lueela 29 Jan. 1923 Indiana Co 5 Feb. 1923 Graff Farm influenza 8d   white, d/o C B Deyarmin & Melissa Boland both b USA Dr Peters
Dias John Chamberlain 22 Apr. 1855 PA 18 Aug. 1926 Heshbon acute indigestion 71y 4m 4d Stone Bethel white, farmer, s/o Richard Dias & Susan Mardis both b USA coroner, interred 8/14/26
Dick James K May. 1843 PA 15 Aug. 1927 Homer City   84y Greenwood white, retired, s/o Alaxander Dick & Margret Kelley both b USA Dr M M Palmer, Rev. McClure, interred 8/17/27
Dies Ester Grairlle 25 Mar. 1902 Allegheny Co. 26 Nov. 1922 Heshbon influenza 20y 8m Delinac white, housewife, married, d/o David Grairlle& Mary Reese both b Neloh Dr. M M Palmer, interred 11/28/22
Dohanya Julia   23 Mar. 1881 Austria 22 Jan. 1923 Homer City blood poisoning 41y 11m Greenwood white, houseiwfe, married, d/o Matt Hanusky & Edith Sihera both b Austria coroner, Rev. Ritchie, interred 1/26/23
Domenichi Tersa   2 Jan. 1894 Italy 15 Oct. 1927 Indiana Hospital pneumonia 43y 9m 13d   white, housewife, married, d/o Peter Yaro b. Italy, w/o Alfonts Domenichi St. Clair, coroner
Domenicki Paul   8 Oct. 1927 PA 22 Oct. 1927 Indiana Hospital   14d   s/o Alfonso Domenick  
Donalson John   29 Nov. 1925 Tide 12 Apr. 1926 Tide pneumonia 4m 13d Greenwood white, s/o James Donalson & Calra Henry both b USA Dr. Johnston, interred 4/14/26
Doolin Andy   1 Feb. 1928 Center Twp 2 Feb. 1928 Center Twp malnutrition 1d St Bernard's white, s/o joe Dooley & Mary Sprunich both b . Austria Dr. Raymond, interred 2/3/28
Dragovitch Joe     Austria 9 Feb. 1922 Steve Miller's   63y Graceton miner, s/o Paul Drogovitch b. Austria Dr. Palmer, interred 2/10/22, pad by Co.
Drawdy Matt   1837 Austria 11 Nov. 1922 Luciousboro gun shot wounds 35y Indiana C C white, miner, s/o Jno Drawdy b Austria coroner, priest, interred 11/13/22
Drotar Edward   5 Apr. 1927 Center Twp 7 Apr. 1927 Center Twp entersisception 2d   white, s/o Joe Drotar & Mary Firti both b Austria Dr. Deitterick
Duffalo Annie   Feb. 1904 Ernest 23 Oct. 1926 Indiana Hospital   22y St Bernard's white, domestic, d/o Mike Duffalo & Susie Duda both b. Austria Dr Gates, Priest, interred 10/26/26
Duffalo Katie     Center Twp     meningitis 1m Blacklick d/o Joe Duffalo & Katie Domick Dr. Bushnell
Duncan M Montgomery 2 Sep. 1854   16 Jun. 1927 Sam Duncan home cerebrial hemorage 73y 9m 14d Greenwood white, plasterer, s/o George Duncan b USA Dr. Dettrich, Priest, interred 6/17/27
Eddwards     1Mar. 1926 Coral 1 Mar. 1926 Coral still born     white, d/o Lenard Eddwards b. USA  
Edwards Louisa Anderson 18 Feb. 1849 PA 15 Mar. 1924 Gracton   77y 28d   white, domestic, married, d/o Thomas Anderson b USA Rev. Ritchie
Evanco Joe   25 Feb. 1922 Indiana Co 12 Mar. 1923 Wm Bracken farm   1y 15d   white, s/o Joe Evanco b Austria.  
Evans John Sanders 13 Aug. 1844 Indiana Co. 7 Arp. 1925 Homer City Arterial Scherosis 80y 8m 17d Greenwood white, retired s/o Jno Evans & Eliza Sanderson b. Wales Dr. M M Palmer, Rev Richard, Chilcote, Seker, interred 4/10/25
Evans Matilda   7 Jan. 1848 Indiana Co. 8 Apr. 1925 Homer City cerebral apoplexy 77y 3m 2d   shite, housewife, married, d/o Adam Hileman b USA  
Fatina     7 Apr. 1922 Luciousboro 7 Apr. 1922 Luciousboro still born   St Bernards white s/o Marian Fatina b. Italy  
Fertaly Charles     Austria 3 Oct. 1923 Indiana Hospital mine accident 37y Braddock s/o John Tertaly & Annie Silvaskia Dr. C P Reed, interred 11/6/23
Findley Jno   1818 Indiana Co. 26 Jun. 1927 Heshbon pneumonia 9y   white, s/o Bert Findley & Rose Lewis both b USA Dr Peters, interred 6/28/27
Flanko Andy   31 Apr. 1921 Tide 1 Nov. 1922 Tide enter colities 1y 6m   white, s/o Jno Flanko b Austria & Pauline Bongak b. Austria Priest
Forsythe William   24 May. 1926 Coral 24 May. 1926 Coral still birth   Coral white, s/o Wm Forsythe & Margret Thompson both b. Scotland Dr. Bushnell, interred 5/24/26
Frank Martin   11 Nov. 1910 Indiana Co. 18 Aug. 1922 Indiana Hospital run over by truck 12y Coral white, s/o Jno Frank & Mary Cowash both b. Austria Coroner Stewart, interred 8/21/22
Frye George   1887 Jacksonville 8 Dec. 1921 Homer City pneumonia 34y Greenwood s/o John C Frye b. USA & Jane Graham Dr. McNellis, interred 12/10/21
Frye Jane Graham 7 Sep. 1853 PA 23 Jun. 1926 Homer City   72y 10m 26d Greenwood married, d/o James Graham Dr. Kirk, Rev.Coleman
Frye Nancy   16 May. 1840 Burrel Twp 15 Nov. 1922 Josephine   82y 5m 27d Coral d/o John Alexander & Hannah McCracken, married dDr. Widdowson, Rev. Ritchie, interred 11/19/22
Fucile     14 Dec. 1923 Indiana Hospital 14 Dec. 1923 Indiana Hospital still birth     white, s/o Frank Fucile & Mary Pino both b. Italy  
Fuecha Joseph   1866 Russia 10 May. 1927 Coral acute alcoholism 61y Coral white, coke worker, parents unknown coroner, St Clair
Gaborski Virginia   20 Jun. 1925 Tide 26 Sep. 1925 Tide     Graceton d/o Joseph Gaborsky Dr. McNellis, interred 9/27/25
Gallo Albert   6 Oct. 1924 Lucerne Mines 2Mar. 1925 Lucerne Mines enterities 3m 24d ST Bernards white, s/o Mike Gallo b. Austria & Mary Thomas b. USA Dr. McNellis, interred 3/4/25
Gasparri Tersia   15 Apr. 1883 Italy 24 Apr. 1926 Lucerne Mines influenza 42y 8m 9d Lucerne Cemetery white, housewife, married, d/o Domenic Maicolin & Luisa Dolengo both b. Italy Dr. Johnston, Priest, interred 4/26/26
Gazza Atruo   15 Jul. 1919 PA 6 Feb. 19123 PA diphtheria 3y 7m 3d   white, s/o Fred Gazza & Carolin Stepano both b Italy Dr. C. P. Reed, interred 2/7/23
Gearhart Martha C 26 Feb. 1883 Armaugh 4 May. 1927 Roof Sta carcinoma 43y 2m 8d Armaugh white, housewife, married, d/o Alfonts Cunningham & Margret Mack both b USA Dr. Bushnell, interred 5/7/27
Gearhart     29 Jan. 1887 Shamokin, PA 4 Apr. 1923 Indiana Hospital Pneumonia     white, housewife, w/o Harry Gearhart, d/o Tobias Shadle b USA  
Gebroski George   1895 Polant or Asutria 7 Jul. 1925 Detroit MI strangulation by hanging 30y Greenwood   interred 7/16/25
Gerski     30 Jun. 1926 Indiana Hospital 30 Jun. 1926 Indiana Hospital still birth   Lucerne Cemetery white, d/o Alix Gerski & Katie Buski both b Austria Dr. M M Davis, interred 7/1/26
Ghizzoni Virginia Evelyn 2 Mar. 1922 Homer City 8 mar. 1922 Homer City   6d   d/o Charles C Ghizzoni & Delia Nacerissi both b Italoy  
Gibellino Peter   1888 Italy 11 Feb. 1922 Yankeetown pneumonia 33y 3m 19d Catholic Cemetery white, s/o Peter Gibellino b. Italy Dr. M M Palmer, Priest, interred 1/22/22
Gibillins Cessurnia   2 May. 1896 Italy 27 Jan. 1927 Homer City suicide by bullet wound to head 3y 4m 25d St Bernard's white, housewife, married, d/o Mike Poletto b Italy coroner St Clair
Gidock Josephine   12 Oct. 1922 Water,am 13 Aug. 1923 Waterman   10m 15d   white, d/o John Gidock b Austria  
Gidock Tony   29 Dec. 1922 Waterman 1 Sep. 1923 Waterman acute gastroenteritis 8m 1d   white, s/o Martin Gidock b Austria Dr. J. W. Colgan
Giletka     4 Mar. 1922 Coral 4 Mar. 1922 Coral       white, s/o joe Giletka & Agnes Monka both b. Austria  
Giliardy Isabella   6 Jun. 1903 Jefferson Co 21 Oct. 1924 Indiana Hospital   21y 4m 18d Indiana C C white, housewife, married, d/o Mike Colesceni & Premella Tinquoto both b. Italy Dr. Simpson, Priest, interred 10/25/24
Gliha Margret   20 Jul. 1899 Austria 2 Sep. 1926 Indiana Hospital peritonitis following abortion 27y 1m 14d   white, housewife, married, d/o Jack Evanslick & Jennie Colas both b Austria Coroner St Clair, Priest
Gnibus Sophia   1 Jan. 1926 Center Twp 1 Apr. 1927 Center Twp pneumonia 1y 2d Graceton white, d/o Joe Gnibus & July Hutwick both b Austria Dr. Peters, Priest, interred 4/1/27
Gnibus       Coral   Coral still born   Graceton c/o Any Gnibus  
Graban     29 Aug. 1922 Myvan Coal Co house 29 Aug. 1922 Myvan Coal Co House still born     white, s/o Andy Graban b. Austria  
Graham Carl Duan 8 Aug. 1921 Wm Fair Farm 18 Feb. 1922 Wm Fair Farm malnutrition 6m Greenwood s/o Claud Graham & Edan Fair both b. USA Dr. Palmer, Rev. Roberts, interred 2/20/22
Grazynini Geneva   8 May. 1922 Dilltown 7 May. 1923 Indiana Hospital Pneumonia 1y 3m   white  
Griffith Alice   20 Jul. 1829 PAA 2 Apr. 1923 The Davis House old age   Greenwood white, domestic, married, d/o John Mullen & Ann Giddis both b Ireland Dr. Mann, Rev Chilcote & Rev Roberts, interred 4/5/23
Griffith Henry A 10 Sep. 1866 Piqua NY 20 Aug. 1926 Yankeetown chronic intestional nephritis 60y Syracuse Lake, NY white, fireman, s/o Allen Griffith & Olive Evans both b USA Fred W St Clair, coroner
Gristilena     20 Jan. 1922 Lucerne 22 Feb. 1922 Lucerne   1m 2d Indiana d/o Angelo Gristilena & Rose Semicke both b. Italy Mr. Nellis, Priest, interred 2/22/22
Grover James B 1 Jan. 1858 Manie 15 Jan. 1922 at home endocarditis 64y 15d Greenwood white, carpenter, parents b USA Dr. Palmer, Rev. Chilcote, interred 1/17/22
Grow Thomas   29 Dec. 1924 Brush Valley Twp 19 Feb. 1924 Brush Valley Twp sipholis 21y 1m 20d Indiana white, laborer, s/o Jno M Grow & Lucinda Carney both b USA Dr. Johnston, Rev. Fird, interred 2/22/24
Gyrbrovsky George   1868 Hungary 7 Nov. 1922 Lucerne Mines mine accident 54y Greenwood white, miner, f b. Hungary & Flora Dragon coroner Stewart, interred 3/10/22
Hainaut Virginia Ruth 31 Aug. 1924 Homer City 30 Jan.1925 Homer City pneumonia 5m Greenwood white, d/o Louis Hainant b. Belgium & Janet Murdock b USA Dr McNellis
Halaburda Elizabeth   1885 Austria 18 Apr. 1927 Brandon place   42y Graceton white, housewife, d/o Steve Drobovich b Austria Dr. Raymond, Priest, charge to Jacob Halaburda
Haliburda Margret   30 Jul. 1925 Brush Valley Twp 8 Aug. 1925 A Pilteman Farm premature 14d   white, d/o Jacob Haliburdi b Austria  
Hamell     28 Feb. 1870 Indiana Co. 9 Jan. 1924 Homer City   52y 10m 9d Greenwood white, housewife, w/o Jno Hamell, d/o Daniel Palmer & Aruda E Shields both b USA Dr. Peters, interred 1/11/24
Harkisky Helen   23 Mar. 1925 Lucerne Mines 23 Mar. 1925 Lucerne Mines still born     d/o Stanley Harbusky b Austria & Annie Betchka b. Poland Dr. Johnston
Harman Lura   11 Aug. 1922 Homer City Aug. 1922 Homer City malnutrition 11d   white, d/o Dan Harmon & Bessie Campbell both b. USA  
Harris     20 mar. 1922 Indiana Hospital 20 Mar. 1922 Indiana Hospital premature     s/o Mathew Harris & Anna Jones  
Hawxhurst Adaline   16 Apr. 1841 Long Island NY 2 Oct. 1926 Indiana   85y 6m 16d Greenwood white, domestic, married, d/o Domis Wasko & Sally Oaks both b USA Dr. Wm Simpson, Rev Emerson, interred 10/5/26
Heitzenriter Kennth     Cambria Co 24 Sep. 1927 Coy gastro enteritis 5m Round Top, Indiana Co white, s/o Clarence Heitzenriter Dr Dausanok, interrred 9/26/27
Helman Wm Inris 21 Jan. 1856 Indiana Co. 20 Apr. 1925 Homer City Cerebral Hemorage 69y 3m 29d Curington OH wh/o retired, s/o Adam Helman & Mmary Fry both b USA Dr. Peters, interred 4/25/25
Hendrickson Ruth   15 Jul. 1926 Homer City 21 Dec. 1926 Homer City gastro enteritis 5m Coral white, d/o harry Henderson & Laura houston both b USA Dr. Densavich, interred 12/23/26
Henry Lula   5 Mar. 1887 Indiana Co. 5 Mar. 1922 Luciousboro influenza 35y Homer City white, housewife, w/o, d/o James D Black & Jane Lichenfelts both b. USA Dr. M C Raymond, interred 3/8/22
Henry Mildred Aleico 12 Jul. 1923 Homer City 16 Nov. 1923 Homer City Pneumonia 4m 3d   white, d/o Raymond Henry & Minnie Wallace both b USA Dr Peters
Henry William Clair 5 Oct. 1923 Grafton 8 Feb. 1924 Grafton pneumonia 6m   white, s/o E F Henry & Emma Williams both b. USA Dr. Bushnell
Henry     9 Sep. 1924 Brush Valley Twp 9 Sep. 1924 Brush Valley Twp       s/o Jim Henry  
Heobosky Mary     PA 10 Mar. 1924 Indiana Hosptial   27y   white, married, d/o Jno Kanosh Dr. Moore, Priest
Hepner Henry Amos   Virginia 2 Sep. 1927 Josephine carcinoma of stomach 69y 1m Greenwood white, laborer, s/o Henry Hepnar & Mazingo both b USA Dr Bushnell, Rev. Cridalher, interred 9/5/27
Hill Earnest lee 2 Jan. 1925 Graceton 20 Aug. 1925 Graceton pneumonia 7m 14d Coral white, s/o Geo Hill & Edna Risinger both b USA Dr. Busheness interred 8/20/25
Hill Laura Elizabeth 22 Mar. 1883 Indiana Co. 22 Dec. 1926 Becky Johnston's carcinoma 62y 9m Greenwood white, domestic, d/o E Hill & Susan Fry both b USA Dr. Dieterich, Rev.Chester Moore, interred 12/24/26
Hiller George McClellaen 17 Mar. 1861 PA 18 Nov. 1922 Lucerne Mines Pneumonia 61y Greenwood white, miner, s/o Walley Hiller b. USA Dr. McNellis, Rev. Chilcote, interred 11/22/22
Hirko Pauline   10 Jan. 1924 Indiana Co. 28 Jan. 1924 Coy Mines enteritis molentis 18d Indiana C C white, d/o Mike Hirko & Mary Senitas both b Austria Dr. McNellis, Priest, interred 1/24/24
Hirko Susie   10 Jan. 1924 Coy Junction 13 Jan. 1924 Coy Junction   3d   d/o Mike Hirko & Mary Semcho b. Austria Dr. McNellis
Holt Mary Louise 20 Sep. 1922 Coy Junction 12 Mar. 1925 Indiana Hospital scalded 2y 6,m Greenwood white, d/o Arthur Holt & Neva Kerr both b USA Dr. McNellis, Rev. Roberts, interred 3/15/25
Hosack     16 Jun. 1926 Josephine 16 Jun. 1926 Josephine lack of doctor still birth Graceton white s/o George Hosack & Annie Chernice both b Austria Dr. Bushnell, interred 6/17/26
Hosack     16 Jun. 1926 Josephine 16 Jun. 1926 Josephine lack of doctor still birth Graceton white, d/o George Hosack & Annie Chernice both b Austria Dr. Bushnell, interred 6/17/26
Hudgins George   17 Jan. 1882 Virginia 8 Jan. 1927 Coy Mine chronic intestinal nephritis 45y Warnick VA negro coal miner, s/o Geo Hudgins b USA coroner, interred 1/15/27
Huffman Sarah Jane 1855 Indiana Co. 6 Feb. 1926 Homer City   78y   domestic, married, d/o Wm Hadden & Mary Ann McKesson both b USA Dr. Peterman, interred 2/8/26
Husko Margret   16 Jul. 1927 Lucerne 15 Oct. 1927 Lucerne   3m 5d   white, d/o John Hlusko & Helen Corvash both b. Austria Dr. Gellispie, Priest, interred 10/16/1927
Huster Mable     Burrel Twp 19 Apr.1 923   influenza 31y   married.  
Jackson James H 1885 Georgia 17 Apr. 1927 Lucerne pneumonia 42y Greenwood negro, coal miner, s/o Andrew Jackson, negro  
Jankavich Frank   1881 Austria 14 Oct. 1925 Lucerne Mines mine accient fall of rock 44y St Bernards white, miner, parents b Austria unknown coroner, intered 10/16/25
Jansinski Frank   14 Oct. 1925 Lucerne Mines 14 Oct. 1925 Mine Road enteritis 5m   white, so John Jankinich b Austria St Clair
Johnson John Houston 27 Mar. 1924 Indiana Co. 22 May. 1924 Waterman menengitis 1m 24d      
Johnston Dorthy Bell 8 Jul. 1909 Center Twp 18 Jul. 1924 Indiana Hosptial appendiitis 14y Oakland white, domestic, d/o Harry johnston & Bessie Stewart both b. USA Dr. Palmer & Dr. G W Simpson, Rev Chilcote, interred 7/22/24
Johnston Harriet Gertrude I Sep. 1920 Hannastown 11 Dec. 1925 Tidesdale hurt with gqsoline can 5y 9m 4d Greenwood white, d/o Edward W Johnston & Ida May McConly both b USA coroner, Rev Williams interred 12/12/25
Johnston     30 Oct. 1849 PA 8 Dec. 1921 Wm Johnson's pneumonia 74y 2m 7d Homer City white, housewife, w/o Richard, d/o John Decker & Ellen Long Dr. Shaullis, interred 12/10/21
Johnston     4 Sep. 1927 Hospital 4 Sep. 1927 Hospital premature     black, s/o R. J. Johnston, negro  
Jones Elias   13 Jul. 1857 Shropshire, England 30 Apr. 1924 Lucerne Mines pneumonia 66y 10m 13d Rositer white, miner, s/o Wm Jones & Ann Chilton both b. England Dr. McNellis, Rev. Chilcote, interred 5/3/24
Jones John H 31 May. 1862 Wales 5 Apr. 1923 Indiana Hospital   61y 11m 26d Clearfield Co white, miner s/o Daniel D Jones & Elizabeth L Hugh both b Wales Dr. A H Stewart
Kalufus August   10 Jun. 1925 Homer City 21 Jun. 1926 Homer City acute gastro enteritis 1y   white, s/o Tony Kalafus & Elizabeth Swins both b Austria Dr. Delterick
Kanya Jno Stephen   Graceton     TB   Blacklick carpenter, s/o Stephen Kanya b Austria Dr. Gates, Priest, interred 5/6/24, soldier #3015049, 4th Pvt Rct A Camp Forest Demb Per W D Cric Discharged 6 Dec. 1918
Kanya Stephen   25 Jul. 1871 Austria 5 Apr. 1922 Blacklick alcoh9l cirosis of liver 50y 9m 20d Blacklick white retired s/o Mike Kanya b Austria Dr. Chas Widdowson, Priest, interred 4/7/22.
Karyulla     20 Apr. 1924   20 Apr. 1924   premature 8h   white, s/o Frank Karyulla  
Keckenbak Albert Carlisle 8 Mar. 1908 Black Lick 25 Jan. 1923 Black Lick lobar pneumonia 15y Blairsville white, s/ames Keckenbak & Mary Lichenfelt both b USA interred 1/27/23
Kelley Manre Jane 4 Jan. 1926 Graceton 1 Nov. 1926 Graceton pneumonia 9m 23d Coral white, d/o Neal Kelly & Maggie Kirkland both b USA Dr. Kirk, interred 11/1/26
Kenley Ella   17 Jun. 1864 PA 26 Dec. 1926 Graceton euremia 62y 6m 13d Coral white, housewife, married, d/o Thomas Jennings & Jan Thoburn both b England Dr. Bushnell, Rev Federer, interred 1/2/27
Kensey Ida   1 Jan. 1890 Germany 9 Sep. 1924 Indiana Hospital   33y 8m 10d Greenwood white, housewife, married, d/o Kruckes b Germany Dr. F F Moore, Rev. Pitchey, interred 9/11/24
Kepple Zackariah   1849 Indiana Co. 21 Dec. 1927 Homer City senile debility 78y Mechanicsburg white, farmer retired, parent unknow both b USA Dr. Dettrich, interred 12/2.3/27
Kerr Mary   27 Aug. 1921 Lucerne 27 Jan. 1922 Lucerne acute endocarditis 6m   white, d/o Mathew Kerr & Elizabeth Shonts both b. Scotland Dr. McNellis,
Kevak Frank   23 Jan. 1885 Austria 22 Jan. 1923 Cioy mine accident 32y St Bernards white, miner, s/o Frank Kevak both parents b. Austria coroner, priest, interred 1/25/23
Kifer Henry   2 Feb. 1857 Germany 8 Dec. 1927 Coral dropasy 70y 10m 5d Coral white, coal miner, s/o Charles Kifer of Germany Dr. Detrich, Rev. Ritchey, interred 12/11/1927
Kim Louis   8 Dec. 1915 PA 4 Jun. 1923 Indiana Hospital frcie skull 8y 5m 24d   s/o Louis Kim  
Kinder Velmar   9 Jun. 1900 Jefferson Co 30 Jul. 1925 Tide run over by motor in Tide mine 25y 1m 21d   white, motorman in mine, s/o Clmer E Kinder & Sophia Hill both b USA Fred St Clair, coroner
King     29 Oct. 1927 Coy 29 Oct. 1927 Coy premature     s/o Ruth King b. USA County Doctor
Kinkaid Elsie   28 Dec. 1925 Luciousboro 1 Mar.1925 Luciousboro malnutrition 2m 1d Johnstown white, d/o Theadive Kinkaid & Rachiel Lydick both b. USA Dr. Johnston, interred 3 Mar. 1925
Kiral     2 Apr. 1923 Coral 2 Apr. 1923 Coral still birth     white, d/o Andy Kiral b. Austria  
Krestof     31 Aug. 1925 Coral 1 Sep. 1925 Coral still birth     white, d/o Martin Krestof b Austria  
Krevek Jimmie   22 Jul. 1921 Homer City 12 Mar. 1922 homer City pneumonia 7m 13d   white, s/o Frank Krevek b Austria Dr. Mann, priest, interred 3/6/22
Krisko     21 May. 1922 Waterman 21 May. 1922 Waterman still born   Indiana Catholic white, s/o Joseph Krisko & Francis Younkin both b. Austria Dr Raymond, interred 5/22/22
Kulick Sophia   13 Jun. 1883 Poland 12 Jan. 1925 Indiana Hospital tioxin from Tuberculosis of the kidney 37y 7m   white, housewife, married, d/o Jacob Sabolisky b Poland Dr. F F Moore, charge Alix Kulick
Kundla Helen   1915 PA 23 Apr. 1923 Ridge Tenn measles 7y 3m   d/o Mike Kundla b. Austria  
Kundla Jno   1872 Austria 18 Oct. 1927 Coral cardiac dropasy 55y   white, farmer, s/o Steve Kundla b. Austria Dr. Gates, Priest
Kundla Mary   June. 1886 Austria 12 Aug. 1927 Coral internal hemorage 41y   white, housewife, married, d/o Mary Mulyard b Austria  
Kunkle A Devinney 8 Mar. 1860 Indiana Co. 1 Jul. 1927 his farm shot in head, suicide 67y 3m 23d Greenwood white, farmer, s/o James Kunkle & Jane Devinney both b USA St Clair, coroner, Rev. Headlee, interred 7/3/27
Kunkle Oaken Sanford 24 Dec. 1865 Center Twp 7 Jun. 1922 Homer City chronic endocarditis 56y 5m 13d Greenwood white, farmer, s/o James Kunkle & Jane Drenning both b USA Dr. Palmer, Rev. Roby & Greene interred 6/10/22
Kunkle Ralph Jr. 3 Oct. 1927 Indiana Hospital 4 Oct. 1927 Indiana Hospital asphixieation 1d Greenwood white, s/o Ralph Kunkle & Martha Gilbert both b. U.S. Dr. A. B. Danosirck, interred 10/5/1927
Kunkle Stanley   27 Nov. 1891 Austria 27 Nov. 1921 Coral Chronic Endocarditis 30y   white, s/o Steve Kunkle & Mary Merick b. Austria Dr. Palmer, Priest, interred 11/28/21
Kush Mary   1902 Austria 15 Jun. 1922 Windber pulmonary embolism 20y 1m 17d   housewife, married  
LaMantia Mattea   12 Apr. 1925 Homer City 18 Apr. 1927 Homer City broncho pneumonia 2y 6d Blairsville white, d/o Domenick LaMantia & Mattea Bettaglio both b Italy Dr. Moore, priest
Lambing     4 Oct. 1923 Lucerne Mines 4 Oct. 1923 Lucerne Mines still birth     c/o R M Lambing  
Landfair Sarah Jane 16 Feb. 1849 Indiana Co. 17 Feb. 1922 Hill Johnston's nephritis 73y Greenwood white, d/o Daniel Baker & Cooper both b. USA Dr. FF M, Rev. Waite, interred2/20/22
Lantuck Mick   1863 Austria 20 Oct. 1923 Waterman unknown 59y   white coroner,
Larocco Giacomo   7 May. 1926 Blacklick 17 May. 1926 Blacklick broncho pneumonia 9d Indiana C C white, s/o Joseph Larocco & Rosalin Conti both b Italy interred 10/19/26

Indiana County, PA