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Early Deaths of Indiana County

Last Name First Name Middle Information Burial Birth Death Age
ADAIR Joseph H farmer, h/o Eliza, d. White Twp Presbyterian Apr. 1811 26 May. 1854 43y
ALCORN John   farmer, b. Ireland, d Blacklick Twp of bronchitis     2 Feb. 1853 77y
ALEXANDER John Oliver s/o John & Hannah Alexander. D. Blacklick Twp of pneumonia     13 Apr. 1855 2y
ALLEBRAND Sims?   farmer, b. Germany, d. N Mah Twp of dropsy, s/o John & Elizabeth Allebrand St Paul's (Green)   23 Jan. 1855 49y
ALLIS Jane Elizabeth d/o Henry & Harriet Allis d. Wheatfield Twp. Armagh Pres. 1 Jul. 1852 6 Aug. 1852 1m 5d
ALLISON David Ramsey Dr., s/o Robert & Ann Allison, h/o Matilda, b. Indiana Co., d. Saltsburg of Consumption Saltsburg 28 Nov. 1801 2 Aug. 1852 52y 8m 5d
ALLISON John Riddle white, s/o Robert & Nancy Riddle Allison, farmer, h/o Rebecca James, d. E Mahoning Twp. Gilgal 27 Jun. 1805 7 Dec. 1853 44y 5m 9d
ALLISON Matilda   w/o David R. Allison, d. Saltsburg of consumption of lungs   22 Aug. 1853    
ANDERSON Mary   w/o David Anderson, d. Blacklick Twp of peritonitis     1 Apr. 1853  
AURENTZ Peter   farmer, h/o Polly, d. Blacklick Twp of old age     10 Feb. 1853 79y
BAKER John   white, farmer, b. Huntingdon Co., s/o John & Ann Baker, h/o Ursula, d. of pleurisy in Center Twp. Bethel Church 14 Jul. 1807 18 Dec. 1854 47y
BALLENTINE Charlotte Martin d/o George & Mary Ballentine, b. Washington Twp., d. bronchitis in Washington Twp. Martin's Mills 21 Jan. 1852 19 Dec. 1852 11m -3d
BARGE James Craig s/o John & Euphemia Barge of Kittanning, d. of measles at Rock Island City, IL Rock Island 11 Apr. 1850 1 May. 1853 2y 20d
BARGE John Merk s/o John & Euphemia Barge of Kittanning, d. of measles at Rock Island City, IL Rock Island     4y 2m 26d
BARTLEBAUGH Elizabeth   b. Bedford Co., d/o John & Mary Conor, w/o Isaih Bartlebaugh, d. Montgomery Twp., of engcolgement of the liver and gastritis Douglass 11 Mar. 1806 10 Jul. 1852 46y 4m 1d
BEYER John Wesley b. Glade Run, d. W. Mahoning Twp., of inflamation of the lungs, s/o David & Margaret Stewart Beyer W. Mahoning Twp     1m 11d
BLACK David   farmer, h/o Elizabeth McCartney, s/o James & Ruth Black, b. Westmoreland Co., d. Conemaugh Twp., of cold and exposure Ebenezer 22 May. 1779 27 Jun. 1854 75y
BLAKELY Jane   d. Young Twp. Young Twp.   9 Jun. 1852  
BOTHELL James   farmer, b. Tyrone Co. Ireland, s/o David & Elizabeth Campbell Bothell, h/o Catharine, he was a casualty Old Cemetery in Indiana 18 Dec. 1786 2 May. 1854 68y
BOYERS William G s/o Jacob & Elizabeth Boyer, b. Warren Co., VA, h/o Marian, supervisor on canal, d. Blairsville of bilious congestive fever Blairsville 16 Jul. 1810 7 Oct. 1854 44y
BREMIAU? Michael   b. Ireland, d. Blairsville of consumption Blairsville Catholic     28y
BREWER Peter   farmer, h/o Letticia, b. Northumberland Co., s/o Daniel & Margaret Brewer, d. E. Mahoning Twp., of typhoid fever Gilgal 14 Feb. 1792 22 Apr. 1853 61y
BREWER Thomas H carpenter, h/o Jane, b. N. Mahoning Twp., s/o Daniel & Margaret, d. Kellysville of typhoid fever N. Mahoning Twp 9 Dec. 1808 25 Oct. 1854 45y
BROWN David   h/o Barbara, farmer, b. Bedford Co., s/o John & Elizabeth, d. Green Twp. Green Twp.   23 Feb. 1853 53y
BUSH Phillip   farmer, s/o Daniel & Catherine, b. Westmoreland Co., d. of typhoid fever in N. Mahoning Twp. German Church N. Mahoning Twp 23 Aug. 1789 28 Nov. 1852 63y
BUTLER Solomon   white, blacksmith, s/o James & Martha Butler, d. Cambria Co., in an accident Brush Valley Twp.   11 Feb. 1854 33y
CALHOUN John   b. Center Twp., s/o David & Mary Ann, d. Center Twp., of enteritis Jacksonville (Kent)   4 Aug. 1852 4y
CAMPBELL Andrew J farmer, h/o Susannah who is deceased, b. Brush Valley Twp., s/o Adam & Jane, d. Brush Valley Twp., of inflamation of the bowels Brush Valley Lutheran 20 Sep. 1815 19 Jun. 1854 39y
CARR David Edwin b. N. Mahoning Twp., s/o John & Mary, d. N. Mahoning Twp., of fever Union Burying Ground at Kellysville 2 Jun. 1834 6 Aug. 1852 18y 2m 24d
CARR Mathew Gibson b. N. Mahoning Twp., s/o John & Mary, d. N. Mahoning Twp., of fever Union Burying Ground at Kellysville 10 Mar. 1839 27 Aug. 1852 13y 5m 25d
CLARK Thomas   farmer, b. Cook Co., s/o William & Martha Clark, d. Pine Twp., of palpitation of the heart on the farm   11 Dec. 1854 79y
CLAWSON Elizabeth   w/o James, d/o Sterling Eldick, d. Center Twp., of pneumonia     8 Jun. 1853  
CLINGENBERGER Barbara   white, b. Haycock Twp. Bucks Co., d/o George & Susana Akerman Wimir, w/o Frederick, d. of old age in White Twp. Lutheran Church in Indiana Borough 18 Feb. 1779 9 Aug. 1853 82y 6m ?d
CLOSSEN William Ross s/o Richard & Hannah Clawson, d. Young Twp., of hydrocphalus Conemaugh Cem 27 Sep. 1851 26 Feb. 1853 17m
COLEMAN Isabella Agnes b. Clarksburg, d/o John & Nancy, d. Conemaugh Twp., of adynamic dysentary   15 Oct. 1851 20 Feb. 1853 14m 5d
COLEMAN Milton   farmer, h/o Martha Jane, b. Elderton, s/o John & Sarah, d. of typhoid fever in Conemaugh Twp. Conemaugh Cem 4 Sep. 1831 13 Jul. 1852 20y 10m
COLEMAN Robert E s/o John & Nancy Coleman, b. Young Twp., d. Clarksburg of adynamic dysentary Conemaugh Cem 23 Jan. 1849 18 Feb. 1853 4y 25d
COLEMAN Salina A b. Wheatfield Twp., d/o Robert & Lida Coleman, d. of typhoid fever in Wheatfield Twp., at one a.m. Stone Church   5 Jul. 1852 13y
COLGIN Hugh   farmer, b. Ireland, h/o Martha, d. E. Mahoning Twp.     4 Aug. 1853 57y
COOK Catharine Eliza b. Butler Co., d/o William & Jane Moore Cook, d. Young Twp., of consumption Elders Ridge 28 May. 1839 22 Sep. 1854 16y
COOK Samuel   cooper, b. Northampton Co., s/o Solomen & Catharine Miller Cook, h/o Harriett Dale, d. West Lebanon of phthisis pulmonalis at 11:04 p.m. Dutch Church near Crooked Creek in Armstrong Co 22 Oct. 1821 26 May. 1854 32y 7m 14d
COUP Rebecca   farmer, maiden name was Ketner, w/o Philip, d. Brush Valley of typhoid fever Brush Valley Lutheran   23 Feb. 1853 54y
COY John   farmer, h/o Salome Bowers and Lotty DeHaven, b. Bedford Co., s/o Lewis & Mary Hoffman Coy, d. Green Twp., of dropsy Brush Valley Lutheran   22 Jun. 1853 64y
CUMMINS Eleanor   b. Ireland, d/o Samuel & Susan Miller Todd, w/o John, d. Center Twp., of old age Bethel Church 1782 14 Dec. 1853 81y
CUMMINS     white female, d. Center Twp., of jaundice Bethel Church   12 Dec. 1853  
CUNNINGHAM Nancy   white, b. Young Twp., d/o Francis & Sara Harbison Cunningham, d. Young Twp., of erysyepelas Lewisville 30 Mar. 1852 8 Jan. 1854 2y
DANS David   farmer, h/o Nancy, b. Huntingdon Co., s/o William & Jane, d. Black Lick Twp., of gravel Bethel Church 2 Apr. 1781 31 Jan. 1855 69y 10m
DAUGHERTY John   farmer, b. Lycoming Co., d. Montgomery Twp., of thesis pulmonati East Mahoning Baptist 1801 May. 1854 53y
DAVIS Ann G w/o William K, b. Conemaugh Twp., d/o Robert & Jane Barr, d. Conemaugh Twp., of plithisis Conemaugh Twp. 12 Jan. 1826 15 Feb. 1853 27y 1m 3d
DEBLIN Archibald   h/o Jane McKelvy, cabinet maker, b. Centerville, s/o Samuel & Rosanna, d. of inflamation of the brain Centerville 27 May. 1813 9 Mar. 1853  
DIFFENDERFER John   farmer, b. Westmoreland Co., s/o John & Catharine Deafenderfer, d. Montgomery Twp., from a fall from a Chestnut Tree Cherry Tree 29 Aug. 1836 2 Oct. 1853 17y 1m 3d
DIXON Joseph   h/o Mary, farmer, b. Westmoreland Co., s/o Joseph & Jane, d. Black Lick Twp., of pneumonia Hopewell 14 Oct. 1781 24 Feb. 1853 71y 4m 10d
DOTY Jonathan Jr. farmer, h/o Abbey, b. Sussex Co., NJ, s/o Joseph, d. Black Lick Twp., of old age Hopewell 18 Aug. 1755 16 Sep. 1854 99y 1m 2d
DOUDS Rachel   b. Cumberland Co., d/o Joseph & Elizabeth Willison, w/o Robert, d. West Lebanon of phithisis pulmonalis Olibet in Armstrong Co.   19 Feb. 1829 68 or 69y
DUNCAN Elias   b. Green Twp., s/o Moses & Lavinia, d. of scarlet fever Albright near New Harnners 22 Mar. 1847 10 Nov. 1852 5y 8m 19d
DUNLAP Robert A farmer, b. Dauphin Co., d. Conemaugh Twp. Ebenezer   14 Apr. 1854 80y
DUNWOODIE Nancy   b. Green Twp., d/o Robert & Mary, d. Green Twp., of consumption Pine Flats   16 Sep. 1854  
EARL Sara   w/o William, b. Center Twp., d/o John & Jane Neel, d. of phthisis pulmonary Presbyterian Cemetery in Indiana 28 Jun. 1821 17 Feb. 1853 31y 7m 19d
EASON Elizabeth   w/o John, b. White Deer Valley, Lycoming Co., d. Cherry Tree of phthisis pulmonaris Cherry Tree 5 Dec. 1784 19 Dec. 1852 68y 18d
EGEY Robert   h/o Mary, farmer, d. of heart disease in Wheatfield Twp. Stone Church   31 Jul. 1852 69y 1m 15d
ELWOOD James   single, b. Westmoreland Co., s/o William & Jane, d. Canoe Twp., of consumption Punxsutawney   12 Aug. 1852 40y
EWING Robert S teacher, b. Young Twp., s/o William & Margaret, d. dysentary at San Fransico, CA   13 May. 1826 5 Feb. 1854 27y 6m 22d
FETTERMAN Theophaley   white male        
FRIEDLEY Elizabeth   w/o Jacob, d/o Valentine & Elizabeth Dean, b. Beaver Twp., Union Co., d. Montgomery Twp., of subacute rheumatism Oharras Graveyard   24 Aug. 1852 50 to 51y
FULLER John Neely s/o John & Polly Wesley Fuller, b. Indiana Co., d. unknown disease Presbyterian Cemetery at Elders Ridge 20 Oct. 1850 21 May. 1853 2y 7m 1d
GALBREATH Susannah S b. Loyalhanna Twp. Washington Co., d/o Armstrong & Margaret Salyards, w/o Joseph, d. West Lebanon of inflamation of the brain at 4 o'clock Blair Church in Indiana Co 13 Sep. 1825 3 Jun. 1854 28y 8m 20d
GARDNER James   white, farmer, b. Sherman's Valley, s/o John & Nancy, d. of cancer in Montgomery Twp. Gardner's Graveyard in Montgomery Twp   9 Oct. 1853 76y
GIBSON James   farmer, h/o Ivelana, s/o Henry & Nancy, d. Young Twp., of old age Lewisville 12 Mar. 1776 13 May. 1853 77y 22d
GLOSSER Margaret   b. Rayne Twp., d/o Frederick, d. of pneumonia in Rayne Twp. Rayne Twp. 21 May. 1848 15 Mar. 1853 4y 10m 24d
GRANT John   blacksmith, b. Maryland, h/o Margaret, father/o John, Jane, Elizabeth, Margaret, William, Thomas and Mary, d. Black Lick Twp., of dropsy West Union   13 Nov. 1852 56y
GROFT John   white, farmer, b. Westmoreland Co., s/o Peter & Catherine, h/o Elizabeth, d. Washington Twp. Lutheran Church in Indiana Borough 1798 27 Dec. 1853 61y
GROVE John P s/o Daniel & Rebecca Orbison Grove, b. Jacksonville, d. Jacksonville of hydrocephalus Jacksonville (Kent) 19 Sep. 1851 5 Aug. 1852 10m 19d
HALL William   h/o Mary Arthurs, s/o Samuel & Sara Simpson Hall, d. of phthisis in W. Mahoning Twp. Glade Run   1 Sep. 1853 62y
HALLOWELL Edward   s/o Edward & Mary, h/o Nancy Ann, b. Mahoning Twp., d. of spasmodic cholera in Cincinnatti, OH Georgeville 1 Jul. 1810 1 Sep. 1852 42y 2m
HARRIS Reese   farmer, b. North Wales Great Britian, s/o Reese & Elizabeth, h/o Isabella, commited suicide in Pine Twp. Harris Graveyard in Indiana Co   9 Apr. 1853 48y
HARSHBERGER Benjamin   farmer, he was thrown from a horse in White Twp. Lutheran Church in Indiana Borough   7 Aug. 1852 50y
HART Martha Jane d/o John D & Nancy Long Hart, b. Young Twp., d. of pertusis in Young Twp. Blair Church in Young Twp. 8 Jun. 1852 2 Oct. 1852 1y 3m 24d
HART William   carpenter, b. Westmoreland Co., married, d. Saltsburg of unknown causes Presbyterian Yard in Saltsburg   14 Apr. 1854 65y
HAZLETT Samuel   preacher, b. Center Co., s/o John & Mary Hood Hazlett, h/o Sara, d. of liver complaint in Montgomery Twp. M E Church in Montgomery Twp   2 Oct. 1854 68y
HENRY William   h/o Sarah L Reming, b. Mifflin, s/o William & Mary, d. typhoid fever in Indiana Co. Presbyterian Cemetery in Indiana 8 Apr. 1803 11 Feb. 1853 49y 1m 28d
HESS Daniel   farmer, b. York Co., s/o Mike & Susannah, h/o Solina, d. Center Twp., of an injury in a grist mill Fry in Brush Valley Twp. Mar. 1820 22 Jun. 1854 35y
HILEMAN Joseph Sylvester b. Montgomery Twp., s/o William & Elizabeth, d. of hepatic affection Baptist Church in E. Mahoning Twp. 24 Feb. 1853 4 Jun. 1853 3m 4d
HILL Hamilton   s/o James & Susan, b. Pine Twp., d. Pine Twp., of pneumonia Strongstown   3 Jan. 1853 14m
HILL Urziles Ann b. Elderton, d/o Daniel & Eliza C Hill, d. of scarlet rash and convulsions Presbyterian Cemetery in Montgomery Twp. 13 Nov. 1847 6 Mar. 1853 5y 3m 20d
HOFFMAN John   harness maker, h/o Deborah, s/o Michael & Mary, d. typhoid fever in Green Twp. Rachael Pipengers in Green Twp   31 Oct. 1854 45y
HOLLIS Charlotte   white, d/o Richard Clawson, w/o John, d. typhoid in Black Lick Twp. Hopewell   21 Aug. 1853  
HOOD Jane Henderson b. Indiana, d/o James & Margaret Trimble Hood, d. White Twp., of phithisis pulmonalis Presbyterian Cemetery in Indiana 20 Sep. 1841 21 Jun. 1853 11y 9m 1d
HOOVER Peter   farmer, s/o John & Frances, d. typhoid fever in Young Twp. Jefferson Co. Ringgold   27 Sep. 1852 23y
HOPKINS Daniel   farmer, b. Indiana Co., s/o William & Sara, h/o Sarah, d. of consumption in Canoe Twp. Susquehanna Cemetery in Canoe Twp 3 Jan. 1814 2 Sep. 1853 40y
HORTON Ezra   farmer, b. New York, h/o Eliza, d. of consumption in Canoe Twp. Mt. Zion Jun. 1818 31 Oct. 1852 34y
HOWITH John   h/o Elizabeth Roons, b. England, d. of consumption in Green Twp. Twolick Burying Ground   18 Jul. 1853  
HUNTER James   h/o Mary, farmer, s/o James & Martha, b. Greensburg, d. of apoplexy at Black Lick Twp. Bethel in Black Lick Twp. 5 Jan. 1788 20 Oct. 1852 64y 9m 15d
IRWIN John M farmer, h/o Catherine, b. Young Twp., s/o Eliphalet & Margaret, d. of typhoid fever in Young Twp. Lewisville   6 Apr. 1853 40y
JAMISON Martha G d/o John & Isabella, d. of typhoid fever in S. Mahoning Twp. Gilgal   8 Oct. 1852  
JEWELL Reuben   h/o Jane, constable of Blairsville, b. Upper Canada, d. Blairsville Curry Run Jan. 1784 27 Oct. 1852 61y
JEWELL Sophia   b. Black Lick Twp., d/o Christopher & Catharine Repine, w/o Ezekiel, d. of yellow jaundice in Plum Creek Twp. Stone Church in Plum Creek Twp.   17 Sep. 1853 59y
JOHNSTON Mathew   h/o Jane Barcley, carpenter, d. of pleuritis in Armstrong Twp. Bethel Church   3 Jan. 1853  
JOHNSTON Robert   linen weaver, b. Newton Hamilton, Armagh Co., Ireland, s/o William & Jane Smith Johnston, h/o Nancy Nesbit, d. of stomach problems at Indiana Presbyterian in Indiana 11 Feb. 1791 7 Aug. 1852 61y 5m 26d
JONES David D farmer, b. in Wales, h/o Margaret, d. pleurisy in Pine Twp. McDowell   25 Nov. 1853 53y
JONES Martha Elizabeth b. Green Twp., d/o Delmont & Martha, d. of unknown causes in Green Twp. M E Cemetery in Green Twp. 22 Oct. 1852 12 Jan. 1853 2m 21d
JUSTICE Margaret   b. Westmoreland Co., d/o Peter & Clara Mary, d. E. Mahoning Twp., of schichus Gilgal   4 Mar. 1853 53y
KEELY Daniel   farmer, b. Dauphin Co., h/o May, d. Saltsburg of cold settled on his lungs Conemaugh Twp     abt 70y
KEIR James M b. Armstrong Co., s/o William & Ann Lyons Keir, h/o Jane Holsten, harnes maker, d. of bilious fever Gilhousen Church Conemaugh Twp.     33y
KELLY Samuel   b. Conemaugh Twp., s/o Samuel & Elizabeth, farmer, d. Black Lick of accute enterites, h/o Elizabeth Jacksonville (Kent)   19 Oct. 1852  
KIER David   shoemaker, b. Armstrong Co., s/o William & Ann Lyons, h/o Martha George & Juliann Norris, d. West Lebanon Union Church at West Lebanon 22 Aug. 1822 11Mar. 1853 30y 6m 19d
KINTER Eliza McAllister d/o Peter & Agnes Margretta Kinter, d. Rayne Twp. Washington Church 26 May. 1830 5 May. 1854 23y 11m 11d
LANDIS Samuel S medical doctor, b. York Co., h/o Margaret, d. Indiana of phthisis Presbyterian Cemetery in Indiana     32y
LANGHAM William   farmer, h/o Margaret Nicholes, s/o William, d. of dropsy in Green Twp. Baptist Cemetery near D. Buterbaugh   30 Aug. 1853 66y
LANGHAM William   farmer, b. Green Castle, PA, s/o William & Jane, h/o Margaret, d. heart disease and dropsy in Montgomery Twp. Zion Cemetery in Montgomery Twp     66y
LAUGHLIN Thomas S farmer, s/o Joseph, d. of typhoid fever Bethel in Young Twp   15 Mar. 1850  
LOUGHRY Sara Louisa b. Saltsburg, d/o Nelson B & Rachel Wright Loughry, d. dropsy of the chest in Indiana Presbyterian Cemetery in Indiana 22 May. 1840 15 Jan. 1853 12y 7m 24d
LOWMAN Catherine McCreary w/o John, b. Franklin Co., d/o Jacob & Catherine Bush, d. apoplexy in Rayne Twp. on the farm 28 Dec. 1788 23 Dec. 1852 63y 11m 27d
LOWMAN William   carpenter, b. Indiana Co., s/o Abraham & Sara Borland Lowman, d. of typhoid fever in Montgomery Twp. Gilgal   15 Oct. 1853 23y
LOWMAN     d/o Scott & Rebecca, b. Young Twp., d. of gastritis Jacksonville (Kent) 12 Feb. 1852 25 Dec. 1852 11m
MABON Mary Agnes white, b. Jacksonville d/o Thomas & Agnes Wyllie Mabon, d. Sarlatina at Jacksonville Jacksonville (Kent) 4 Dec. 1851 28 Feb. 1853 2y 24d
MACK Robert   farmer, b. County Downs, Ireland, s/o Robert & Margaret Mack, h/o Agnes Barr, d. Wheatfield Twp of Dropsical affection Bethel Wheatfield Twp 1776 18 Jun. 1854 58y
MACK Samuel   farmer, d. Wheatfield Twp of cramp of stomach Stone Church   19 Aug. 1852 38y
MARTIN Hugh   h/o Jane, b. Ireland, came to US in 1798, d of old age in Canoe Twp. Union in Canoe   10 May. 182 75y
MARTIN Jane   w/o Hugh, d/o Alexander Campbell. B. Ireland, d. old age Canoe Twp Union in Canoe   27 Jan. 1853 70y
MCADOO John   s/o Susan, farmer, h/o Mary Henderson Holstine, d. Apoplexy Young Twp.d. at 10 p.m. on Friday. B. G. West Lebanaon   22 Jul. 1853 75y
MCADOO Mary   d/o James ?, b. Young Twp, d. Young Twp of Jaundice, h/o John McAdoo Crooked Creek   13 Jan. 1855  
MCALLISTER Rachael B d/o John & Sara Ann McAllister, b. Westmoreland Co., d. fever in Green Twp Pine Grove, Montgomery Twp 4 Apr. 1843 13 May. 1853 10y 1m 9d
MCCARTNEY Agnes Eveline d/o Samuel & Jane Peeler McCartney, b. Jacksonville, d. inflammation of Brain Indiana 25 Apr. 1853 14 Jun. 1852 1m 20d
MCCLAIN William   white, s/o Archibald & Margaret McClain, farmer b. Wheatfield Twp., accidental death Bethel in Wheatfield Twp. 8 Aug. 1821 Sep . 1854 32y
MCCLARREN     carpenter, h/o Hannah Moorhead, s/o Thomas & Hanna McClarren, killed by windless of Canal Lock Westmoreland Co. Hopewell 7 Apr. 1792 19 May. 1853 61y
MCCLARREN Richard   boatman, b. New Brunswick, s/o John & Laura McClarren, d. cholera morbus at Johnstown Bethe in Wheatfield Twp.   5 Apr. 1853 38y
MCCOMB Jane   b. N. Mahoning Twp, d/o John & rachel McComb, d. scarlatina Gilgal 13 May. 1851 27 Aug. 1852 1y 3 1/2 m
MCCOMISH Daniel   s/o Robert & Jane McComish, farmer, h/o Sara, b. Armstrong Twp, d. Cherry Tree of appoplectic Harmony in Green Twp   1 Jan. 1853 50y
MCCREA John McClure h/o Caroline Lett, s/o John & Martha McCrea, d. Blairsville, b. Allegheny Co. Blairsville   19 Jul. 1853 32y
MCCURDY Robert Wesley s/io Robert K & Margaret Stuchell McCurdy d. gastric earteretes in Young Twp. Presbyterian at Elders Ridge 2 Aug. 1845 25 Aug. 1853 8y 19d
MCCURDY Robert   medical student, s/o John & Mary McCurdy, b. Young Twp, d. consumption in Young Twp. Clarksburg   24 May. 1853  
MCCURDY     white female, d/o Colin & Catharine Elberti McCurdy, b. Jacksonville, d. Meningitis at Jacksonville Jacksonville (Kent) 14 Feb. 1853 11 Jan. 1854  
MCFARLAND William   s/o Samuel & Margaret McFarland, b. Ireland, h/o Martha, d. Canoe Twp of falling off a tree, buried on land of Bell & Devers. Center Twp.   1 Feb. 1854 30y
MCGUIRE Catherine   d/o Catherine McGuire, b. Blairsville, d. Blacklick Twp. Bethel   25 Aug. 1852 2y 6m
MCKEE Capandra   mute, d/o John I & Eliza Horrell McKee, b. Indiana, d. pneumonia Presbyterian at Indiana 14 Aug. 1851 30 Oct. 1853 1y 2 1/2m
MCKEE John   white, b. Washington Twp., h/o Eliza N., d. consumption in Rayne Twp. Indiana Borough 5 May. 1801 2 Dec. 1853 52y 9m
MCKELVEY James   blacksmith, s/o John & Mary McKelvey b. Ligonier Valley, h/o Mary, d. typhoid fever in E. Mahoning Twp.   1817 7 Oct. 1854 37y
MCLAIN Charles M s/o ? & Sara Sewer McLain b. Greensburg, confectioner, d. chronic diarrhia Lutheran, White Twp 1804 15 Mar. 1853 49y
MCLARREN John   s/o Patrick & Jane McLarren, farmer, b. Ireland, h/o Leonora, d. Wheatfield Twp. Apoplexy meningeal Bethel Wheatfield Twp 1778 11 Nov. 1853 75y
MCPHERSON John   white, s/o Samuel & Mary McPherson, farmer b. Ireland, h/o Hannah, d. gravel in S. Mahoning Twp. Gilgal   15 Dec. 1853 61y
MCPHERSON Thomas   miller, s/o Thomas & Mary McPherson, b. Center Twp, d. typhoid fever in N Mahoning Twp.h/o Jane Gilgal May. 1816 3 Nov. 1854 38y
MEANS Joseph   s/o John & Ann Means b. Franklin Co., d. Center Twp. Inflammation of the blood Center Church Center Twp 17 Oct. 1794 20 Sep. `854 60y
METZ Joseph   farmer, h/o Magdaline, s/o Jacob, d. old age in Center Twp. Catholic in Indiana   26 Jun. 1854 63y
MIKESELL Jonas   white, b. Center Twp. S/o John & Elizabeth Mikesell, farmer, d. Center Twp of strangulated hernia Family burial ground Mar. 1804 16 Jul. 1854 50y
MILLER Elizabeth   b. Kiskamintas Twp, d/o Daniel & Margaret Miller, d. inflammation of lungs at Elders Ridge Elders Ridge 22 Aug. 1840 22 Mar. 1853 12y 5m
MILLER John   laborer, h/o Bridget Ferguson, s/o Henry & Ann Long Miller, b. Whitestown County Land Ireland, d. Centerville, Ind. Co   27 May. 1852 51y  
MILLER John   s/o Samuel & Mary Miller, b. Conemaugh Twp., d. typhoid fever in Montgomery Twp. Union Church in Green Twp 22 Mar. 1822 17 Sep. 1854 32y 5m 26d
MITCHELL Robert   white, farmer, b. Lancaster Co, s/o John & Jane Parkinson Mitchell, d. Inflammation of lungs in Armstrong Twp Stone Church 17 Mar. 1772 30 Jul. 1854 72y
MOORHEAD Joseph   farmer, h/o Martha Jane Walker, b. White Twp. S/o Fergus & Esther Moorhead, d. Indiana of inflammation of the bowels Presbyterian in Indiana   27 Nov. 1852 46y
MOORHEAD Samuel   blacksmith, h/o Ann Mitchell, b Indiana Co s/o Fergus & EstherMoorhead, d Indiana of inflammation of bowels Presbyterian in Indiana 14 Feb. 1815 3 Oct.1850  
MOWRY Martha   b. MA, d. home of S McCullough Armstrong Twp of consumption Calhoun's Armstrong Twp   22 Jan. 1853 38y 4m 2d
NESBIT Mary   w/o Alexander, d/o Edward & Isabel McKelvy, b. Indiana, PA, d. apoplexy at Blairsville Blairsville   31 May. 1853 58y
NICHOLSON James Clark white, s/o James & Jane Templeton Nicholson, b. West Lebanon, d. by accident in Young Twp. Blairs Church at Crooked Creek 5 Sep. 1848 20 Nov. 1853 5y 2m 15d
NIXON Wilbur Frank s/o James & Sara Cummins Nixon, d. of pneumonia at Indiana Lutheran Cemetery in White Twp 7 Mar. 1853 24 Jun. 1853 3m 17d
PEDDICORD Rebecca   white, spinster, b. Bedford Co., d/o Nicholis & Sara Peddicord, d. of unknown causes Lutheran Yard in Indiana Borough   26 Dec. 1853 62y
PETERS William S b. Devonshire, England, d. Blairsville of afaflitee Episcopal Graveyard in Blairsville   23 Dec. 1853 74y
PIPER Jacob   mill wright, b. Franklin Co., h/o Sophy and Jane, d. of dropsy in Conemaugh Twp. Saltsburg   10 Feb. 1853 70y
PRINGLE Nancy Ann d/o David & Elizabeth, b. S. Mahoning Twp., d. of cholera in infantum in S. Mahoning Twp. Plum Creek Church 11 Apr. 1852 7 Sep. 1852 7m
RANKIN Martha   d/o William & Rebecca, b. Blairville, d. pleurisy in Armstrong Twp. Jacksonville (Kent) 8 Feb. 1835 29 Sep. 1852 17y
RANKIN William Jr. farmer and a drover, b. Plum Creek Twp., s/o Matthew & Mary Rankin Sr., h/o Elizabeth Donley, d. of typhoid fever in Washington Twp. Plum Creek Church May. 1810 20 Nov. 1854 44y
RANNALS John   s/o Daniel & Susannah Rannals, farmer, b. Wheatfield Twp., d. of dropsy in Wheatfield Twp. Jackson Twp. Cambria Co.   14 Dec. 1854 66y
REILY Edward   s/o Patrick Riley (formaly Peoples), d. of phithisis pulmonaris Nineoch   26 Sep. 1852 21y
RHEA Elizabeth   b. Armstrong Twp., d/o William & & McFarland Rhea, d. of consumption Bethel   27 Feb. 1853 17y
RHEA Samuel   farmer, h/o Sara, s/o Hugh, b. Franklin Co., d. Center Twp., of old age Bethel   29 Apr. 1853 80y
RHEA Sara   whtie, b. Center Twp., d/o William & Ann Rhea, d. hifithisis pulmonalis Jacksonville (Kent)   23 Aug. 1853  
RICHARDS Abner   farmer, b. Green Twp., s/o David & Mary, h/o Eliza, d. of typhoid fever in Green Twp. Marion Center 10 Dec. 1826 21 Dec. 1854 28y 11d
RICHEY John   s/o Samuel & Hannah, b. W. Mahoning Twp., d. of epilepitic fit, Dr. Sims wrote I believe it was worms a moment before death the child attempted to vomit and strangled and strangled and in a few moments was dea. Smicksburg 30 Jul. 1849 7 Aug. 1852 3y 7d
RITCHEY Sara Jane d/o David & Margaret Mays Ritchey, b. W. Mahoning Twp., d. of gastric fever Glade Run 31 Jul. 1840 18 Aug. 1852 11y 6m 18d
ROBINSON Ephriam   carpenter, h/o Mary, b. Armstrong Co., s/o Robert & Mary, he drowned and was found about a 100 miles below the aqueduct near Lockport Wheatfield Twp.   8 Jan. 1853 50y
ROBINSON James   farmer, b. Armstrong Twp., s/o James & Elizabeth, h/o Mary, d. of inflamation of the bowels in Armstrong Twp. Bethel in Center Twp   15 May. 1854 56y
ROBINSON     s/o Samuel & Jane, b. Armstrong Twp, d. of convulsions Jacksonville (Kent) 4 Jul. 1852 11 Jul. 1852  
ROCKET Michael   farmer, h/o Elizabeth, s/o Patrick & Ellen, b. County Waterford Ireland, d. of typhoid fever in Green Twp. St. Bernard's   20 Apr. 1853 58y
ROGERS William Alexander b. Young Twp., s/o Philip & Lydia Ann, d. of croup Clarksburg 5 Feb. 1853 25 Mar. 1853 1m 1d
RUFFNER Mary   w/o Daniel N, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth Spikeard, d. of puerfieral fever in Montgomery Twp. Oharra Graveyard in Montgomery Twp 29 Apr. 1834 24 May. 1853 19y 25d
RUMMEL Emanuel   d/o I N & Elizabeth, b. Green Twp., d. Green Twp., of dysentary Cherry Tree 2 Sep. 1849 8 Oct. 1852 3y 1m 6d
SAPSOEY James   farmer, b. Ireland, h/o Ellen, s/o Thomas & Ellen, d. Green Twp., of disease of the heart Manor 13 Nov. 1790 9 Sep. 1854 64y
SELLERS Pamilla   w/o Samuel, b. Wheatfield Twp., d/o Alexander Patterson, d. of phthisis pulmonaris Armagh   Fri. Oct. 1852 19y 11m
SHARP Joseph   white, farmer, s/o Andrew & Ann, h/o Catharine, d. Armstrong Twp., of inflamation of the lungs Reformed Burying Ground in Armstrong Twp   10 Feb. 1854 63y
SHERIDAN Mannussa   farmer, b. Indiana, s/o John & Catharine, d. Center Twp. Blairsville Catholic   22 ? 1853 60y
SHIRLEY     s/o Christopher, white, b. Center Twp., d. of meningitis Jacksonville (Kent) 19 Aug. 1852 30 Oct. 1852 14m
SINK Mahlon   s/o George & Margaret Adams Sink, b. S. Mahoning Twp., d. W. Mahoning Twp., of inflamation of liver Zion M E at Porter   25 Jun. 1853 7y
SIPES Julia Ann b. Westmoreland Co., d/o Joseph & Susanna, d. of bronchitis in Young Twp. Elders Ridge 24 Dec. 1849 25 Mar. 1853 3y
SMITH Malachia   farmer, d. of chronic stomach disease in Black Lick Twp. Bethel in Lewisville 1 Jun. 1853 77y  
SMITH Robert M farmer, s/o William & Mary, h/o Susan, d. of typhoid fever in Green Twp. Allison Cemetery in GreenTwp     29y 6m 14d
SMITH William T white, farmer, b. Westmoreland, s/o George, d. Blairsville of inflamation of the bowel Blairsville 6 Jun. 1791 7 Feb. 1854 63y 9m
SNIDER Adam   h/o Mary Jane, s/o Joshua, b. Rayne Twp., school teacher, d. of typhoid fever Washington Church 1827 1853 26y 1m 16d
SOURY William   farmer, b. Franklin Co., s/o William & Nancy, h/o Mary, d. White Twp., of old age Reformed in Indiana Co   20 Jul. 1854 81y
SPARR David   b. Salem Twp Westmoreland Co., s/o David & Mary Kelly Sparr, d. of typhoid fever in N. Mahoning Twp. Union Cemetery at Kellysburg 17 Jan. 1836 11 Sep. 1852 16y
SPAULDING George   merchant, b. Scotland, s/o John & Joanna, h/o Sara, d. Green Twp., of inflamation of the lungs Harmony in Green Twp 1810 30 Jan. 1855 45y
SPRANKLE Frederick   wagonmaker and farmer, h/o Amelia & Margaret, d. of typhoid fever in N. Mahoning Twp. Perrysville Jefferson Co 16 Dec. 1784 3 Nov. 1852 68y
STAHL Andrew   whtie, s/o Isaac, d. of efristaxes Bethel   13 Apr. 1853  
STEPHANS Nancy   b. Green Twp., d/o William Tipton & Elizabeth Stephens Stephens, d. of scarlet fever Protestant Cemetery in Green Twp. 18 Dec. 1843 26 Mar. 1852 8y 3m 8d
STEPHANS Thomas Weston b. Green Twp., s/o William Tipton & Elizabeth Stephens Stephens, d. of scarlet fever Protestant Cemetery in Green Twp. 9 Mar. 1845 Mar. 23, 1852 7y 13d
STEWART Archibald G merchant, b. Westmoreland Co., s/o William & Judith, d. Westmoreland Co., of typhoid fever Lewisville   31 Jan. 1853  
STUCHELL John   h/o Rebecca, farmer, s/o Christopher & Elizabeth, d. S. Mahoning Twp., of entric fever Baracca   8 Dec. 1852  
SUTTON Malachia   farmer, b. N J, s/o Peter & Phebe Sutton, h/o Rebecca Loughry & Sara Chambers who later married a Fisher, d. Black Lick Twp., of a chronic disease of the stomach Lewisville   8 Jun. 1853 77y
SUTTON Mary M b. Black Lick Twp., d/o Szlvanis & Mary Sutton, d. of meningitis Hopewell   19 Apr. 1853 4y
TAYLOR George W b. Wheatfield, s/o Henry, married, d. Wheatfield of pertinsis Wheatfield Twp. 5 Sep. 1852 6 Oct. 1852 1m 1d
TAYLOR John   b. Deleware, s/o James & Elizabeth, h/o Ellen, father/o John, Samuel, James, Daniel, U M, William B, d. of paralysis in Conemaugh Twp. Ebenezer Aug. 1788 8 Dec. 1853 60y 4m
TAYLOR William   merchant, b. Center Twp., s/o Alexander & Mary McKisson Taylor, h/o Jane Wilson, d. Indiana of dysentary Presbyterian Cemetery 7 Mar. 1795 24 Sep. 1853 58y 17d
TEMPLETON Alexander   s/o Alexander Sr. & Jane, h/o Ann, d. of dropsy in Conemaugh Twp. Conemaugh Meeting House 29 Jun. 1790 15 Mar. 1852 61y 9m 14d
THOMAS George   farmer, b. England, s/o George & Jane, h/o Eliza Jane, d. of dysentary at Marysville Yuba Co. CA   6 Apr. 1797 3 Nov. 1852 55y 6m 27d
THOMPSON Adam   farmer, b. Franklin Co., s/o Robert & Mary G, h/o Nancy, d. palsy in Conemaugh Twp. Lewisville 8 Feb. 1776 8 May. 1853 77y
THOMPSON Moses   farmer and miller, b. Franklin Co., white, s/o Gordon & Mary, h/o Nancy, d. Conemaugh of apoplexy Ebenezer   19 Nov. 1853 80y
THOMPSON Rachael   farmer, b. Chester Co., d/o Thomas & Rachel White, w/o John, d. Rayne Twp., of old age Washington Church 9 Oct. 1780 7 Nov. 1853  
THOMPSON Robert T farmer, b. Conemaugh, s/o Adam & Nancy, h/o Elizabeth Earhart, d. Saltsburg of inflamation of the bowels Lewisville   24 Sep. 1853  
TREASE Margaret   b. Union Co., d/o Christian & Elizabeth Royer, w/o George, d. Green Twp., of dysentary Allison Cemetery in GreenTwp 9 Jul. 1789 10 Oct. 1854 65y 4m
WAINRIGHT Samuel   farmer, b. Derbyshire England, s/o Richard & Mary, h/o Sara, d. Black Lick Twp., of paralysis Hopewell   1 Aug. 1853 75y
WAKEFIELD James   b. Ireland, s/o David & Mary, h/o Mary, d. Wheatfield Twp., of old age Clarks Graveyard in Pine Twp   30 Aug. 1852  
WALKER infant   s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, d. Young Twp., of erysipalas Lewisville 7 Mar. 1853 28 Mar. 1853 21d
WALKER Margaret Ann b. Montgomery Twp., d/o Robert M & Maria Jane, d. of fever and sore mouth Seceder in Montgomery Twp 13 Jun. 1851 10 Mar. 1853 1y 8m 23d
WALKER Margaret   b. Adams Co., d/o Thomas & Margaret Kerr, w/o Thomas, d. Conemaugh Twp., of old age infirmity Ebenezer 1793 20 Jan. 1853 79y 3m 11d
WALKER Maria Jane b. Rayne Twp., d/o Benjamin & Catherine, d. Green Twp., of scarletina Shilo in Montgomery 28 Feb. 1843 23 Mar. 1853 10y 23d
WALKER Robert   farmer, b. Armstrong Co., s/o James & Tabitha, h/o Eleanora Martha, d. Montgomery Twp. Shilo Church   14 Oct. 1853 32y
WALKER Thompson   b. Rayne Twp., s/o Benjamin & Catherine, d. Green Twp., of scarletina Shilo in Montgomery 10 Feb. 22 Mar. 1853 6y
WELSH James   white, taylor, b. Ireland, d. Young Twp., of angina pectoris     23 Aug. 1853  
WIDDISON Joseph   farmer, b. Green Twp., s/o Joseph & Mary Widdowson, d. of typhoid fever near father's residence in Green Twp.   24 Dec. 1852 25y
WILLARD John   white, laborer, b. Salem Twp. Westmoreland, s/o David & Sarah, d. Canoe Twp., of typhoid Punxsutawney 16 Feb. 1827 16 Jul. 1852 25y 5m
WILLETS Edwin B b. Black Lick Twp., s/o Abner & Hannah Schimer Willets, h/o Rebecca Schimer, d. of fever Round Top in Black Lick Twp. Apr. 1824 2 Jan. 1853 29y
WILLIAMS James A farmer, b. Bucknockshire South Wales Great Britian, s/o William & Sara, h/o Harriet, he parrished in the snow in Rayne Twp. Twolick Baptist   13 Feb. 1853 50y
WILSON Mary   b. Hanover Twp Dauphin Co., d/o James & Elizabeth Brown Wilson, d. of chronic diarrhea in Indiana Presbyterian Cemetery in Indiana 10 Apr. 1790 22 Apr. 1853 13y 3m 12d
WILYARD Jacob   farmer, b. Westmoreland Co., s/o David & Sara, d. in accident in Canoe Twp. Punxsutawney 10 Jan. 22 Mar. 1854 27y
WOODWARD Catherine   w/o Benjamin, d/o ? & Mary Konn, d. Montgomery Twp., of phthisis Ferys School House in Canoe Twp. 4 Feb. 1800 23 Jan. 1853 52y 11m 19d

Indiana County, PA