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I started my research a little over five years ago, primarily tracing the Wall family. I soon found out that I had traced my entire line in the US, except for one member. His Mother, for reasons of a divorce 40 years ago does not want him found. I will honor the request at this time. However, in the case of my mother's family, TREADWELL, I believe the search will be never-ending. As of now, we have over 42,000 family members in the database from the U.S. and Canada, and an additional 15,000 plus from the UK. There are many other Treadwell/Tredwell researchers who have helped me to accomplish this and are continuing to do so. This research has led me to find numerous stories of the family, pictures, the gold mine and more which I hope to be able to share with you by the medium of this web page. If there is anyone reading this page who would like to contribute a picture, a story and/or a news article, please let me know. Info including pictures can be scanned into the page for all to see. As I learn to master the medium, I hope to be able to change pictures, etc., every few weeks. As you can gather now, my main line of research is the TREADWELL line, but I always keep my eyes peeled for my other lines too.

I am also searching for information on the following:

WALL, Patrick born in Ireland about 1830, possibly County Cork. His mother and father were Patrick and Mary Wall. He married Alice Leahy in the U.S. abt. 1860 and lived in the Hartford County area of Connecticut all his life. GAFFEY, Mary born in Athlone, Ireland on 1 Nov 1864. Her Father was Dan Gaffey. She came from a large family. Arrived in the U.S. abt 1887 and married John Wall, and lived in Windsor, CT. all her life.

FLAHERTY, John born in Ireland abt 1825, area unknown, married Mary Curtin also from Ireland in abt 1861. Lived in Wethersfield and Newington, Ct. area all their live's.

TREADWELL (TREDWELL-TRADWELL) I am working with many other TREADWELL researchers to build up a large database of TREADWELLs' from all over the world. We now have over 57,000 family members in our data base. We have our line back to 1510 in England. In the U.S. we start with Edward and Thomas in Ipswich, Ma. in 1635. The line from this point spreads out all over the U.S. and Canada. We will be more than happy share to our data with you. We in turn hope you will share yours with us so it can be added to the data base, which will help others in the search for their roots..

You may e-mail me directly from the end of this page.

The following is a list of all the names I have researched and am researching from my AHNENTAFEL Chart. Most of these fall within the time period of 1500 to about 1850..Some of these I have not carried forward from that point, as I have pursued the Treadwells who married into those lines.

Wall, Gaffey, Treadwell, Flaherty, Curtin, Sweet, Wylie, Cameron, Hussen, Gregory, Maguire,Wakelee, Trowbridge, Lacy, Minor, Sulliven, Wheeler, Lamberton, Booth, Albro, Howes, Turney, Marshall, Lewen, Palmer, Hawley, Greene, Lawton, Prowse, Bevys, Periam, Tattersall, Potter, Hazard, Lawrence/Hutchin, Owseley, Collack, Davenport, Hooker, Lane, White, Beaufitz, Bellingham, Orchard, Norton, Calmady, Bamfield, Coppleston, Gilbert, Cobham, De Beauchamp, De Mohun, Fitz Piers, De Clare

This takes me through about 26 generations..I have more which lead to Hugh Capet, King of France and Charlemagne..These lines come from the marriage of the Treadwells' and the Trowbridges'. I do have quite a bit on Sweet family of RI as it pertains to our line in Canada, Cameron line in Canada, Trowbridge, Greene's of RI, plus several others that make our genealogy very interesting. While TREADWELL has been my main pursuit it has led me in many directions and am sure it will continue to do so.

I am sure one of the first questions you are thinking of asking is what is that coat of arms shown at the top of this page. It is not a coat of arms, although it looks like one. It is book plate. A book plate is generally found on the inside of many books oposite the main page that gives the name of the book, author and publisher. This one was found in a book on the Treadwell family line written in 1904 by Mrs. A.C. Maltbie. I have used this as it is the only thing even approaching a coat of arms in the United States. Most importantly there is NO Treadwell/Treadwell coat of Arms. This a fact that we just recently found out. A group of us funded a search for the correct coat of arms for the family as we have seen so many different ones offered for sale. The search was conducted by the King of England's. College of Arms, in London, England. They are the one and only office who could have ever issued a coat of arms for the family. They found that not only was one never issued, but that one was never applied for. So the family could have never raised an Army to fight for the King. The only thing that they did find were two book plates, one for a Tredwell and one for a Treadwell. These were not approved or sanctioned replacements for Coats of Arms. These were just designs used in books like the one A.C. Maltbie used in hers. So do not buy any of the fakes that are offered with the history of the early family included..The Kings College of Arms is the only office of the King with the sole power to issue one and it never has been done.

We have a free e-mail list to which you can subscribe. This was first started by Tim Treadwell in North Carolina when we first teamed up about four years ago to expand our research capabilities. This went along great for a couple of years until a hacker got into his site and ruined it. We had to change our location of it due to the fact he was running the site from his business and disruptions like this were very damaging. So I took it over and it was switched to another free provider until they had problems and finally to RootsWeb where we have been now for over two years. To subscribe just send a messages addressed to with the single word Subscribe in the body of the text. Do not insert a subject line or a signature line. This is a good way to communicate with the other 130 or so Treadwell family researchers and be kept abreast of our research..

One of the most important side benefits of all this research is all the new cousins I have found and met..All very interesting and great people.

Lets continue in our pursuit of all our Treadwell/Tredwell lines and the many others that will take us along the path of our destiny!


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  • New Brunswick Genealogy Links, a great place to start your search

  • ROOTERS: Searching in Westmoreland, Albert, Kings, Kent and Northumberland Counties of New Brusnwick, Canada can post a free query to Missing Links, a weekly genealogy newspaper column written and managed by Sandra Devlin. Queries should be a maximum of 30 words PLUS forwarding address. Don't forget your snail mail address, fax, voice mail, as well as e-mail mail addresses.

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