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Tyrone Trask of Gardiner, Maine, e-mail me.

Trask Family Reunions:
Steelville, Missouri, second Saturday in June, even numbered years.
Eagle Grove, Iowa, last Saturday in June, even numbered years.
Tillamook, Oregon, first Sunday in August at Trask County Park.
Organizers, please contact me.

Christopher Michael Coombs, born on Novermber 25, 2001, son of Maureen and Michael Coombs
Peyton James Tanner, born on November 11, 2000, son of Melisa Susan (Trask) and Josh Tyson Tanner
Austin Reid Trask, born on July 10, 2000, son of Steven and Jaimie Trask
Leigha Rose Trask, born on April 13, 2000, daughter of Paul and Carolyn Trask
Mikayla Rose Coombs, born on October 7, 1999, daughter of Maureen and Michael Coombs

The information contained within The Trask Web Pages is my attempt (as a wounded Mechanical Engineer - not a genealogist) to centralize the efforts of people involved in Trask surname research. Unlike the efforts of individuals that have annotated family information in the past, e.g., Family Bibles and Journals, the Trask family information compiled and presented here will not fade away, forever lost, with someone’s passing. Please appreciate, as you follow all the links in seconds, the hundreds of miles and hour's people have expended researching the history of "Our Trask Family".

The "R.W. Trask Family Home Page" and "The Trask Web Pages" are not associated with anyone or any organization, using a similar surname, soliciting your money for their Trask family information. If you have been solicited, please, contact me. There are several legitimate books that have been published by members of "our" family which I am proud to have purchased and elated to have received as a gift from their authors.

There are relevant links to other web sites from within the Trask Web Pages - you must use your Browser’s "back button" to return here. Those links are strictly for your edification, some are contained within { these brackets } - the obvious are not.

You can be assured that there is an abundance of space on these servers, and we have the time, to present what ever Trask data and pictures that you consent to submit. Recording the life that our Trask ancestors have experienced will better serve future generations - rather than presenting a list of our ancestors existence unto itself. Your participation, e.g. personal interviews, attic, cellar and closet searches, will insure the safe preservation of Trask family information that is one breath away from ever being appreciated by us all.

Since September, 1995, "The Trask Web Pages" have grown to over twelve million bytes. Our Trask Data Base is larger than one hundred and thirty one million bytes. Please, contact me if you have any Trask family information (no matter how insignificant you presume it to be) to ... supplement, amend or append to these pages.


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