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My name is Tracy Walker and this is my family tree!. I started researching my family history in October 2001. After loads of hours in various libraries, archive departments, graveyards,  on the internet and also with the help from various members of our family, I have managed to put together various branches. 


Click on the buttons below to see a box tree or a name to go to people with that surname. The trees may take a few mins to load, due to the way that I have done them, but hopefully you may think its worth it once theyre loaded! I am still learning about web site building and am updating and changing all the time, as I find things that work or things that don't work so well. I still  have lots more information to upload, so I am trying to concentrate on that at the moment, and then I will go back to pages I have already done and will give them a little tweaking!!


Last updated May 2011 , added "The tragedy at Mixenden" a transcript from the newspaper 1903

3rd June 2011 - Apologies for any links that are not working correctly, Im trying to get them sorted


Clampborough, Baillie, Camp, Campey, CampyDaniels, Day, Dickinson, Forrest, Gamwell, Harper, Hobson, Kay, Keene, Lockwood, Mandile, Marlow, RushtonWainwright, Walker, Ware, Wilby, Willoughby (Wilbey), Wilson. Yorkshire and Australia


Lockwood, Swallow, Norbury, Warrener., Kelsey, Holms/Howmes from Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.


Rushton, Sykes, Rose, Eaden, Edden, Eden, Bracknell, Boulter, Harding, Yorkshire and Warwickshire.


Walker, Smith, Vaughan, Moore, Calvert, Evans, Gorringe. From Yorkshire


Vaughan, Varley Biltcliffe, Gorringe. Yorkshire and Australia

Parish records

I have started to list the parish records that I have transcribed. Some of the people  may not be in our family but as they have the same surname I made a note of them anyway. I may eventually find a link or if not, the records may be of help to someone else. 

I have listed all the marriages in surname order, for easy finding!

Places now listed include, Spaldington, Eastrington, Castleford, Wakefield, Alverthorpe & Thornes. Click on the button for full list. Still more to be added.

Here you will find photos of places that are relevant to my family. Only Haxey in Lincolnshire and North Cave in East Yorkshire are shown as yet.






Places connected with my family are :- 

Tree 1......... Bubwith, Spaldington, Eastrington, North Cave, Skipwith, Blacktoft, Castleford, Normanton, Royston, Allerton Bywater, Melbourne &    Sydney Australia, Tasmania, 

Tree 2......... St Johns Wakefield, Thornes Wakefield, Bridgeport Conneticut, Gainsborough Lincolnshire

Tree 3..........Normanton, Altofts, Loxley Warwickshire

Tree 4......... Wilsden. Halifax, Ovenden, Mixenden.




All information on this site is for family history purposes.

Have you anything that you would like me to include? 

If I have listed or shown anything that you think I shouldn't, please contact me and it will be removed immediately.

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