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11th Indiana Cavalry 
 Regiment, U.S.A.

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In Memoriam

in memoriam


This web page is dedicated to the memory of our 3rd great- grandfather James McVicker and the men he served with in the 11th Indiana

Cavalry Regiment, U.S.A. during the American Civil War. 

    James McVicker was born in Ohio between 1813 and 1815.  He married Elizabeth Ross in Hocking County, Ohio in 1843.  After their marriage James and Elizabeth lived near Ilesboro, in Washington Township Hocking County.  This location is about 10 miles south of the city of Logan.  Their first child John was born in 1844.  He and his wife Elizabeth produced at least eight children during their marriage.

     James McVicker is shown as a farmer in the 1840 and 1850 federal censuses.     After 1850 he sold his farm and may have removed to the aforementioned town of Logan. 

raised tobacco on his farm.  James McVicker and his family are listed in the 1860 census as residing in the Stockwell section of Lauramie Township Tippecanoe Co., Indiana. 

     James McVicker enlisted in the Union Army as a Private on 20 December 1863. He served in Company I, 11th Cavalry Regiment Indiana for only a little over six months before dying on 01 July 1864 in Larkinsville, Alabama.  James died of "Acute Dysentery" in the Regimental Hospital. A picture of this hospital can be found in the photograph archives of this military unit.

James and his family moved from Ohio to Tippecanoe County, Indiana between 1854 and 1856.   There, he

Regimental History

Regimental History

11th Regiment Cavalry (126th Regiment Volunteers)

     This regiment, the 126th from the state, was organized at Lafayette, Kokomo and Indianapolis, Indiana between November 10, 1863, and April 2, 1864.  It was officially mustered in on March 1, 1864 as the 11th Indiana Cavalry containing 1,246, officers and enlisted men.   The commanding officer was Colonel Robert R. Stewart of Terre Haute.  The other primary officers of this military unit were Lieutenant Colonel Abram Sharra of Evansville, and Major Jehu C. Hannum of Delphi, Indiana. 

     The 11th Cavalry departed Indiana for Nashville, Tennessee on May 1, 1864 where it remained until June 1. Then marching into Alabama, it was engaged on railroad guard duty with headquarters at Larkinsville, Alabama returning to Nashville on October 16.   In November, 1864 it was attached to District of Northern Alabama, Department of the Cumberland.  The unit was then mounted, and was actively engaged during November and December in the operations about that city, and after the battle of Nashville joined the pursuit of Hood's forces, as far as Gravelly Springs, Alabama where it remained on dismounted duty from January 7 to February 7, 1865 when it crossed to Eastport, Mississippi. The 11th Cavalry then became a unit in the 1st Brigade, 5th Division, Cavalry Corps, Military Division Mississippi, up to May 12, 1865.   The 11th Indiana Cavalry then transferred to the District of Kansas, Deparment of Missouri.  The unit embarked for St Louis, where it was remounted and marched to Rolla, Missouri, reaching there June 26.  From Rolla it moved to Fort Riley and Council Grove Kansas, and was stationed in detachments along the Santa Fe route.  It was ordered to Fort Leavenworth on September 1, and was mustered out September 19, 1865.

     During the lifetime of this military unit it gained 63 new recruits.  108 men were lost through desertion, and another 8 were unaccounted for.    Regiment deaths during service were 2 Officers and 11 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 1 Officer and 160 Enlisted men by disease for a total of 174.  1,309 men served in the 11th Indian Cavalry between March 1, 1864 and September 19, 1865.



Campaigns and 

·        Duty at Nashville, Tennessee, May 7 to June 1, 1864.

·        Guard duty along line of Memphis & Charleston Railroad in Alabama.  Headquarters at Larkinsville, Alabama, until October 16.

·        Engagement at Bellefonte, Alabama on September 30 during the defense of Huntsville, Alabama, against General Abraham Buford's attack, September 30-October 1.

·        Moved to Nashville, Tennessee, October 16.

·        Siege of Decatur, Alabama, October 26-29 (Detachment).

·        Franklin - Nashville Campaign November-December. On line of Shoal Creek engagement, November 16-20.

·        Near Maysville and near New Market, November 17 (Detachment).

·        Skirmish at Columbia, Tennessee, November 24-27.

·        Crossing of Duck River November 28.

·        Battle of Franklin November 30 – December 1.

·        Near Paint Rock Bridge, Alabama, December 7 (Detachment).

·        Battle of Nashville December 15-16.

·        Pursuit of General Nathan Bedford Forrest to the Tennessee River, December 17-28. 

·        At West Harpeth River, December 17.

·        Fought in skirmish at Columbia, Tennessee on December 17th.

·        At Richland Creek,  December 24.

·        Battle of Anthony’s Hill at Pulaski, Tennessee, December 25-26.

·        Hillsboro, Alabama, December 29 (Detachment).

·        Near Leighton, Alabama, December 30, 1864 (Detachment).

·        Duty at Gravelly Springs, Alabama, January 7 to February 7, 1865, and at Eastport, Mississippi, until May 12.

·        Moved to St. Louis, Missouri, May 12-17; to Rolla, Missouri, June 20-26, and to Fort Riley, Kansas, June 29-July 8.

·        Moved to Council Grove, Kansas and assigned to duty along Santa Fe Trail.   across the plains, Headquartered at Cottonwood Crossing I Marion County, Kansas  until September 1.

·        March to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, September 1-11, and there mustered out September 19, 1865.



Archive of 


The following is a listing of the documentation we’ve collected  regarding

the wartime record of this military unit, and the persons who served therein.

·      Report of the Adjutant General of the state of Indiana: Volume 3, by Indiana. Adjutant General's Office, et. al., pub. 1865, 736 pages

·      11th Indiana Cav., 126th Regt. - Officers Roster

·       11th Indiana Cav., 126th Regt. - Enlisted Roster


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collection of documents for this military unit.

We welcome the submission of documentation pertaining to this 
 military unit, as well as the biographies of persons who served therein.

Biographical notes


The men of the 11th Indiana Calvary who survived the War went on to live their lives in the years to follow.  In most cases they produced families and descendents and lead productive lives.  Lest they not be forgotten the following notes have been collected regarding some of their post-war lives.


·                        Gilpin, Charles - of Sims Township.; Private, Co E, 11th Cav. (126th Reg.); MO 9-19-65.  Buried Grant County, Indiana.

·       Kimel, Conrad - born Jan 18, 1831, Carroll County, Ohio, died Dec. 14, 1904, Montcalm County, Mich. Served in the Civil War, Co. C, 11th Indiana Cavalry. Wife/widow: Phoebe Yeakey. Widower of Rachael Weimer Kimel, died 1872 in Wayland, Michigan.  Conrad Kimel is buried at the Reynolds Cemetery located on Almy Road, Reynolds Township, Howard City, Michigan.

·       Long, Henry – Private, 11th Indiana Cavalry, Company E, was captured at Franklinville, Tennessee 12/01/1864, and held at Cahaba and Andersonville Prisons, died in the Sultana riverboat disaster of 27 April, 1865. 

·       Mackabee, William – Private, 11th Indiana Cavalry, Company B, was captured at Franklinville, Tennessee 11/30/1864, and held at Cahaba Prison, died in the Sultana riverboat disaster of 27 April, 1865.

·       Morgan, Francis M. – Private, 11th Indiana Cavalry, Company F, was captured at Franklinville, Tennessee 11/30/1864, and held at Cahaba and Andersonville Prisons, died in the Sultana riverboat disaster of 27 April, 1865.

·       Morgan, James M. – Private, 11th Indiana Cavalry, Company F, was captured at Franklinville, Tennessee 11/30/1864, and held at Cahaba Prison.  He survived the Sultana riverboat disaster of 27 April, 1865 and was mustered out July 25, 1865.

·       Joseph N. Palmer (1837-1889) - Private, Company K, 8th Indiana Infantry Regiment and Company L, 11th Indiana Cavalry Regiment. Joseph N. Palmer of Wabash County, Indiana enlisted as a Private on 23 Aug. 1861. Mustered into Co K 8th Indiana Infantry (3 months) on 23 Apr 1861. Mustered out at Indianapolis, Indiana on 6 Aug 1861. Joseph Palmer of Wabash, Indiana reenlisted as a Private on 29 Jan 1864. Mustered into Co L, 11th Indiana Cavalry on 29 Jan 1864. Mustered out at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas on 19 Sep 1865. Joseph Palmer filed for a pension in Pennsylvania on 28 Apr 1882 (Certificate #404078) for service in Co L 11th Indiana Cavalry. Lizzie Palmer filed for a widow's pension in Ohio on [perhaps 31 Mar 1892] (Certificate #313981).  Joseph Palmer, died February 27, 1889.  His gravestone is at Lebanon Cemetery, in Lebanon, Ohio. Interment #2262 in the G.A.R. Lot of Joseph N. Palmer in Old Section lot 91-3 on 1 Mar 1889. 

·       Waits, Henry - Private, Co J, 11th Cav. (126th Regt).  Buried Harmony Baptist Cemetery, Grant County, Indiana.


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We welcome any biographical contributions regarding the men of this military unit.  Upon receipt they will be placed within our archives so that others may know more about the circumstances of these men lives.

Image Gallery

Image Gallery

During our research we have collected and images and photographs that may be of interest to the history of this military unit.  Some of them are presented on this website because we believe they tend to provide the reader with additional information which may aid in the understanding of our ancestors past lives and war experiences.

The Winfield Scott Mason House located at Larkinsville, Alabama.  According to local tradition the house served as a field hospital during the Civil War. As such it is most probable that men of the 11th Indiana Cavalry were treated here.

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