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     Georgia is a state in the United States and was one of the original Thirteen Colonies that revolted against British rule in the American Revolution. It was the last of the Thirteen Colonies to be established, in 1733. It was the fourth state to ratify the United States Constitution, on January 2, 1788. It seceded from the Union on January 21, 1861 and was one of the original seven Confederate states. It was the last state to be readmitted to the Union, on July 15, 1870. Georgia is the ninth-largest state in the nation by population, with an estimated 9,544,750 residents as of July 1, 2007.[3] Georgia is also known as the Peach State and the Empire State of the South. Atlanta is the capital, and the most populous city.

     Georgia is bordered on the south by Florida; on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and South Carolina; on the west by Alabama and by Florida in the extreme southwest; and on the north by Tennessee and North Carolina. The northern part of the state is in the Blue Ridge Mountains, a mountain range in the vast mountain system of the Appalachians. The central piedmont extends from the foothills to the fall line, where the rivers cascade down in elevation to the continental coastal plain of the southern part of the state. The highest point in Georgia is Brasstown Bald, 4,784 feet (1,458 m); the lowest point is sea level.   






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Genealogical Archives & Libraries


  • Georgia State Archives [ Email: ]
    5800 Jonesboro Road, Morrow, GA 30260; 678.364.3700
    For history, genealogy, or other research: Reference Services Tel: (678) 364-3710
    Pre-1900 records on microfilm in the Archives as well as the FHL.
  • Atlanta History Center 130 West Paces Ferry Road NW, Atlanta, GA 30305-1366; Tel: 404-814-4000, Fax: 404-814-4186

·        Georgia Division of Public Health Vital Records, Room 217-H, 47 Trinity Ave. SW, Atlanta, Georgia 30334-5600; Tel: 404-656-4750 E-mail:  

·         Georgia Public Library Service, a Unit of the University System of Georgia,  1800 Century Place, Suite 150, Atlanta, GA, 30345-4304, 404-235-7200


Historical & Genealogical Societies

  • Georgia Historical Society [ Email: ]
    501 Whitaker Street, Savannah, GA 31401; Tel: 912-651-2125  912-651-2128, Fax: 912-651-2831
  • Georgia Genealogical Society - P.O. Box 54574, Atlanta, Georgia 30308-0575
  • Northwest Georgia Historical and Genealogical Society  - Post Office Box 5063, Rome, Georgia 30162-5063
    Covers Bartow, Carroll, Catoosa, Chattooga, Cherokee, Cobb, Dade, Dawson, Douglas, Fannin, Floyd, Forsyth, Gilmer, Gordon, Habersham, Hall, Haralson, Lumpkin, Murray, Paulding, Pickens, Polk, Rabun, Towns, Union, Walker, White, Whitfield Counties
  • East Georgia Genealogical Society - P. O. Box 117, Winder, GA 30680; Email:
    Covers Banks, Barrow, Butts, Clarke, Columbia, Elbert, Franklin, Glascock, Greene, Gwinnett, Hancock, Hart, Jackson, Jasper, Lincoln, Madison, McDuffie, Morgan, Newton, Oconee, Oglethorpe, Putnam, Rockdale, Stephens, Taliaferro, Walton, Warren and Wilkes. Counties
  • Southwest Georgia Genealogical Society - P.O. Box 4672, Albany, GA 31706; Email:
    Covers Baker , Ben Hill , Calhoun , Clay , Colquitt , Crisp , Decatur , Dooly , Dougherty , Early ,
    Grady , Irwin , Lee , Marion, Miller , Mitchell , Quitman , Randolph , Schley , Seminole ,
    Stewart , Sumter , Terrell , Thomas , Tift , Turner , Webster , Wilcox and Worth Counties

·         Central Georgia Genealogial Society - Post Office Box 2024, Warner Robins, GA 31099
Covers Baldwin, Bibb, Bleckley, Crawford, Crisp, Dodge, Dooly, Houston, Johnson, Jones, Lamar, Laurens, Macon, Monroe, Montgomery, Peach, Pike, Pulaski, Taylor, Telfair, Treutlen, Twiggs, Upson, Washington, Wheeler, Wilcox and Wilkinson Counties.



Historical Places 

(select a county)


Appling Atkinson Bacon Baker Baldwin Banks Barrow Bartow Ben Hill Berrien Bibb Bleckley Brantley Brooks Bryan Bulloch Burke Butts Calhoun Camden Candler Carroll Catoosa Charlton Chatham Chattahoochee Chattooga Cherokee Clarke Clay Clayton Clinch Cobb Coffee Colquitt Columbia Cook Coweta Crawford Crisp Dade Dawson De Kalb Decatur Dodge Dooly Dougherty Douglas Early Echols Effingham Elbert Emanuel Evans Fannin Fayette Floyd Forsyth Franklin Fulton Gilmer Glascock Glynn Gordon Grady Greene Gwinnett Habersham Hall Hancock Haralson Harris Hart Heard Henry Houston Irwin Jackson Jasper Jeff Davis Jefferson Jenkins Johnson Jones Lamar Lanier Laurens Lee Liberty Lincoln Long Lowndes Lumpkin Macon Madison Marion McDuffie McIntosh Meriwether Miller Mitchell Monroe Montgomery Morgan Murray Muscogee Newton Oconee Oglethorpe Paulding Peach Pickens Pierce Pike Polk Pulaski Putnam Quitman Rabun Randolph Richmond Rockdale Schley Screven Seminole Spalding Stephens Stewart Sumter Talbot Taliaferro Tattnall Taylor Telfair Terrell Thomas Tift Toombs Towns Treutlen Troup Turner Twiggs Union Upson Walker Walton Ware Warren Washington Wayne Webster Wheeler White Whitfield Wilcox Wilkes Wilkinson Worth







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The following are surnames of persons, found within our databases,

as having been either born, married or died in this U.S. State.



McVicker; Moreland; Pinnell; Scruggs and allied families



Collins:   Dickson;   Gibson;   Jones;   Lineberry;   Moreland;   Russell;   Sanders;   Waiters


Bozarth; Peiffer; Quigley; Rhubart and allied families


Dellinger; Knecht; Pfeffer; Silar and allied families



To find out more about each surname listed above click on the corresponding LINK.

Additional information regarding these surnames may also be found at:

  Surname Locator Resources



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Our Ancestral Counties

Gazetteer of Places

County Research (Genealogical)

County Research (General Info.)

Where in the World are My Ancestors?


Our Ancestral Counties

Our Ancestral Counties


The following named counties are associated with the history of our DIRECT ancestors.   To select a specific ancestral county, go to our Ancestral Locations home page. Here you will find additional links to our county pages where you can obtain information about our family gen-sites, images of localities, and surnames of persons, in our database, who have lived in the selected county.

Click on this thumbnail map for a full-sized version.



Gazetteer of Places

of Places


The following Links will take you to gazetteers that identify places within this U.S. State.  These resources feature profiles of cities, towns, neighborhoods and subdivisions.  In addition this site contains maps, data and directions for a wide variety of physical, cultural and historic features.



Cities in Georgia

Towns and villages in Georgia

Places in Georgia

list of rivers in Georgia (U.S. state)

List of hospitals in Georgia (U.S. state)

List of colleges and universities in Georgia (U.S. state)

 List of schools in Georgia (U.S. state)

 List of school districts in Georgia (U.S. state)


Georgia Cities - profiles of 7,039 Georgia cities, towns & neighborhoods

Georgia Physical Features such as lakes, islands & steams

Georgia Cultural Features such as schools, parks, hospitals & airports

Georgia Civil Features such as Native Areas and Political Subdivisions

Search by Name, County, ZIP Code or Area Code


* includes but not limited to Cemeteries, Churches, Locales,

Military Installations;  Populated Places, Post Offices, Schools, Streams, and Trails


County Research (Genealogical)

County Research



Clicking on a Link (below) will take you to the County’s website.  Here you will find additional links to more information specific to that location.    The USGenWeb Project also sponsors important Special Projects, at the national level, that were created to collect and disseminate data that goes beyond county and state lines.





Appling;   Atkinson;   Bacon;   Baker;   Baldwin;   Banks;   Barrow;   Bartow;   Ben Hill;   Berrien;   Bibb;   Bleckley;   Brantley;   Brooks;   Bryan;   Bulloch;   Burke;   Butts;   Calhoun;   Camden;   Campbell;   Candler;   Carroll;   Catoosa;   Charlton;   Chatham;   Chattahoochee;   Chattooga;   Cherokee;   Clarke;   Clay;   Clayton;   Clinch;   Cobb;   Coffee;   Colquitt;   Columbia;   Cook;   Coweta;   Crawford;   Crisp;   Dade;   Dawson;   Decatur;   DeKalb;   Dodge;   Dooly;   Dougherty;   Douglas;   Early;   Echols;   Effingham;   Elbert;   Emanuel;   Evans;   Fannin;   Fayette;   Floyd;   Forsyth;   Franklin;   Fulton;   Gilmer;   Glascock;   Glynn;   Gordon;   Grady;   Greene;   Gwinnett;   Habersham;   Hall;   Hancock;   Haralson;   Harris;   Hart;   Heard;   Henry;   Houston;   Irwin;   Jackson;   Jasper;   Jeff Davis;   Jefferson;   Jenkins;   Johnson;   Jones;   Lamar;   Lanier;   Laurens;   Lee;   Liberty;   Lincoln;   Long;   Lowndes;   Lumpkin;   Macon;   Madison;   Marion;   McDuffie;   McIntosh;   Meriwether;   Miller;   Milton;   Mitchell;   Monroe;   Montgomery;   Morgan;   Murray;   Muscogee;   Newton;   Oconee;   Oglethorpe;   Paulding;   Peach;   Pickens;   Pierce;   Pike;   Polk;   Pulaski;   Putnam;   Quitman;   Rabun;   Randolph;   Richmond;   Rockdale;   Schley;   Screven;   Seminole;   Spalding;   Stephens;   Stewart;   Sumter;   Talbot;   Taliaferro;   Tattnall;   Taylor;   Telfair;   Terrell;   Thomas;   Tift;   Toombs;   Towns;   Treutlen;   Troup;   Turner   Twiggs;   Union;   Upson;   Walker;   Walton;   Walton, Old;   Ware;   Warren;   Washington;   Wayne;   Webster;   Wheeler;   White;   Whitfield;   Wilcox;   Wilkes ;   Wilkinson;   Worth


County Research  (General)

County Research


Wikipedia is a multilingual, Web-based, free-content encyclopedia project based mostly on anonymous contributions. Clicking on a Link (below) will take you to the Wikipedia article about the county.  Here you will find additional links to guide the user to related pages with additional information.





Appling County;   Atkinson County;   Bacon County;   Baker County;   Baldwin County;   Banks County;   Barrow County;   Bartow County;   Ben Hill County;   Berrien County;   Bibb County;   Bleckley County;   Brantley County;   Brooks County;   Bryan County;   Bulloch County;   Burke County;   Butts County;   Calhoun County;   Camden County;   Candler County;   Carroll County;   Catoosa County;   Charlton County;   Chatham County;   Chattahoochee County;   Chattooga County;   Cherokee County;   Clarke County;   Clay County;   Clayton County;   Clinch County;   Cobb County;   Coffee County;   Colquitt County;   Columbia County;   Cook County;   Coweta County;   Crawford County;   Crisp County;   Dade County;   Dawson County;   Decatur County;   DeKalb County;   Dodge County;   Dooly County;   Dougherty County;   Douglas County;   Early County;   Echols County;   Effingham County;   Elbert County;   Emanuel County;   Evans County;   Fannin County;   Fayette County;   Floyd County;   Forsyth County;   Franklin County;   Fulton County;   Gilmer County;   Glascock County;   Glynn County;   Gordon County;   Grady County;   Greene County;   Gwinnett County;   Habersham County;   Hall County;   Hancock County;   Haralson County;   Harris County;   Hart County;   Heard County;   Henry County;   Houston County;   Irwin County;   Jackson County;   Jasper County;   Jeff Davis County;   Jefferson County;   Jenkins County;   Johnson County;   Jones County;   Lamar County;   Lanier County;   Laurens County;   Lee County;   Liberty County;   Lincoln County;   Long County;   Lowndes County;   Lumpkin County;   Macon County;   Madison County;   Marion County;   McDuffie County;   McIntosh County;   Meriwether County;   Miller County;   Mitchell County;   Monroe County;   Montgomery County;   Morgan County;   Murray County;   Muscogee County;   Newton County;   Oconee County;   Oglethorpe County;   Paulding County;   Peach County;   Pickens County;   Pierce County;   Pike County;   Polk County;   Pulaski County;   Putnam County;   Quitman County;   Rabun County;   Randolph County;   Richmond County;   Rockdale County;   Schley County;   Screven County;   Seminole County;   Spalding County;   Stephens County;   Stewart County;   Sumter County;   Talbot County;   Taliaferro County;   Tattnall County;   Taylor County;   Telfair County;   Terrell County;   Thomas County;   Tift County;   Toombs County;   Towns County;   Treutlen County;   Troup County;   Turner County;   Twiggs County;   Union County;   Upson County   Walker County;   Walton County;   Ware County;   Warren County;   Washington County;   Wayne County;   Webster County;   Wheeler County;   White County;   Whitfield County;   Wilcox County;   Wilkes County;   Wilkinson County;   Worth County





Where in the World  are My Ancestors?

Where in the World are My Ancestors?


Resources which enhance our knowledge of the places inhabited by our ancestors are almost as important as their names. The LINK



to the right will take you to Maps, Gazetteers,   and other helpful  resources  that will assist you in discovering Ancestral Locations. 









The Google search engine

 button  and following web

sites    may     provide    you

with additional information

to assist with your research

about   this   U. S.   State. 



General Resources



·           Website & Webpages We Like

·           Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

·           Free Genealogy Search Help For Google

·           Linkpendium > Genealogy > USA

·           Genealogy Gateway

·  (Reference Materials & Finding Aids)

·  - Maps, Atlases & Gazetteers


·        Cyndi's List - United States Index

·        IGI Batch Numbers - British Isles & North America

·        Libweb - Libraries on the Web

· - States and Capitals

·        RootsWeb Town Search 1.0

·        USA Resources at RootsWeb

·        StateGenSites - U.S. Genealogy Sites by State

·        The USGenWeb Project








Locality Specific Resources

·Georgia - Wikipedia

·Georgia State Facts and Information

·Georgia Information (50

·Linkpendium – Georgia

·Cyndi’s List (Georgia)

·Georgia (historical societies)

·Georgia Resources at RootsWeb

·Family Search (IGI Records for Georgia)





Our Genealogy 
Reference Library


The following Link will take you to our library of genealogy reference books that pertain to this U.S. State.   Here you will find books about the history and records of this State, as well as its counties and other localities such as towns and churches.   The collection also contains research works about State military units and personnel during America’s wars.  In addition, there are resource texts about the ethnic and religious groups who settled in this State.


Research Library – Table of Contents





Contact Information

Contact Information





Snail Mail:

889 Dante Ct.
Mantua, NJ 08051



Pony Express:

27 Christopher Dr.
Burton, NB E2V3H4