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Queen Anne's  Co.

Maryland, USA



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     Queen Anne's County is a county located on the Eastern Shore of the U.S. state of Maryland.  Its county seat and most populous municipality is Centreville. The census-designated place of Stevensville is the county's most populous place. Queen Anne’s County was created in 1706 (Chapter 3, Acts of 1706) and was formed from Dorchester, Talbot, and Kent counties.  Queen Anne's County is named for Queen Anne of Great Britain who reigned when the county was established in 1706. In 1773 a part of Queen Anne's County, together with a portion of Dorchester County, was taken to form Caroline County.  Queen Anne's county was divided into "Hundreds" until 1798 when Election Districts were formed. The original hundreds were known as Chester Hundred, Island Hundred, Kent Island Lower Hundred, Kent Island Upper Hundred, Town Hundred, Tuckahoe Hundred, Worrell Hundred and Wye Hundred.

Counties that lie adjacent to Queen Anne’s are: Kent County (north); Kent County, Delaware (east); Talbot County (south); Caroline County (southeast); and Anne Arundel County (west).

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Rootsweb (mytree2)

The following are names of persons, found within our databases as having been either born, married or died in this location. Names in dark red denote direct ancestral lines. To find out more about each surname listed click on the corresponding Link.

McVicker; Moreland; Pinnell; Scruggs and allied families

Eubanks;   Vanderford

Bozarth; Peiffer; Quigley; Rhubart and allied families


Dellinger; Knecht; Pfeffer; Silar and allied families

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Family History Notes

Map of the County

Gen-Site Profiles

Family history notes

Family History Notes

Michael Paul Van der Voort moved his family from New Amsterdam to the Eastern Shore of Maryland in 1660. In 1661 he was granted citizenship in the Province of Maryland and it is most likely that he anglicized his surname to Vanderford at that time. Michael settled his family on land located in Talbot County, (now Queen Annes County), at the head of Corsica River, near the present town of Centreville, Maryland. In 1692 Michael Paul Vanderford, progenitor of this family in America, passed away, in Talbot County at the age of 87 years. George Paul Vanderford traveled to Maryland, in 1660, with his family from New Amsterdam. Around 1677 George married a local woman named Hester (nee?) He produced at least 4 children, all sons, up to about 1700. George passed away around 1715 in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland. We believe that our family line continues through George’s son Thomas Vanderford who was born around 1689 in Talbot County. Thomas married Rosanna Ashbury with whom at least six off-spring were born between 1720 and 1737. We believe that we are descended through Thomas’s youngest known child Sarah, born c. 1737. The family of Thomas Vanderford attended church at St. Luke’s Parish, in Church Hill, but may have also attended at St. Paul’s Parish, in Centreville, at a later time. By 1740 he was living at Gum Pond, Horse Head Neck in the Murderkill Hundred, Kent County, Delaware. It is most probable that Sarah Vanderford, was born, circa 1737, in St. Luke’s Parish, Queen Anne’s County, Maryland. She married John Eubanks, Sr. a native of Queen Anne’s County sometime around 1755.

Thomas and Richard Eubank (Ubanck) were transported to the Province of Maryland in 1675, and purchased property from Simon and Rebecca Wilmer on January 1, 1685. This piece of land was called “Poplar Hill” and located on the Chester River in Talbot County, Maryland. About 1695 Richard Eubank married a native of Talbot County named Naomy (nee?). To this union only one child William was born in 1697. Richard passed way the next year at the age of 54 years. After his death Naomy married a William Swift in 1699. It is assumed that Richard’s son William was brought up in the household of William Swift. Around 1728 William Eubanks married a native of Talbot County named Mary (nee?). William and Mary produced at least five known off-spring between 1730 and 1744. In 1739 William bought 140 acres of property in Queen Anne's County, Maryland, called “Ratcliffe”. William died in December, 1750 at the age of 52 years. Our 6th great-grandfather John Eubanks, Sr. was born 1735 in Queen Anne’s County. Around 1757 he married Sarah Vanderford (Vandiford) who was also a native of Queen Anne’s CountyJohn eventually inherited “Ratcliffe” after the death of his mother. In 1773 the area of Queen Anne’s County where “Ratcliffe” was located fell into the newly formed Caroline County.

Map of the county

Map of the County

The Red Starin the map designates the location of the seat of government for this county.  Yellow Stars designate seats of government in adjacent counties.   A Purple Dotshows the location of identified ancestral Gen-Site(s). 

Queen Anne's Co., MD (gen-sites).JPG

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Gen-site profiles

Gen-Site Profiles

Centerville;   Poplar Hill;   St. Luke’s Parish;   St. Paul’s Parish;   Tuckahoe Hundred


LOCATION:  Country: United States;  State: Maryland;  County: Queen Anne’s;  Coordinates/Map: 39°2′46″N 76°3′52″W

Queen Anne's Co., Courthouse

Queen Anne’s Co. Court House

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NAME / DESCRIPTION:   Centreville is a town in Queen Anne's County, Maryland. Incorporated in 1794, it is the county seat of Queen Anne's County.  In 1782, the Queen Anne’s county courthouse was moved from its original location in Queenstown, Maryland to an area that would, twelve years later, be named Centreville. The building’s location, at the head of the Corsica River, encouraged population growth in the area.    Queen Anne’s County Courthouse is located at 100 Court  House Square, Centreville, Maryland.


INTERNET WEB LINK(S):  Town of Centreville website

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Poplar Hill

LOCATION:  Country: United States;  State: Maryland;  County: Queen Anne’s;  Coordinates/Map:  39°2′1.87″N 76°11′43.21″W

Chester River

Map of the Chester River

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NAME / DESCRIPTION Thomas and Richard Eubank (Ubanck) purchased property from Simon and Rebecca Wilmer on January 1, 1685. This piece of land was called “Poplar Hill” and located on the Chester River in Talbot County, Maryland, now in Queen Anne’s County.




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St. Luke’s Parish

LOCATION:  Country: United States;  State: Maryland;  County: Queen Anne’s;  Coordinates/Map:  39°8′32″N 75°59′11″W

Stl Lukes Church, Church Hill

St. Luke’s Church

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NAME / DESCRIPTION: St. Luke's Parish was established in 1728. Prior to that time is was a part of St. Paul’s Parish, see below.  St. Luke’s Church is a historic Episcopal church located at Church Hill,  in Queen Anne's County. It was built between 1729 and 1732 as the parish church for St. Luke's Parish. 


INTERNET WEB LINK(S):  St. Lukes and St. Andrews Parish;  St. Lukes Church: National Register Listings in MD;  List of post 1692 Anglican parishes in the Province of Maryland

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St. Paul’s Parish

LOCATION:  Country: United States;  State: Maryland;  County: Queen Anne’s;  Coordinates/Map:

St. Pauls Church, Centerville

St. Paul’s Church

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NAME / DESCRIPTION: St. Paul’s Parish was established as a parish by the Vestry Act of 1692.  The original parish church was known as “Chester Church” and is believed to have been built sometime between 1640 and 1660 outside the present town of Centreville.  The parish originally covered most of present day Queen Anne’s County, all of Caroline County, and part of Talbot County. Wye Parish, St. Luke’s Parish in Church Hill, and St. Paul’s in Hillsborough were once chapels of St. Paul’s.  In 1834 the current church building was erected on its present site in Centreville at 301 South Liberty Street. 


INTERNET WEB LINK(S):  St. Pauls Parish in Centreville, MD;  St. Paul's, Centreville, MD | Episcopal Church;  St. Paul's, Centreville

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Tuckahoe Hundred

LOCATION:  Country: United States;  State: Maryland;  County: Queen Anne’s;  Coordinates/Map:

NAME / DESCRIPTION: Queen Anne's county was divided into "Hundreds" until 1798 when Election Districts were formed. The original hundreds were known as Chester Hundred, Island Hundred, Kent Island Lower Hundred, Kent Island Upper Hundred, Town Hundred, Tuckahoe Hundred, Worrell Hundred and Wye Hundred.



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Gazetteer of Places

 in This County

Changes of County Boundaries

Link to State-Wide Resources

Where in the World

are My Ancestors?


Gazetteer of Places

The list below will assist in your research regarding the matching of your ancestor’s birth, marriage, death dates and the place(s) within this locality at which these events may have occurred.


US Home Town Locator

Profiles for  191 cities, towns and other populated places in Queen Anne's County, Maryland

Map of Queen Anne's County Maryland

Queen Anne's County Physical, Cultural & Historic Features

Queen Anne's County ZIP Codes | Area Codes

Queen Anne's County Land - Property, Farms & Ranches

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Queen Anne’s County, MD, United States

Details | Resources | Cities | Cemeteries

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Links To Populated Places Within This County

This county contains the following incorporated municipalities:

·         Barclay (incorporated 1931)

·         Centreville (incorporated 1794)

·         Church Hill (incorporated 1876)

·         Millington (incorporated 1890) (This town is partly in Queen Anne's County and partly in Kent County.)

·         Queen Anne (incorporated 1953) (This town is partly in Queen Anne's County and partly in Talbot County.)

·         Queenstown (incorporated 1892)

·         Sudlersville (incorporated 1870)

·         Templeville (incorporated 1865) (This town is partly in Queen Anne's Co. and partly in Caroline County.)

The Census Bureau recognizes the following census-designated places in the county:

·         Chester

·         Grasonville

·         Kent Narrows

·         Kingstown

·         Stevensville

Other unincorporated places not listed as CDPs are:

·         Crumpton

·         Ingleside

·         Price 

Find Physical Features* Within This County

USGS (link)

* includes but not limited to Cemeteries, Churches, Locales, Schools,

Military Installations;  Populated Places, Post Offices, Streams, and Trails

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County boundary changes

Historical Changes in the Boundaries of this County

     Conducting genealogical research in the United States requires an understanding of county boundaries.  As the population grew more counties were created to meet the public’s need for localized governments.  This phenomena was common in all states during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.  As such you must be sure that you are not looking for records in the wrong county or state. 

     The web-site for the Atlas of Historical County Boundary Project provides interactive maps for all states. This Atlas is meant to be a resource for people seeking records of past events, and people trying to analyze, interpret and display county-based historical data like Land Records, Probate Records, Court Records, Tax Records, and Vital Records that document birth, death, and marriage.   Listed below are the boundary changes for this county, the dates they occurred, as well as the government statute that decreed the change.  To see actual changes in a mapping format follow this LINK to the Atlas of Historical County Boundary Project .

QUEEN ANNE’S COUNTY: Map(s) and descriptions of Historical Boundary Changes

Click on thumbnail buttons for Map images


01 May 1707

QUEEN ANNES created from DORCHESTER, KENT, and TALBOT. (Archives of Md., 26:621)


15 Mar 1774

QUEEN ANNES lost to creation of CAROLINE. (Archives of Md., 64:209)

Use this link to find more resources regarding the historical

Historical County Lines

changes of county boundaries in all 50 U.S. States.

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Tool Kit (pink)


Gen Tool-Kit

gen tool-kit

Tool Kit (pink)2

Our “Gen-Tool Kit” has been primarily designed for those researchers who may be traveling to this location to perform on-site studies of their family history, or to just visit some of the interesting historical sites located in the area.  It can be very satisfying to mix research with sightseeing at historical and scenic spots.  Such activity not only gives you an understanding of the land but a needed break from intense research sessions.  When visiting an ancestral county for genealogical research we’ve found that the three most important places to visit are the county courthouse; the county library; and the county historical and/or genealogical societies.  It is also good to plan ahead by contacting any site you intend visiting in order to ascertain where it is and when it will be open.  This is especially true with regard to historical and genealogical societies.  We hope that the following information will provide you with a better idea of what resources are available, within this county, to the family historian.


County History

Libraries, Museums

& Archives

Maps and Gazetteers

 County Records


(History & Genealogical)




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National Register of Historic Places listings in Queen Anne's County, Maryland

·         Maryland's Colonial Eastern Shore

·         Old Houses of Queen Anne's County

·         Queen Anne's County Bibliography

·         Queen Anne's County Historic Sites and Landmarks

·         Queen Anne's County Historical Markers

·         Old Churches of Queen Anne's County

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Libaries, Museums, Archives

Libraries, Museums & Archives

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Maps and Gazetteers

Maps and Gazetteers

·         1876 Maps of Maryland's Eastern Shore

·         Kent and Queen Anne Counties 1877

·         Kent & Queen Anne Co. Land Ownership Atlas 1877($)

·         Map of Queen Anne's County 1916

·         Maryland Forest Areas by Commercial Type 1915

·         Maryland's Eastern Shore Map

·         Quad List of Centerville, Maryland

·         Quad List of Chester, Maryland

·         Quad List of Churchill, Maryland

·         Quad List of Crumpton, Maryland

·         Quad List of Dixon, Maryland

·         Quad List of Kent Island, Maryland

·         Quad List of Queen Anne, Maryland

·         Quad List of Queenstown, Maryland

·         Quad List of Rushsburg, Maryland

·         Quad List of Ruthsburg, Maryland

·         Queen Anne's County 1895 U.S. Atlas

·         Queen Anne's County Gazetteer

·         Queen Anne's County Topo Maps and Aerial Photos

·         Queen Annes County Post Offices

·         Tiger Map Server Browser

·         Topo Atlas: Caroline, Queen Anne & Talbot 1873

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County Records


Use this link to find specific information about the historical and


genealogical public records maintained by the government of this county.

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Societies (Historical & Genealogical)

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resources Website


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information to assist with

your research about this topic.

General Resources

Locality Specific Resources

FREE Records

and Databases

Our Genealogy Reference Library

General Resources

General Resources


·         The USGenWeb Project

·         United States Research Wiki – Family Search

·         Kindred

·         U.S. County Resources at Rootsweb

·         Genealogy Trails History Group


· Resources by county

·         Family Search,  USA IGI Batches, Localities

·         Birth & Marriage Records Indexes for USA

·         Record Search - Family

·         Genealogy Forum: U.S. States

· – U.S. Message Boards

·         Cyndi's List – United States Index

·         USGenWeb Archives

·         Data Base Collections at$

·         Linkpendium

· – Collaborative Genealogy and History

·         Access Genealogy

· - archive of genealogy records

·         Searchable Death Indexes & Records

·         Census Finder –Free Census and other Records

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·          Locality Specific Resources

Locality Specific Resources

·         Genealogy Links – Queen Anne’s County

·         USGenWeb – Queen Anne’s County

·         Research Wiki - Queen Anne’s County

·         Kindred – Queen Anne’s County

·         RootsWeb Resources - Queen Anne’s County

·         Genealogy Trails History Group – Queen Anne’s County

· - Queen Anne’s County

·         Genealogy Forum - Queen Anne’s County

·         Rootsweb Message Board – Queen Anne’s County

·         Cyndi's List – Queen Anne’s County

·         USGenWeb Archives – Queen Anne’s County

· Collections  - Queen Anne’s County $

·         Linkpendium – Queen Anne’s County

· - Queen Anne’s County

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Free Records (Blue) lt orange

Free Records & Databases

FREE Records
 & Databases

Free Records (Blue) lt orange

All of the records and databases we’ve collected are FREE and can be accessed and searched online without having to pay for a subscription.   We have divided our collected into 14 record types as follows: Biographical; Birth; Cemetery; Census & City Directories; Church; Court; Death; Immigration & Naturalization; Land; Marriage; Military; Newspapers; Occupational; and Tax Records.    We try not to list any sites that have only a few records for the purpose of getting you to a website that will charge a fee to actually see the record beyond just a name.  

This Link will take you to our

FREE Records - button 2

collections of FREE Records.  

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Genealogy Reference Library

Our Genealogy 
Reference Library

library_clipart1 right

The following Link will take you to our library of genealogy reference books.   Here you may find books about the history and records of this county and other places such as towns and churches.  The collection also contains research works about military units and personnel during America’s wars, in addition too resource texts about the ethnic and religious groups who may have settled in this locality.

This Link will take you to our

Research Library - button 1 copy

collections of reference books.  

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Image Gallery

Image Gallery

During our research we have collected images and photographs that are of general interest to a variety of localities.  Some of them are presented on this website because we believe they tend to provide the reader with additional information which may aid in the understanding of our ancestors past lives.

 Old Queen Ann Co., Courthouse, Queenstown, MD

Old Queen Anne’s Co., Courthouse, Queenstown, MD

Use this LINK to see the picture

Ancesral Locations Image Galleries

gallery  that pertains to this location.

If you have any photographs or other images relating to this 
 county, we would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

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About This Webpage


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