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      Maries County is a county located in the U.S. state of Missouri. As of 2000, the population is 8,903. Its county seat is Vienna. The county is named for the Maries River and Little Maries River, 'Maries' being from the French marais, meaning marsh, lake or pond.

     Maries County was organized March 2, 1855, from Osage and Pulaski Counties. Official Boundaries: "All of the territory included in the following limits, to wit: beginning at the southwest corner of Gasconade County, thence north with the dividing line of Osage and Gasconade counties, to the middle of the eastern line of township 41 of range 7; thence west through the middle of township 41, to the range line between ranges 11 and 12; thence south to the southeast corner of Miller County; thence east to the middle of range 10; thence south to the middle of township 37; thence east, on a parallel line to the western boundary line of Crawford County; thence north to the northwest corner of Crawford County; thence east to the place of beginning. Is hereby created a separate and distinct county, for all civil and military purposes, to be called the County of Maries."

     The County Seat is located at Vienna, Missouri.  The county is divided up into the following political townships: Boone, Jackson, Jefferson, Miller, Dry Creek, Spring Creek, and Johnson. Maries is surrounded by the following counties: Miller, Osage, Gasconade, Phelps, and Pulaski.


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McVicker; Moreland; Pinnell; Scruggs and allied families






























Bozarth; Peiffer; Quigley; Rhubart and allied families


Dellinger; Knecht; Pfeffer; Silar and allied families

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Family History Notes


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Map of the County

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Gen-site profiles

Gen-Site Profiles

Bowles Chapel Cemetery;   George Moreland Home-Site;   High Gate;

  High Gate Cemetery;   Lanes Prarie;   Pinnell Cemetery;  

Jefferson Township;   John P. Moreland Home-Site;   Johnson Township;  

Vienna;   William L. Pinnell Home-Site

Bowles Chapel Cemetery

LOCATION:  Country: United States;   State: Missouri;   County: Maries;  Coordinates/Map: 38.1517°N  91.7302°W  Sec. 6, Twp., 39, Range 9 ((High Gate 7.5 quad)   Driving Directions: North from St. James on Hwy 68 to county road 449. Turn right and go ahead on county road 450. Turn right and it is on the left about a block down. 

NAME / DESCRIPTION:  John P. Moreland are William Lewis Pinnell are buried in the Bowles Chapel Cemetery. William named one of his sons William Bowles M. Pinnell. He in turn passed the Bowles name down to his son.  John’s mother Sarah Bennett and her third husband Josiah Carter were active members and Trustees of the church during the latter decades of the 19th century.    Bowles Chapel Cemetery is located in Jefferson Township, Maries County near the town of High Gate. Only the foundation of the old church establishes its location next to the cemetery. Bowles Chapel was once a part of the Lane’s Prairie Charge, Methodist Episcopal Church, South.  The Lane’s Prairie Charge was, successively, in the Vienna, Salem, and Washington dis­tricts of the St. Louis Conference.  During the period 1889‑1893, the charge included congre­ga­tions at Bowles Chapel, Cedar, Corinth, Elrod Schoolhouse, Liberty, Talbert Schoolhouse, Vichy, and Wesley Chapel.  The number of persons represented by the charge probably numbered about one hundred.  The congregation at Bowles Chapel was the largest in the charge, and quarterly confer­ences were held there more often than any other location.

ANCESTORS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS GEN-SITE:  John P. Moreland (1832-1917);  William Lewis Pinnell (1824-1887)

INTERNET WEB LINK(S):   Bowles Chapel Cemetery (in Maries County, MO);   Bowles Chapel Cemetery, Johnson Twp., Maries Co., MO

George Moreland Home-Site

LOCATION:  Country: United States;   State: Missouri;   County: Maries;  Coordinates/Map: 38.1044N  91.7109W

NAME / DESCRIPTION:      Around 1838 our 4th great-grandfather George Moreland settled in Johnson Township of Crawford County. Johnson Civil Township makes up most of the area of township 39.  In 1855, Johnson Township fell into the southeastern most part of the newly created Maries County, where it is situated today.  He acquired land on the Little Bourbeuse River in section 4, township 39, range 7 west of the meridian. Everett Marshall King, in his book History of Maries County, states that George's "only known home in this county was on the Bourbeuse, later owned (and mostly entered) by his son Andy, and now owned and lived on by Emmett Duncan. An Indian trail crossed the creek on this land, and later on one of the many forks of the Potosi road also crossed there. Its easy access probably led to its having been settled early."   The land was later owned by George’s son Andrew Moreland who died here in around 1881.  The property was subsequently owned by an Emmett Duncan. 



High Gate

LOCATION:  Country: United States;   State: Missouri;   County: Maries;  Coordinates/Map: 38° 9′ 28″ N, 91° 40′ 30″ W;   Driving Directions:  Take US Route 63 from Vienna. Travel 11.6 miles.  Turn slight left onto MO-28. Travel 6.1 miles. Turn right onto MO-C. Travel 2.2 miles. Turn right onto MO route H, travel 2.9 miles. Total Est. Time:  28 minutes; Total Dst. Distance: 23.08 miles.

NAME / DESCRIPTION:       High Gate is an unincorporated community in eastern Maries County, Missouri. It is about fourteen miles east of Vienna. Its post office closed after 1972 and mail now comes from St. James.  The town is named after High Gate in England where the original settler’s families had came from.       In the late 19th and early 20th centuries when one of the primary social organizations High Gate was the local chapter of the Agricultural Wheel.  The Agricultural Wheel was a nationwide secret society of individuals connected with farm­ing.  The first meeting of this group, in 1888, was chaired by Ambrose Smith.  Discussions on various aspects of farming were featured at the meet­ings, and members enjoyed a discount on purchases at the Wheel’s store at High Gate.  The min­utes also indicate that the local groups had charitable and social concerns.  Sick or distressed members were aided by committees appointed by the Wheel.  The Wheel insisted on certain standards of behavior by its members, calling individuals to task for di­vulging the secrets of the organization, and for drunkenness. Member­ship records indicate that forty‑six men and women belonged to the High Gate organization.



High Gate Cemetery

LOCATION:  Country: United States;   State: Missouri;   County: Maries;  Coordinates/Map: 38° 9′ 28″ N, 91° 40′ 30″ W

NAME / DESCRIPTION:       High Gate Cemetery contains the gravesites of Emmett C., Laura A. (Kinsey), and Josephine (Kinsey) Moreland.  This tragic story begins in 1880 when Jeremiah E. Moreland* married Miss Laura A. Kinsey, and his brother William married Laura's sister Josephine in that same year.  The brothers and their new spouses subsequently took up residence in Jefferson Township near High Gate.  A little more than a year after they were married Jeremiah and Laura's first child, a son named Emmett C., was born on June 2, 1881.    This good fortune was followed by much grief and tragedy. On October 4th William’s wife Josephine died at age 22 years.  The day after Christmas Jeremiah’s six-month-old son Emmett left this earth.   As if that wasn't enough, three months later on March 29, 1882 his wife Laura passed on at the tender age of 21 years.



Lanes Prarie

LOCATION:  Country: United States;   State: Missouri;   County: Maries;  Coordinates/Map: Lat: 38.19N, Lon: 91.73W;   Driving Directions: Take US Route 63 from Vienna. Travel 11.6 miles.  Turn slight left onto MO-28. Travel 5.2 miles.  Total Est. Time:  18 minutes; Total Est. Distance: 16.95 miles.

NAME / DESCRIPTION:        Lanes Prairie was originally located in Osage county until 1855 when Maries county was formed.  The site of the town is in Section 30, Township 40, Range 7 west, about twelve miles east of Vienna and about twelve miles north of St. James.     The area is named after Charles C. Lane, the first recorded settler of Maries County, who entered the large Paydown tract on the west side of the Gasconade River in 1826. Lane remained at that location only a short time before moving to the east side of the Gasconade at Lane's Ford.  Family members Benjamin, Hiram, and Peter Lane also settled east of the river on the rolling prairie which came to bear the family name.  By the date of Charles Lane's death in 1850, a small community existed at Lane's Prairie.     Although practically nothing remains of the village today in past years it maintained at least two stores one of which was a general store thought to have been operated by Francis M. Johnson, one wagon shop, and a post office.  Records show that on Jan 1, 1851 William L. Pinnell* was appointed the first Postmaster at Lanes Prairie.  The Post office remained in operation until 1914.    An 1860 daybook from the general store at Lane's Prairie contains the names of the store's customers and reveals the mixture of Germans and “Old Stock” Americans who made up the population of Maries County before the Civil War. Frequent customers were William Ammerman, William Davidson, Elias Gradolf, Benjamin, Hiram, and Peter Lane, John Moreland**, John Nagle, Thomas Oliver, Frederick Overmayer, and William Wentzel.       There was a skirmish at Lanes Prairie during the American Civil War.  As a result Francis Johnson the proprietor of the general store, which no longer exists, made a claim against the United States for damages to the store during the engagement.  It is probable that the contents of the store were the real objects of rebel forces in this action. The fight is known locally as the Battle of Bloomington, after the post-war town site platted on Lane's Prairie.



Pinnell Cemetery

LOCATION:  Country: United States;   State: Missouri;   County: Maries;  Coordinates/Map: Latitude: 38.16267, Longitude: -91.72550;  Driving Directions: From Vienna take U.S. Route 63 south east to intersection with MO route 28.  Turn left and proceed approximately 3/10 mile to intersection with county road 449.  Take a hard right, then a left on county road 420 for approximately 3/10 mile.  At beginning of second property on the right take dirt driveway along property line (at left).  Go about ¼ mile cross a shallow stream and follow to pond.  Cemetery is in wooded area beyond and to the right of the pond.   See map of location in our Maries County Image gallery.

NAME / DESCRIPTION:  The Pinnell Cemetery is located within Johnson Township. 

ANCESTORS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS GEN-SITE:  Nancy Brown (1828-1852);   Robert Brown (1772-1852);   Solomon Walker Brown (1817-1879);   John Gilbert Moreland (1866-1883);   Asa Pinnell (1792-1871);   Jemima Walker (1791-1871)

INTERNET WEB LINK(S):   Find A Grave: Pinnell Cemetery;   Find A Grave: Photo Requests for Cemetery: Pinnell Cemetery

Jefferson Township

LOCATION:  Country: United States;   State: Missouri;   County: Maries;  Coordinates/Map: Latitude 38.2586568  38° 15' 31.2" N,   Longitude -91.7362750  91° 44' 10.6" W

NAME / DESCRIPTION:  Jefferson Township is located in the northeastern corner of Maries County.  It encompasses 93.2 sq. miles of land of which 0.3 sq. mi. is water fouind primarily in the Number 70 reservior.   The population (200) is 2,661 most of whom live in rural areas.  Churches in Jefferson township include the Beulah Church, and Mount Calvary Church.  Cemeteries found here are Campbell Cemetery, Liberty Cemetery, Johnson Cemetery, Love Cemetery, Travis Cemetery, Schanning Cemetery, High Gate Cemetery, and Bowles Cemetery.  The following three creeks are in the township: Peavine Creek, Divins Creek, and Hatchee Creek.


INTERNET WEB LINK(S):   Jefferson Twp.(Detailed Profile);   Jefferson Township - Histopolis

John P. Moreland Home-Site

LOCATION:  Country: United States;   State: Missouri;   County: Maries;  Coordinates/Map:

NAME / DESCRIPTION:  Our 2nd great-grandfather, John P. Moreland, came to Maries County around 1855.  An 1857 U.S. Land grant shows John as obtaining 40 acres of land located in the Northwest quarter of the Northeast quarter of Section 17 in Township 39, North of Range 7 West.    In 1907 he sold 80 acres of land located in the North half of the Southeast quarter of Section 32, Township 40 of Range 7 West.  Between these years he was involved in several land transactions.      In 1860 the John and his family were living in the Lanes Prairie area of Jefferson Township, Maries County, Missouri. According to the census the Moreland's were neighbors of the William Lewis Pinnell family.  By 1870 John had become quite a successful farmer.  Census data cites the value of his real estate was $5,450, and his personal estate was valued at $1,875.  These numbers are quite impressive for the times and geographical area.  A review of his neighbor's assets shows that John's were at least three times greater.  It is also noted that John was affluent enough to employ two men who lived and worked on the farm.     Some time in 1907 John and his wife Lydia moved from Maries County, Missouri along with the families of their grandson John Alton Jones and granddaughter Martha O. (Jones) Cox.  They settled in the Voorhees Twp. area of Stevens County, Kansas.



Johnson Township

LOCATION:  Country: United States;   State: Missouri;   County: Maries;  Coordinates/Map:  Latitude 38.1030991  38° 06' 11.2" N,   Longitude -91.7090487,  91° 42' 32.6" W

NAME / DESCRIPTION:  Johnson Township is located in the southeastern corner of Maries County.  It encompasses 65.5 sq. miles of land of which only 0.1 sq. mi. is water.  The population (2000) is 1,301 all of whom live in rural areas.  Churches in Johnson township include Vichy Campground Church, Broadway Church, and Pentecostal Church.  The cemeteries located within the township are Hart Cemetery, Hickory Grove Cemetery, Rock Spring Cemetery, Barnwell Cemetery, Riley Cemetery, Dillon Cemetery, and Sewell Cemetery.  Streams, rivers, and creeks found in Johnson Township are Little Bourbeuse River, Coppedge Creek, Winsel Branch, and Bailey Creek.


INTERNET WEB LINK(S):   Johnson Twp. (Detailed Profile);Johnson Township, Maries Co., MO


LOCATION:  Country: United States;   State: Missouri;   County: Maries;  Coordinates/Map: 38° 11′ 12″ N, 91° 56′ 53″ W

NAME / DESCRIPTION:  Soon after Maries County was formed in 1855 the newly elected commissioners put out bids for land to place the new county seat.   They decided to choose the bid offered by Thomas Shockley.  It was 70 acres of land located in Sections 20 and 29, Township 40, Range 9, which he had entered April 2, 1855, and then presented to the county to be laid out at a county seat and sold for the benefit of the county.  The town was surveyed by Reuben Terrill, the first county surveyor.  The commissioners, in consultation with the county court appointed by the governor of Missouri named the town Vienna.  According to local history this came about in the following manner: Dr. V.G. Latham, the presiding county court judge, it is said, had had a young woman in his family name Vie Anna, who had died, and he wished the commissioners to give the town that name in her honor.  One of the commissioners thought that this request was unwise.  As a result it was decided to outmaneuver the powerful judge by naming it in honor of the Austrian capital.  Thus Vienna, was a name so similar that any opposition from the Judge was quietly suppressed.   Vienna has remained the at this location without any serious efforts to remove it with the exception of one unsuccessful attempt in 1870 when some of the citizens suggested relocating near Lane’s Prairie.


INTERNET WEB LINK(S):    Sanborn Maps for Missouri: Vienna;  Vienna - Wikipedia

William L. Pinnell Home-Site

LOCATION:  Country: United States;   State: Missouri;   County: Maries;  Coordinates/Map:

NAME / DESCRIPTION:  William L. Pinnell, our 2nd great-grandfather, is listed in census documents from 1850 to 1880 as living in Jefferson Township.  According to King's "History of Maries County" William practiced law in addition to being a schoolteacher as well as a preacher.  King also notes that William's house known as "Double Chimneys" was the home of Methodism in the east end of the Maries County.



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Map of 1855 County Boundaries (in black)

02 Mar 1855 - MARIES created from OSAGE. (Mo. Laws 1854–1855, pub., pp. 13–15)

13 Nov 1857 - MARIES lost to creation of PHELPS. (Mo. Laws 1857, adj. sess., loc., pp. 397–398)

04 Mar 1859 - MARIES exchanged with PHELPS. (Mo. Laws 1858–1859, pp. 371–372)

27 Feb 1868 - MARIES lost to PHELPS. (Mo. Laws 1868, adj. sess., gen., pp. 23–24)

24 Mar 1881 - MARIES's boundaries clarified [no change]. (Mo. Laws 1881, p. 93)

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coverlet for sale by the Maries Co. Historical Society

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