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Fleming County

Kentucky, USA

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     Fleming County is a county located in the U.S. state of Kentucky. It was the twenty-sixth formed in Kentucky, established in 1798 from part of Mason County in the northeastern portion of the state. In turn, some of the original area of Fleming County was taken to form Floyd County in 1800 and Rowan County in 1856. The county is named for Colonel John Fleming.  Its county seat is Flemingsburg.  Other counties that lie adjacent to Fleming are: Mason County (north);  Lewis County (northeast);  Rowan County (southeast);  Bath County (south);  Nicholas County (west); and Robertson County (northwest).

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McVicker; Moreland; Pinnell; Scruggs and allied families  (MMPS)

Abbott;  Davis;  Eubanks;  Peachee;  Rigdon

Bozarth; Peiffer; Quigley; Rhubart and allied families (BPQR)


Dellinger; Knecht; Pfeffer; Silar and allied families  (DKPS)

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Family History Notes


John Eubanks, Sr. along with several of his sons removed from Caroline County, Maryland and came to Kentucky sometime during 1797-98. He bought 500 acres of land in Kentucky, but the title being what is called a “work title” in Kentucky was illegal, thus he lost this property.   In November 1799 of that year his sons Richard, George, and John Eubanks bought land in Fleming County from a John Edwards.  John bought 200 acres on Fleming Creek bounded on one side by George's 100 acres.  John, Richard, and George Eubanks are on the 1800 Tax List of Fleming County.   The family sold land back and forth in 1802.  Nearly each one was involved in a title dispute within a few years.  In 1802 Richard Eubanks of Fleming County married Alice Peachee of nearby Mason County. To this union three known children were born in Fleming County between 1803 and 1809, they being Anna, Absalom, and Sarah "Sally" Eubanks.  In 1804 George Eubanks lost the title to part of his land in Fleming County where the tax records show that in 1804 he had only 34 acres of his original property remaining.  As a result, George and His father John Eubanks, Sr. left Fleming County then moved to Mifflin Township, Ross County, Ohio (now Perry Township in Pike County).  Richard Eubanks died here around 1810 after which Alice and her children continued to reside in Fleming County. Richard Eubanks is not listed in the 1810 census for Fleming County, Kentucky although several of his kinsmen are listed at that location probably with the family of her brother-in-law Thomas Eubanks.**  After the death of her husband Richard in 1813 Alice married her late husband’s nephew Henry Eubanks, Sr. on 25 December 1814.  Between 1816 and 1827 Alice had another six children with Henry.  By 1820 Alice and Henry had had left Fleming County and gone to Mifflin Township in Pike County, Ohio.  It appears that John Sr.’s sons moved on to Ohio the last one being Thomas Eubanks who stayed in Fleming county until he removed to Ohio in 1828.

* Richard’s brother Thomas is listed as having 15 persons living within his household.  Therefore it is possible that if Richard passed away prior to the census his family was being provided for by Thomas Hughbanks.  



  Benjamin and Anna (Abbott) Peachee, parents of the aforementioned Alice Peachee, migrated from Salem County, New Jersey to Mason County, Kentucky about 1794.  Benjamin Peachee and his family are found in 1810 census of Mason County, Kentucky.   As such they probably moved into Fleming County around 1811 as his daughter Elizabeth Peachee married James E. Rigdon at Fleming County in August 1812.  His son Benjamin Peachee, II married Rebecca Rigdon there in March 1819.  To this union their eldest two children were born here in 1820 and 1821.  According to the 1820 U.S. Census Benjamin and Anna were living near the Fleming county community of Elizaville.  Benjamin’s war pension records confirm that he lived here between 1820 and 1826.  His wife Anna Abbott probably died at Fleming County around 1826 after which Benjamin removed to Daviess County, Indiana to be near his son James Peachee.

Map of the county

Map of the County

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Gen-site profiles

Gen-Site Profiles

Elizaville;   Flemingsburg


LOCATION:  Country: United States;  State: Kentucky;  County: Fleming;  Coordinates/Map: 38.4195;  -83.8255

Aerial view of Elizaville

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NAME / DESCRIPTION The village of Elizaville, is about five miles from Flemingsburg on U.S. 32.  The town was named for Eliza Cochran, daughter of John Cochran, who built the first cabin there.  The community is first mentioned in the court records on April 2, 1819, at the time of its incorporation.  At the time it was incorporated, the trustees were James Cochran, James Johnson, William Nickelson, James Alexander and Joseph Reed.  Approximately two miles north of Elizaville is the old Johnson’s Fork Presbyterian Burying-Ground. The land for this church and grave-yard was given by Hugh Fulton the first known burial here was in 1791.  About four miles west of Elizaville stood the old Poplar Run Methodist church, the land for which was given by Peter Johnson.


INTERNET WEB LINK(S):  History of Elizaville;   Elizaville, Kentucky Community Profile;  Elizaville, KY - MapQuest;  Elizaville, KY Information - ePodunk

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LOCATION:  Country: United States;  State: : Kentucky;  County: Fleming;  Coordinates/Map: 38.420556, -83.7375

Fleming County Courthouse

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NAME / DESCRIPTION: Flemingsburg is the county seat of Fleming County.  Major George Stockton of Virginia and his half-brother, Colonel John Fleming traveled down the Ohio River by canoe in 1776 and were among the first explorers here. In 1787 Major Stockton settled at Stockton Station on the northern limits of Flemingsburg. Colonel Fleming first settled at Strode's Station, but three years later he moved five miles west of Flemingsburg near Fleming Creek and established Fleming Station. Flemingsburg was first laid out as a town in 1796. Major Stockton named Flemingsburg after his brother, Colonel John Fleming, and it became the county seat in 1798.  The Fleming County courthouse is located at Court Square in Flemingsburg.


INTERNET WEB LINK(S):   Flemingsburg Kentucky City History;  History and Heritage in Flemingsburg, KY;   Flemingsburg, KY Information - ePodunk

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Fleming County, Kentucky, United States

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Cities and towns

·       Ewing

·       Flemingsburg

·       Nepton

Other towns, settlements, and landmarks include: Tilton, Hillsboro, Foxport, Mt. Carmel, Dalesburg, Beachburg, Pleasureville Poplargrove, Grange City, Colfax, Ringo's mill, Plummer's Landing, Muse's Mill, Wallingford, Goddard, Fox Valley, Blue Bank, Sherburn, Concord, Pecksridge, Hilltop, Elizaville, Cowan, Johnson Junction, Craintown, Fairview, Poplar Plains, and Bald Hill