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     Augusta County is a county located in the U.S. state — officially, "Commonwealth" — of Virginia. As of the 2000 census, the population was 65,615. Its county seat is Staunton, although most of the administrative services have offices in neighboring Verona.

Augusta County was formed in 1738 from Orange County, although county government was not organized until 1745. It was named for Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, Princess of Wales and mother of the future King George III of the United Kingdom.

     Originally, Augusta County was a vast territory with an indefinite western boundary. Most of what is now West Virginia as well as all of Kentucky were formed from it, and it also claimed the territory north and west of those areas, theoretically all the way to the Pacific Ocean. A series of maps show the formation and division of Augusta County from 1738 through 1791. An animated map shows the formation of Virginia and West Virginia counties from 1617 to 1995.

Reductions in its extent began in 1770, when its southern part became Botetourt County. In 1776 part of western Augusta County, an area also known as the District of West Augusta, became Monongalia County, Ohio County, and Yohogania County (abolished in 1786). In 1778 the part of Augusta County west of the Ohio River became Illinois County (abolished in 1784); the northeastern part of what was left became Rockingham County, and the southwestern part was combined with part of Botetourt County to form Rockbridge County. In 1788 the northern part of the still shrinking county was combined with part of Hardy County to become Pendleton County. Augusta County assumed its present dimensions in 1790, when its western part was combined with parts of Botetourt County and Greenbrier County to form Bath County.

     The following counties are adjacent to Augusta:  Pendleton County, West Virginia - north Rockingham County, Virginia – northeast;  Albemarle County, Virginia – east;  Nelson County, Virginia – southeast;  Rockbridge County, Virginia – southwest;  Bath County, Virginia – west; and Highland County, Virginia – northwest.  In addition, two cities are enclaved within the county: Staunton  and Waynesboro.


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Map of the county

Map of the County

     The Red Starin the map designates the location of the seat of government for this county.  Yellow Stars designate seats of government in adjacent counties.   A Purple Dotshows the location of identified ancestral Gen-Site(s). 

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Family history notes

Family History Notes

     James Robertson had moved to Augusta County, Virginia by 1740 where he purchased 385 acres in the southwestern section of Beverly Manor. In 1772 William Robertson and his son Alexander purchased 170 acres of land at Beverly Manor. 

     The Kerr’s settled at Beverly Manor on a choice spot at the juncture of Christian's Creek, Long Meadow Run, and Middle River. A log home built by the family was near the beginning point of a survey made in 1736 for the Beverley Manor lands out of which all settlers of the area obtained their titles.  James Kerr was among the first settlers of Beverly Manor whose title deeds are recorded in Orange County.  This record states that James Kerr had a grant for 473 acres of land. Maps of the northeastern section of Beverley's Manor show this tract on a stream that appears to be called Meadows Run, which empties into Cathey's River. The land is south of the bend in Cathey's River on which James Kerr's son John settled.  James Kerr built the aforementioned log house on Middle River between 1738-1740; it was still standing as late as 1954.  This house was used as an early meeting and courthouse for the newly formed county of Augusta (created out of Orange County in 1745.).  This building was a rather large structure, as it was needed to house his large family that recently arrived from Pennsylvania.   The pioneer home of the Kerr Family is pictured and described in the book entitled Old Homes of Augusta County by Gladys B. Clem.

Gen-site profiles

Gen-Site Profiles

Augusta Stone Church;   Beverly Manor;   Rocky Ford; 

 Staunton;   Tinkling Spring Church

Augusta Stone Church

LOCATION:  Country: United States;   State: Virginia;   County: Augusta;  Place: Fort Defiance;

Coordinates/Map: 38°14′17″N 078°58′32″W / 38.23806, -78.97556

DESCRIPTION:  In 1740 the Donegal Presbyterian Society in Pennsylvania, of which the Kerr’s were members, directed the Reverend John Craig, who had recently arrived from Ireland, to accept a call to minister among the Presbyterians in the Valley of Virginia.  Traveling along the path to Augusta County, he established the Augusta Stone Church at Fort Defiance located eight miles north of Staunton.  A year later he planted another church at Tinkling Spring, near the future town of Lexington, Virginia.    The Kerr surname appears in records of the Stone Church.


INTERNET WEB LINK(s):   Augusta Stone Church - Wikipedia;  Augusta Stone Presbyterian Church, Augusta Co., VA;  

Beverly Manor

LOCATION:  Country: United States;   State: Virginia;   County: Augusta;  Place: Beverly Manor;

Coordinates/Map: 38.12056 -79.0225

DESCRIPTION:  William Beverly, of Essex County Virginia along with others secured 118,491 acres of land by permit from William Gooch, Governor of Virginia. The grant was issued September 6, 1736 and known as the Beverly Manor.


INTERNET WEB LINK(s):   Historic Map: Beverly Manor Magisterial, Atlas: Augusta Co., VA;

Beverly Manor Church, Augusta Co., VA (Maps, Photos, Weather, Local Links);  Beverly Patent Augusta Co. VA;

 Beverly Manor Church in Augusta County;  

Rocky Ford

LOCATION:  Country: United States;   State: Virginia;   County: Augusta;  Place: Rocky Ford;

Coordinates/Map: N37.67374°  W79.73783° 

DESCRIPTION:  Located in Augusta County until 1770. Now located in Botetourt County.

ANCESTORS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS GEN-SITE:  David White (1744-1832) husband of Rebecca Robertson, and son-in-law to William Robertson was born here.



LOCATION:  Country: United States;   State: Virginia;   County: Augusta;  Place:;

Coordinates/Map: 38°9′29″N 79°4′35″W

DESCRIPTION:  Staunton is an independent city within the confines of Augusta County of Virginia.  It is the seat of Augusta County. The area was first settled in 1732 by John Lewis and family. In 1736, William Beverley, a wealthy planter and merchant from Essex County, was granted by the Crown over 118,000 acres (478 km˛) in what would become Augusta County.  Thomas Lewis in 1746 laid out the first town plat for Beverley of what was originally called Beverley's Mill Place.

ANCESTORS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS GEN-SITE:  Robert Douglass, Jr. married Elizabeth Robertson at Staunton in 1784.  Lettica Kerr (1724-1773) died at Staunton as did her husband William Robertson (1720-1812).

INTERNET WEB LINK(s):   Staunton, Virginia - Wikipedia; 

Tinking Spring Church

LOCATION:  Country: United States;   State: Virginia;   County: Augusta;  Place: Tinkling Spring;

Coordinates/Map: 38.0865237N -78.980859W;  Located about 11 miles south east of Staunton, Va., at the junction of Routes #273 and #640 Augusta County

DESCRIPTION:  Tinking Spring Church, the first church established in Western Virginia, was officially founded in 1740. The first meeting house was a log cabin measuring twenty-four by fifty feet.  Interest in building a new meeting house began in 1777 when the subscribers agreed to pay the costs. However, completion of the building was delayed by the war and it wasn't until about 1792 that the Stone Sanctuary shown here was completed.  The present church building was erected in 1849 and remodeled in 1916.

ANCESTORS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS GEN-SITE:   James Kerr took a leadership role in the earliest records of the Tinkling Spring church as noted by the fact that he is among the subscribers to the 14 August 1741 petition to build a Presbyterian meetinghouse at Tinkling Spring.

INTERNET WEB LINK(s): Tinkling Spring Photo Album, Augusta County, Virginia;  Tinkling Springs Church, Augusta Co., VA;  Find A Grave: Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church Ceme...;  Tinkling Spring Church Graveyard;  Tinkling Spring Church Marker

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Augusta County, Virginia, United States

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Incorporated towns: Craigsville;   Grottoes (partial)

Unincorporated communities

The independent cities of Staunton and Waynesboro (incorporated as such in 1902 and 1948 respectively) are located within the boundaries of Augusta County, but are not a part of the county, despite Staunton's status as the county seat. Most county administrative offices, however, are located in Verona, rather than in Staunton.

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County boundary changes

Historical Changes in the Boundaries of this County

     Conducting genealogical research in the United States requires an understanding of county boundaries.  As the population grew more counties were created to meet the public’s need for localized governments.  This phenomena was common in all states during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.  As such you must be sure that you are not looking for records in the wrong county or state. 

     The web-site for the Atlas of Historical County Boundary Project provides interactive maps for all states. This Atlas is meant to be a resource for people seeking records of past events, and people trying to analyze, interpret and display county-based historical data like Land Records, Probate Records, Court Records, Tax Records, and Vital Records that document birth, death, and marriage.   Listed below are the boundary changes for this county, the dates they occurred, as well as the government statute that decreed the change.  To see actual changes in a mapping format follow this link to the Atlas of Historical County Boundary Project .

Map of Early County Boundaries - 1789

15 Dec 1738 - AUGUSTA created from ORANGE; AUGUSTA not fully organized, attached to ORANGE. (Hening, 5:78-80; Robinson, 43)

1745 - AUGUSTA fully organized, detached from ORANGE. (Robinson, 74)

01 May 1754 - AUGUSTA lost to FREDERICK, and lost to creation of HAMPSHIRE (W.Va.). (Hening, 6:376-379)

31 Jan 1770 - AUGUSTA lost to creation of BOTETOURT. (Hening, 8:395-398)

11 Oct 1773 - AUGUSTA lost to creation of West Augusta District (extinct) in present Pennsylvania. (Abernethy, 94)

01 Mar 1778 - AUGUSTA lost to creation of ROCKBRIDGE and ROCKINGHAM, and lost to HAMPSHIRE (W.Va.). (Hening, 9:420-424)

May 1779 - AUGUSTA lost to MONONGALIA (W.Va.). (Hening, 10:114)

Oct 1780 - AUGUSTA lost to MONONGALIA (W.Va.). (Hening, 10:351)

01 May 1788 - AUGUSTA lost to creation of PENDLETON (W.Va.). (Hening, 12:637-638)

01 May 1791 - AUGUSTA lost to PENDLETON (W.Va.) and lost to creation of BATH. (Hening, 13:165-167)

10 Jul 1902 - AUGUSTA lost to creation of Staunton as an independent city, 2d class. (Bain, "Body Incorporate," 18-21; Swindler, 10:166, 169)

19 May 1905 - AUGUSTA lost to the independent city of Staunton. (Bain, Annexation, [240]; Staunton Planning Dept., correspondence, December 1989)

15 Jan 1937 - AUGUSTA lost small area to the independent city of Staunton. (Staunton Planning Dept., correspondence, Dec 1989; Bain, Annexation, [243])

01 Jan 1948 - AUGUSTA lost to creation of Waynesboro as an independent city, 2d class, and lost to the independent city of Staunton. (Waynesboro Planning Dept., correspondence, December 1989; Bain, " Body Incorporate," 63-64; Bain, Annexation, [244])

01 Jan 1955 - AUGUSTA lost to the independent city of Waynesboro. (Augusta County Law Order Book, vol. 33: 357-361; Waynesboro Planning Dept., correspondence, December 1989; Bain, Annexation, [245])

01 Jan 1956 - AUGUSTA lost small area to the independent city of Staunton. (Staunton Planning Dept., correspondence, Dec. 1989; Bain, Annexation, [246])

01 Jan 1957 - AUGUSTA lost to the independent city of Waynesboro. (Augusta County Law Order Book, vol. 34: 170-176; Waynesboro Planning Dept., correspondence, December 1989; Bain, Annexation, [246])

31 Dec 1985 - AUGUSTA lost to the independent city of Waynesboro. (Waynesboro Planning Dept., correspondence, December 1989; U.S. Census Bureau, " Significant Changes to Counties and County Equivalent Entities: 1970-Present,", 4 August 2003)

31 Dec 1986 - AUGUSTA lost small area to the independent city of Staunton. (Staunton Planning Dept., correspondence, December 1989; U.S. Census Bureau, " Significant Changes to Counties and County Equivalent Entities: 1970-Present,", 4 August 2003)

01 Jul 1994 - AUGUSTA lost to the independent city of Waynesboro. (U.S. Census Bureau, " Significant Changes to Counties and County Equivalent Entities: 1970-Present,", 4 August 2003)

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Campbell;   Douglass;   Downing;   Eades;   Kerr;   Robertson;   White

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Dellinger; Knecht; Pfeffer; Silar and allied families

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Augusta County  VA Cem. Transcription & Photo Project
Augusta County Cemeteries      
Augusta County Cemeteries     

Augusta County Cemetery List     

Augusta County Cemetery Registration     

Augusta County, VA Cemeteries 
Cemeteries of Augusta County     

Cemeteries of City of Waynesboro, Virginia     
The Political Graveyard  Augusta County    

The Political Graveyard  Staunton    

The Political Graveyard  Waynesboro    

Riverview Cemetery, Waynesboro  Partial listing    

Staunton City Cemeteries      
Staunton National Cemetery     

Staunton National Cemetery, VA 

Staunton National Cemetery, VA 
Thornrose Cemetery, Staunton  Partial listing    
Virginia Gravestone Photo Project  Augusta County

Waynesboro City Cemeteries      
Waynesboro City Cemetery List     



Your LINK to the Historical Places and Districts in AUGUSTA County

Annals of Augusta County Virginia  Supplement    

Annals of Augusta County, Virgina  1886  

Annals of Augusta County, Virginia  From 1726 to 1871
Augusta County     
Augusta County     
Augusta County Bibliography     
Augusta County Historical Markers     

Augusta County Historical Markers     
Augusta County History     

Augusta Co., VA, in the history of the United States

Augusta Hospital for the Insane     

History of Augusta County, Virginia

History of Middle New River Settlements

National Register of Historic Places 
National Register of Historic Places in Staunton 
National Register of Historic Places in Waynesboro 
Staunton (Independent City)     

Staunton City     
Staunton City Historical Markers     

Staunton Historical Markers     

Waynesboro (Independent City)     

Waynesboro City     
Waynesboro City Historical Markers     

Waynesboro Historical Markers     

Libaries, Museums, Archives

Libraries, Museums & Archives

Augusta County Libraries     
Family History Library Holdings     
Family History Library Holdings  City of Staunton    
Family History Library Holdings  City of Waynesboro
Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia  Staunton
Genealogy Resources  Staunton Public Library
A Guide to Virginia County & City Records  Augusta Co.
A Guide to VA County & City Records  Staunton    
PERiodical Source Index Search  Augusta Co., VA 

USGenWeb Archives     
The Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library 

Augusta County Library. Display all the libraries participating in: Valley Libraries Connection[web site ]  [online catalog]

Churchville Branch Library. Display all the libraries participating in: Valley Libraries Connection[web site ]  [online catalog]

Craigsville Station Library. Display all the libraries participating in: Valley Libraries Connection[web site ]  [online catalog]]

Deerfield Station Library. Display all the libraries participating in: Valley Libraries Connection[web site ]  [online catalog]

Staunton Public Library. Display all the libraries participating in: Valley Libraries Connection[web site ]  [online catalog]

Maps and Gazetteers

Maps and Gazetteers

Augusta County      1895 U.S. Atlas
Augusta County 1870 Wall Map     
Augusta County 1885     
Augusta County Gazetteer     
Augusta County Post Offices 
Augusta County Post Offices  1846    
Augusta County Topo Maps and Aerial Photos     
Perspective map of Staunton, Va., 1891    

Perspective map of the city of Waynesboro, Va.  c. 1891
Quad List of Augusta Springs, Virginia     

Quad List of Blue Ridge, Virginia     
Quad List of Christian, Virginia   

Quad List of Churchville, Virginia     
Quad List of Craigsville, Virginia     
Quad List of Deerfield, Virginia     
Quad List of Fordwick, Virginia     

Quad List of Greenville, Virginia       
Quad List of Jolivue, Virginia     
Quad List of Middlebrook, Virginia     
Quad List of Mount Solon, Virginia     
Quad List of Parnassus, Virginia     
Quad List of Sherando, Virginia     
Quad List of Staunton, Virginia     
Quad List of Verona, Virginia     
Staunton City Gazetteer     
Staunton City Topo Maps and Aerial Photos    
Staunton, Va.  c. 1857    
Staunton, Virginia 1919     
Tiger Map Server Browser 
Waynesboro City Gazetteer     
Waynesboro City Topo Maps and Aerial Photos

County Records


Augusta County Clerk of the Circuit Court has Marriage Records from 1785 , Land Records from 1745 , Probate Records from 1745 and Court Records from 1745 and is located at the County Courthouse on 6 East Johnson Street, Staunton, VA 24401-4301, (540) 245-5321.  Source: Family History 101 States

Augusta County Military Records     

Augusta County Militia  1742
List of Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883 

Piedmont Battle Summary  1864    

Waynesboro Battle Summary  1865    

Augusta County, Virginia  W W II Casualties, U.S. Army

Augusta County Bibles     

Augusta Co. Census Records     

Augusta County Census Records     

Augusta County Federal Census Index     

Staunton City Federal Census Index     

Augusta County Court Records     

Livingston's Law Register, 1851  Augusta County Lawyers Augusta County Wills   

Augusta County, Virginia Migrations Project 

Augusta County Deeds   

Augusta County Newspaper Abstracts)

Chronicling America  Augusta County    

Staunton City  Newspaper Abstracts)

Augusta County Obituaries     

Henry Funeral Home  Staunton, Virginia

McDow Funeral Home  Waynesboro, Virginia
The News Leader  Staunton, Virginia
News Virginian  Waynesboro, Virginia

Obituary Index  Individuals born in Augusta County
Selected Obituaries,1913-1983, Augusta County, VA     
The "1790" & "1800" Tax Lists   

1850 Mortality Schedule for Augusta County, Virginia     
1862 Births       Augusta County
1864 Births      Augusta County
Augusta County Marriages     

Augusta County Marriages     

Augusta County Vital Records     


Societies (Historical & Genealogical)

Augusta County Genealogical Society

Augusta County Genealogical Society 

Augusta County Historical Society 

Augusta Genealogical Society  (

Augusta Parish Chapter  Staunton D.A.R.    

Central Virginia Genealogical Association 

Colonel James Patton Chapter  Waynesboro D.A.R

First Settlers of the Shenandoah Valley 

Shenandoah Valley Genealogical Society 

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The Frontier Culture Museum, 1290 Richmond Rd, Staunton, VA

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