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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom, the UK, or Britain,[7] is a sovereign island country located off the northwestern coast of mainland Europe comprising of the four constituent countries; England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.[8][9] It comprises the island of Great Britain, the northeast part of the island of Ireland and many small islands. Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK with a land border, sharing it with the Republic of Ireland.[10] Apart from this land border, the UK is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea, the English Channel and the Irish Sea.

England and Scotland had existed as separate sovereign and independent states with their own monarchs and political structures since the 9th century. The once independent Principality of Wales fell under the control of English monarchs from the Statute of Rhuddlan in 1284. Under the Acts of Union 1707, England (including Wales) and Scotland, which had been in personal union since the Union of the Crowns in 1603, agreed to a political union in the form of a unified Kingdom of Great Britain.[15] The Act of Union 1800 united the Kingdom of Great Britain with the Kingdom of Ireland, which had been gradually brought under English control between 1541 and 1691, to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in 1801.[16] Independence for the Irish Free State in 1922 followed the partition of the island of Ireland two years previously, with six of the nine counties of the province of Ulster remaining within the UK, which then changed to the current name in 1927 of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.[17]

The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy with Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as head of state; the monarch of the UK serves as head of state of fifteen other Commonwealth countries, putting the UK in a personal union with those other states. The Crown has sovereignty over the Isle of Man and the Bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey. Collectively, these three territories are known as the



Crown dependencies, lands owned by the British monarch but not part of the United Kingdom. They are not part of the European Union. However, the Parliament of the United Kingdom has the authority to legislate for the dependencies, and the British government manages their foreign affairs and defence.

The UK has fourteen overseas territories around the world, the last remaining territories of the British Empire. The overseas territories are not considered part of the UK, but in most cases, the local populations have British citizenship and the right to abode in the UK. This has been the case since 2002.

The UK has a parliamentary government based on strong democratic traditions: the Westminster system has been emulated around the world a legacy of the British Empire.

The United Kingdom has three distinct systems of law. English law, which applies in England and Wales, and Northern Ireland law, which applies in Northern Ireland, are based on common-law principles. Scots law, which applies in Scotland, is a hybrid system based on both common-law and civil-law principles. The Treaty of Union guaranteed the continued existence of Scotland's separate legal system.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is in Western Europe. It comprises the island of Great Britain (most of England, Scotland and Wales) and the northeastern one-sixth of the island of Ireland (Northern Ireland), together with smaller islands. The mainland lies between latitudes 49 and 59 N (the Shetland Islands reach to nearly 61 N), and longitudes 8 W to 2 E. The Royal Greenwich Observatory, near London, is the defining point of the Prime Meridian. The United Kingdom has a total area of approximately 245,000 square kilometres (94,600 sq mi). The UK lies between the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, and comes within 35 kilometres (22 mi) of the northwest coast of France, from which it is separated by the English Channel. Northern Ireland shares a 360-kilometre (224 mi) land boundary with Ireland.



The following are surnames of our persons in our databases identified as having been born, married, or died in this location.

McVicker; Moreland; Pinnell; Scruggs and allied families

Avenel; Backhouse; Bacon; Bardolf; Barlee; Bayhall; Baynard; Beard; Beauchamp; Beaufo; Beaumont; Bennett; Bleasdale; Bleasdell; Bodrugan; Bonde; Booker; Bourne; Bracken; Brienne; Browne; Brumwell; Cailly; Campbell; Carminow; Carter; Caton; Chamberlain; Cocke; Colepeper; Comyn; Conches; Couchman; Culpepper; Cummings; d'Aguillon; d'Everingham; Dickson; Dill; Douglass; Dowdle; Downing; Dugale; Edney; Ferrers; FitzHenry; FitzRalph; Freville; Gainsford; Gilligan; Grandison; Green; Greene; Hampden; Hardreshull; Howson; Jordan; Kerr; la Beche; Lawson; Lovaine; Mauduit; Mills; Moffat; Mohun; Moleyns; Monte; Morrison; Neely; Pannell; Parker; Pasque; Patten; Pickens; Plantagenet; Poynings; Prow; Raleigh; Robertson; Rokesley; Roper; Royston; Smith; Soule; Sterne; Storye; Strathbogie; Streven; Tewksbury; Todd; Tomson; Tregoz; Ubanck; Vautort; Vere; Wade; Waller; Ware; Warnock; Whalesborough; Whalesburgh; William; Williams; Wright; Yarborough

Bozarth; Peiffer; Quigley; Rhubart and allied families


Dellinger; Knecht; Pfeffer; Silar and allied families

Burgholtzhaus; Hayes

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Ancestral Countries


The following named countries are associated with the history of our DIRECT ancestors. At our Ancestral Locations home page you will find additional links to country pages where you can obtain information about the surnames of persons, in our database, who have lived in the selected country.

England; Northern Ireland (Ulster); Scotland


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Caribbean Islands; Channel Islands; England; Falkland Islands;

Gibraltar; Ireland; Isle of Man; Northern Ireland; Scotland

St Helena; Wales


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England; Ireland; Scotland; Wales; Channel Islands;

Isle of Man;


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Constituent Country: England Subdivisions (9): Regions; Metropolitan and non-metropolitan counties;

Ceremonial counties


Constituent Country: Scotland Subdivisions (32): Council areas; Lieutenancy areas


Constituent Country: Wales Subdivisions (22): Principal areas; Preserved counties

Constituent Country: Northern Ireland Subdivisions (26): Districts; Lieutenancy



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