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     Zweibrucken is an urban district (Kreisfreie Städte / Stadtkreise).  As such they are among the several German  cities which constitute a district in their own right. A similar concept is the Statutarstadt in Austria. The concept is comparable to the independent city in the English-speaking world.       Zweibrücken is located in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, on the Schwarzbach river at the border of the Palatinate forest.       Zweibrücken ("two-bridges") is the Latin Bip Zweibrücken ("two-bridges") is the Latin Bipontinum; it appears in early documents also as Geminus Pons, and is called by the French Deux-Ponts.

The town was the capital of the former Duchy of Zweibrücken, and the Alexander-Kirche (founded in 1493) houses the tombs of the dukes. The ducal castle is now occupied by the chief court of the Palatinate (Oberlandesgericht). There is a fine Gothic Protestant church. Weaving, brewing and the manufacture of machinery, such as Terex cranes and bulldozers, and John Deere tractors, chicory, cigars, malt, boots, furniture and soap are the chief industries. Besides there are two museums, a local city museum and a natural history museum showing mainly fossils from the area.



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McVicker; Moreland; Pinnell; Scruggs and allied families


Bozarth; Peiffer; Quigley; Rhubart and allied families


Dellinger; Knecht; Pfeffer; Silar and allied families

Bard;   Born;   Bracher;   Deitz;   Gohn;   Schaffer

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Family History Notes


     The Born,   Bracher, and   Schaffer, families lived in that part of western Germany now located within the Rhineland-Palatinate urban district of Zweibrücken.  The family of Johann George Bracher and Susanna Margaretta Forster Born are associated with the village of Rimschweiler.  It is believed that that the Schaffer and Bard families lived in the old city section of Zweibrücken itself. 

     It appears that Susanna Margaretta Born was a native of Rimschweiler having been born there in 1672. Susanna married Johann George Bracher, and of their 14 children 7 appear to have been born at Rimcschweiler between 1705 and 1715.  

     The Schaffer family had been living near Zweibrücken since before the 1713 marriage between Paulus Schaffer, Sr. and Anna Maria Elizabeth Bracher, daughter of the aforementioned Johann George Bracher.  Their son Paul Schaffer, Jr. was born at Zweibrücken in 1721.   Paulus Sr. and Anna Maria Elizabeth Schaffer, along with their children, left Zweibrucken in 1738 and sailed to America aboard the ship “Thistle”.  


Gen-Site Profiles

Rimschweiler;   Zweibrücken


LOCATION:  Country: Germany;   State: Rheinland-Pfalz;   District: Zweibrücken;  

Place: Rimschweiler;   Coordinates/Map: 49° 14′ 58″ N, 7° 21′ 39″ E

Location of Rimschweiler within the Zweibrucken urban district

DESCRIPTION OF GEN-SITE(s):  Rimschweiler is a town that lies within the urban district of Zweibruecken, a city in Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany) near the borders with France and the Saarland.

Rimschweiler first found in records around 1200 as Rimeswilre.  Documents of 1298 also identify the hamlet as Heidelbingerhof. Through out history it has always been a part of  Zweibrucken.

ANCESTORS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS GEN-SITE:  Susanna Margaretta Forster Born born here 06 Jan 1671/72.  The following children of Johann George Bracher and Susanna Margaretta Forster Born were born here between 1704 and 1715: Catharina, Sara Margaretha; Peter Bernhard; Hans Peter; Maria Sophia;  Magdalena; and Susan Kunigunde. 

INTERNET WEB LINK(s): Rimschweiler-Wikipedia (German);

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LOCATION:  Country: Germany;   State: Rheinland-Pfalz;   District: Zweibrücken;  

Place:Stadmitte;   Coordinates/Map: 49° 14′ 58″ N, 7° 21′ 39″ E

Location of the 18th century city of Zweibrücken

DESCRIPTION OF GEN-SITE(s): Zweibrücken is a transportation center and has ironworks, steelworks, and factories that produce leather goods, wood products, machines, and textiles. It is also a noted horse-breeding center, horse races are held there. Zweibrücken was chartered in 1352 and passed (1385) to the Palatinate branch of the Bavarian house of Wittelsbach. In 1410 it became the seat of the counts (later dukes) palatine of Zweibrücken under a cadet line of the Palatinate branch. Charles X of Sweden was  the nephew of John II, duke palatine of Zweibrücken; his son, Charles XI of Sweden, inherited Zweibrücken in the late 17th cent., and the duchy remained in personal union with Sweden from 1697 until the death (1718) of Charles XII. The Zweibrücken line continued until 1731, when the related Palatinate-Birkenfeld line acceded. The duchy of Zweibrücken was annexed (1797) to France. It was restored to Bavaria at the Congress of Vienna (1814-15) and since then has shared the history of the Rhenish Palatinate. It was virtually demolished in World War II but has since been reconstructed.

ANCESTORS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS GEN-SITE: Paul Schaffer, Jr was born here 1721.  Anna Elizabeth Bard born here c. 1719

INTERNET WEB LINK(s): Zweibrücken - Wikipedia;   Zweibrucken, wikipedia (tranlated version)

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LOCATION:  Country: Germany;   State: Rheinland-Pfalz;   District: Zweibrücken;  

Municipal Association: ;    Place:;   Coordinates/Map:






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Zweibrücken is divided into neighborhoods near the downtown Bubenhausen, Ernstweiler, Ixheim and Niederauerbach.  Des Weiteren existieren noch die eingemeindeten Ortsteile Mörsbach im Norden, Oberauerbach im Nordosten, Rimschweiler im Süden, Mittelbach-Hengstbach im Südwesten und Wattweiler im Westen der Stadt. In addition, the incorporated villages still exist Mörsbach in the north, Upper Auerbach in the Northeast, Rimschweiler in the south, Mittelbach stallion creek in the southwest and Watts hamlet in the west of the city.


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Castle of the Dukes of Zweibrucken


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