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     Lower Saxony is a German state situated in northwestern Germany and is second in area, with 47,624 square kilometres (18,388 sq mi), and fourth in population (8 million) among the sixteen states of Germany. In rural areas Northern Low Saxon, a dialect of Low German is still spoken.

     Most of the state's territory was part of the historic Kingdom of Hanover; the state of Lower Saxony has adopted the coat of arms and other symbols of the former kingdom.  It was created by the merger of the State of Hanover with several smaller states in 1946.

     Lower Saxony borders on (from north and clockwise) the North Sea, the states of Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia.  Lower Saxony also has a border with the Dutch provinces of Overijssel, Drenthe and Groningen as well as part of the German North Sea coast.   In fact, Lower Saxony borders more neighbors than any other single federal state. The state of Bremen forms two enclaves within Lower Saxony, one being the city of Bremen, the other, its seaport city of Bremerhaven. The state's principal cities include Hanover, Brunswick, Lüneburg, Osnabrück, Oldenburg, and Göttingen.

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Rootsweb (mytree2 yellow)

The following are surnames of persons, found within our databases, as having been either

born, married or died in this ancestral location. Names in dark red denote direct ancestral lines.

McVicker; Moreland; Pinnell; Scruggs and allied families


Bozarth; Peiffer; Quigley; Rhubart and allied families


Dellinger; Knecht; Pfeffer; Silar and allied families


Click on this link to find out more about each surname listed above as well as other surnames found within our three family databases.

Surname Locator 2

This link will also lead you to surname resources at Rootsweb, and information about the world-wide distribution of a surname.

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Free Surname
 Search Engines

searching the web (gold)

Use this free genealogy site to help you get the best genealogy searches from Google™ by using your family tree, for your research. It will create a series of different searches using tips or   "tricks"  

Google Surname Search 1

that    will   likely   improve your results. The different searches will give you many different ways of using Google and the Internet to find ancestry information about this or any other Surname.

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Where in the World do These
 Surnames Come From?

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Click on the LINK to the right to see more information about the World distribution of any surname.  You can get greater

Public Profiler World Names (logo)

detail for any of the maps by clicking on the area, i.e state, county that you are interested in.

Use the ““ LINK to find specific information about the distribution of over one million names in Germany.  A color-coded map showing all of the districts (kries) in Germany will


display the absolute distribution of  names in a county, as well as the relative distribution of that name indicating how many persons there are in proportion to the population of a county.

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research location

by Location

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Our Ancestral Districts

Researching the Districts (Kreis)

Gazetteer of Places

Where in the World

are My Ancestors?



1= Braunschweig

See Below For Complete Listing Of Numbered Districts.

Our Ancestral Districts

Our Ancestral Districts (Kreis)

The following named districts are associated with the history of our DIRECT ancestors.   To select a specific ancestral county, go to our ANCESTRAL LOCATIONS home page. Here you will find additional links to our district pages where you can obtain information about our family gen-sites, images of localities, and surnames of persons, in our database, who have lived in the selected district.


To find out more about each county listed here use the following LINK


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County Research  (General)

Kreis (District)


Wikipedia is a multilingual, Web-based, free-content encyclopedia project based mostly on anonymous contributions. Clicking on a Link (below) will take you to the Wikipedia article about the county.  Here you will find additional links to guide the user to related pages with additional information.

1.      Ammerland

2.      Aurich (includes Juist, Norderney and Baltrum)

3.      County of Bentheim (Grafschaft Bentheim)

4.      Celle

5.      Cloppenburg

6.      Cuxhaven

7.      Diepholz

8.      Emsland

9.      Friesland (includes Wangerooge)

10.   Gifhorn

11.   Goslar

12.   Göttingen

13.   Hamelin-Pyrmont (Hameln-Pyrmont)

14.   Hanover (Hannover)

15.   Harburg

16.   Heidekreis

17.   Helmstedt

18.   Hildesheim

19.    Holzminden

20.   Leer (includes Borkum)

21.   Lüchow-Dannenberg

22.   Lüneburg

23.   Nienburg

24.   Northeim

25.   Oldenburg

26.   Osnabrück

27.   Osterholz

28.   Osterode

29.   Peine

30.   Rotenburg (Wümme)

31.   Schaumburg

32.   Stade

33.   Uelzen

34.   Vechta

35.   Verden

36.   Wesermarsch

37.   Wittmund (includes Langeoog and Spiekeroog)

38.    Wolfenbüttel

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Gazetteer of Places

of Places

populated places right (lt green)

The following Links will take you to gazetteers that identify places within this ancestral location.  These resources feature profiles of cities, towns, neighborhoods and subdivisions.  In addition this site contains maps, data and directions for a wide variety of physical, cultural and historic features.

·         Cities in Lower Saxony

·         Districts of Lower Saxony

·         Towns in Lower Saxony

·         Bays of Lower Saxony

·         Geography of Braunschweig

·         Canals in Lower Saxony

·         Dams in Lower Saxony

·         Forests and woodlands of Lower Saxony

·         Geography of East Frisia

·         Geography of Oldenburg

·         Heidmark

·         Hills of Lower Saxony

·         Lakes of Lower Saxony

·         Lüneburg Heath

·         Moors in Lower Saxony

·         Mountains of Lower Saxony

·         Municipalities in Lower Saxony

·         Protected areas of Lower Saxony

·         Regions of Lower Saxony

·         Rivers of Lower Saxony

·         Rock formations in Lower Saxony

·         Samtgemeinden in Lower Saxony

·         Solling

·         Villages in Lower Saxony

·         Abandoned villages in Lower Saxony

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Where in the World  are My Ancestors?

Where in the World 
are My Ancestors?

Resources which enhance our knowledge of the places inhabited by our ancestors are almost as important  as  their  names.  The LINK

Maps & Gazetteers 2

to the right will take you to Maps, Gazetteers,   and other helpful  resources  that will assist you in discovering Ancestral Locations. 

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WWW (tan left)

Internet resources


WWW (tan right)

The Google search engine  button  and following web sites    may     provide    you     with

Google Search (yellow)

additional information to assist with your research about this Ancestral Location.

General Resources

Locality Specific Resources

Our Genealogy

Reference Library


General Resources

·         Germany Research –

·         German Genealogy ResourcesGenealoger

·         Pro Genealogists - Germany

·         German Genealogy & Family History Resources

·         Online German Genealogy Records & Databases

·         German Genealogy Resources on the Internet

·         Basic Research Outline for German Genealogy

·         Historical Record Search: Germany

·         Germany GenWeb

·         Find your Roots in Germany

·         German Genealogy Info. & Resources

·         FEEFHS: Germany Genealogy Resources

·         German Genealogy By Els Tveit

·         SGGEE -German genealogy in eastern Europe

·         Germany Genealogy Forum

· Germany Data Base Collections($)

·         World Archives Project: Deutsche Artikel

·         German Genealogy by

·         German Genealogy - Yahoo discussion group

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Locality Specific Resources

Locality Specific Resources

·         Lower Saxony Genealogy – Looking for Kin

·         German Genealoger - Hanover

· Data Collections: Lower Saxony ($)

·         Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) Genealogy Links

·         Lower Saxony – GenWiki

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Genealogy Reference Library

Our Genealogy 
Reference Library

library_clipart1 right

The following Link will take you to our library of genealogy reference books that pertain to this U.S. State.   Here you will find books about the history and records of this State, as well as its counties and other localities such as towns and churches.   The collection also contains research works about State military units and personnel during America’s wars.  In addition, there are resource texts about the ethnic and religious groups who settled in this State.

This Link will take you to our

Research Library - button 1 copy

collections of reference books.  

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About thiswebpage

About This Webpage


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