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Karlesruhe Kreise




Karlesruhe Stadtkreise


Karlsruhe is a district (Kreis) in the north-west of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Neighboring districts are (from north clockwise) Rhein-Neckar, Heilbronn, Enz, Calw, Rastatt, Germersheim, Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis and the district-free city Speyer. The urban district Karlsruhe is located in the middle of the district, and cuts it into a northern and a southern part.

     The historic origin of the district is the Oberamt Karlsruhe. In 1809 it was split into one part responsible for the city Karlsruhe (Stadtamt), and one for the surrounding municipalities (Landamt). In 1865 however both parts were merged again to the Bezirksamt Karlsruhe. 1938 it was split again, this time with the district of Karlsruhe for the

surrounding part, and the urban district of Karlsruhe for the urban area.  In 1973 the district was enlarged by adding the complete district of Bruchsal and parts of the districts Sinsheim, Vaihingen, Pforzheim and Rastatt; some municipalities were also added to the city Karlsruhe and therefore left the district.

     Since the founding of the Federal Republic, Karlsruhe has been the seat of the Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht

), Germany’s highest.

     The western part of the district is located in the Rhine valley. The area in the east belongs to the landscape of the Kraichgau, and it is also to the north of the foothills of the Black Forest.



     Karlsruhe, (population 288,917 in 2007) is a city in the south west of Germany, in the Bundesland Baden-Württemberg, located near the French-German border.  It is one of the 112 urban districts (Kreisfreie Städte or Stadtkreise) – cities which constitute a district in their own right.  It is surrounded by the Karlsruhe Rural District and the Rhine River.

     Founded in 1715 as Karlsruhe Palace, the surrounding town became the seat of two of the highest courts in Germany, the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany (Bundesverfassungsgericht) whose decisions have the force of a law, and the Federal Court of Justice of Germany (Bundesgerichtshof) , the highest court of appeals in matters of civil law and criminal law. It therefore considers itself the home of justice in Germany, a role taken over from Leipzig after 1933.

     The city takes its name from Margrave Karl III Wilhelm, Margrave of Baden-Durlach, who founded the city on June 17, 1715 after a dispute with the citizens of his previous capital, Durlach. The founding of the city is closely linked to the construction of the palace. Karlsruhe became the capital of Baden-Durlach and in 1771 of the united Baden until 1945. Built in 1822, the "Ständehaus" was the first parliament building in a German State. In the aftermath of the democratic revolution, a republican government was elected here.

Source: Wikipedia



The following are surnames of persons, found within our databases,

as having been either born, married or died in this location.

McVicker; Moreland; Pinnell; Scruggs and allied families



Bozarth; Peiffer; Quigley; Rhubart and allied families




Dellinger; Knecht; Pfeffer; Silar and allied families


Becker;   Cammerer;   Dellinger;   Gamer;   Gossner;    Hauer;   Haug;   Heidecker;   Herzog;   Katterman;   Kausch;   Kiefer;   Kolb;   Meinzer;   Meyer;   Muller;   Nagel;   Rottenhauser ;   Ruppert;   Schmid;   Weber

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Blankenloch;   Neureut;   Oberacker;   Staffort;   Sulzfeld;   Unterowisheim



Map Link

Country: Germany;  State: Baden-Württemberg;  Admin. Region: Karlsruhe;  District: Karlsruhe

Municipality: Stutensee;   49 ° 3 '53.28 "N, 8 ° 28' 18:48 'E

DIRECTIONS:  From: Frankfurt Au Maim Airport 60549;  To: Blankenloch; Total Est. Time:  1 hour, 17 minutes; Total Est. Distance: 78.66 miles ,  (see map in “Image Gallery”)

DESCRIPTION: Blankenloch is located just north of Karlsruhe (Carlsruhe), Germany. In the mid 1970s, Blankenloch merged with neighboring villages to form Stutensee. Stutensee was founded January 1st 1975 when the four communities of Blankenloch (with Büchig), Friedrichstal, Spöck and Staffort where combined to one municipality. All parts of the town are old villages.  The 2006  census shows that Blankenloch has 11,944 citizens which makes up approximately one-half of Stutensee’s population.       Blankenloch was first mentioned in official documents in 1337 as Blankelach and Büchig 1373 as Buchech.  It was at that time located in Bischöflich-Speyerischen a possession of the Duchy of Baden.


Anna Cammerer;   Anna Gamer;   Anna Hauer;   Anna Meinzer;   Anna Nagel;   Anthonius Muller;   Anthony Hauer;  

Anton Hauer;   Antonius Muller;   Bernhard Hauer;   Catharina Cammerer;   Christoph Hauer;   Christoph Hauer I;  

Christoph Hauer II;   Christoph Hauer III;   Eva Hauer;   Eva Muller;   Hans Cammerer;   Hans Hauer;   Hans Muller; 

Jacob Hauer;   Jakob Hauer;   Johann Hauer;   Johannes Hauer;   Katharina Hauer;   Margareta Hauer;   Margarethe Nagel;

Martin Nagel;   Peter Muller;   Sebastian Hauer

INTERNET WEB LINK(s):  Stutensee (Wikipedia); Blankenloch (Maps, Weather, & Airports); Blankenloch (Google Translate);   Map of Blankenloch Area; Blankenloch (Wikipedia-translated);  Michaelis Parish Blankenloch;   Map of Blankenloch (



Map Link

Country: Germany;  State: Baden-Württemberg;  Admin. Region: Karlsruhe;  District: Karlsruhe (Urban District)

Municipality: Karlsruhe City;   49 ° 3 '0 "N, 8 ° 23' 0" E

DIRECTIONS: From: Frankfurt Au Maim Airport 60549;  To: Neureut; Total Est. Time:  1 hour, 18 minutes; Total Est. Distance: 82.39 miles,  (see map in “Image Gallery”)

DESCRIPTION: Neureut was created and settled in the year 1260 by Count Rudolf I. In the year 1699 Count Friedrich Magnus settled 58 families in the southern part of Neureut.  This group had been driven out of several provinces in southern France during the Reformation because of their Protestant faith.  With the settlement of these refugee the new town was named Welschneureut while the older town was Teutschneureut as it is called today.  In 1935 Welschneureut integrated into a new municipality that is present day Neureut (to bathe).   In 1975 Neureut  was incorporated into the urban district (Stadtkreis) of Karlsruhe.  Up to that time Neureut  the largest municipality, in land area, in Baden-Wurttemberg. 


Anna Hauer;   Anna Muller;   Christoph Hauer;   Hans Hauer;   Johann Becker;   Johann Hauer;   Peter Hauer; 

INTERNET WEB LINK(s): Neureut online (translated);  Maps, Weather, Airports (Neureut);  Karlsruhe - Wikipedia;   Neureut (Google Translate)



Map Link

Country: Germany;  State: Baden-Württemberg;  Admin. Region: Karlsruhe;  District: Karlsruhe

Municipality: Kraichtal;   49 ° 6 '28 "N, 8 ° 42' 47" E

DIRECTIONS: From: Frankfurt Au Maim Airport 60549;  To: Oberacker; Total Est. Time:  1 hour, 15 minutes; Total Est. Distance: 77.24 miles,  (see map in “Image Gallery”)

DESCRIPTION: Oberacker translates into English as upper fields.  The village is located in the northeast of the district Karlsruhe in Baden-Wuerttemberg.  It lies in the western Kraichgau, a hilly landscape between the  Black Forest and Odenwald, as well as the lowlands and Neckar of the Upper Rhine.  Today it is politically a division of the city of Kraichtal.  The town currently has about 685 inhabitants, and covers an area of  423 hectars.

      Around 1100 Oberacker is mentioned for the first time as a populated place. The Knights of Ubstadt and their leader von Bruchsal ruled this area from the church fortress at the  Herrenalb monastery until 1288.  Starting in 1289 the monastery came first into the sphere of influence of the Mark counts von Baden and starting from 1338 under the patronage of the counts von Württemberg.  When the  Lutheran Reformation was introduced into Württemberg in 1556 most of the populace of Oberacker left the Catholic Church and became Protestants.   By 1806 Oberacker was under the rule of the Grand Duchy of Baden.  From 1806 to 1813 the town belonged to the Goscheim district. then to the Bretten district.  Starting in 1936 it was a part of  the district Bruchsal. 


Agnes Katterman;   Andreas Schmid;   Anna Dellinger;   Anna Dellinger I;   Anna Dellinger II;   Anna Haug;   Anna Katterman;   Anna Kausch;   Anna Meyer;   Eva Rottenhauser ;   Hans Dellinger;   Hans Dellinger II;   Hans Katterman;   Hans Kausch;  

Hans   Kiefer;   Hans Meyer;   Hans Schmid;   Hans Weber;   Jacob Dellinger;   Jacob Meyer;   Johan Dellinger;   Johann Dellinger;   Johann Meyer;   Johannes Dellinger;   Johannes Rottenhauser;   Margaretha Kolb;   Margaretha Rottenhauser;   Maria ;   ellinger Maria Gossner;   Maria Kiefer;   Maria Rottenhauser;   Maria Schmid

INTERNET WEB LINK(s):  Church Records Oberacker (Family Search);   Kraichtal - Wikipedia;   Oberacker (Google Translate);  





Map Link

Country: Germany;  State: Baden-Württemberg;  Admin. Region: Karlsruhe;  District: Karlsruhe

Municipality: Stutensee;   49° 5′ 31″ N, 8° 30′ 41″ E

DIRECTIONS: From: Frankfurt Au Maim Airport 60549;  To: Staffort; Total Est. Time:  1 hour, 10 minutes Total Est. Distance: 74.63 miles,  (see map in “Image Gallery”)

DESCRIPTION:     Staffort is an old German village between Karlsruhe and Bruchsal - since 1975 the village is part of the town Stutensee which was created by joining together with Blankenloch, Friedrichstal and Spöck. Stutensee-Staffort has around 2000 inhabitants (2007).

     Staffort means "constant ford" (stete Furt) - the location was the only feasible place to cross the Pfinz River, and so was strategically important in the wider region already on ancient times. Excavations and artifacts that were discovered evidence a settlement existing near by the Pfinz 25 AD. The first mention of Staffort occurred in 1110 when the Emperor Heinrich V. named the village Stafphort in an official document.

     In the municipal book out of 1837 the following existing family names are mentioned: Amolsch, Brauch, Beideck, Dürr, Enderlin, Ernst, Gamer, Glaser, Hager, Hauck, Hauth, Hecht, Heidt, Kohler, Malsch, Maier, Mezger, Nagel, Oberacker, Raupp, Stahl, Stober, Schilling, Scholl, Schoppinger, Sickinger, Süß, Waidmann, Winnes.  During the 18th and 19th centuries nearly 100 inhabitants left the village to relocate in America, as well as other parts of the world.

ANCESTORS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS GEN-SITE: Anna Gamer;   Caspar Gamer;   Hans Gamer

INTERNET WEB LINK(s):  Staffort - Wikipedia;   Stutensee (Translated);   Staffort (Maps, Weather, Airports);





Map Link

Country: Germany;  State: Baden-Württemberg;  Admin. Region: Karlsruhe;  District: Karlsruhe

Municipality: Sulzfeld;  49 ° 6 '12 "N, 8 ° 51' 18" E

DIRECTIONS: From: Frankfurt Au Maim Airport 60549;  To: Sulzfeld; Total Est. Time:  1 hour, 24 minutes Total Est. Distance: 84.13 miles,  (see map in “Image Gallery”)

DESCRIPTION:  Sulzfeld is a municipality in the district Karlsruhe in Baden-Wuerttemberg.  Originally Sulzfeld belonged to the district Sinsheim.  Sulzfeld lies in the eastern Kraichgau and current mountain area, between Black Forest and Odenwald, Rhine and Neckar. The municipality belongs to the regional association middle upper Rhine.

    In the year 1075 Sulzfeld in the Hirsauer Codex was mentioned for the first time documentary.  The history of the place is close with the Ravensburg, whose building began around 1200, and which sex of the barons Göler von Ravensburg connected. After the defeat of the Protestants in the Schmalkaldi war Spanish mercenaries devastated the place. Also in the dreissigjährigen war Sulzfeld was destroyed several times.  Bernhard Göler von Ravensburg introduced the reformation to Sulzfeld 1522. Thus the place was one of the first municipalities, which crossed to the Lutheran faith.

ANCESTORS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS GEN-SITE: Anna Gossner;   Anna Heidecker;   Berta Gossner;   Christoph Gossner;   Friedrich Gossner;   Hans Gossner;   Johann Gossner;   Katharina Gossner;   Maria Gossner;  

Maria Ruppert;   Michael Herzog;   Peter Gossner

INTERNET WEB LINK(s):  Sulzfeld (Google Translate);   Branchenbuch Sulzfeld - Das Stadtbranchenbuch Sulzfeld - [ Translate this page





Map Link

Country: Germany;  State: Baden-Württemberg;  Admin. Region: Karlsruhe;  District: Karlsruhe

Municipality: Kraichtal;  49 ° 8 '35 "N, 8 ° 40' 6" E

DIRECTIONS: From: Frankfurt Au Maim Airport 60549;  To: Unterowisheim, Total Est. Time:  1 hour, 8 minutes Total Est. Distance: 73.50 miles,  (see map in “Image Gallery”)

DESCRIPTION: The town of Unterowisheim is located in the northeast of the district Karlsruhe in Baden-Wuerttemberg within the city of Kraichtal.   The village lies in the western Kraichgau, a hilly landscape between the  Black Forest and Odenwald, as well as the lowlands and Neckar of the Upper Rhine.

     Unteröwisheim was first mentioned in 1277 as Owensheim inferius. The area was owned by the monastery of Maulbronn in the 13th and 14th century. In 1556 the village was transferred to Württemberg and finally in 1806 to Baden. It is not known whether Unteröwisheim ever officially was granted city rights, but in the 15th century the town seems to have had a similar government as a full city. Only in the 17th century Unteröwisheim is first mentioned as being a city. It is located 5.2 km from Oberacker.

ANCESTORS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS GEN-SITE:  Johann Jakob Kiefer born here in 1721.

INTERNET WEB LINK(s):  Kraichtal - Wikipedia;  Unterowisheim (Google Translate);   Unterowisheim Satellite Map;  Unterowisheim - Germany;  Maps, Weather, Airports (Unterowisheim);  Kraichtal (Translated Wikipedia)

Gazetteer of Populated Places

Gazetteer of Populated Places

The red star in the map at the left designates the location of the seat of government for this district.


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Karlesruhe Rural District

CITIES: Bretten;   Bruchsal;   Ettlingen;   Kraichtal;   Östringen;   Philippsburg;   Rheinstetten;   Stutensee;   Waghäusel

TOWNS:   Bad Schönborn;   Dettenheim;   Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen;   Forst (Baden);   Gondelsheim;   Graben-Neudorf;   Hambrücken;   Karlsbad (Baden);   Karlsdorf-Neuthard;   Kronau;   Kürnbach;   Linkenheim-Hochstetten;   Malsch;   Marxzell;   Oberderdingen;   Oberhausen-Rheinhausen;   Pfinztal;   Sulzfeld;   Ubstadt-Weiher;   Waldbronn;   Walzbachtal;   Weingarten (Baden);   Wolfartsweier;   Zaisenhausen

Karlesruhe Urban District

The urban area of Karlsruhe is divided into 27 districts. Die Stadtteile gliedern sich weiter in Stadtviertel (früher zT auch als Stadtbezirke bezeichnet). The districts are divided into districts (formerly sometimes referred to as districts).


Stadtviertel Districts

01 Innenstadt-Ost 01 Innenstadt-Ost

011:Nordöstlicher Teil, 012:Südwestlicher Teil 011: Northeastern part, 012: Southwestern part

02 Innenstadt-West 02 Innenstadt-West

021:Östlicher Teil, 022:Westlicher Teil 021: Eastern part, 022: Western Part

03 Südstadt 03 Südstadt

031:Nordöstlicher Teil, 032:Südlicher Teil, 033:Östlicher Teil 031: Northeastern part, 032: southern part, 033: Eastern Part

04 Südweststadt 04 Southwest City

041:Östlicher Teil, 042:Mittlerer Teil, 043:Beiertheimer Feld 041: Eastern part, 042: Middle part, 043: Beiertheimer Field

05 Weststadt 05 Weststadt

051:Mittlerer Teil, 052:Südlicher Teil 051: Middle part, 052: Southern Part

06 Nordweststadt 06 Northwest City

061:Alter Flugplatz, 062:Binsenschlauch, 063:Lange Richtstatt, 064:Rennbuckel 061: Old Aerodrome, 062: rushes Hose, 063 Long Indicative Price, 064: Rennbuckel

07 Oststadt 07 Oststadt

071:Nördlicher Teil, 072:Südlicher Teil, 073:Westlicher Teil 071: The northern part, 072: southern part, 073: Western Part

08 Mühlburg 08 Mühlburg

081:Alt-Mühlburg, 082:Weingärtensiedlung, 083:Rheinhafen, 084:Mühlburger Feld 081: Alt-Mühlburg, 082: vineyards settlement, 083: Rheinhafen, 084: Mühlburger Field

09 Daxlanden 09 Daxlanden

091:Alt-Daxlanden, 092:Neu-Daxlanden, 093:Daxlanden-Ost, 094:Rheinstrandsiedlung 091: Alt-Daxlanden, 092: New Daxlanden, 093: Daxlanden-East, 094: Rhine beach town

10 Knielingen 10 Knielingen

101:Alt-Knielingen, 102:Neu-Knielingen 101: Alt-Knielingen, 102: New Knielingen

11 Grünwinkel 11 Green Angle

111:Alt-Grünwinkel, 112:Hardecksiedlung, 113:Albsiedlung, 114:Alte Heidenstückersiedlung, 115:Neue Heidenstückersiedlung 111: Alt-Green Angle, 112: Hardecksiedlung, 113: Albsiedlung,

 114: Alte Heide Stücker settlement, 115: New Heath Stücker settlement

12 Oberreut 12 Oberreut

121:Feldlage, 122:Waldlage 121: Field position, 122: Forest Location

13 Beiertheim-Bulach 13-Beiertheim Bulach

131:Beiertheim, 132: Bulach 131: Beiertheim, 132: Bulach

14 Weiherfeld-Dammerstock 14 Pond Field Dammerstock

141:Weiherfeld, 142: Dammerstock 141: pond field, 142: Dammerstock

15 Rüppurr 15 Rueppurrer

151:Alt-Rüppurr, 152:Neu-Rüppurr, 153:Gartenstadt, 154:Rüppurr-Südost 151: Alt-Rueppurrer, 152: New Rueppurrer, 153: Gartenstadt,

 154: Rueppurrer-Southeast

16 Waldstadt 16 Waldstadt

161:Waldlage, 162:Feldlage 161: forest area, 162: Field Location

17 Rintheim 17 Rintheim

171:Alt-Rintheim, 172:Rintheimer Feld 171: Alt-Rintheim, 172: Rintheimer Field

18 Hagsfeld 18 Hagsfeld

181:Alt-Hagsfeld, 182:Westlicher Teil 181: Alt-Hagsfeld, 182: Western Part

19 Durlach 19 Durlach

191:Alt-Durlach, 192:Dornwald-Untermühl, 193:Hanggebiet, 194:Bergwald, 195:Aue, 196:Lohn-Lissen, 197:Killisfeld 191: Alt-Durlach, 192: thorn forest Untermühl, 193: Hang area, 194: mountain,

 195: Aue, 196: Wage-Lisse, 197: Killisfeld

20 Grötzingen 20 Grötzingen

201:Nördlich der Pfinz, 202:Südlich der Pfinz 201: North of the Pfinz, 202: South of the Pfinz

21 Stupferich 21 Stupferich


22 Hohenwettersbach 22 High Weather Bach


23 Wolfartsweier 23 Wolf Arts Weier


24 Grünwettersbach 24 Green Weather Bach


25 Palmbach 25 Palm Bach


26 Neureut 26 Neureut

261:Südlicher Teil (Welschneureut), 262:Nördlicher Teil (Teutschneureut), 263:Kirchfeld, 264:Heide 261: Southern Part (Welschneureut), 262: The northern part (Teutschneureut),

 263: Kirchfeld, 264: Heide

27 Nordstadt 27 Nordstadt

271:Hardtwaldsiedlung, 272:Amerikanersiedlung 271: Hardtwald settlement, 272: American settlement

Die Stadtteile gliedern sich weiter in Stadtviertel (früher zT auch als Stadtbezirke bezeichnet).

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