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     Darmstadt-Dieburg is a Kreis (district) in the south of Hesse, Germany. Neighboring districts are Offenbach, Aschaffenburg, Miltenberg, Odenwaldkreis, Bergstraße, Groß-Gerau, and the district-free city of Darmstadt, which it surrounds. The district was created in 1975 by merging the previous districts of Darmstadt and Dieburg.

     The district is located in the Odenwald mountains. Most famous in the district is the Messel Pit, where many in the oil shale of a Tertiary lake were found. The site is listed in the UNESCO world heritage list since 1995.

     The coat of arms show a lion in the top part, taken from the coat of arms of the counts of Katzenelnbogen. The lion holds a wheel, the symbol of state of Mainz. Both owned big parts of the districts area in the past. The 23 stars in the bottom represent the municipalities of the county.



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The following are names of persons, found within our databases,

as having been either born, married or died in this location.

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McVicker; Moreland; Pinnell; Scruggs and allied families

Reinhard;   Steinmetz;   Wambold;   Zimmerman

Bozarth; Peiffer; Quigley; Rhubart and allied families


Dellinger; Knecht; Pfeffer; Silar and allied families


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Pfungstadt;   Seeheim-Jungenheim


LOCATION:  Country: Germany;   State: Hesse;   Administrative Region: Darmstadt;  

District: Darmstadt-Dieburg;   Place: Pfungstadt;   Coordinates/Map: 49.805556, 8.604444

An inscription found above the entrance of the Protestant church reveals that the building was constructed between 1746 and 1748 on the foundations of several previous churches. The medieval tower was redesigned and completed in 1752.

DESCRIPTION OF GEN-SITE(s):  Pfungstadt is a German town of 25,117 inhabitants, in the district of Darmstadt-Dieburg in the state of Hesse.  The town was first mentioned in 785 as property of the Monastery of Lorsch and got its town rights in 1886 due to its railway station.  It is situated just west of the Odenwald hills, one of the closest being Frankenstein with its castle ruin of monstrous fame (Mary Shelley) on its summit. It is said, Shelley used the name after asking a sailor on a Rhine trip to tell her the name of "this yonder castle".  

ANCESTORS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS GEN-SITE:  Reinhard, Anna Elizabetha Birth:19 Sep 1716; Reinhard, Arnold Birth:1684 Marriage: 26 Feb 1714/15 Death: 21Aug 1727; Reinhard, Elizabetha Margaretha Birth: 01May 1721; Reinhard, Johann George Birth: 14 Nov 1718; Reinhard, Johann Peter Birth:09 Aug 1723; Reinhard, Valentine Sr. Birth: 10 Oct 1725; Steinmetz, Johann Christoph Birth: 13 Oct 1732; Steinmetz, Valentine Birth: 01Jun 1702 Marriage: 27 Apr 1728; Wambold, Anna Elizabeth Birth: 18 Nov 1693; Marriage: 26 Feb 1714/15 Marriage: 27 Apr 1728 

INTERNET WEB LINK(s): Pfungstadt - Wikipedia;   Pfungstadt, DE (translated);   Welcome to Pfungstadt (translated);  The official site of the city (in German);   interactive city map

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LOCATION:  Country: Germany;   State: Hesse;   Administrative Region: Darmstadt;  

District: Darmstadt-Dieburg;   Place: Seeheim-Jugenheim;   Coordinates/Map: 49.75, 8.65

A forest trail

near Seeheim

DESCRIPTION OF GEN-SITE(s): Seeheim-Jugenheim is a municipality in the Darmstadt-Dieburg district in Hesse, Germany. It has a population of approximately 17,000.  Seeheim-Jugenheim consists of seven villages: Balkhausen (population 693), (population 4,448), Malchen (population 1,004), Ober-Beerbach (population 1,269), Seeheim (population 9,060), Steigerts (population 81), and Stettbach (population 144). The municipality was formed on January 1, 1977 through the unification of the previously separate municipalities of Seeheim and Jugenheim.  Until January 1, 1978 the municipality was known as Seeheim; after that it became known as Seeheim-Jugenheim.

ANCESTORS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS GEN-SITE:   Anna Margaretha Zimmerman born here.

INTERNET WEB LINK(s): Seeheim-Jugenheim city information; 

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The list below will assist in your research regarding the matching of your ancestor’s birth, marriage, death dates and the place(s) within this locality at which these events may have occurred.



1.      Babenhausen

2.      Dieburg

3.      Griesheim

4.      Groß-Bieberau

5.      Groß-Umstadt

6.      Ober-Ramstadt

7.      Pfungstadt

8.      Reinheim

9.      Weiterstadt

1.      Alsbach-Hähnlein

2.      Bickenbach

3.      Eppertshausen

4.      Erzhausen

5.      Fischbachtal

6.      Groß-Zimmern

7.      Messel

8.      Modautal

9.      Mühltal

10. Münster

11. Otzberg

12. Roßdorf

13. Schaafheim

14. Seeheim-Jugenheim


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Castle Heiligenberg was frequently

visited by Tsar Nicholas II of Russia


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