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     Braunschweig (Brunswick), is a city located in the federal-state of Lower Saxony, Germany. It is located north of the Harz mountains at the farthest navigable point of the Oker river, which connects to the North Sea via the rivers Aller and Weser.

     The date and circumstances of the town's foundation are unknown. Tradition maintains that Braunschweig was created through the merger of two settlements, one founded by Bruno II, a Saxon count who died before 1017 on one side of the river Oker - the legend gives the year 861 for the foundation - and the other the settlement of a legendary Count Dankward, after whom Castle Dankwarderode (Dankward's clearing), which was reconstructed in the 19th century, is named. The town's original name of Brunswik is a combination of the name Bruno and Low German wik, a place where merchants rested and stored their goods. The town's name therefore indicates an ideal resting-place, as it lay by a ford across the Oker River. Another explanation of the city's name is that it comes from Brand, or burning, indicating a place which developed after the landscape was cleared through burning. The city was first mentioned in documents from the St. Magni Church from 1031, which give the city's name as Brunesguik.

In the 12th century Duke Henry the Lion made Braunschweig the capital of his state and built the Cathedral, St. Blasius. He became so powerful that he dared to refuse military aid to emperor Frederick I Barbarossa, which led to his condemnation and fall.

     Braunschweig was a member of the Hanseatic League from the 13th century to the middle of the 17th century. In the 18th century Braunschweig was not only a political, but also a cultural centre. Emilia Galotti by Lessing and Goethe's Faust were performed for the first time in Braunschweig.

     Braunschweig was at times one of the residences of the rulers of the Duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg, which was a constituent state of the Holy Roman Empire until 1806 and of the German Empire from 1871. At the end of World War I the Duchy became the Free State of Brunswick within the Weimar Republic.


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McVicker; Moreland; Pinnell; Scruggs and allied families


Bozarth; Peiffer; Quigley; Rhubart and allied families


Dellinger; Knecht; Pfeffer; Silar and allied families


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Map of Landkreise

Map of Landkreise 

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Populated Places near the Gen-Site of : Braunschweig

Altpetritor (1.2 nm)
Olper (1.6 nm)
Lehndorf (1.8 nm)

Donnerburgsiedlung (1.2 nm)
Gliesmarode (1.2 nm)
Ruhme (2.1 nm)
Munzberg (2.3 nm)
Querum (2.3 nm)
Bienrode (3.0 nm)

Wabetalsiedlung (1.2 nm)
Riddagshausen (1.2 nm)
Lindenberg (1.6 nm)
Altewiek (1.6 nm)
Siedlung Messeweg (1.8 nm)

Melverode (2.1 nm)
Mascherode (2.3 nm)
Stockheim (3.0 nm)
Leiferde (3.1 nm)



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Boroughs of Braunschweig

Broitzem;   Heidberg (Braunschweig);   Lehndorf (Braunschweig);   Stadtbezirk Viewegs Garten-Bebelhof;  

Stadtbezirk Weststadt;   Stöckheim;    Stadtbezirk Südstadt-Rautheim-Mascherode;    Stadtbezirk Wabe-Schunter;


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Family History Notes

Our 7th great-grandfather Jacob Leyenberger was most likely born around 1704 in Braunschweig.  He lived in that location until 1737-38 when he emigrated to America.   In addition it is also most probable that two of his sons were also born in Braunschweig.  They being Francis born circa 1730 and Jacob, Jr. born about 1732.  

Gen-Site Profiles



LOCATION:  Country: Germany;   State: Lower Saxony;   District: Braunschweig Urban district;  

Place: Braunschweig (city);   Coordinates/Map:  52°16′N 10°31′E


Brunswick Cathedral,

St. Blasius, built at the

end of the 12th century

DESCRIPTION OF GEN-SITE(s):  Braunschweig is located in the federal-state of Lower Saxony, Germany. It is located north of the Harz mountains at the farthest navigable point of the Oker river, which connects to the North Sea via the rivers Aller and Weser.


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LOCATION:  Country: Germany;   State:;   District:;  

Place:;   Coordinates/Map:






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Aegidienkirche (church of Saint Giles), built in the 13th century,

 with an adjoining monastery, which is today a museum.


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