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28 April 2006 - Friday

     By 7:30 am we had arrived at the Sportsmobile factory where it took them only 20 minutes to install a new 12-volt circuit panel and make two other minor repairs. 

     Soon we were headed east out of Huntington on U.S. Highway 224.  The morning drive was enjoyable as we drove past well-maintained farms in the lush green countryside of Indiana and southern Ohio.  In Ohio we took U.S. Highway 33 southeast towards Columbus and we stopped for breakfast.  It seemed that we had fallen into a pattern of eating a large and hearty morning meal then skipping lunch. We probably did this because we both enjoyed a good breakfast so much.  As has been previously mentioned in our journal Tom especially enjoyed sausage gravy over biscuits and Fred was fond of grits.  During our regular lives at home we tend to follow much healthier eating habits that do not include such fare.  But as most know when on a vacation many of these rules do not apply.  It was at this little eatery out in the countryside of Ohio that we both agreed that gravy and grits were among the best we had encountered during our journey.   Back on the road again we continued on U.S. Highway 33 past Campbell Hill the highest point on Ohio at an astounding height of 1,549 feet above sea level!

Campbell Hill's treacherous and most manicured west face

 At Columbus we again encountered Interstate 70, which we took east through the remainder of Ohio, as  well  as 

the  24  miles it traverses through West Virginia.   In western Pennsylvania we continued on the same road until it intersected with the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

       By the time we got to Breezewood we had had enough driving for the day.  Because this town is located at the intersection of the Pennsylvania Turnpike (Interstate 76, Interstate 70, and U.S. Highway 30 it is referred to as “The Travelers Oasis" or, "The Town of Motels".  It is quite apparent to even the casual observer that Breezewood, Pennsylvania is a town that is built to serve the traveler.

Breezewood at the "end" of I-70, a gauntlet of gas stations,  food outlets and motels. 

As we were unable to find a campground near the main road we settled on a Quality Inn that cost $62.00.  This was our most expensive lodging of the trip.  Much of our thinking at this time was driven by the fact that Tom hadn’t been able to take a shower the day before and in Fred’s case two days.  Upon arrival Fred demanded time for a shower before dinner.  Refreshed we began to consider which one of the several choices we had for a place to eat dinner.  At sometime during our long drive that day Tom had mentioned Kentucky Fried Chicken so our dilemma was quickly settled when we spotted a KFC outlet near our motel.  How easy it was to forego any serious consideration of a healthy meal.  Yet the back of our minds we knew our time for “cuisine” loaded with too much fat, sugar and salt were quickly coming to an end. 

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