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22 April 2006 - Saturday

†† This day we set aside just for rest and relaxation as such there would be neither driving nor any research.Marlis had left at 5:00 am on a family trip to South Dakota, and John had stayed overnight so it was just the boys hanging about enjoying the fine weather, music, food, and drink.

Shannon, Tom, Jon, & Kurt just hanginí out


†††† During the day Tomís friend Kurt stopped by to spend some time with us. As our wives were beginning to inquire as to when we would be back in New Jersey Fred sat down with the mapping program and to figure out that we should be able to complete the trip by Saturday or Sunday of the next weekend.The day quickly slipped by and the discussion soon turned to dinner.It was decided that chili dogs, chips and cold beer would be just perfect for a bunch of grown men who at the time did not see any need for eating utensils.Soon it was dark and as dictated by the altitude and thin air the temperature outside plummeted.The remainder of the evening was spent watching DVDís.It just doesnít get any better that this!So ended a lazy day.

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