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14 April 2006 - Friday

     Neither of us slept well that night because we had eaten so much for dinner.  Despite the lack of sleep we were up at 6:00 am ready for a new day.  Before breakfast we folded some laundry we had started the night before, followed by coffee and showers.  While we took turns cleaning up Vestal occupied us with stories about his abilities as a dowser.  He showed us some of his equipment and gave Tom a lesson in how to look for water and oil.  After a fine breakfast of biscuits and gravy at a local eatery we said our good-bys and headed out of town south toward Phoenix. 

     About 300 miles east of Los Angeles Fred called our cousin Ginger (Moreland) Consani to let her know that we would be at her place around 5:00 pm.  Upon entering California we began to drive through a huge desert wasteland that seemed to be without end.  The wind blew so fiercely that it was almost impossible to keep the van on the road.  We made a stop at Chiriaco Summit to rest from the difficult driving.  The rest area was teeming with people who appeared to have had the same need.  About 100 miles east of LA we hit our first traffic jam caused by a rather significant auto accident.  Unfortunately for us this was a harbinger of more to come.  Coming through the mountain pass near Palm Springs we encountered a huge “wind farm” where several hundred wind driven propellers were cranking out electricity for the people in power hungry Los Angeles.  As we got closer to the city we encountered more traffic delays.  We began to really wonder what attracted people to move to this area as it seemed to us that these folks were willing to pay over $3.00 for a gallon of gasoline just to sit in traffic to burn it all up!!  We finally arrived at Ginger and Jim’s home shortly after 6:00 pm.  Our Uncle Floyd Moreland was also 

there visiting with his daughter during the Easter weekend.  We were also introduced to the newest member of our family Jack Joseph Consani only a few months old.  We spent a pleasant evening catching up with each other lives, especially since Tom hadn’t seen Ginger for almost 16 years.  Although we did spend some time telling Floyd about some of our new family discoveries it was good to be able to talk of other topics.

Floyd, Jim, Ginger, & Fred

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