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02 April 2006 - Sunday

†††† Early on this fine and sunny day we readily departed Aqua Land Campground and headed across the river south into Virginia where we stopped at the Visitor Center located just on the other side of the bridge.As it was a Sunday we found it closed and of no help to us.A short two miles later we pulled over at a Burger King for breakfast.†† Soon thereafter we continued on U.S. Highway 301 to where it intersects with Interstate 95 south towards Richmond then east on Interstate 64 in the direction of Charlottesville.

Old Court House, Palmyra, VA

†††† At the exit for U.S. Route 15 we preceded south were we found historic Palmyra the county seat of Fluvanna County.Where we stopped and performed a walking tour of this small town.It looked to us as if it hadnít changed much in the last 200 years and as such we could almost imagine what it looked like in April 1865, after Leeís surrender, when our gg-granddfather Albea Scruggs and his brothers James, Abram, William, Samuel, and Joseph rode through on their wayback home to the Scruggs farm located some 8 miles west of town.

††††††††† It was Sunday and none of the public buildings were open so we took pictures as we savored the atmosphere and early 19th century architecture.We planned on returning the next day for research in the new courthouse as well as exploration of the countryside. 


Confederate Memorial, Palmyra, VA


†††† After an hour or so we continued south on US 15 through Farmville and eventually to Keysville a distance of about 80 miles.Here we spent our second night at the home of Fredís friends Ken & Janet Porter.†† Janet prepared for us a fine dinner of London broil and baked ziti.We were surprised when Tom announced that he had never had baked ziti before.It certainly looked as if he clearly enjoyed adding this new dish to his list gastronomic delights!


Ken and Janet Porter

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