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Grave No. 57
In memory of Kate,
third daughter of John Leigh & Catherine CATTRALL,
who died August 20th 1862,
aged 2 years and 6 months.
Also Thomas William, third son of the above,
who died September 20th 1857,
aged 3 years and 8 months.
And was interred at St. James's Cemetery, Liverpool.
Also John Leigh CATTRALL, father of the above,
who died April 11th 1876, aged 55 years.
Also of Catherine (Kate), widow of the above,
who died 23rd December 1896, in her 76th year.
Also of Frederick Leigh, eldest son of the above,
who died 14th August 1903, in his 56th year.
Grave No. 58
In Loving Memory of Laura HUDSON,
daughter of Charles & Mary HUDSON,
who entered into rest 24th August 1898.
Also Mary Jane (Marie) DOBSON,
who died 9th June 1928 aged 72 years.
Also Mary HUDSON, beloved wife of Charles HUDSON,
who entered into rest 13th Dec 1905, aged 73 years.
Also Charles HUDSON, who entered into rest,
2nd March 1907, aged 77 years.
Grave No. 59
Mary Heyward HAMILTON,
born April 4th 1866, died August 16th 1866.
Mary Louisa, beloved wife of John Randolf HAMILTON,
of Charleston, South Carolina,
died December 8th 1883.
Grave No. 60
Octavia, wife of Sir Alex E. RAMSAY, Bart. of Balmain,
died 1st Octr 1877, aged 39.
"At Rest"
So he giveth His beloved sleep.
Also of their children
Alex Haigh, aged 5 years.
Katherine Sophie, aged 2 years.
Margaret, aged 2 months.
Beatrice Octavia, aged 3 years.
Grave No. 61
Eliza Jane POTTER
fell asleep June 14 1877.
William POTTER Q.C.
born Sept 27 1838, died Dec 5 1893.
In death they are not divided.
Grave No. 62
In Loving Memory of Frederick,
beloved husband of Sarah HEATH,
who died 25th July 1903, aged 43 years.
Also Frederick Andrew, son of the above,
who died in infancy.
Short was the pain sudden was the stroke,
By which the tender thread of life was broke.
Oh may this admonition teach us all,
How frail we are how unforseen our fall.
Grave No. 103
In Loving Memory of my dear husband,
Andrew Boyd BRYSON,
late Detective Inspector, Liverpool City Police,
who died 8th September 1907, aged 48 years.
Also Jane Marion, infant daughter of the above,
aged 3 weeks.
Also Martha FOSTER, relict of the above,
who died 2nd July 1938, aged 80 years.
Grave No. 104
In Memory of Caroline Maria,
the dearly beloved wife of Dr. William IRVINE,
55 Peel Street, Liverpool,
who died on the 13th Nov 1916, aged 64 years.
Also William IRVINE, M.D.,  
husband of Caroline Maria IRVINE,
late of 55 Peel Street, Liverpool,
who died 22nd July 1926, aged 61 (or 81) years.
Grave No. 139
In Loving Memory of Laura Helen,
fourth daughter of Edward and Anne WHITAKER,
born 11th September 1855,
died 30th December 1928.
Grave No. 147
In Loving Memory of Henrietta Stallard BURRIDGE,
who died May 13th 1889, aged 35 years.
Grave No. 148
In Loving Remembrance of Adelaide Dana,
wife of George W. OLIVER,
who departed this life Nov 8th 1889, aged 58 years.
"Her children arise and call her blessed;
her husband also, and he praiseth her." Prov XXXI 25.
Also of George Washington OLIVER,
who departed this life December 30th 1902,
aged 81 years.
"Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God."
Also of Samuel Bonnell OLIVER, son of the above,
who departed this life January 23rd 1904,
and was interred at Santos Orrell?, aged 46 years.
Also George Harding OLIVER, brother of above,
died ?th December 1957 aged ? years.
Grave No. 252
In Loving Memory of
Elizabeth S. Cuion, wife of James MACDONALD,
who died 17th Feby 1896.
Also of the said James MACDONALD,
who died 16th December 1909.
Grave No. 253
Sacred to the Memory of
Stanley Eyton BAINES,
who was accidentally killed 28th June 1894,
aged 26 years.
"In the midst of life, we are in death."
Also his brother, James Vincent BAINES,
died 11. Nov. 1896, aged 28 years.
"In death they were not Divided."
Grave No. 255
In Loving Memory of
Samuel LEITH,
born 9th March 1825,
died 9th March 1893.
Grave No. 281
In Memory of my loving husband, Peter PIERCE,
who died Feby 23rd 1895, aged 73 years.
"His end was peace."
Also of Elizabeth, wife of the above,
who died Oct. 29th 1909, aged 74 years.
"At Rest."
Also of John Hamilton,  
beloved husband of Edith S. PIERCE,
and son of the above,
died 23rd Sept 1912, aged 48 years.
"My grace is sufficient for thee."
Grave No. 284
John Alexander FREELAND,
who died 23rd April 1894, in his 22nd year.
Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.
Also of Basil Peter FREELAND, (father of the above),
who died 22nd December 1895, in his 74th year.
Also of Helen Elizabeth Jane, (wife of the above),
who died 25th Nov 1901, in her 62nd year.
Cast thy bread upon the waters; for thou shall find it after many days.
Also George Robert Cathcart, (brother of the above),
who died 12th June 1901, in his 54th year.
Into thy hand I commit my spirit.
Grave No. 289
In loving memory of John Robert POLLIT,
who died 23rd August 1885, aged 68 years.
"So He giveth His beloved sleep."
Also of Percy Cope, youngest son of the above,
who died 22nd August 1896, aged 34 years.
Also of Gertrude, youngest daughter,
who died 23rd January 1911, aged 46 years.
Also of Blanche, fifth daughter, wife of A. H. LEIGH,
who died 30th Novr 1882, aged 21 years.
Interred at St. Luke's, Crosby.
Also of Margaret Amelia,
widow of the above John Robert,
who died 10th May 1918, aged 96 years.
Grave No. 291
John EVANS, Priest,
born October 19th 1821, rested January 22nd 1884,
"Jesu Mercy."
Also Constance, his wife,
born Sept 27th 1830, rested Dec. 23rd 1900.
"Jesu Mercy."
Grave No. 314
In Memory of Margaret,
eldest daughter of the late John Morris CONWAY,
Merchant of this town,
Born 1817, died 25th June 1887,
aged 69 years.
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Grave No. 315
born 29th June? 1885, died 17th March 1889?
Rachel Margaret Daisy MILLER,
born 20th Aug 1877, died 3rd Aug 1889.
Alexander Allan MILLER,
died 6th July 1910, aged 61 years.
Mary Ellen MILLER, wife of the above,
died 2nd May 1933, aged 76 years.
"They rest from their labours."
Grave No. 335
To the Memory of Mary Jane GARNETT,
who died 4th Sept 1882, aged 42 years.
Grave No. 343
In Loving Memory of Edward George LOTT,
born October 10th 1818, died October 8th 1886.
Also Mary Ann LOTT, wife of the above,
born April 16th 1825, died September 29th 1907.
Also Frederick William, second son of the above,
born 27th Sept 1855, died 16th July 1891,
Also Lucy Jane, third daughter of the above,
born 16th March 1860, died 2nd Dec 1919.
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