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Grave No. 361
In Memorium
The children of William J. and Mary BLUNDELL,
Mary, died 5th June 1860, aged 1 day.
Florence Anne, died 18th Nov 1865, aged 9 months.
Alfred Edwin, died 18th May 1871, aged 4 years.
"They shall be mine, saith the Lord,
in that day when I make up my jewels."
Mary BLUNDELL, died 8th April 1881, aged 47 years.
Lead kindly light, lead thou me on,
Nearer my God to thee.
William James BLUNDELL, Master at Liverpool Institute for 46 years (1839 - 1885).
Born September 27th 1813, died Aprul 19th 1902,
aged 88 years.
(Quote at base has faded.)
Grave No. 362
In Memory of  
James STANANOUGHT, builder of Aigburth,
who departed this life May 15th 1870, aged 67 years.
Also Jane, wife of the above,
who died 1st October 1886, aged 78 years.
Also Richard, only son of the above,
who died 4th March 1894, aged 47 years.
Also Jane, his widow,
who died 21st July 1906, aged 56 years.
Grave nos. 363 - 366 - no grave stone.
Grave No. 367
Sacred to the memory of
Charlotte Maria TALBOT,
who departed this life September 1st 1868,
aged 64 years.
Grave no. 368 - no grave stone.
Grave No. 369
Sacred to the Memory of
Thomas HASTIE,
who departed this life August 3rd 1865, aged 62 years.
Also Elizabeth HASTIE, relict of the above,
who died 7th September 1876, aged 73 years.
"The dead shall be raised incorruptible."
Grave No. 370
In Affectionate Remembrance of
Edward, the beloved son of John and Jane DAVIES,
who was drowned while bathing, Sept 6th 1865,
in the 13th year of his age.
The Lord has taken him by the hand.
And led him to a better land.
Also, Jane, mother of the above,
who died 24th Oct. 1880, aged 49 years.
And John DAVIES, husband and faher of the above,
who died 20th Jany 1888, aged 77 years.
(quote underneath is faded.)
Grave nos. 371 & 372 - no grave stone.
Grave No. 373
In Memory of Sarah HIDE,  
who departed this life March 29th 1863, aged 58 years.
Also Eleanor Elizabeth, daughter of the above
who departed this life April 3rd 1863, aged 16 years.
Also Samuel, son of John and Sarah HIDE,
who departed this life September 2nd 1871,  
aged 3 months and 3 days.
Also John Bromley (Jack), son of the above John HIDE,
who departed this life 14th March 1897,
aged 13 months.
Grave No. 374
Sacred to the Memory of
Mary Ann, wife of Edward RATCLIFF Esq.
Also Robert WILLIAMSON, nephew of the above,
who departed this life Decr 11th 1870.
Grave No. 375
In Memory of Ada HARRINGTON,  
died Feb 6th 1863, aged 3 months.
Also Ada HARRINGTON, sister of the above,
died July 29th 1864, aged 6 months.
Also Esther Armstrong CROPPER,
grandmother of the above,
who died at Oxton Novr 30th 1865 aged 70 years.
In affectionate remembrance of
Thomas CROPPER (late of East Bank Oxton)
husband of the above, who departed this life
March 17th 1871, in his 77th year.
Grave No. 376
In Loving Memory of Ada Mary,
daughter of Edward and Sarah ROTHWELL,
who died 22nd August 1873, aged 3 weeks.
Also George Frederick (Freddy)(e), son of the above,
who died 11th July 1882, aged 16 months.
Also of Edward ROTHWELL, father of the above,
who died 24th October 1911, aged 69 years.
Also Ernest Hinton, son of the above,
who died 26th June 1913, aged 25 years.
Also of Sarah, wife of the above Edward ROTHWELL,
died 10th October 1920, aged 70 years.
Grave No. 377
In Loving Remembrance of Catherine,
the beloved wife of WIlliam BURGESS,
who departed this life 7th Jany 1893, aged 64 years.
Her end was peace.
Also William BURGESS, husband of the above,
who departed this life 1?th Sept 18??, aged 4? years.
"Thy will be done."
Grave No. 404
In Loving Remembrance of Margaret,
the beloved wife of John JAQUES,
late postmaster of Pickering,
who died 29 July 1882, aged 42 years.
Thy will be done."
Grave No. 484
Sacred to the Memory of
Agnes ALSTON, formerly of Lancaster,
who died 8th March 1883,
Aged 83 years.
Grave No. 485
In Memory of
Harriett, wife of Stephen FLETCHER
who died 27th November 1885, aged 37 years.
Also their twin infant son, Evan Marsden,
who died 20th September 1872.
Also Stephen, husband of the above,
who entered into rest 27th January 1901,
aged 60 years.
After life's fitful fever he sleeps well.
Grave No. 486
Sacred to the memory of  
Elizabeth Ann BROWN, late of Whitehaven,
who departed this life December 17th 1865
aged 46 years.
Also Elizabeth Ann BUTTERFIELD,
niece of the above who departed this life
November 11th 1889, aged 45 years.
Grave No. 489
Erected by his bereaved widow to the memory
of her beloved husband, Evan Marsden FLETCHER,
who was accidentally killed at the Brunswick Foundry,
on the 6th March 1872.
Also to their children, Gardner Chambers FLETCHER,
died 31st August 1865.
And their twin infants,
Evan Marsden and Stephen FLETCHER,
died 29th March 1872.
Grave No. 491
In Affectionate Remembrance of
James BARNES, who died 21st February 1871,
aged 59 years.
Also Amelia, widow of the above,
who died 17th Nov 1900, aged 78 years.
Also, Annie RICHARDS, niece of the above,
who died 15th June 1880, aged 21 years.
Grave No. 492
In Affectionate Remembrance of
William WOOD,  
who died Nov. 3rd 1866, in the 49th year of his age.
He was a faithful servant in the Parish Office,
Liverpool for 19 years.
"Thy sun shall no more go down."
Also Ann, wife to the above,
who died August 27th 1856,
Aged 32 years.
Grave No. 493
In Affectionate Remembrance of
James BEVIN, who died December 20th 1866,
aged 66 years.
Also Charlotte George. his wife,
who died December 21st 1866, aged 69 years.
"We laid them down to sleep,
but not in hope forlorn.
We laid them but to ripen there,
Till the last glorious morn."
Also Charlotte Josephine,
the dearly beloved wife of Peter Jones GARDNER,
and grandaughter of the above,
died December 27th 1869, aged 22 years.
"If love could save, thou hadst not died."
Also Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the above
James & Charlotte BEVIN,
who departed this life 13th September 1873,
aged 45 years.
"She has gone to her rest - then a loving good,
for a time my fond Sister ...,
I'll think of thy bliss and my sorrows shall dry,"
(The following two lines are difficult to read.)
Grave No. 494
In Loving Remembrance of Joseph HARGREAVES,
a devoted husband and fond father,
who died September 7th 1874, aged 51 years.
"There the wicked cease from troubling;
and there the weary be at rest."
In memory of a beloved mother, Caroline Frances,
wife of the above,
who died 29th Sept. 1881, aged 51.
Grave No. 511
In Affectionate Remembrance of  
Margaret, second daughter of the late Mr. Nicholl Ruston, of Scarborough,
and the very dearly beloved wife of
William Branson SCHOLES.
She departed this life November 4th 1868, aged 38.
Grave No. 512
In Affectionate Remembrance of
John CARR, who died 9th Decr. 1877, aged 42 years.
Honored in life, mourned in death.
also Margaret Frances BLACKBOURNE,
who died 14th Feby 1889, aged 32 years.
Grave No. 513
Sacred to the memory of
Mary, the beloved wife of Richard SANDERSON,
who died 23rd March 1877, aged 50 years.
In her tongue was the law of kindness.
Also Richard Isiah SANDERSON, son of the above,
who died 16th October 1865, aged 14 years.
Also William Henry SANDERSON,
eldest and beloved son of the above,
who died 13th February 1889, aged 40 years.
In life beloved, in death lamented.
Also the above Richard SANDERSON,
who died 20th July 1907, aged 85 years.
"He giveth His beloved sleep."
Grave No. 514
In Memory of
Captain Trevanion N. HUGO,
who died December 6th 1862, aged 37 years.
Also to commemorate the loss of
Captain Robert P. HUGO,
brother of the above, aged 32 years,
who left Baltimore with his ship for England
February 21st 1867.
The record is finished in heaven.
Also Mary Ann HUGO, mother of the above
who died 25th July 1868, aged 72 years.
Also, in Loving Memory of
who died 19th Oct 1882, aged 51 years.
"Not lost but gone before."
Also, Isabella, wife of the above Hugh SLEIGH,
who died Sep 21st 1890, aged 66 years.
"At rest."
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